The caste


Do you know what really really gets me angry? Working for the upkeep of parasites. Untrustworthy employees. I’ll go slightly beyond that: thieves. Thief seems to me the right word for the one that gets ten times the salary that is due when it is due.
The precarious workers, the pensioners, the small entrepreneurs every morning when they wake up, put on one side ten, twenty, a hundred euro. They are the taxes for the salaries of the State thieves. He’s a thief if he uses a public position to get privileges, from a free funeral to a baby pension.
He’s a thief if he prevents the justice system from functioning with bankruptcies cancelled and balance sheets that change from false to true.
Miracles of impunity of a whole political class. Stella and Rizzo call them a caste, but it’s a compliment. They are men and women without any particular qualities who have won a prize from lotto and live at our expense, their name is miserable.
The blog has interviewed the authors of the book: “La Casta” {The Caste}. Before reading it, take valium. A passage is given here.
“Let’s remember briefly just four points.
First: among the great countries of the West, Italy is the one with the highest number of elected parliamentarians.
Without counting the Life Senators …. We have one parliamentarian for every 60,371 inhabitants as against every 66,554 in France, every 91,824 in Great Britain, every 112,502 in Germany, not to mention the United States: one every 560,747.
Second: the salary of a deputy has grown from 1948 to today in real terms that is allowing for inflation, by almost 6 times and today it is 11,703 euro.
Third: no one gets anywhere near the 149,215 euro basic salary of our European deputies.
Not only do they get more than 44,000 euro more than the Austrians, but they get almost double the salaries of the Germans and the British, three times the Portuguese, four times the Spanish…. The list doesn’t take into account extras like travel expenses for a euro-parliamentarian and his collaborators “calculated automatically on the most expensive air ticket without the need for documentation”
As well as the “important extra allowance for the collaborators, for whom not only is it not necessary to document their pay, nor even their existence” … “The calculation of 30-35.000 euro is probably approximate and low rather than high”.
Fourth: the lack of patience on the part of many parliamentarians in relation to those who calculate in their salary the money for the collaborators and often so hypocritical as to be indecent….they pay the collaborators under the table (between 500 and 1,500 euro) and for this they get from the Senate 4,678 euro and from the Lower House 4,190 a month.
A Le Iene programme uncovered the little game showing how in the Lower House out of 629 official collaborators the ones who are employed according to the rules are only 54 and all the others were paid in cash.
How much? “for my enrichment” quickly replied the Margherita representative Cinzia Dato…. “Politics has big costs. So each one has to get by” explained roman-style the National Alliance representative Carlo Ciccioli.
“How much do you pay your briefcase carrier?” “Four or five hundred euro a month to do one thing. Four or five hundred euro to do something else…”

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Dobbiamo sempre ricordare che in Italia la politica e' un metodo quasi perfetto per arrichiarsi, per stringere soldi dal publicco e dagli istituzioni, di proteggere i sistemi che nutriscono quelli che controllano e di solicitare favori anche sessuali per divertimento.
Ma che sorpresa? Perche essere preoccupati? Italia e' uno stato quasi senza moralita'. Ma ogni tanto, ci sorprendiamo noi stessi. La potere della polito per corrumpere anche i piu' puliti sempre stupisce.

Un ex-communista diventa Presidente Napoletano e publiccamente denuncia tutti loro che hanno lottato couragiosamente contra il racismo di Zionismo, anche ebrei couragiosi di grande valore, in un altro essempio della prostituzione dello stato per gli interessi degli americani. Ricordo le parole di una poeta israeliano, che piangieva dopo la massacre di due mila sei cento bambini, anziani e invalidi, nei campi palestinesi, di Sabra e Shattila in Libano. Ha detto:
"Mia madre e padre che sono uccisi nel primi olocausto sono stati uccisi di nuovo nei campi di Sabra e Shattila". Che imagine! Che couraggio da parte sua a dirla! Che vergogna che Napolitano ora denuncia lui come un anti-semite per aver criticato il dottrino di Zionismo. Sai che sotto quel dottrino, nel libro del Talmud, tutti non-ebrei, chiamato "goyim" sono desritti come bestie e non devonno essere pensato di essere umani come ebrei ma dice " Guardare sulle case di goyim come sulle case di bestie e ricordare che siamo solo noi il popolo schelto". Mi da paura che la sistema governativa di Israele, con tanti bombi nucleari molto vicino a noi, e' controllato da Zionisti che pensano che noi siamo pocoi piu' che animali !

Quanti giovanni sanno di Sabra e Shattila, dove terroristi dal altra parte hanno ucciso piu' persone che nei Torri Gemmelli ? La militia Druze con l'aiuta dei zionisti coome Sharon ( personalmente visto usando suo pistola a mano) e la CIA hanno presso piu' di due giorni di lavoro intensivo e faticoso e l'uso di machine di demolizione e bulldozers e granite per spingere le donne e bambini dentro case, buttare granite dopo, chiudere le porte e poi demolire la casa per sepulire tutti. Hanno ucciso e coperto con case e terra piu di due mila sei cento esseri umani mentre i journalisti del mondo stavanno esclusi dagli soldati israeliani e il dipartimento di stato del USA. Figuriamoci che siamo racisti se chiediamo perche?

Posted by: John O Brien | May 31, 2007 08:30 PM

Hello there,
Just to establish the two extremes:
In Japan a disgraced Minister commits suicide after being involved in a scandal!
In Italy the Governor of Campania (Garbage collection in this Region is under Government Control for the last 14 years for Corruption of the Institutions!) Mr. Bassolino is elected to the Constituency Group of the PD Party?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 29, 2007 04:49 PM

Hello there,
At least in Mr. Grillo’s land, these Politicians have passed another mile-stone of evolution.
Following the script, everybody’s won, nobody’s lost, and Italy’s Pinnacle of incompetence keeps chugging along with absolute irreverence to the Citizens.
The amazing part is not the claims from one side or the other, but the fact that each side (At one time or the other!) was and is cognizant of their own inadequacies, but incapable and unwilling to change.
In order to prevent the blow, these idiots have established the preemptive measures, claiming Political crisis, prior Government behaviors and future actions to justify and continue their existence.
Completely ignoring the Citizens, these idiots chug along, and to make the matter worst Mr. Berlusconi (With a defibrillator at hand!) did ask for resignations!
In the land of accountants, is any of this Idiots Accountable for any failure ever?
Waiting for a Presidential Act of Clemency, toward the Political Establishment, wiping the slate clean for these Incompetent to have a clean start.
You and I could have written the results 3 months ago!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 29, 2007 03:27 PM

We need to inform and awake the conscious of Italian people, we need to find alternative ways such as the internet to break a wall of disinformation created by our newspapers and other means of information. Everyday from the last decades there are proofs of arrogance and corrupt actions taken against the citizens. Our politicians are not doing what we want and are lying to keep their seat at the power.
They’re not doing the job and they need to leave without further excuses from them. The citizens have the right and power to decide what they want but politicians keep hiding and misinforming about this control. People need to be informed on how they can use their rights. The only moment we hear from politicians saying that citizens have power decisions is before the elections but immediately after that, their lies and manipulations against us starts to feed their mouth.
This is not freedom and, we are in an apparent democratic but more likely a dictatorial state where newspapers and news tell us what they what and hide to us what’s happening outside Italy. What a dictator does? Manipulates the news and does not tell to the citizens what is the life outside the country so that most people are unable to compare the state where there are living on.
Why in some European states the public can discuss and see how much money their politics spent whereas in Italy nobody is informed correctly? The mechanisms which influence our everyday life have to be published in order to understand what is wrong and the reason because our country is running down, down and down.

Posted by: salvo rossi | May 28, 2007 12:44 PM

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