Good Bye Garibaldi


Everything passes except Andreotti. States, Empires, religions. Time deletes them and consigns them to the history books. The Italian State, post-unification, post-monarchic, post-fascist and currently chatto-postcommunist, will pass like all the rest. But when? If Italy had six months of life, what would the Italians do? Would they be celebrating?
An English gentleman is suffering from stomach pains. Like the Italians during the speeches of their politician employees. In hospital they gave him six months. That starts off the best time of his life.
He spends everything he has on holidays, luxury restaurants, hotels. He puts to one side an outfit for his funeral: black suit, white shirt, red tie. At the end of the sixth month, the doctors realize that he has nothing wrong. A mistake.
The former patient is desperate: he is ruined economically and he’s not even dead. Here, with us it’s the opposite, we continue to tell ourselves that Italy is a true State, that it is in optimum health. The Italians are suspicious, but they are also incurable optimists who believe in providence.
Five years of the psycho-dwarf have given them back hope. Hope for change. For five years they hoped to be cured of gastro-intestinal pains.
The digestion was what it was with all the shit to be swallowed. The elections should have changed everything. But it changed nothing, or almost nothing. Which is the same thing.
The former voter is desperate: he is politically destroyed and yet still alive. We have done Italy. What’s missing are the Italians. Let’s throw in the sponge. We have tried and we haven’t succeeded in 150 years. The idea of Italy has failed.
Let’s go back to the States before the Unification of Italy: to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to the Bourbon Kingdoms, to the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia.
To before Garibaldi, the Risorgimento, the slaughters in the South, fascism, two World Wars and the destruction of the Second Republic. We were better off and we had better health.

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You´re the one in love with Raffa... So, posting in her defense is, if anything, your job!



Posted by: Dave Matthews | May 16, 2007 12:57 AM

I have heard of this amazing documentary film called "FLYING:CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN" about women around the world talking about their personal experiances with the issues we all deal with from family and relationships to harsher serious problems of sexual abuse and prostitution.
It is an incredible, funny, thought provoking film that everyone should see.
I believe it is being released in the US and Europe this summer. Here's the website

Posted by: jessica wolfson | May 15, 2007 10:35 PM

Hello there,
Finally reading this dissertation of Mr. Grillo, I get the impression even him got the message that these Idiotic Bunch of Incompetent Politicians (All of them) have no clue and they are there only to serve and protect their own interests.
I am completely in sink with Mr. Grillo and either side is no solution, and the slate has to be wiped clean, don’t kid yourself Mr. Berlusconi or any on the other side is not the solution either.
Accountability and responsibility, whomever will have the opportunity to be elected has to held accountable to a program clearly spelled out and when and if it is not successfully implemented will pay dearly for his/her f**k ups.
Pretend more, don’t believe what they tell you, and most important Politics and laws need to be done in the open in Parliament not in someone’s party or office.
Italy needs a god wake up call, maybe an Italian 9/11 or a new Prime Minister kidnapping and execution to demonstrate the Incompetence and complete malfunction of the Institutions.
Look around you no Government Institutions is functioning and performs to citizen satisfaction (You pay taxes up the wazoo, their average income is 200,000.00 plus) and do you see them worry?
Wake up even in France for goodness sake they saw the writing on the wall, and France is in better shape than Italy.
Federal Democracy with a short leash, vote only an Individual with Accountability and Responsibility!
Say no to Parties Power!
No Responsibility No Vote.
Is about time!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 15, 2007 06:47 PM

Many complain that the current situation in Italy is all the politicians´ fault. There is indeed some truth to it. But I am afraid it is simplistic to attribute all the responsibility for Italy´s problems to today´s politicians--or yesterday´s.

Italians are very keen on protesting when their soccert team loses. Very keen on protesting when their salaries do not get a raise. Protesting when in the US someone is executed. Protesting when the Chinese push their carts along the street...

These are the same Italians who did not protest for 50 years, while detrimental laws have been enacted, while public money was being squandered, while the justice system was running amuck, while the education system was falling perilously behind, while bureaucracy was growing to a point where it is just asfixiating society! No protests for any of this.

So, while the politicians may have their faults... whatever they did or did not do is a result of complacency by the Italians.

Italians are victims most and foremost of themselves.

Posted by: Dave Matthews | May 15, 2007 04:24 PM

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