The grass of the autonomous regions is always greener


The Venetians towns want to become associated with Trento. The towns of Piedmont want to become part of the Valle DíAosta. Itís a matter of cash. Itís the new Italian-style diaspora.
Your neighbourís grass is always greener and the grass of the autonomous regions is a brilliant green.
The Lega hasnít succeeded and the citizens are starting to do it on their own. An uncontrolled self-determination could give rise to two big national regions. With capitals in Trento and Aosta.
From Sicily to Lombardy, we will all pay less tax and we will have great outings to the mountains.
Italian citizens are equal according to the law, at least in theory, and in practice, different according to the taxman. It depends where you are born. The autonomous regions function better than the others. An exception is Sicily, that is really an autonomous State. The mafia split from Italy did that a long time ago.
The autonomous regions are a luxury that Italy cannot allow itself any longer. If they want to, let them declare Independence. No one in this cardboard nation will object. A thousand people from Trento can beat the army.
If Valle díAosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trento are models, why donít we apply this model to the whole country? Let study groups from Puglia and from Emilia copy them.
If however, having free petrol and support for the companies and houses etc etc. comes from paying less tax, then let every region and province get the same treatment.
If there are tensions with the citizens of autonomous regions we can start the umpteenth reform of the Constitution. And allow all the Italian regions the possibility to change State and start bilateral negotiations.
The Valle díAosta with France, Lombardy with Canton Ticino, the Venice Region with Austria, Sicily with the United States. It would be a very popular reform with enthusiastic support.
The only one to complain would be the county of Montecitorioshire. With no taxpayers it would have to send its citizens out to work.

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Hello there,
Although on the other hand if someone in this bog knows someone else end so on with a possible tampering of the television broadcasting of upcoming soccer final, that maybe the spark needed for the explosion and rioting in Italy!
Just a thought!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 22, 2007 03:00 PM

Hello there,
Well , well, well, Politicians from all sides, are starting to smell the rotten atmosphere all around them.
Throughout all the leading newspapers in Italy, Politicians seem to run for cover before the s**t hits the fan.
I read the leading and most trusted Politician in this Government Mr. Dalema stating the Official Crisis State for Italyís pinnacle of Incompetence.
The real problem is who will have the guts, the will and the credibility to change this rotten system.
I was just joking, donít worry is just a phase, everything will be back to normal apathy in no time, is an election time!
Good luck and good night!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | May 22, 2007 12:46 PM

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