The violent arm of the law


In Italy there’s no dictatorship, but just formally. Follow what I’m saying: there are 350,000 laws. No one really knows how many there are. Their application is often arbitrary. However, no one knows them better than the Public Administration. They are a strong and powerful weapon for managing and controlling.
The violent arm of the law is the registered letter that arrives at your house and tells you of the penalty based on article X of the regional law Y that is connected to the decree Z and on the orders of the town council W. You either comply or you are ruined.
Under a certain sum, the accountant or the lawyer have a single piece of advice: pay up. Above a certain sum you have to pay them and then hope. If then you get doubts like: “Why me and not all the others?”, you don’t have to think the worst. It’s just bad luck.
And the bad luck of the Public Administration is not blind-folded. They always have their eyes wide open. If you pay taxes they check on each tenth of a Euro. If you cause a company to go bust (do you remember Parmalat?) it often avoids getting on its high horse.
It’s clear that with such a vast number of laws, we are all guilty of something. It’s simple maths. So, when faced with an audit or a fine, it’s best to accept guilt and sort out what is needed.
A month ago the blog dealt with the cementification of the Fiera area in Milan and it interviewed the people leading the citizen associations. From that moment things have got worse. In the city that has the most fly-posting, the most graffiti and among the dirtiest in Italy. I can bear witness: I have been by the Navigli near the Darsena and I was ready to vomit.
In this city some flyers were attached to the lamp posts. To announce an open meeting for the inhabitants of the Fiera area about the construction of 900,000 cubic metres of cement that no one wants. A meeting that the Town Hall should have organised ages ago, before taking any decision. The fliers measuring 50x70 cm got a fine of 43,672 euro.
An enormous sum. Now I would like to ask a question to Moratti and to the city cabinet member for the development of the territory, Carlo Masseroli (email). The abusive election flyers, did they get a fine? And who paid the fine? And how much did they pay? Did the violent arm of the law take action on that occasion?

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Bon Jovi

If one person sells a share, necessarily someone else buys it. Otherwise the sale cannot take place!


(That is: someone will replace them if they sell.)

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 15, 2007 01:41 PM

if everybody of the small shareholder sell their share,what are the big management going to do,sell and buy them between themselves?

Posted by: BON BON JOVI | April 12, 2007 11:38 PM


Angelo Rovati is indicated as Prodi´s economic advisor.

However, all I have found about Rovati is that he was a basketball player.

Now, can someone fill the gap between playing basketball and having the qualifications to be the Prime Minister´s economic advisor?

Where does the competence in economics come from? From shooting hoops??

Posted by: Marcello Ferrari | April 12, 2007 03:16 PM

Violence in our society is due to the really bad advertisements that combine diapers and murders, orange juice and rapes.

Until we teach our children that diapers are diapers and orange juice is not murder, our society is destined to become worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse...

When it´s very very worse, you know, it will be very bad!

Posted by: Rafanella Straferale | April 12, 2007 03:12 PM

Other VEGA rhymes:

.....FEEEGA (if you´re Sicilian)
........LEGA (if you´re proudly from Padania Libera)

Up to you to combine it all into poetry. Than it can be use as an advertisement for the range of services offered...

Posted by: Raffaella Picchiatella | April 12, 2007 02:59 PM

Prof Mill food for thoughts:
live and let live,
pull yourself together,
wake up and smell the coffee,
paddle your own canoe,
all over the place,like a mad woman's breakfast,
he is as mad as a cut snake,
as smug as a rat with a golden tooth.

Posted by: BON BON JOVi MILL'sSpiritual Guru | April 12, 2007 10:19 AM

Prf.Mill.I do not want to rain on your parade,from what I gatherer,Raffa is out of your league,If I were you,I would drop all this stupid comments that you make about her,(the last one about Sega was a BAD ONE),if you think that's the way to a girl heart,or something else,well you are mistaken,the way you are behaving will get you only a carrot up your ass,SO STOP IT NOW FOR GOOD!

Posted by: BON BON JOVI Mill new age therapist | April 12, 2007 04:14 AM

Hello there,
And true to the theory of evolution, Italy at this stage is at Industrial revolution level (Approx. 50 years behind rest of Europe).
I deeply believe Italians are very badly represented by the Politicians and Managers of Industry existing today in Italy.
With this statement, I like to express my disappointment with Italians as a whole; these Politicians and Managers act only with the survivor instinct, and succeed only if you allow them.
The Incompetence of the above mention classes is blatantly displayed on a daily basis and in regard to any issue:
Mr. Mastella has solved the Justice problem all within a new law (Average trial 11 years today, Mr. Mastella solution 5 years max. all solved with the issue of a new law, unbelievable?)
Every Agency in the Ministry of Transport do not function (Alitalia for sale, Autostrade for sale, Train bankrupt, TAV costs 30-50 Mil. Per Kilometer or average 3-4 time rest of Europe) and what do they do, through your money at it, that should solve it.
Ask yourself why the rest of the world thrives to improve Efficiency (There is factor in every economies for Efficiency improvements, that means for every Euro produced today versus a Euro produced yesterday!) while in Italy it doesn’t even exist, is completely disregarded.
The Public Administration is a black hole in Italy (Although big pool of votes!) and this is the reason no Government will even consider rationalizing it.
Ask yourself why?
Another 3.7 Billion Euros just went into this black hole, while you are well aware of the services they provide you with all this money!
To simple answer the above questions it would take a long while, although to compile all the thoughts into one it would be “You allowed it and tolerated for too long”.
Empower yourself and pretend your right, and to be more accurate it would be pretent from them what you are willing to do for your Country.
See I believe Italians like to complain, although deep down inside they know they are shouting at their own-self because as everyone like to claim “Italian are masters of survivor”
Therefore more likely nothing will change for at least 3-4 generation (Therefore 18 X 3= 54 or 72 years) because mentality changes only through environmental changes not Political or Managerial!
Rest my case the race is on for the New Electoral Law, they will survive and the only demise will be for your expectations.
Think before you vote!
Thanks yourself for all the support they have, had and will have!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 11, 2007 04:12 PM

Don't forget that the Italian motto "Li ho fregati" should be emblazoned permanently on the Italian flag.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | April 11, 2007 03:19 PM

Dear Alessandro, Beppe

Yes, I meant the majority of Italians of course, there are splendid italians too, a great deal of them live abroad though, or fight impossible fights in Italy (e.g. Beppe, Antonio DP).

One thing I don't agree with Beppe though, when he says "However, no one knows them better than the Public Administration".

This is false, the public administration, at the base, is very often bad the best case, which also allows us to fight them back with their same weapons....although this is just a survisor's trick.

I needed a document once, which the public employee wouldn't give me.
I investigated the issue, and I got back to him, threatening to go to the police if I wouldn't get that document.
I got it.

The majority of public employees would simply be terrified by the idea to answer PERSONALLY for their own actions. You might get something in this way, even if you are not entitled to :-)))))

Such a funny country....I have so many stories to tell...stay tuned ;-))

Posted by: Antonio Disarò | April 11, 2007 02:39 PM

Una domanda dettata dalla curiositá...Ho dato un'occhiata al blog di Antonio Di Pietro...è mi è parso praticamente identico nella veste grafica a quello di domanda viene da sè... chi copia chi? :)

Posted by: Maurizio Bellemo | April 11, 2007 01:40 PM

Sadly, Antonio is right. Of course you can't say that EVERY italian is just like that... but the vast majority is...
You can blame society, politics, you name it... those are ALL made of (or by) PEOPLE.

Posted by: Alessandro Arcuri | April 11, 2007 01:15 PM


I find Germany a great country--beautiful and very well organized.

How do you like it in Munich?


Posted by: Marcello Ferrari | April 11, 2007 01:02 PM

Most mix i have ever heard out. Over 350000 laws? There seems to be some secret dictator lurking around. Like a hidden agenda or a agent that just won't die with time.

Posted by: Steven Turner | April 11, 2007 12:39 PM

Common sense normally says "crime doesn't pay". In Italy it is exactly the opposite: crime pays, very well.

Live by the rules, and get mad, overtaxed and underserviced, or forget the rules and live unpunished, untouched, probably rich.

Where do we have to search the root for the Italian anomaly? In politics? In industry capitanery? NO, in the head of Italians.

ANY ITALIAN will break the rules if he can, it is in the genoma, and the political class is just the expression of this culture.

We have to stop parking on triple row, stop frauding tax, stop faking a handicap to get the state support, stop faking illness to stay home from work....but this sadly won't happen, until everything is lost, until fake pensions won't be stolen anymore, because no pension will be possible anymore, real or fake.

THEN Italians will understand, that personal freedom stops, where the freedom of our co-citizens starts.

Antonio (Munich, Germany)

Posted by: Antonio Disarò | April 11, 2007 12:34 PM

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