An appeal to the Camorra

photo of the river Sele

The umpteenth request for help to stop the destruction of a part of Italy that is still uncontaminated has arrived from Serre.
Iím turning over the request to those who truly are in charge in Campania: to the Camorra, or as Saviano says, the System.
Not to the State, nor to the emergency commissioner for the rubbish emergency (see the video). Not even to the emergency commissioner for the emergency commissioner.
And they really exist. An Italian version of Russian Dolls. First thereís Napolitano, then Prodi, then Bertolaso, then the number one commissioner, then the number two commissioner. Weíre just missing commissioner Maigret.
The rubbish problem exists because the Government believes the Camorra should deal with it and the Camorra that the Government should deal with it.
The Camorra in Campania should put its hand on its conscience and do a clean sweep. Iím convinced that in a week, if it wanted, Naples and the surrounding area would become like Switzerland. Give the Government a moral slap. Its image would go to the stars in the opinion of the citizens.

ďI am Dr Monica Sepe and Iím part of the campaign group "Serre per la vita" {Serre for life} that was set up last December when we heard that Commissioner Bertolaso wanted to allocate a refuse tip to our territory.
We live in Serre, a village with 4,000 inhabitants in the Province of Salerno. The Commissioner has identified as a site for a tip, a nature reserve on the edge of the river Sele, in a humid zone of international importance, of a Site of Community Importance that is therefore protected by many environmental conditions.
Following a petition presented by the town of Serre, the judge, the President of the first civil section of the Salerno Tribunal, maintained that this site is not suitable because of its environmental importance.
Instead of taking action by presenting an appeal, as possible according to law, the Commissioner has asked the government for a decree so as to get round the decision of the judge.
What we ask is that the law in Italy is not valid only for the citizens, that the separation of powers in a State that reckons itself to be democratic, still has value.
If a judge has said that this site is not suitable, I donít think, I donít believe and I donít want to believe that the Government can by-pass this decision with a decree.
What we are asking is really simple: that the law is respected by the institutions so that the citizens can find them to be an example.
We have carried out a protest that was more than peaceful. We have followed the legal channels without ever doing anything remotely illegal. Even when we were baton-charged by the police on 14 March we stayed seated on the ground singing the Italian National Anthem with the national flag unfurled. The same flag on which the police have sworn allegiance.
In spite of all this they continue to insist on having a site that is not suitable where there are very special environmental features. Otherwise a nature reserve would not have been established.
Here are the breeding grounds of species of birds that are protected as they are in danger of extinction. The river Sele provides water to 40,000 hectares of land and gives life to 15,000 agricultural enterprises.
Itís not possible to pollute this river, or it will be the death of the Sele Plain. .Ē
Monica Sepe

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The law is already made and the institutions must do their job.
I really don't understand why there is a problem to enforce it.
Is possible to impeach (I don't know if this term apply also to these persons) the people involved with the institutions?
If it is, what kind of procedure is necessary?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | May 12, 2007 06:29 PM

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