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May 30, 2007

Travelling in the twilight


Someone has given me a book called "Viaggio nelle tenebre" {Travelling in the twilight} by the Centro Aurora, the National Centre for children who have disappeared and those who are sexually abused. I've read it. I felt sick. It's right that you too should feel sick. I will ask the publishers for permission to publish it on the blog.
It's a document on paedophilia, on organ trafficking and on Satanism. The principal actors: children. Stage: Italy

From the book:
"In Italy calculating exclusively the data on the declarations made from the year 2004 to March 2007, we see that there are 3,399 minors who have disappeared and are not yet found.
Some disappeared children will sadly be destined for organ trafficking like macabre spare parts. The estimates relating to this are to say the least chilling and they present a real table of prices…. 50,000 euro for a new born, 30,000 a liver, 15,000 the corneas
According to the Trieste District Anti-mafia Division, it is a place with a lot of traffic for the buying and selling of organs so much so that a dossier on the topic has been presented to the Ministry of the Interior. Pier Luigi Vigna, National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor has denounced that just in 2004 there have been about 30,000 victims of trafficking in human beings."

Italy is even active in imports from abroad:
"Italy is denounced by René Bridel, the UN representative of the International Association of Jurists for the Defence of Democracy, by the daily papers "La Nacion" in Buenos Aires, "O Globo" in Rio de Janeiro and "La Repubblica" in Lima: our country is defined as the biggest importer of Brazilian children, as the biggest purchaser.
Léon Schwartzenberg, euro-deputy, has stated that: "From 1988 to 1992 four thousand Brazilian children have left their country for Italy. The official reason is always adoption, but of these youngsters looking for a family only one thousand have been found alive…."

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Organ Trafficking and Disappeared Children


Listen to Maria Rosa Dominici, judge for children at the Bologna Tribunal. It makes you think. If even children are becoming objects of commerce, there's no longer any future. In the blog more than once I have denounced the abandonment of street children and the disappearance of hundreds of minors each year. Nothing has happened.

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May 29, 2007

Her name is Donna Rosa


At Bagnaia there's the conference of the publishing cadavers. The editors are on the cat walk, the politicians give their consent, the journalists talk and Severgnini gives the Last Rites.
It is the classical appointment with "Crescere fra le righe" - Young people, editors and institutions in the ring. The ones missing are the readers, but the State thinks of them with generous financing. It's great to be taxed so as to pay the salary of Feltri or Ferrara.
To finance l'Unità or Il sole 24 ore. The freedom to print rubbish is now saved. I was at Bagnaia two years ago. Even Tronchetti was there but he stayed in his bedroom.
Andreotti was there and he still is. The most lively in a parade of zombies, Andreotti, according to the Licio-Gielli-supporter, Ceccherini, has always believed in this challenge.
From the time of Pecorelli.
Two years later, the signs of the decomposition of information are evident. The top discussion point is "Blogs and Diaries, strategies editors can use to get the young curious".
My presence is no longer necessary. The public despise them without any help.

Bagnaia (Siena) – The Rule of Law as an "absolute value", Rosa Chiricosta, born in Ardore, Locri, has been teaching this for 28 years, together with Italian and Latin.
Thus yesterday, Rosa the teacher, having come to Bagnaia with her students from Florence where she lives, jumped out of her chair when she heard Gianfranco Fini talking of "distinguishing" in relation to crimes and convicted politicians.
The AN leader responded to the question from Fabrizio, a student from Cuneo: "Why don't you sack the parliamentarians who are convicts?
Reply: "On the one hand there is corruption, on the other there is calumny. Perhaps you can keep out of Parliament one who has sustained that someone else is a scoundrel? Yessss, comes the response in the gathering.
The teacher takes the microphone: "We need to get the young people to understand the value of the Rule of Law". Fini: "You are an activist teacher. That's dangerous, do you know what it is to be ostracized? "
The teacher exits. She's taken it badly. "Dangerous? I come from Calabria, where we have seen the products of the absence of the rule of law." The young people are with her.: "Today's lesson has been the greatest." (Corriere 27/5/2007)
In that gathering there was an activist teacher and a group of ignorant Smurfs. Strong with the weak, weak with the politicians.
Long live Donna Rosa and her students.

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May 28, 2007

The deniers


Italy is in the hold of a verbal diarrhea. A national illness. Deny everything and affirm the contrary. The dominant class, a four-pointed star: politics, media, banks, mafia, smell of burning.
It’s a maddened ant-hill. Everyone knew, everyone established a distant position. But from whom?
The journalists and the politicians are putting on the iron drawers of anti-politics. They are afraid that citizens might get an interest in the bottom of their backs.
Italy is in the grip of Alzheimer’s: denial is taking hold everywhere. It’s an evolution of paraculismo, of trasformismo. It’s an offence to our intelligence. Like paying the licence fee for TV broadcasting on the cost of politics. Conducted by those holding the tail of politics.
Those who affirm that Auschwitz was a Club Med with a swimming pool is a denier.
Enel that is promoting clean energy while it is constructing nuclear power stations is a denier.
The advertising of SUVs immersed in nature is denial.
The born-dead-by-the-party-secretaries Democratic Party is denial.
Montezemolo who accuses politics that kept Fiat alive with the cassa integrazione is a denier.
The Pope who talks about families without responding to the film ‘Crimen Sollicitationis’ is a denier.

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May 27, 2007

Branding the citizens with fire


Justice in Italy doesn’t look anyone in the face. If a citizen is convicted, their life is finished. Even if they had a clean record. Even if they are “rehabilitated” after 5 years with the “no mention”. The crime in fact is never cancelled from the justice list that can be accessed by the public administration. There’s only one possibility: throw yourself into politics, that place of the spirit where convictions are honoured.
The relationship between the number of convicts in the Scampia neighbourhood in Naples and Parliament is in favour of the deputies. Our employees have the decisive victory. When the parties do an election campaign in Scampia, the camorra people come out into the streets to defend their honourability.
I’m asking the lawyers who read this blog to give me an opinion. Is it possible that a crime, cancelled with the “no mention”, can stay for a lifetime available to State officials?

Dear Beppe,
I’m 31 years old and in 2000 I got a criminal conviction with a sentence of 2 months following involvement in a riot with the police. On the advice of my lawyer, I chose to make an arrangement so as to avoid a trial that would have lasted years. Since I had a clean record, I made use of the conditional sentence.
Five years after the date of the sentence I asked for rehabilitation and it was what was laid down in the law because I had made the arrangement I would have the right to “no mention”. In the meantime I graduated and I’m registered with the register of Social workers in the Region of Umbria.
A few days ago I’ve discovered that the right to “no mention” is complete tomfoolery since both the public administration and the CSM have access to a special justice list, to which normal citizens don’t have access but from which no type of crime is ever deleted.
This means that I cannot take part in public competitions, that I am having serious difficulty in collaborating with the tribunal for children and so on and so forth.
I’m wondering what’s the point in making a law that has the benefit of the “no mention” when this in fact doesn’t exist?
What sense is there in a State (in which a large number of parliamentarians are in the best viewpoint, just defendants) that can brand someone for life for an idiotic crime committed seven years ago, stopping them from having the same possibilities as others? Completely against rehabilitation!!!
I also know that many people are in the same situation as me and I believe it is important to shed some light on this question that I believe is harmful to individual liberty, discriminating and ghetto-izing.
I don’t know whether this matter that I have raised can be of interest, but I hope that someone can answer me or at least give an airing to the issue. Thank you.” Sergio V.

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May 26, 2007

The caste


Do you know what really really gets me angry? Working for the upkeep of parasites. Untrustworthy employees. I’ll go slightly beyond that: thieves. Thief seems to me the right word for the one that gets ten times the salary that is due when it is due.
The precarious workers, the pensioners, the small entrepreneurs every morning when they wake up, put on one side ten, twenty, a hundred euro. They are the taxes for the salaries of the State thieves. He’s a thief if he uses a public position to get privileges, from a free funeral to a baby pension.
He’s a thief if he prevents the justice system from functioning with bankruptcies cancelled and balance sheets that change from false to true.
Miracles of impunity of a whole political class. Stella and Rizzo call them a caste, but it’s a compliment. They are men and women without any particular qualities who have won a prize from lotto and live at our expense, their name is miserable.
The blog has interviewed the authors of the book: “La Casta” {The Caste}. Before reading it, take valium. A passage is given here.
“Let’s remember briefly just four points.
First: among the great countries of the West, Italy is the one with the highest number of elected parliamentarians.
Without counting the Life Senators …. We have one parliamentarian for every 60,371 inhabitants as against every 66,554 in France, every 91,824 in Great Britain, every 112,502 in Germany, not to mention the United States: one every 560,747.
Second: the salary of a deputy has grown from 1948 to today in real terms that is allowing for inflation, by almost 6 times and today it is 11,703 euro.
Third: no one gets anywhere near the 149,215 euro basic salary of our European deputies.
Not only do they get more than 44,000 euro more than the Austrians, but they get almost double the salaries of the Germans and the British, three times the Portuguese, four times the Spanish…. The list doesn’t take into account extras like travel expenses for a euro-parliamentarian and his collaborators “calculated automatically on the most expensive air ticket without the need for documentation”
As well as the “important extra allowance for the collaborators, for whom not only is it not necessary to document their pay, nor even their existence” … “The calculation of 30-35.000 euro is probably approximate and low rather than high”.
Fourth: the lack of patience on the part of many parliamentarians in relation to those who calculate in their salary the money for the collaborators and often so hypocritical as to be indecent….they pay the collaborators under the table (between 500 and 1,500 euro) and for this they get from the Senate 4,678 euro and from the Lower House 4,190 a month.
A Le Iene programme uncovered the little game showing how in the Lower House out of 629 official collaborators the ones who are employed according to the rules are only 54 and all the others were paid in cash.
How much? “for my enrichment” quickly replied the Margherita representative Cinzia Dato…. “Politics has big costs. So each one has to get by” explained roman-style the National Alliance representative Carlo Ciccioli.
“How much do you pay your briefcase carrier?” “Four or five hundred euro a month to do one thing. Four or five hundred euro to do something else…”

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May 25, 2007

Amato and the antimafia style


As a job Amato is Minister of the Interior. In the past he was adviser to Craxi for many years. Craxi finished up in exile and he in the government.
He went to Palermo for the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter. A young man reminded him of the 25 convicts in Parliament, of Cuffaro who is a defendant in a trial for seriously aiding and abetting, of the absence of the State in Sicily.
Giuliano the Apostate socialist did not pull back from the exchange with the courage and the culture that mark him out.
With a harsh face he comforted the young man calling him a populist leader, an unjust justice-alist, a rhetorician, an emotive, a unilateral.
He then added so as to show his ability to use the language of Dante: Don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you are using the typical style of the island populism.”
The Mafia can sleep soundly. The Minister of the Interior has completely defeated an antimafia Sicilian student. He has set an example. Now he can go back to Rome to have a chat and have a coffee with two convicts Vito and Pomicino, elected to the Antimafia Commission, and with Andreotti, a person who is always informed of the facts.

Palermo, 23 May. - (Adnkronos) – Exchange of views between the President of the Student Consultation body in Palermo, Francesco Cascino and the Minister of the Interior, Giuliano Amato during a debate in the Bunker Court Room under Palermo’s Ucciardone prison. On the topic of Italy that changes: politics, institutions and society during the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter.
In his speech, the young student, turning to Amato brought to mind that in Parliament ’25 convicts are seated’ talking also of the President of the Region of Sicily Salvatore Cuffaro, defendant in a trial in Palermo for seriously aiding and abetting to Cosa Nostra.
‘I’ll give you a suggestion signor Minister – said Francesco Cascino – when you go back to Rome tell your colleagues that here, in Palermo there is the mafia’. And again: ‘in the Antimafia, put your heart, your stomach, your balls’
Immediate was the reply from minister Giuliano Amato: ‘I didn’t like your speech at all, it sounds just like a ‘populist boss’.
You express in a unilateral, rhetorical, emotive way without leaving space for a discussion, a just feeling that is widespread, but without reasoning about this it is a dangerous exercise that is poisonous for democracy’.
Talking of the 25 parliamentarians who have been convicted, Amato said: ‘I have the courage to reply to you that I have to distinguish between convictions and convictions, there can be convictions for minor crimes that allow, once the sentence has been served, the full rehabilitation, while other convictions don’t lead to rehabilitation.
If you don’t make this distinction you become an unjust justice-alist' In his speech, the student spoke about Beppe Grillo’s blog.
‘We can’t learn about these things from the Internet – he denounced – but we are obliged to go to the Internet’. And Amato: ‘Grillo does like you. I am convinced that people like Grillo are useful but it doesn’t mean that they are the source of truth’.
And then he replied once more with a hard face: ‘you can’t tell me and the government ‘when you go back to Rome tell them that here is the Mafia. We know that very well, we are part of a political movement to which the fight against the mafia owes a lot.
I could reply to you, remind those in Palermo that the mafia is here. You too have institutions here. Thus don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you use styles that are typical of the island populism. If you have this passion, use it for a democratic battle and certainly not for a populist one.’

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May 24, 2007

The King of the paraculi


Paraculo: said of a person who is crafty, with ability to act in his own interests without making it obvious. Translated to English from Dizionario Garzanti 2006.
Paraculismo is seen in Italy especially in times of crisis. When the wind whistles and the sinful bird draws near everyone maintains their distance. The king of the paraculi has started the dance with an interview last Sunday in Il Corriere della Sera. Massimo D’Alema between tacking and a paraculata affirmed:
“There’s currently a crisis of credibility of politics which will come back to turn the country up side down with feelings like those in the 1990s that marked the end of the first Republic”.

Let’s reformulate the same phrases with other people:
Pope Ratzinger: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the Church which will turn us upside down.”
Totò Riina: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the mafia which will turn us upside down.”
Cesare Geronzi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the banking system which will turn us upside down.”
Luciano Moggi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of football which will turn us upside down.”
Silvio Berlusconi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of information which will turn us upside down.”

None of these gentlemen would say a thing like that. They have a dignity to defend. Geronzi and Moggi are what they are, but at certain levels of paraculismo they have never arrived.
In politics and in journalism however paraculi are like the stars: millions of millions. And after the noble speech by D’Alema they have all arrived at the same conclusions, yes really all of them. Napolitano, Scalfari, Sergio Romano, Chiti, Bertinotti, Marini... Here we are into the absurd. We have schizophrenic politicians.
They are judges and defendants at the same time, but with their backsides always glued to the armchair. Whoever is the problem explains to us that there is a problem.
Let’s get the coins ready. One, a hundred, a thousand Hotel Raphael!

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May 23, 2007

The final countdown

The pension of the Italians is getting further away. Every year the access bar is placed a little higher. And then higher still. And the ones raising the barrier are our dear employees. The reason is that there’s no longer any money.
We know that an example can do miracles. And the parliamentarians haven’t been holding back. All for one and one for all. For them there is always money. After two and a half years from the beginning of the legislature they have the right to a pension. TWOANDAHALFYEARSSSSSSSSS!! We get the snakes and they get the ladders.
This Parliament has no authority to create a law on pensions. None. Any law is null. That’s because of the par condicio {equality}. Two and a half years for everyone or there’s no discussion.
Prodi and the Sciupà will be able to alter pensions only after they have cleaned out their mouths of parliamentary privileges, even the ones already acquired.
From today there’s the “Final Countdown” active on the blog. A service for the citizens and for our employees.
Each day it will tell us how many days, hours, minutes, seconds have to go before they get their pension. Starting from 28 April 2006, the start of the legislature.
The parliamentarians will thus be able to stay organised to avoid an early government crisis and the citizens can start off their day with joy in the knowledge that at least someone will get a pension.
Perhaps some parliamentarians will feel shame. Those who want to dissociate themselves and renounce this disgusting privilege can do so by sending an email to: Their name will be published on the blog.

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May 22, 2007

The Night of the Republic

photo of Star Estrella

I’ve received a letter from Marco Travaglio.

"Dear Beppe,
I would like to tell all the friends of the Blog about the latest news item in a long series of ones that disappeared.
On 15 May 2007 the Third Appeal Court in Milan sentenced the Forza Italia Senator Marcello Dell’Utri and the boss of the mafia in Trapani, Vincenzo Virga to two years each for attempted extortion . No newspaper, apart from  l’Unità and il Corriere della sera, wrote about this. No TV News nor TV programme, apart from Annozero, said anything. ANSA, to avoid anyone noticing, dedicated just 7 and a half lines to the news, with this headline that takes you off the mark: Sponsorisations: confirmed on appeal the conviction of  Dell’Utri”. As though the crime had been Sponsorisation.
In the text it explains (that’s a way of saying) that the extortion related to imprecise “ways of sponsoring Basket Ball in Trapani”. As for Virga, ANSA “forgot” to explain that he is a mafia boss, very near to Provenzano, arrested in 2001 after being on the run for a long time and sentenced to life imprisonment for mafia and for homicide.
I will give a brief summary of the facts. In 1990 the president of the Trapani Basket Ball team, Vincenzo Garraffa, a doctor and later to be a deputy with the PRI, was looking for a sponsor for his team that had just been promoted to the A2 division.
Publitalia, the Fininvest concessionaire, led by Dell’Utri, put him in contact with Dreher-Heineken.
A contract is signed: for 1,500,000,000 lire, the players will have the logo of “Birra Messina”, on their shirts. This is the Italian brand of the German multinational. Garraffa pays the commission to Publitalia: 170,000,000.
But two executives of the Berlusconian concessionaire knock on the door and ask for a further 530,000,000 under the table.
In practice, Publitalia wants back half the value of the sponsorship obviously under the table. Garraffa refuses and at the beginning of 1992, he meets up with Dell’Utri in Milan.
He explains that he doesn’t have slush funds and that he cannot pay out without an invoice. Dell’Utri (as denounced by Garraffa) threatens him: “Think about it, we have men and means to convince you to pay”. Garraffa does not pay.
And a few weeks later, at the hospital of which he is the lead, he receives an unforgettable visit:  from the mafia boss Vincenzo Virga, escorted by a body guard. Virga has few words: “I am charged by Marcello Dell’Utri and by other friends to see how it is possible to resolve the Publitalia problem.” Garraffa replies: “Without an invoice, I don’t intend to pay.” And Virga: “I understand. I will pass on the information. If there’s anything new, I will come back to you…”
The following year, even though it is successful, the Basket Ball team finds no sponsor. Garraffa invents an antimafia self-sponsorship, obviously free, with the slogan “L’Altra Sicilia” {the other Italy}.
That brings good luck and the team is promoted to the A division. Maurizio Costanzo invites him and his players to talk on the “Costanzo Show”, on Canale5.
But then, at the last moment, he changes his mind and calls off the invitation. Garraffa sees the influence of  Dell’Utri . And he denounces everything to the magistrates in Palermo.
Who send the case to the Milan Tribunal as the body with the jurisdiction.  Here Dell’Utri and Virga are convicted of aggravated attempted extortion and sentenced to two years each. The other day the Court of Appeal upheld the conviction.
Now there’s only the Court of Cassation that’s missing. Dell’Utri anyway has been convicted and sentenced to two years for false invoicing in other puffed up sponsorship and in the first degree to 9 years for external collaboration in mafia association.
Naturally, considering his pedigree, he is staying with two firm feet in Parliament and is publicly praised for his “intelligence” by the people in the DS D’Alema faction like Nicola Latorre (who has nothing to do with Pio La Torre, killed by the mafia)  and is obsequiously interviewed by newspapers and TV, the font of  human knowledge, on anything but his convictions.
As Daniele Luttazzi reminds us in his latest show, Daria Bignardi has recently invited him to “Invasioni barbariche” on La7 and preceded it straight away with “We won’t talk of your trials”. Dell’Utri, understandably had no objections. In fact he added that his preferred journalist is Luca Sofri. Who, surprise surprise is the husband of Bignardi. There you go, it’s better never to talk of Dell’Utri’s trials. The senator has men and means to convince you.”

Marco Travaglio

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May 21, 2007

The grass of the autonomous regions is always greener


The Venetians towns want to become associated with Trento. The towns of Piedmont want to become part of the Valle D’Aosta. It’s a matter of cash. It’s the new Italian-style diaspora.
Your neighbour’s grass is always greener and the grass of the autonomous regions is a brilliant green.
The Lega hasn’t succeeded and the citizens are starting to do it on their own. An uncontrolled self-determination could give rise to two big national regions. With capitals in Trento and Aosta.
From Sicily to Lombardy, we will all pay less tax and we will have great outings to the mountains.
Italian citizens are equal according to the law, at least in theory, and in practice, different according to the taxman. It depends where you are born. The autonomous regions function better than the others. An exception is Sicily, that is really an autonomous State. The mafia split from Italy did that a long time ago.
The autonomous regions are a luxury that Italy cannot allow itself any longer. If they want to, let them declare Independence. No one in this cardboard nation will object. A thousand people from Trento can beat the army.
If Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trento are models, why don’t we apply this model to the whole country? Let study groups from Puglia and from Emilia copy them.
If however, having free petrol and support for the companies and houses etc etc. comes from paying less tax, then let every region and province get the same treatment.
If there are tensions with the citizens of autonomous regions we can start the umpteenth reform of the Constitution. And allow all the Italian regions the possibility to change State and start bilateral negotiations.
The Valle d’Aosta with France, Lombardy with Canton Ticino, the Venice Region with Austria, Sicily with the United States. It would be a very popular reform with enthusiastic support.
The only one to complain would be the county of Montecitorioshire. With no taxpayers it would have to send its citizens out to work.

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May 20, 2007

The lion’s cage


If the lion’s cage were to be left open and your mother, wife, son, husband were to be mauled, whose fault would it be? The lion’s or the one who let it go free?
Franco Hadzovic has killed a woman, Piera Calanna, at Giugliano while she was trying to prevent the theft of a car. He dragged her along while going backwards for 20 metres.
Franco is the living proof of the madness of the system, of the excess of good intentions at everyone’s expense. Franco is a nomad, but he has been living in Italy for a good 13 years.
Franco has been arrested 6 times. Always released.
Franco had received numerous expulsion notices. Always ignored.
Whose is the responsibility for the death of signora Piera as relates to her family? What would you say?
If you’ve said Franco, you have confused the cause with the effect.
Franco is the effect of the lack of justice. The cause is our dear parties in government and in the opposition. The ones that have occupied Parliament and the institutions.
Destroyed the justice system. People who ignore reality. They live it with annoyance. In 2007, at least a further 60,000 Rumanian Roma are arriving. Two and a half million could be leaving in the future.
Italy is the ideal place. A nomad commits crime and becomes stationary. In Italy there are 100 regular nomad camps and 500 irregular ones.
Franco will end up in jail, like the Roma who killed 4 young people while driving on the wrong side of the road while drunk, like the Romanian young woman who inserted an umbrella in the eye socket of a metro passenger, like many others.
But our parliamentarians are always free. They debate, discuss, make laws on the backs of the country and they never go to prison for culpable homicide. Giugliano’s family should take a case against Mastella, the minister of Justice. We need to start with someone.

PS: In Florence there’s “Ruòtati 2007”, A festival of ecological wheels, from 18-20 May 2007 in piazza Santa Croce (from10am till 7 pm). To breathe better: less polluting energy and sustainable traffic.

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May 19, 2007

Italy handicapped


photo by bootsintheoven

Disabled people can’t work, and often depend on their parents, and on the death of their parents, are abandoned by the State like sick dogs. Hitler was more honest. He killed them so that they didn’t suffer.
Our politicians are celebrating Family Day when the family has been destroyed by them. To form a family in Italy is a debt that is only paid off, and not always then, at death.
Buildings are in the hands of the vultures. Two lives are not enough to pay for a hole. Services for children non-existent, support for disabled people just charity hand-outs.
And we are talking about Family Day. And whoever is doing that has a face worse than his bottom. But I turn into a ferocious beast. You do it too, no holds barred.

“At times of civil partnerships and recognition of pension rights I wanted to inform you of the difficult situation of disabled people in Italy where there are about a million people who are seriously disabled both physically and psychologically.
Of these, according to EEC data, 80% are unemployed and very probably won’t ever work or won’t work again. The pension for invalidity that they receive is 256 euro a month.
The allowance for companions, allocated to 10% of the seriously disabled people, can be distributed to people who cannot carry out every day actions, people who cannot walk, who need continual assistance and who are not in a public institution at no cost for more then a month.
Such a definition is particularly limiting for the number of people who can benefit from this, that represents the incredible sum of 443 Euro.
If you think that a carer working on the black market costs a minimum of 600 Euro it’s obvious that these people are completely dependent on their family members.
In spite of this, none of the politicians who participated in Family Day has ever done anything to reduce the taxes for the families who are keeping one or more disabled people.
These families pay the same taxes as those with children who are not disabled even though they have to cope with much higher costs that are not taken on board by the State in any way.
But the most serious thing is when parents die, the disabled offspring cannot have the pension reassigned to them.
According to Italian law only the spouse, the non-adult children who are still students until they become adults and the children who are 100% disabled without capacity for work have the right to the pension of their parents.
If you think that a friend of mine who is terminally ill with multiple sclerosis with serious problems in walking has been denied the right to her parents’ pension, on the basis of her capacity to work. It seems clear that the right to support from parents even after death is a right that is denied.
As well as de facto couples it would be right to recognise the right to the pension of their parents even if they are able to work, considering that the current Italian system of production leaves 80% of them without a job all their life. Thank you.” Stefano N.

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May 18, 2007

Line Rental and the Luna Rossa

photo by ea6abn

The Telecom Italia fixed line rental should be abolished. It’s a tax not a service.
A tax that goes towards financing Luna Rossa, “The Telecom Italia Group with a 49% participation in the consortium “Luna Rossa Challenge 2007”, and supports the challenge of the Italian boat in the Valencia regatta.”
Does Luna Rossa bring benefits to Telecom Italia clients? Is Telecom Italia’s target market among yachtsmen?
The fixed line rental also finances the Golf Open Championships. Are Telecom Italia users golfers?
With the control of the backbone, Telecom has in fact got the monopoly of fixed line services. The other operators have to pay to get access. And they are paying a competitor to finance golf and yachting rather than to reduce the debt.
In the last few days I’ve heard no more talk about the separation of the backbone from Gentiloni and about Telecom intercepts. Now Tronchetti’s gone, is the citizen deceived? The Telecom tax-payers are going to be emotional about tacking towards the wind or a hole? If ADSL doesn’t get to you there’s always Luna Rossa or a beautiful green. Those Telecom people who are precarious workers, outsiders, sacked, deceived shareholders, dream of Valencia and Tronchetti the yachtsman and they sing:

And the red moon talks to me about you
I ask if you are waiting for me
and it answers: "If you really want to know,
here, there is no Tronchetti..."
And I call your name to see you
but everyone who is talking about you
is answering: "It's late, what do you want to know?
here, there is no Tronchetti!...

The only hope are the killer whales and the giant squid.

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May 17, 2007

Crimen Sollicitationis


The video that has been viewed the most recently is a programme of the BBC that was transmitted on 1 October 2006.
It refers to an official document of the Catholic Church called “Crimen Sollicitationis”, that explains how the Church hierarchy should hide sexual crimes.
Below a part of the transcript is given.

Father TOM DOYLE, Canon Lawyer: Crimen sollicitationis is indicative of a world-wide policy of absolute secrecy and control of all cases of sexual abuse by the clergy. But what you really have here is an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy, to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by churchmen. You've got a written policy that says the Vatican will control these situations, and you also have, I think, clear written evidence of the fact that all they're concerned about is containing and controlling the problem. Nowhere in any of these documents does it say anything about helping the victims. The only thing it does is say that they can impose fear on the victims, and punish the victims, for discussing or disclosing what had happened to them.

KENYON: The procedure was intended to protect a priests reputation until the church had investigated. But in practice it can offer a blueprint for cover-ups. The man in charge of enforcing it for 20 years was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the man made Pope last year. In 2001 he created the successor to the decree. In spirit it was the same, overarching secrecy with a threat of excommunication. He sent a copy to every Bishop in the world. But now he ordered that the Vatican must have what it calls 'exclusive competence'. In other words, all child abuse allegations must go exclusively to Rome.

FR. DOYLE: It's all controlled by the Vatican, and at the top of the Vatican is the Pope. So Joseph Ratzinger was at the middle of this for most of the years the crimen was enforced. He created the successor to crimen, and now he's the Pope. This all says that the policy and the systematic approach has not changed.

KENYON: Cardinal Ratzinger's new decree was a missed opportunity to modernise the church's approach just as its biggest scandal was about to break in America. Colm travelled there to discover whether these were isolated cases sadly mishandled, or a Vatican policy of cover up

COLM: At the same time as the scandals were erupting in Ireland in 2002, hundreds of cases were emerging here in the United States. A US report tells us that almost four and a half thousand US priests have been accused of raping or sexually abusing children.

KENYON: Its epicentre was Boston. The same stories repeated time and again. The church quietly shifting accused priests from parish to parish. Allegations of a systematic cover-up. Colm tracks down Patrick Wall, a former Benedictine monk who became the Vatican approved enforcer of crimen sollicitationis in his Minnesota diocese.

PATRICK WALL, Former Benedictine Monk: I was part of the system that was getting chewed up and being used deceptively, and it was a real dark night of the soul. Everything that I had trained for, you know, well over a decade to do, I found out that I wasn't working for a holy institution but an institution that was wholly concentrated on protecting itself.

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May 16, 2007

Otto Vasken and P2P


Sturmtruppen by Bonvi

Peppermint Jam Records Gmbh. Remember this name. A fine of 330 Euro could be arriving at your home from its lawyer, Otto Mahlknecht di Bolzano, called Otto Vasken. Otto is a natural phenomenon. He has already sent out 3,636 letters to Italian citizens who have used their PCs to share Peppermint music apparently without any intention to make money. 3,636 multiplied by 330 euro makes 1,199,880 euro, a great package.
Who wants others to be able to hear a song on their PC can use P2P software like BitTorrent and eMule. The piece can then be listened to by anyone who connects up. If I’ve bought the track, it’s on my PC and I want to make it available to whoever visits me, why can’t I do that?
Does it damage the publishing company? But the artistes are already destroying them. They already sell on the Internet on their own without intermediaries at low prices. Sometimes they give stuff away.
To scrape out the Italians, Peppermint has made use of Logistep. This company has “done a test download of the tracks and has checked the hash value of the file”, words of its director Schneider. I don’t know whether these downloads and hash are violations of privacy. I’m putting the question to the Authority.
Anyone who wants to, can ask Peppermint directly (email).
The IP address of the 3,636 users was provided by their ISP, their Providers. From these addresses, they have then found out the identity details.
Obliged by an order from the Rome Tribunal that cancelled a previous decision that went the other way. Many lawyers and Adiconsum do not agree.
Peppermint needs protecting. The best way to do this is to never buy nor share its tracks. If you have one on your PC, delete it. Then send an email to confirm this to Otto Vasken.

PS I have asked my lawyers to see if it is possible to produce a standard form to be published on the Blog to reject Otto Vasken’s request. I’ll keep you informed.

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May 15, 2007

Good Bye Garibaldi


Everything passes except Andreotti. States, Empires, religions. Time deletes them and consigns them to the history books. The Italian State, post-unification, post-monarchic, post-fascist and currently chatto-postcommunist, will pass like all the rest. But when? If Italy had six months of life, what would the Italians do? Would they be celebrating?
An English gentleman is suffering from stomach pains. Like the Italians during the speeches of their politician employees. In hospital they gave him six months. That starts off the best time of his life.
He spends everything he has on holidays, luxury restaurants, hotels. He puts to one side an outfit for his funeral: black suit, white shirt, red tie. At the end of the sixth month, the doctors realize that he has nothing wrong. A mistake.
The former patient is desperate: he is ruined economically and he’s not even dead. Here, with us it’s the opposite, we continue to tell ourselves that Italy is a true State, that it is in optimum health. The Italians are suspicious, but they are also incurable optimists who believe in providence.
Five years of the psycho-dwarf have given them back hope. Hope for change. For five years they hoped to be cured of gastro-intestinal pains.
The digestion was what it was with all the shit to be swallowed. The elections should have changed everything. But it changed nothing, or almost nothing. Which is the same thing.
The former voter is desperate: he is politically destroyed and yet still alive. We have done Italy. What’s missing are the Italians. Let’s throw in the sponge. We have tried and we haven’t succeeded in 150 years. The idea of Italy has failed.
Let’s go back to the States before the Unification of Italy: to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to the Bourbon Kingdoms, to the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia.
To before Garibaldi, the Risorgimento, the slaughters in the South, fascism, two World Wars and the destruction of the Second Republic. We were better off and we had better health.

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May 14, 2007

Italy Betrayed


Baton charges are the last resource of politics. Yesterday in Val di Susa, today in Serre and tomorrow a bit all over Italy. The citizens defend themselves as they can from our employees.
In Serre the Local Authorities have taken their opposition to the rubbish tip to the Salerno Tribunal. The Tribunal has made an order declaring the site to be unsuitable because of the need to protect the health of the citizens. It must be remembered that in the area there are 15,000 agricultural enterprises and a nature park.
The Government in perfect fascist style, appealing to the emergency created by politicians in the last 15 years many of whom are still present in the Government approves a decree.
This gets round the decisions of the magistrates. The citizens feel they are taken for a ride and try to block the tip.
They lie on the ground and sing the National Anthem. They wave the Italian Flag. The police break through and get the trucks of the army through. Citizens are beaten up. Twenty with concussion and injuries, three in hospital, one with a traumatic brain injury.
The Mayor of Serre, Palmiro Cornetta declared: “I intend to take the sash of office and the Constitution and set fire to them in front of the Quirinale.” Amato has not presented himself in Serre to talk to the citizens as he did in Rome with the gypsies in the nomad camps. Explain. Listen. Instead he has declared that it’s just a question of pushing.
Like on the bus, they became the cause of the problems to be removed with force. The rule of law has become the cause of the problems, to be got round with politics. At Serre, just as at Vicenza, just as in Val di Susa. Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls. It always tolls for you.

PS I’m asking the citizens of Serre to send me photos, film clips, news, texts to be published on the blog.

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May 13, 2007

Avignon cannot wait

The Papal Palace at Avignon

Political freedom is more important than the economy. Therefore I propose that Prodi should let France take Eni and Enel. In exchange Sarkozy should take back the Pope to Avignon.
In that happy nation they already have the law on civil partnerships and without the Papacy in their hair they managed to have a Revolution. There are no civil rights to be discussed. Between the “Family day” and the “Courage of the laity” a third way is needed. The lay State.
The Vatican has good reason to be afraid of civil partnerships. If the gay priests were regularized, where would we end up? If they were to marry nuns and have children? And if they left all their belongings to them and not to the Vatican Bank? The bankruptcy of St Peter’s.
If the family is so important, so noble, why do priests not marry? And if they are so competent on the topic, how will they have had the experience?
The Pope has gone to Brasil and in oceans of people he has created the first saint of the area. But in the last 20 years in Brasil, the protestants have gone from one in ten to three in ten. Perhaps because the protestant churches have more commitment to social affairs and less in politics?
What’s worse is our employees searching for the Catholic vote. Once upon a time there was just the Christian Democrats, today there’s Forza Italia Vaticana, the Holy Lega, and the Opus Dei. Democratic Party.
With all the problems of this country, these divorced, gays with the backside of the others whitened buried ones have obliged us to have months of discussions on civil partnerships. About rights that are already in existence in the whole of Europe and that in Italy should be approved in a week.
Give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And then what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God, give them both together to the Vatican.

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May 12, 2007

An appeal to the Camorra

photo of the river Sele

The umpteenth request for help to stop the destruction of a part of Italy that is still uncontaminated has arrived from Serre.
I’m turning over the request to those who truly are in charge in Campania: to the Camorra, or as Saviano says, the System.
Not to the State, nor to the emergency commissioner for the rubbish emergency (see the video). Not even to the emergency commissioner for the emergency commissioner.
And they really exist. An Italian version of Russian Dolls. First there’s Napolitano, then Prodi, then Bertolaso, then the number one commissioner, then the number two commissioner. We’re just missing commissioner Maigret.
The rubbish problem exists because the Government believes the Camorra should deal with it and the Camorra that the Government should deal with it.
The Camorra in Campania should put its hand on its conscience and do a clean sweep. I’m convinced that in a week, if it wanted, Naples and the surrounding area would become like Switzerland. Give the Government a moral slap. Its image would go to the stars in the opinion of the citizens.

“I am Dr Monica Sepe and I’m part of the campaign group "Serre per la vita" {Serre for life} that was set up last December when we heard that Commissioner Bertolaso wanted to allocate a refuse tip to our territory.
We live in Serre, a village with 4,000 inhabitants in the Province of Salerno. The Commissioner has identified as a site for a tip, a nature reserve on the edge of the river Sele, in a humid zone of international importance, of a Site of Community Importance that is therefore protected by many environmental conditions.
Following a petition presented by the town of Serre, the judge, the President of the first civil section of the Salerno Tribunal, maintained that this site is not suitable because of its environmental importance.
Instead of taking action by presenting an appeal, as possible according to law, the Commissioner has asked the government for a decree so as to get round the decision of the judge.
What we ask is that the law in Italy is not valid only for the citizens, that the separation of powers in a State that reckons itself to be democratic, still has value.
If a judge has said that this site is not suitable, I don’t think, I don’t believe and I don’t want to believe that the Government can by-pass this decision with a decree.
What we are asking is really simple: that the law is respected by the institutions so that the citizens can find them to be an example.
We have carried out a protest that was more than peaceful. We have followed the legal channels without ever doing anything remotely illegal. Even when we were baton-charged by the police on 14 March we stayed seated on the ground singing the Italian National Anthem with the national flag unfurled. The same flag on which the police have sworn allegiance.
In spite of all this they continue to insist on having a site that is not suitable where there are very special environmental features. Otherwise a nature reserve would not have been established.
Here are the breeding grounds of species of birds that are protected as they are in danger of extinction. The river Sele provides water to 40,000 hectares of land and gives life to 15,000 agricultural enterprises.
It’s not possible to pollute this river, or it will be the death of the Sele Plain. .”
Monica Sepe

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May 11, 2007

De Longhi Dioxin

photo: KevThaBass

Fire in the De Longhi factory at Treviso last April.

There are no reasons to believe that there is a risk connected to dioxin in the fire at the De Longhi company. The company is not among those at risk, because of the sector where the fire took place, and also for the type of material that caught fire. It’s not considered that there are consequences for the health of citizens.
The hydrochloric acid and the PAH present in the plume of smoke produced are not in such concentrations that create problems to the citizens.” Arpav, Agenzia Regionale per la Prevenzione e Protezione Ambientale del Veneto, 18 April 2007.

“In the air samples taken a few hours after the fire started, there were 270 pico grammes of dioxin per cubic metre compared to a threshold of 100.” from La Stampa 20 April 2007

“After an intense and accurate series of analysis conducted systematically it has been found that all the values are within the established limits. The environmental analysis carried out by the Chelab laboratory both inside the offices and in the courtyards of the building have not discovered any trace of toxic agents.” De Longhi, 24 April 2007.

“Note that 70% of the De Longhi products are plastic and when they catch fire they produce dioxin.” Paolo Barbiero, Cgil Treviso, April 2007

“I am referring to the De Longhi fire that happened 18 April at 1:00pm in Treviso. My daughter and two girls aged four and one, live 10 Kilometres from Treviso.
That day at 3:30 pm she was out for a walk with the one year old . The windows were wide open, the washing was hanging on the line outside. A lady told her about the toxic cloud.
She was terrified and closed herself inside the house. No one knew exactly where the fire was, where the cloud was going. My daughter could have come to me in the vicinity of Belluno, but at 6:00pm the Arpav announced that there was no danger of dioxin. My daughter stayed where she was.
The following day there were other reassuring communications, then in the evening finally the truth: there was dioxin and benzene and other carcinogenic substances. My daughter was desperate.
The following day, Friday 20 April, she came to my place with the two girls. But too late. From that moment she hasn’t eaten or slept. She believes she is guilty of not having escaped earlier.
What’s more the girls are ill with a temperature, cough and cold. Obviously this doesn’t mean anything, because they are often ill. What’s more, no one knows what to do.
No one gives precise indications. What to do with the washing that stayed out that day and all the night. About the push chair left out all day, of the long-haired dog that stayed outside, of the grass in the garden?
We can’t even find out whether the place where my daughter lives, Varago di Maserada sul Piave is in the zone where the cloud spread.
And now is it OK to go back? Who should we believe? Who is responsible for the psychological health of my daughter?
Apart from the need to have precise information, I would like to denounce something but I don’t know how and to whom.
My daughter had the possibility to go away, after all she is unemployed. She didn’t do that because of the information given out by Arpav.”
Maria da Cesiomaggiore (TV)

“Moles, blackbirds, sparrows and pigeons in unimaginable quantities. The death of small animals around the De Longhi factory is making those people residing in the neighbourhoods of Fiera and Selvana di Treviso tremble.” La Stampa.

For the moment we are not yet talking about Seveso. It’s only the small-sized local fauna that has dwindled. Dioxin no, Dioxin yes. Dioxin De Longhi.

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May 10, 2007

Death on TV


At 18 a lad has already witnessed 200,000 murders on TV. He’s grown up well. Where there’s an abundance of arms like in the United States, they don’t think twice. And they do their own little slaughter. In other cases, like in Europe, the dead who are murdered are no longer disturbing. As an adult he can have his daily dose of media without trauma.
Once upon a time the goodie never killed, today he kills to show that he is good. The epicenter of the culture of death on TV is Hollywood. It’s not an anti-American question, simply a fact. Compare a French or Italian “cops and robbers” with a stars and stripes one and do the count of dead bodies.
If we see an injured person on the street as the result of an accident, we cover the eyes of our children. Then at home we delegate the televisionbabysitter. The child goes to his room to watch Hannibal Lecter devouring a brain.
The vision of violence, now at any time of day, can only produce violence. This could be OK for the NRA, the arms company that elected Bush, but not for parents. I am losing the battle with the youngest children. They know better than I do how to kill a man with a knife under the chin. Or how to hang.
Or how to torture, or drown or machine gun. They have seen more blood than the top dog in the hospital of Genoa. Forbid the children to watch TV is a waste of time. A dad can’t be worse than a film on TV.
The use of violence is a refuge from the lack of ideas. Instead of a beautiful naked bottom. Forbidden in the evening slot, there’s a bullet in the middle of the forehead. At the beginning of a film, I would put the number of assassins, say 58, 231. Then you know where you are.
And in the credits at the end, at the side of the names of the actors, the cause of death. To give complete information.
For a bit now, death on TV is making me nauseous. I hope that it is a contagious nausea.
Violence is the last resort of criminals and of film producers. Let’s open the door of our homes and go out and play with our children.

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May 09, 2007

Racism Italian Style

photo by hanneorla

Italians are not racists. They don’t want to be racist. The Italians are nice people with pizza and mandolins. An Italian can accept to be labeled in different ways: tax dodger, mafia, corrupt.
That’s not a problem. He finds these are compliments. But if you call him a racist he turns into a beast. And the further he is to the left, the more he gets angry.
It’s a fight with himself. A struggle that has resulted in Italian-style racism. A racism that isn’t there but exists. A racism that makes us all feel better. In other words, the Italian has removed racism.
He has done it with discretion, giving due weight to the news.
If a Polish baby is shot in Naples and dies, if a guy from Sri Lanka is knifed in Milan, or if people from North Africa are buried alive in Puglia during the tomato harvest, the news is given with discretion.
It’s on the tenth page for a day. If the dead person is indigenous, that’s the trigger for the murder hunt.
The death of a foreigner is hardly noticed. The death of one of us is noted much more.
If .there’s the mass rape for 30 euros of children who are foreign, even aged 12 or 13, in the streets of the whole country, that’s folklore.
If one of our girls is attacked it goes on the front page. If foreign children are thrown into the streets to ask for alms or to sell their bodies, that’s folklore. If that happens to an Italian child, the parents land up in prison.
The Rumanian murderer is a monster, the Italian one is a delinquent.
Our foreigners are compared to foreigners living in their own home. Numbers, not people. Who thinks about the 50 people a day who die in Iraq or in the Darfur slaughter? The prisons are full of foreigners who haven’t understood the rules.
Exactly. They are rules that aren’t there. In our country that doesn’t exist, the rules are an option.
The Italian knows that, they get by, they go ahead and survive, they go into prescrizione without ever passing “Go”. However, the foreigner goes directly to jail, because they believe that impunity is a life style, not a crime.
Sarkozy has won to bring back the law. Veltroni has said that the rule of law is a right, without specifying for which income band. Whoever is not yet racist will become racist. It’s the country that wants it.

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May 08, 2007

La Madunina and the ladybird


There are no longer any ladybirds in Milan. In their place there are formigoni, moratti, and penati. Insects that cause lung diseases and live in urban cement. Gabetti, Pirelli RE, Ligresti and Caltagirone affectionately nourish them with car parks and empty buildings.
Their natural habitat together with oil. Milan is the world leader. It’s the only city with the wife of an oil tycoon who is mayor and the wife of an oil tycoon who is leader of the opposition. Two wives for two brothers.
"O mia bela Madunina che te brillet de ghè pù la mè Milan".

Dear Beppe,
We have found out that you are in Milan this evening. The “moral capital” of Italy as it was called once upon a time. It’s true that Milan is a great city. But if it is the one that has evolved the furthest, who knows what the rest of Italy is like. And who knows how we will end up.
Just think that even the ladybird has left, the creature that brings luck. Extinct. Disappeared. And perhaps that has some meaning.
Yes, because who knows that every weekend up to 200,000 people escape from Milan to go to the sea or the mountains, anywhere to not stay in their city?
And how many know that if it goes on like this in 2024, in the centre only 6 per cent of the population will be less than 30 years old? Certainly, because the houses around the Duomo cost even 15,000 Euro per metre, the average income is 55,000 euro a year. And the young have to emigrate to the hinterland.
No one knows. Just as very few know that according to data collected by epidemiology experts of the Tumour Institute, the recorded smog levels are 20 times higher than the maximum set by the European Union.
The level of pollution set by the European Union for a whole year has already been exceeded in the first two months of 2007. All this while Formigoni was saying that pollution from fine dust had gone down.
At least you can tell him that at Milan for years, the Region and the City authorities have been calming giving out data about smog while in their internal documents, that we have in our possession, they were writing that these numbers are not reliable because the machines for measuring (the “teom”), are “optimistic”.
No no-one knows. No one says any longer that if the pollution levels were like those of other European cities, the lives of 1,300 people would be saved. The death of 250 people killed by lung cancer because of fine dust, would be avoided.
Instead… instead as the experts at the Macedonio Melloni hospital remind us, one year old babies in Milan have lungs with lesions similar to those of a smoker or an elderly person. You tell them, tell the story to those who come to listen, that new born babies have a 22 per cent increased possibility of dying of lung infections.
Certainly, Milan is fashion. New trends. Scintillating venues. But it is also the city where every year 80,000 people go to the health service for depression.
Where one person in nine has at least once in their lives sniffed cocaine to manage to keep up with the rhythms. Where in 2004, the suicide rate among women was double that of the rest of Italy.
But do the people of Milan know that in their city, the capital of the Italian health system, for the emergency doctors covering the night and the feast days there is one doctor for every 130,000 inhabitants, when the health system regulations set down one for every 5,000 inhabitants?
Perhaps this is why everyone escapes at weekends. This is why in summer Milan becomes a city with fewer than 35,000 inhabitants. The ones who stay are just those who can’t afford to go away. Certainly not Milan to drink, this is becoming Milan to die.”
Luigi Offeddu and Ferruccio Sansa (authors of “Milano da morire”, Rizzoli)

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May 07, 2007

Straw Dogs


News is like a bulletin of war. Every day children are raped, killed, pensioners are cut to pieces in their beds, sick people in the hospitals treated like butcher’s meat, women raped, politicians (but then what does this term mean?) ignorant, convicts, parrots of the small screen.
The violations of the law (but then what does this term mean?) are in every street, in every death on the pedestrian crossing, in every abusive car park, in every violent pimp, in every prescrizione, pardon, amnesty.
The diseases that were almost conquered in the Age of Enlightenment are coming back, leprosy, tuberculosis, are with us again. Also back are the usurers, the pawn shops and the ghettos. We’ve got modern Middle Ages.
You can ignore the news, you can turn off the TV for ever, but when it’s your turn you can no longer pretend nothing happens. First, always think that the victims are the others.
The Italians could become incapable of controlling their reactions. Usually they suffer, stay silent, like dogs that are beaten.
But if the hospitals become cemeteries, the politicians convicts, the tribunals places of impunity, the taxes pay for do-nothings, the streets land of no one, the loans usury, work exploitation and death.
Even the Italian, chloroformised by the media, tools for the mass craziness of power. Even the Italian can catch fire like a straw dog.
It has already happened and it will happen again.

“Heaven and Earth are impartial;
They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs.
The wise are impartial;
They see the people as straw dogs.”

Tao Te Ching

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May 06, 2007

Our Previti, Who art in Parliament…


I was hoping that Bertinotti, in between an appearance as Fiorello and a trip to Mount Athos would find the time. Or that our employees overcome by an attack of vomiting would throw him out. Instead, Previti, convicted for corruption of magistrates, is still there.
A latrine is a latrine. You cannot change it’s use. But every so often you need to clean it out, disinfect it.
Otherwise whoever makes use of it risks getting a nasty infectious disease, kick-back-itis, corruptitis, prevititis, mastellitis.
Parliament can certainly put up with the presence of Previti.
He’s one of them. But I can’t. It’s nothing personal. Previti is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent his life protecting the psycho-dwarf in the tribunals.
A full-time occupation. A responsible position. A worrying one. But his salary as a Parliamentarian, I don’t want to pay any longer. Let him pay for his cigars on his own, not with my taxes.
Previti is a symbol. The symbol of impunity. Of the law that is equal for the rich and different for all the others. If Previti stays there, every other Parliamentarian is responsible. And shows themselves to be worse than him.
They hide behind the procedures, priorities, agreements in commission, party solidarity. Previti is certainly a more impressive figure with his haughtiness, that he shows off without shame, than all the rest of Parliament.
All together passionately. Whoever touches Previti touches each of them. A proposal for the President of the Lower Chamber. Open each session with the sign of the cross and a prayer.

“Our Previti, Who art in Parliament,
Hallowed be Thy Surname.
Thy Kingdom come.
The Will of your patron be done, in the Lower Chamber as it is in the Upper Chamber.
Give us this day our daily ad personam laws.
And forgive us our corruptions,
as we forgive those who corrupt us.
And if you lead us into temptation,
save us with the prescrizione. Amen”

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May 05, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back


Italy is what it is. However it is predictable. If something works it puts the system at risk. The system then defends itself to preserve its own privileges and eliminate what it is that works. Gabriella is a coeliac. The Campi Hospital is a tiny light shining out for the people with immunopathologies of the South of Italy. Ask them.
I’m asking myself the usual questions. Who decided that Campi has to close? Why are immunopathologies not diagnosed? Why do these patients have to pay for everything? What are the causes of the immunopathologies? Is someone responsible for this? "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind".

Dear Beppe,
I am Gabriella B from Taranto. I’m 33 years old. I have a chronic inflammatory disease. I discovered this after 5 long years of marginalisation and suffering. And after useless treatment for anxiety. The doctors confused systemic attacks with panic attacks.
Last year I got to know the spokesperson for people with immunopathologies who told me of 20 years of suffering from the illness. But also of research on chronic illnesses!!
Why has someone decided that 3 out of 5 Italians have to spend their lives as chronic patients with useless pharmaceutical therapies when it’s possible to get better with immunological therapies?
After 15 years of struggle with the help of a Salentino doctor we managed to get the loan of 4 beds in the Campi Salentina hospital, with 20,000 requests to come to hospital just from the members of the associations. Just think of all those who don’t know of this possibility!
In 6 months, these 4 beds have given the possibility to 150 sick people (including myself) to discover what they have and to be able to get better! I am a coeliac, allergic to alimentary nickel, cobalt and lactose!
I’ve got Autoimmune Thyroiditis that’s never been diagnosed up until now and that has caused me 4 miscarriages. The opening of this department of internal medicine has been a success.
Today we heard the news that the Campi hospital is to close. With that goes our dream of being able to get better. Yes, because the State does not recognise our pathology and we have to pay for everything!
Those who have no money get into debt for useless pharmaceuticals and private visits. Campi could have become the leading centre in the South of Italy. Life is worth nothing compared to the chance of easy gains.
You would be stamping on the feet of those doctors that do private consultations at 350 euros a visit to just look at symptoms and 150 euro a month for therapies that keep you in a chronic state all your life.
If they close this hospital, where will the patients of the South of Italy find the immunologist for the treatment that is needed? With our pathology you need to be monitored in hospital or you need 1000 euro to do DNA tests.
Beppe help me to find a way out of this nightmare! I want to be able to get better. I want my social life back.
For the last 3 months I’ve been eating just chicken, apples and bananas because I don’t have the money to get a vaccine costing 300 euro and the ASL doesn’t even reimburse the 20%.
Not to mention the pasta for coeliacs, 7.50 euro for 500 grams. It’s disgusting!! The ASL recognises gluten allergies, but not genetic coeliac disease.
I’ve thought of going with other sick people to occupy the hospital so that they will arrest me and even give me a short interview. If you come to visit me in prison, no oranges, just a “panino with bresaola”, but the bread without yeast and without gluten.
Forgive me for having stolen so much of your time. I, for my part, thank you for the attention. You have listened to me and for me that is already a victory. In spite of all these difficulties I want to live. I love life and my neighbour. Even those who have decided that I am an Italian of serie B.”

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May 04, 2007

Justice Time Frames

photo: dariuszka

Which comes first, the cause or the effect? The response to this question is fundamental. If you answer “the effect” you are lost. Italy is the daughter of unknown causes and undesired effects.
The few people who denounce the causes are themselves considered to be effects to be removed as soon as possible.
The effects of the causes have become our life style, products of the lack of social, environmental and economic policies. The precarious workers are an effect, the destruction of the environment is an effect, the Italian Stock Exchange is an effect.
No one raises the question about them any more. The effects without cause are the preferred tools of institutional powers: Consob, Parliament, Confindustria. They are bomb-proof alibis.
Travaglio has justly denounced the gagging of journalists with the new intercept legislation. But even here, we’re talking of the effects and not the causes. The publication of the intercepts has eliminated Consorte, Ricucci, and Fazio.
The same outcome would have resulted from a speedy trial or rather a normal trial. Free information, the little that is around, is becoming a substitute for trials that never end. And if they have no end they have no sentence.
The Justice reform must start here: the certainty of the trial, that no longer exists. For a simple argument in the condominium, you can wait 18 years. To set free and unblemished Berlusconi 13 years. The judges had even forgotten what they had to judge him for.
He always gets by because they confuse him with a cause, whereas he is only a collateral effect of the disintegration of Italy.
Yesterday I was informed of the date of the appeal hearing asked for by Fininvest against me, after they lost at the first hearing.
It will be at 9:00am on 3 June 2010. I’ve asked them to bring this forward, partly because my lawyer has an advanced age. They told me that they will do something: perhaps they will make it start at 8:30 am.

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May 03, 2007

Political Evolution


“The Pope has said that he doesn’t believe in evolution. I agree, in fact, the Church has never evolved.
I can’t cope with the fact that the Vatican refused Welby a funeral. It wasn’t like that for Pinochet, for Franco and one of the Magliana band”.

Andrea Rivera pronounced these words during the Massive May Day Concert. You can agree or disagree. But the words do not contain “incitement to terrorism” as stated by Osservatore Romano.
And neither does it seem to me to be a “vile attack” as whoever is vile stays hidden and Rivera was speaking in front of 400,000 people. He expressed an opinion that the Trades Unions didn’t agree with finally in a united way.
At least Rivera got them to agree on something.
It’s the Pope who is the boss in the Vatican, is that not right? Thus the Pope has the right to believe in whatever he wants, creationism, evolution, Democratic Party, it’s up to him.
And if he prefers Pinochet to Welby it’s still up to him.
The problem is not the Church but our dear employees. Who have not suddenly become religious, but in the search for the lost vote, they have been struck down like Paul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus.
Even Bossi, the honest priest-eater of times gone by, has booked his place at Pavia to kiss the Pope’s ring. It’s political evolution.
Is Montecitorio one of the offices of the Vatican Secretary of State?
Let’s resolve this problem at its roots. Let’s go back to having a Pope King, with a healthy theocracy. Things will work better in Italy.
We would have to put up with tiny consequences like the closure of condom factories and a few tiny fires in Campo dé Fiori for the naughty boys like Rivera. But you can’t want everything: to evolve, to be buried, to be governed by lay employees. Long live the Pope, King of Italy!

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May 02, 2007

The worker of the year


The ancient Romans had bread and circuses. Today we have only got the circuses left. The bread is precarious.
In the Coliseum, the gladiators that died were fewer than those who die on the building sites. The feast of the workers should be moved to 2 November, the day of the dead.
And May Day should be dedicated to the worker of the year. Someone will be found… For 2007, the title is won hands down by Tronchetti.
After 6 years when he has worked day and night, finally on 25 April his Liberation has arrived from the Spaniards.
And as luck would have it without the partisans, the externalisers and the unemployed following.

From la Repubblica, 30 April 2007:
Marco Tronchetti Provera, the yachtsman, leaves his Pirelli inflatable and walks along the duckboards in the port of Santa Margherita...
After a whole day at sea taking part in regattas, for Tronchetti it’s time for every day things.
But it truly is a short break in this long day of sport, third in the Coppa Carlo Negri and for him a first, he is absent with justification from the conclusion of the Telecom operation.
Dark blue jacket, hand shakes and hugs, smiles for everyone. Tronchetti is visibly tranquil and he’s not hiding the fact.
Straight after the end of the Pirelli Board of Directors meeting, he joined his wife Afef in the Portofino villa on Saturday evening.
And by 11 in the morning he was already at sea, at the helm of his Kauris III, the yacht in the maxi category for the race. Two swift races, intense, with a stiff but variable breeze, that exalts the men and women of the sea.
A few hours at Portofino with the family and then in the evening, back at Santa Margherita, this time at the helm of the Pirelli runabout PZero.”
Tronchetti will say: “Today’s regatta was great, the wind changed from one regatta to the next, it was more pronounced in the second."

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May 01, 2007

Let’s save Locatelli

Soon we’ll be celebrating May 1. The festival of the former workers and the “precarious” workers celebrated with song in the streets and mass sackings. Locatelli is closing down. We grew up with mozzarella Pizzaiola and formaggini Mio. Now we’ll have to import them. It’s the usual shopping abroad.
An Italian company is bought up and closed down. It’s the law of the market. Without competition it’s easy to win. Locatelli can still be saved.
Let some Italian industrialist step forward. Let’s save our mozzarella and 1,500 families.

“We want to give you a brief history of our company, Locatelli di Moretta (CN). It’s been a cheese factory since the end of the 1800s. Then together with a salami factory, it was bought by Nestlè in the 1970s.
After that, in 1992 the Swiss multinational built an establishment on an industrial site that led to the end of the salami making activity and the end of the multi-production of cheese at Moretta.
Six years after the start of the new site, Nestlè decided to abandon the cheese sector and sold it to the Besnier family that already had 70 cheese factories in Europe.
That was the beginning of shopping for companies and brand names. In fact in 2003, they bought Invernizzi, in 2004 Cademartori, and in March 2006 the Galbani empire.
As delegates we were alarmed because these were twin companies with identical production: mozzarella.
How did the antitrust work? In December 2006, the top management confirmed their intention to stop production after the closure in Italy of other companies in the group (Cademartori).
We believe that it is unacceptable the concept of the possibility of closing a factory that up until the end of 2005 was making a profit!
Our negotiation has revolved around the sale of the factory but for now, no one has come forward, so we see ourselves added to the workers in the province of Cuneo who will lose their jobs like those of Michelin, Alstom, Bertello and St. Gobain. In the near future we are expecting a crisis in the Province as it has never been seen before, and we are wondering whether we will have to emigrate to the place where they take the work?
Our factory is only 15 years old and it is technologically advanced. That doesn’t explain why they are moving the production to factories that are older and more obsolete located in Lombardy.
We want to point out that in this way with this process of unification, they are creating big monopolies, or if you like, oligopolies, with the existence in the market of a few operators, “anything but free competition”!
After the banks, telephones, insurance, and oil companies, they want to create monopolies for the production of milk and cheese.
The loss of this industrial capital forming part of the agro-alimentation sector (one of the sectors that is not in crisis) is a defeat for Italy. The blackmail of this company is based on the price of milk that is 15% lower in France and tomorrow once more, it will be the Italian companies to pay the price.

We ask:
• greater protection for Italian products and Italian companies, and if necessary with an action to the antitrust body.
• protection of jobs in a Province that cannot put up with a further 1,500 unemployed
• a common approach with colleagues in Alstom, Michelin, St. Gobain, Bertello etc to organise a single demonstration and to start crisis talks at a national level
• Is it possible that this multinational that has 70% of the market for fresh cheese in Italy and 40% in Europe, can do everything it wants without having market problems?

We sincerely hope that you will take an interest to raise awareness among the public and perhaps change our future.”
ex-Locatelli RSU {Unified Trade Union Representatives}, Valerio, Gabriele, Fortunato, Bruno

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