Her name is Donna Rosa


At Bagnaia there's the conference of the publishing cadavers. The editors are on the cat walk, the politicians give their consent, the journalists talk and Severgnini gives the Last Rites.
It is the classical appointment with "Crescere fra le righe" - Young people, editors and institutions in the ring. The ones missing are the readers, but the State thinks of them with generous financing. It's great to be taxed so as to pay the salary of Feltri or Ferrara.
To finance l'Unità or Il sole 24 ore. The freedom to print rubbish is now saved. I was at Bagnaia two years ago. Even Tronchetti was there but he stayed in his bedroom.
Andreotti was there and he still is. The most lively in a parade of zombies, Andreotti, according to the Licio-Gielli-supporter, Ceccherini, has always believed in this challenge.
From the time of Pecorelli.
Two years later, the signs of the decomposition of information are evident. The top discussion point is "Blogs and Diaries, strategies editors can use to get the young curious".
My presence is no longer necessary. The public despise them without any help.

Bagnaia (Siena) – The Rule of Law as an "absolute value", Rosa Chiricosta, born in Ardore, Locri, has been teaching this for 28 years, together with Italian and Latin.
Thus yesterday, Rosa the teacher, having come to Bagnaia with her students from Florence where she lives, jumped out of her chair when she heard Gianfranco Fini talking of "distinguishing" in relation to crimes and convicted politicians.
The AN leader responded to the question from Fabrizio, a student from Cuneo: "Why don't you sack the parliamentarians who are convicts?
Reply: "On the one hand there is corruption, on the other there is calumny. Perhaps you can keep out of Parliament one who has sustained that someone else is a scoundrel? Yessss, comes the response in the gathering.
The teacher takes the microphone: "We need to get the young people to understand the value of the Rule of Law". Fini: "You are an activist teacher. That's dangerous, do you know what it is to be ostracized? "
The teacher exits. She's taken it badly. "Dangerous? I come from Calabria, where we have seen the products of the absence of the rule of law." The young people are with her.: "Today's lesson has been the greatest." (Corriere 27/5/2007)
In that gathering there was an activist teacher and a group of ignorant Smurfs. Strong with the weak, weak with the politicians.
Long live Donna Rosa and her students.

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Our corrupted politics do not want to leave, they will do WHATEVER is possible to stay where they are and will never go away unless we do work out a remedy to this illness. The Italians do not know exactly what to fight against to and they do not know well their enemy… Let’s keep on discussing and exchanging ideas of what is happening around us, this will help to understand and know how to fight this large mass of mad criminals.

Posted by: salvo rossi | May 30, 2007 03:44 PM

ciao Beppe, ma hai disattivato la funzione RSS?
non funge più...

Posted by: andrea manzati | May 30, 2007 08:52 AM

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