Let’s save Locatelli

Soon we’ll be celebrating May 1. The festival of the former workers and the “precarious” workers celebrated with song in the streets and mass sackings. Locatelli is closing down. We grew up with mozzarella Pizzaiola and formaggini Mio. Now we’ll have to import them. It’s the usual shopping abroad.
An Italian company is bought up and closed down. It’s the law of the market. Without competition it’s easy to win. Locatelli can still be saved.
Let some Italian industrialist step forward. Let’s save our mozzarella and 1,500 families.

“We want to give you a brief history of our company, Locatelli di Moretta (CN). It’s been a cheese factory since the end of the 1800s. Then together with a salami factory, it was bought by Nestlè in the 1970s.
After that, in 1992 the Swiss multinational built an establishment on an industrial site that led to the end of the salami making activity and the end of the multi-production of cheese at Moretta.
Six years after the start of the new site, Nestlè decided to abandon the cheese sector and sold it to the Besnier family that already had 70 cheese factories in Europe.
That was the beginning of shopping for companies and brand names. In fact in 2003, they bought Invernizzi, in 2004 Cademartori, and in March 2006 the Galbani empire.
As delegates we were alarmed because these were twin companies with identical production: mozzarella.
How did the antitrust work? In December 2006, the top management confirmed their intention to stop production after the closure in Italy of other companies in the group (Cademartori).
We believe that it is unacceptable the concept of the possibility of closing a factory that up until the end of 2005 was making a profit!
Our negotiation has revolved around the sale of the factory but for now, no one has come forward, so we see ourselves added to the workers in the province of Cuneo who will lose their jobs like those of Michelin, Alstom, Bertello and St. Gobain. In the near future we are expecting a crisis in the Province as it has never been seen before, and we are wondering whether we will have to emigrate to the place where they take the work?
Our factory is only 15 years old and it is technologically advanced. That doesn’t explain why they are moving the production to factories that are older and more obsolete located in Lombardy.
We want to point out that in this way with this process of unification, they are creating big monopolies, or if you like, oligopolies, with the existence in the market of a few operators, “anything but free competition”!
After the banks, telephones, insurance, and oil companies, they want to create monopolies for the production of milk and cheese.
The loss of this industrial capital forming part of the agro-alimentation sector (one of the sectors that is not in crisis) is a defeat for Italy. The blackmail of this company is based on the price of milk that is 15% lower in France and tomorrow once more, it will be the Italian companies to pay the price.

We ask:
• greater protection for Italian products and Italian companies, and if necessary with an action to the antitrust body.
• protection of jobs in a Province that cannot put up with a further 1,500 unemployed
• a common approach with colleagues in Alstom, Michelin, St. Gobain, Bertello etc to organise a single demonstration and to start crisis talks at a national level
• Is it possible that this multinational that has 70% of the market for fresh cheese in Italy and 40% in Europe, can do everything it wants without having market problems?

We sincerely hope that you will take an interest to raise awareness among the public and perhaps change our future.”
ex-Locatelli RSU {Unified Trade Union Representatives}, Valerio, Gabriele, Fortunato, Bruno

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Your suggestion would only result in lower living standards.

More misery would come out of it than good.

(Economics 101)

Posted by: Andrea Di Mello | May 5, 2007 07:15 PM

We should organize ourselves into self sustaining villages, where in them everybody eats and drinks products made in 20km range.
And screw profit.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | May 5, 2007 05:15 PM

Milk is cheaper in France because they have nuclear-powered cows.

Posted by: Adamo Kulnura | May 3, 2007 04:12 PM

Locatelli fa le cose per bene.

If it closes then, it means it´s good thing!

Posted by: Davide Steinberg | May 1, 2007 10:26 AM

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