Amato and the antimafia style


As a job Amato is Minister of the Interior. In the past he was adviser to Craxi for many years. Craxi finished up in exile and he in the government.
He went to Palermo for the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter. A young man reminded him of the 25 convicts in Parliament, of Cuffaro who is a defendant in a trial for seriously aiding and abetting, of the absence of the State in Sicily.
Giuliano the Apostate socialist did not pull back from the exchange with the courage and the culture that mark him out.
With a harsh face he comforted the young man calling him a populist leader, an unjust justice-alist, a rhetorician, an emotive, a unilateral.
He then added so as to show his ability to use the language of Dante: Don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you are using the typical style of the island populism.”
The Mafia can sleep soundly. The Minister of the Interior has completely defeated an antimafia Sicilian student. He has set an example. Now he can go back to Rome to have a chat and have a coffee with two convicts Vito and Pomicino, elected to the Antimafia Commission, and with Andreotti, a person who is always informed of the facts.

Palermo, 23 May. - (Adnkronos) – Exchange of views between the President of the Student Consultation body in Palermo, Francesco Cascino and the Minister of the Interior, Giuliano Amato during a debate in the Bunker Court Room under Palermo’s Ucciardone prison. On the topic of Italy that changes: politics, institutions and society during the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter.
In his speech, the young student, turning to Amato brought to mind that in Parliament ’25 convicts are seated’ talking also of the President of the Region of Sicily Salvatore Cuffaro, defendant in a trial in Palermo for seriously aiding and abetting to Cosa Nostra.
‘I’ll give you a suggestion signor Minister – said Francesco Cascino – when you go back to Rome tell your colleagues that here, in Palermo there is the mafia’. And again: ‘in the Antimafia, put your heart, your stomach, your balls’
Immediate was the reply from minister Giuliano Amato: ‘I didn’t like your speech at all, it sounds just like a ‘populist boss’.
You express in a unilateral, rhetorical, emotive way without leaving space for a discussion, a just feeling that is widespread, but without reasoning about this it is a dangerous exercise that is poisonous for democracy’.
Talking of the 25 parliamentarians who have been convicted, Amato said: ‘I have the courage to reply to you that I have to distinguish between convictions and convictions, there can be convictions for minor crimes that allow, once the sentence has been served, the full rehabilitation, while other convictions don’t lead to rehabilitation.
If you don’t make this distinction you become an unjust justice-alist' In his speech, the student spoke about Beppe Grillo’s blog.
‘We can’t learn about these things from the Internet – he denounced – but we are obliged to go to the Internet’. And Amato: ‘Grillo does like you. I am convinced that people like Grillo are useful but it doesn’t mean that they are the source of truth’.
And then he replied once more with a hard face: ‘you can’t tell me and the government ‘when you go back to Rome tell them that here is the Mafia. We know that very well, we are part of a political movement to which the fight against the mafia owes a lot.
I could reply to you, remind those in Palermo that the mafia is here. You too have institutions here. Thus don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you use styles that are typical of the island populism. If you have this passion, use it for a democratic battle and certainly not for a populist one.’

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