Line Rental and the Luna Rossa

photo by ea6abn

The Telecom Italia fixed line rental should be abolished. It’s a tax not a service.
A tax that goes towards financing Luna Rossa, “The Telecom Italia Group with a 49% participation in the consortium “Luna Rossa Challenge 2007”, and supports the challenge of the Italian boat in the Valencia regatta.”
Does Luna Rossa bring benefits to Telecom Italia clients? Is Telecom Italia’s target market among yachtsmen?
The fixed line rental also finances the Golf Open Championships. Are Telecom Italia users golfers?
With the control of the backbone, Telecom has in fact got the monopoly of fixed line services. The other operators have to pay to get access. And they are paying a competitor to finance golf and yachting rather than to reduce the debt.
In the last few days I’ve heard no more talk about the separation of the backbone from Gentiloni and about Telecom intercepts. Now Tronchetti’s gone, is the citizen deceived? The Telecom tax-payers are going to be emotional about tacking towards the wind or a hole? If ADSL doesn’t get to you there’s always Luna Rossa or a beautiful green. Those Telecom people who are precarious workers, outsiders, sacked, deceived shareholders, dream of Valencia and Tronchetti the yachtsman and they sing:

And the red moon talks to me about you
I ask if you are waiting for me
and it answers: "If you really want to know,
here, there is no Tronchetti..."
And I call your name to see you
but everyone who is talking about you
is answering: "It's late, what do you want to know?
here, there is no Tronchetti!...

The only hope are the killer whales and the giant squid.

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Mister Siluro Che Batte,

Francesco Pili is a good name. It sounds much more real than Mister Siluro Che Batte... someone reading that may suspect it is not a real name...

If it is, you should sue your parents...

Other names that I see are very good are... Adele Beletet... or Giangrande Pisello...

There is some irony in them... but a subtle one...

Good day!

Posted by: Francesco Pili | May 20, 2007 02:48 PM

Mister Siluro che Batte

You should write about interesting topics, such as mine. All others will--very appropriately!--be cut.

Posted by: Francesco Pili | May 20, 2007 01:56 AM

Giacomo,I agree with you,I think us immigrants can have a big impact with our votes the problem is,there is a need to reform the political scene in Italy and find a way to get rid of the politicians that are corrupt,that do not work for the italians interest,my question is can us immigrant start a process of collect enough signatures for a change,or even start a new party made of immigrants?is this idea too farfetch?what do you think?ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | May 20, 2007 01:40 AM

I only received crap from f.cking Italy. Now that I have cut ties with it, I cannot say I am sorry to see it sink.

Posted by: Andrea Marchi | May 19, 2007 10:40 PM

Giacomo: no possibility to vote, not being an Italian citizen (but I _do_ pay large Italian taxes and spend significant time in queues, navigating the country's broken infrastructure).

Posted by: Amara Graps | May 19, 2007 09:36 PM

Hello there,
I don’t mean to be disrespectful of anyone’s opinion, although like I sat many time before if any of you blog in this site either you are of Italian origin (Like me!) or one way or the other you have a connection to Italy.
Therefore if you have Citizenship and vote, even if you don’t live in Italy the list you can do is to give a positive support or least but not last do whatever you can to send this Idiots where they belong (Away from any Public Office because they are only doing damages).

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 19, 2007 06:24 PM

Giacomo: Well yeah, that too. :-/ I would say that you've covered the situation in Italy pretty well.

Posted by: Amara Graps | May 19, 2007 04:56 PM

Italians brought the misery upon themselves. Should we be sorry for them?

I don´t think so.

Posted by: Ray Baccini | May 19, 2007 04:30 PM

Hello there,
I find Italy an amazing place, the Incompetence of the institutions is unparallel, competition and protection for the consumer is utterly ridiculous, and while all of this is blatantly clear to everyone nothing happen!
Whomever is in charge (At the wheel are the same old and irresponsible moronic geriatric Politicians?) and only in Italy regardless of age, electoral changes etc, the same individuals keep claiming radical improvements and changes, although in the end is the same moral for Citizen?
What am I missing here?
Government has no money to implement anything, while Banks merge and create colossal Institutions on the back of Citizen Accounts (Average 3-4 time more expensive that the rest of the world!).
The so called National Champions (Telephones, Energy, Transportation, Communication etc. are in Government control, see Alitalia, Autostrade, Wind & Telecom, RAI, ENI and Enel etc) are dysfunctional, expensive and stuff with the most Incompetent Managers on the face of the world?
Officially approx. 4 millions work for the Public Institutions (This is 25% already!) than if you include the Politicians, Parties, Towns Provinces and Regional Administration combined with the so called National champions the number balloon to approx. 9.5 Mil. (This is a staggering 60% of the work force?).
All the while 58.5% of GDP is gobbled up by the Government, any Government Left or Right.
Now while all this going on a daily basis, either side of the Political Spectrum is claiming Victory!
What am I missing, the Country grows at 0.2% per trimester (Math 101, 0.2 X 4= 0.8% per year?) and this is Success?
This Idiotic Bunch of Politicians are sucking your life and your children away, while giving you the finger and laughing all the way with the Bankers?
Wake up, they need to feel your breath down their neck, send them packing, they are the Problem not the Solution!
Mr. Berlusconi is traveling around with a full stuffed Medical Group for goodness sake, while Mr. Prodi succeeded (So he claims that Italy is growing again?) while everyone is declaring strikes, Public Administration, Alitalia (For sale and valued between 0 and 0.4 cents per share good as worthless!) while Government Cars are at 570.000,00 approx, open and life employment in Government is free to anyone all the while tax breaks for you can wait!
What am I missing about this Country?
I am expecting an insurrection very soon, although not sure where the first spark will come from?
Apathy is rampant although my money is on Legal and Illegal Immigrants to furnish the spark so much needed.
Good luck and good night!
And Mr. Grillo is worry about Telecom?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 19, 2007 02:17 PM

There has not been any time in my last four years living in Italy, that I am not facing a Telecom Italia problem to be solved. I have never encountered as high of a level of incompetence in any other company, anywhere.
If Telecom Italia is a real company providing a service, then I am interested to see some facts to support that statement.

Posted by: Amara Graps | May 19, 2007 10:02 AM


É vero che trom-bi solo a pecorina... per poter rimaner collegata al blog?

Posted by: Francesco Pili | May 19, 2007 12:11 AM

Mr Enrichetto ROSSI,alias HIGH PLAIN DRIFTER, alias Mr Grillo's masked staff member of the English version...: wrong again!
You are incapable of learning from your mistakes Joe Sherlock Mill, even when people are gracious enough to correct them. "He who cannot learn from his mistakes is bound to repeat them."
What do you make of this HIGH PLAIN DRIFTER?

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | May 18, 2007 05:03 PM

Joe, just post shorter messages then. (And maybe change nick...)´I wouldn´t take the blog so seriously...

Posted by: Dave Matthews | May 18, 2007 05:01 PM

I can no longer send any message made up of multiple rows here...

How about you?

I'm pretty sure that the responsible for that is Mr Enrichetto ROSSI,alias HIGH PLAIN DRIFTER,alias Mr Grillo's masked staff member of the English version...

Good luck man.

Over & out (passo e chiudo)

P..rr..of Eduardo BANNATO in J..o..e

P.S: I'm about to report Mr Grillo's blog censorship to STRISCIA LA NOTIZIA,LE IENE and all Italian and foreign newspapers in order to take revenge and tear the Mr Grillo's reputation to let's wait & see!!

Posted by: Prrooof EDUARDO BENNATO | May 18, 2007 04:49 PM

Funky business.
Or monkey biz?

Posted by: Dave Matthews | May 18, 2007 04:09 PM

This is kid's play compared to what Kim Il Sung does with his country's money, while his people is starving to death.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | May 18, 2007 02:20 PM

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