The suk and the zero point


"This market is not a true market but a suk, and whoever invokes it is acting in bad faith."
"My presence in Telecom is negative for Italian capitalism, where the one with zero point and loads of debts does what he wants."
Guido Rossi, president of Telecom Italia.

Well, I didn’t know that Guido Rossi reads the Blog. His words are the same as the ones I’ve been using for years. Words of a comic. To be precise words of a comic from Genoa with a diploma in accountancy.
Telecom is ours. Generations of Italians have paid for it with their taxes and their fixed payments. Let us take it back. Everyone at Rozzano on 16 April! Read the instructions in the icon on the right and spread the word.

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I think they have cut my message in reply to that sent by Mr DI BARTOLOMEO because I had shown him a set of links in which Mr Grillo had shamelessly supported Mr Prodi and the UNIONE coalition over the past few months...

So from my point of view this fucking censorship criteria carried out in this bloody communist blog almost daily is not strange at all!!!

THE TRUTH CAN BE HARMFUL and PAINFUL sometimes,you know???!!!

Never mind!! From now on (and I suggest you doing the same)I'll take the trouble to save on my HD every Mr Grillo's webpage after sending one of my cutting messages in order to send my message again in case of being cut by the same CRIMINAL BASTARD of Mr Grillo's staff responsible for such erasures.

So if they fuck me I'll fuck them back...ah, ah, let's wait and see!!!

Remember: No one can fuck Mr Mill without paying a price for that....

Please ask Mr MAX STIRNER for more information ah, ah, ah, ah...!!!

Look at this:

FROM: (all messages are still go there if you want to enjoy yourself and burst into laughter...ah, ah, ah, ah).


Per questo... fallito, sono tutti COGLIONI!
Costui ha 38 anni e non ha un lavoro, vive a casa dei genitori e non si paga neppure la bolletta del telefono; se fa un concorso viene trombato! Racconta solo balle, come l'affermare che è laureato, mentre so con certezza che non lo è, eppure, per lui sono tutti COGLIONI TRANNE LUI.

Ammetto che ovunque gli imbecilli qualche fans lo trovano sempre e questo blog non poteva mancare alla regola, ma ciò non impedisce di capire chi è veramente il COGLIONE.

Max Stirner

Max Stirner 06.04.07 23:44

Di tutte ste stronzate che hai scritto hai azzekkato solo l'età...anzi nemmeno quella perché ho quasi 2 anni meno

DOMANDA: chi ti ha detto la mia età?

Poi aggiornati...perché mi sono trasferito in UK,sapendo unlike you l'inglese (ora sono in ITALIA per le vacanze...).

Tu al max,non sapendo l'INGLESE (e nemmeno l'ITALIANO direi...) spali merda in Italia facendo l'hacker di basso bordo e dando del fallito a dx e a manca quando qualcuno ti coglie in fallo (vedi PAOLO CICERONE)...

E poi magari qualche volta ti becchi pure una bella denuncia...sai a volte può succedere!!

Ti è arrivato niente a casa MAX da qualche procura toscana?? Ah vuoi vedere che hai saputo i miei dati dalla denuncia??? E' per questo che sei cosi inkazzato con me?? Ti fa male la bua??Ah, ah, ah...vedo che x uno strano caso del destino non ho più subito TAGLI...chissà come mai..ah, ah, ah

Vuoi che pubblichi qui sul blog di GRILLO copia della denuncia per far vedere agli altri chi è più imbecille fra me e te??

Saluti da SKYPE

stirnermax 243, FEDERICO 41 anni MILANO

With love

Vuoi che pubblichi qui sul blog di GRILLO copia della denuncia per far vedere agli altri chi è più imbecille fra me e te??

Saluti da SKYPE

stirnermax 243, FEDERICO 41 anni MILANO

With love

P.S. Ma tu nella vita che fai oltre all'HACKER di medio-basso livello?? E poi a 41 ancora a farsi le pippe?? Sei IMPOTENTE?? Ho visto che PAOLO CICERONE ha lanciato una campagna "UNA DONNA per MAX STIRNER"....AIUTIAMOLO!!!

Proof J.Stuart. Mill (mr giovi) Commentatore certificato 07.04.07 00:28 |

Sì, lo voglio, fallito ballista! Sarei felice di trovarti in qualche procura. Come so le cose, te lo spiego nel luogo dove mi farai convocare; ti aspetto ballista fallito! Quello che ho scritto lo sai benissimo che è vero, ma riguardo al fatto se son sempre COGLIONI GLI ALTRI o tu, lascio al blog decidere.

Max Stirner

Max Stirner 07.04.07 00:42

P.S. Ma tu nella vita che fai oltre all'HACKER di medio-basso livello?? E poi a 41 ancora a farsi le pippe?? Sei IMPOTENTE?? Ho visto che PAOLO CICERONE ha lanciato una campagna "UNA DONNA per MAX STIRNER"....AIUTIAMOLO!!!

Proof J.Stuart. Mill (mr giovi) 07.04.07 00:28

Now the question is: WHO GAVE HIM such private informations??

Maybe I know the answer but I'd like first to know your opinion about it.

Yours ever
Prof Joe

Posted by: Prof John Stuart Mill, Mr ENRICO ROSSI SNERT's fucker | April 7, 2007 05:24 PM

Strange censorship criteria here: We are discussing about a technical monetary issue (economics) and the messages get deleted.

However, messages whose only contents is insults... remain. The conclusion one must draw is that the only messages accepted in the blog are: INSULTS and HYPE.

Well, that must be the level at which Grillo feels comfortable.

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 7, 2007 03:18 PM

Me don't believe it! Dave Matthews getting more stupid. so stupid. he is genius. he says profits of bank of italy go to state. ah ah ah ah ah. no funny stuff. no jokes? ah ah ah ahaa ah!!!! he is true comedian. Dave hairy ass, very small brain, tiny penis. you cannot talk about segnorage. if you do you get cancer. no worry.

Posted by: vote Dave Matthews most incompetent person of the year 2007 | April 7, 2007 02:07 PM

@ Giacinto Impauperitis

Nice story, but partially untrue, and not th WHOLE STORY...

Posted by: G!ac!nto Aur!t! | April 7, 2007 01:51 PM


thanks for the message and for arguing a different point of view in a cordial and civilized manner! You´re a welcome change!! :)

My impression is that Grillo´s political stand is leaning quite markedly towards one side. But I agree with you, he´s a comedian and is free to do as he pleases.

As for the government privatization of Telecom: your observation that the problem lays with the structure of Italian capitalism (the Chinese boxes and the shady practices) is right on the mark! BUT this was obvious to anyone with even just basic knowledge about economics and business.

These problems should have been fixed first.

Also, there are seven ways to skin a cat... and there is more than one way to privatize. Look at the privatizations made by the Prodi-DÁlema government: none has been very good for the citizens, or for the country.

Autostrade is a good example: they transferred as trategic asset operating as a monopoly to private owners. That´s pretty bad mistake. Unforgivable, unless one accepts a suicidal behavior as normal!

Autostrade has been squeezing money out of citizens and businesses and did not even make the necessary investments. The country ends up poorer and less competitive. Good privatization or bad?

Or Telecom. The cost of making phone calls in Italy is absurdly high. In addition, inefficient supervision has allowed for some pretty horrible practices--worth of the worst Banana Republic.

Granted, the Berlusconi gov´t didn´t do much good on this subject either. Moral of the story: citizens are screwed all the time!

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 6, 2007 07:53 PM

Hey Joe,

replied to you in the other topic.

Thanks for the compliments. I´m glad you have a sense of humor and think critically.

I am glad also there are a few who also think critically, have different opinions and express them logically. Most seem to have a hard time standing a normal conversation and are just posting insults and other violent nonsense. (High Plains Drifter: did you notice where the insults are coming from??)

About your question: if nothing strange happens and there are elections, I think it is very likely that Berlusconi or his coalition make a comeback. I do not think many are happy with this government.

Berlusconi is not exactly what I could be enthusiastic about, though.

Sale of state assets and reduction of the debt should have been top priorities, along with liberalizations and elimination of privileges.

I also was appalled by his favors to the catholic church, like the elimination of ICI... just to mention a few of the grudges.

Anyeay, I think there are no parties or politicians who have the vision and political clout to push for the reforms needed. And I think the problem is getting bigger by the day. Italy could well end up with serious problems servicing the public debt, as interest rates increase. There will also be serious problems remaining competitive in a global economy where emerging countries are challenging Italy´s low tech industries--but with far lower costs.

The problems are far greater than just these (social, environmental, etc.). I have little expectation that Italy will pull it off this time.

Previous crises were overcome by, substantially, piling on debt and devaluing the currency. Neither option is available now.

I´d recomment not betting much on Italy.

Anyway, I think this blog is a good place for exchanging ideas. I don´t know why the grillini are stuck on insults. Why not argue why we are wrong?

One good practice, though, would be to talk about stuff you have studied and know. Most here have really outlandish ideas about the economy. No wonder: it turns out they are psychologists, philosophers, housewives... Nothing against that, of course, but: if you know nothing about economics and business... at least have doubts!

For keeping in touch outside the blog, I have to admit I am really bad at keeping up with email. I have a backlog of friends I have to write to and it would be suicidal to add more to the backlog :)

Besides, we are meeting up quite regularly here... Enrico Rossi would end up missing us! ;P

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 6, 2007 07:39 PM

yeah cancer it is for you and that wanking professor of yours.

Die motherfuckers Die.....

Posted by: Jesus | April 6, 2007 02:02 AM




Sorry I´ve got time only for a quick message now (I know how disappointed you must be! hahaha).

Greetings to Joe. TTYL

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 6, 2007 11:18 AM


Dear Joe,

your analysis is very accurate, so I think you are very interested in Italian domestic politics.

But your analysis is incorrect, if I can say.

1) Beppe never supported Unione's election: if you ever attended Beppe's theatre plays, you'll discover all the bad things he thinks about italian left coalition.

2) Beppe is not a politician, he is simply a comic that uses restricted information to play his game. In Italy, as you know, all media are in the hand of a small group of people collupted with politics, so it is very hard to consider it "free".

3) it is true that during last election campaign a lot of politician of the left used this blog, but you cannot say that Beppe excluded the ones of the right: they simply never sent any email to partecipate to the discussion.

4) Telecom was sold by Prodi's former government, and now it is partially private. The problem is that the CEO is not representative of the majority of the shares, but he has the power becouse of a series of "Chinese box" sequence of companies. In a scenario of a semi monopoly Telecom still imposes a fixed cost (canone) grant by law and paid by millions of italians. If Telecom was a public company it could be justified, on the contrary ina free market you have to grant competition, not interests of a group. This problem wasn't solved by former Mr Prodi's government, it wasn't neither discussed by Mr Berlusconi's government and today it is still forgotten by italian political system.

5) that's the point. It is not a matter of Parties: italian political system warks for its own interst and the one of the small group of powerful people linked to politics. As a consequence the election law doesn't let the citizen choose his representant, but we have to indicate a party, then the party decides the list of deputies. In this scenario Mr Berlusconi proposes to buy himself Telecom, but wants granted the monopoly on TV market...

I pray every single day for a revolution...

Kind regards,

Posted by: riccardo di bartolomeo | April 6, 2007 09:21 AM

Generations of Italians???
Ma va.... quando abitavo in Italia negli anni '60 Telecom c'era la STIPEL
I am from the STIPEL Generation
merda e damnation
ma poi chi se ne frega fra due generazioni l'Italia sara tutta mussulmana

Posted by: giulio terraforte | April 6, 2007 12:38 AM


Grillo says: Telecom is ours. Generations of Italians have paid for it.

Not really.

Telecom Italia belonged to Italians because the company was State-owned.

Then the government decided to SELL Telecom Italia. The shareholders are the new owners--not the citizens as a whole (except for the share of ownership maintained by the government.)

If you sell your house, the next day the house belongs to someone else! Same with Telecom.

It is very ironic (I was about to say schizofrenic, but I refrained...) that Grillo should complain about the sale of Telecom Italia because the government that organized the sale and the terms of the sale was made up of the same people for which Grillo campaigned during the last elections!

It was the Prodi-D´Alema government.

Grillo is so unhappy with what they have done--yet keeps supporting them.


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 5, 2007 07:39 PM

This is something huge you are trying to do Beppe, I would really wish you to handle it but I have my doubts, I hope at least you'll have the biggest feedback from media about because this event really deserves the biggest attention from everyone of us.
Good luck

Posted by: Giulio Pipitone | April 5, 2007 07:21 PM

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