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June 29, 2007

Precarious State


drawing by The Hand from "Schiavi Moderni" {Modern Slaves}

Prodi, our precarious employee has said many times that the fight against precariousness is a priority of his government. Thus one could ask why precariousness is so widespread right inside the public sector employment.
Those who are precarious, apart from the usual teachers, are even those who supply information to the social insurance bodies, work and pensions. A paradox.
I’m publishing a letter from professor Gallegati of the Economics Department in the Università Politecnica delle Marche about the government’s proposal to modify the Biagi law.
After that I’m publishing the umpteenth witness statement from the book Schiavi Moderni (100,000 copies downloaded).

Dear Beppe,
Roberto Leombruni and I have considered the government’s proposal to modify the Biagi law.
Precariousness, here’s the slowly-slowly plan of the government.
There are three proposals and for these Damiano deserves a “plus”, an “equals”
and a “minus” on the record sheet.

- on fixed-length contracts. By definition they are contracts that have a duration with a limited time: if a company wants a worker for longer than that there’s a normal contract, with unlimited time. However since 2001, these can be repeated as often as required as long as there’s a gap of 20 days between the end of one contract and the beginning of the next. It’s the vision of virginity of the Centre Right, after 20 days of abstinence, the lasses regain their virginity. Quite rightly, Damiano would like things to return to a natural state without an employee having to wait 20 days without a salary waiting to be once more appetising to the company. “Plus”

- On minor contracts according to Biagi. The government intends to cancel staff leasing and on-call working. As Ichino has rightly observed in il Corriere, there are methods for laying down rules (that support the workers) for practices that exist even independently of the Biagi law. Because the “one day waitresses” will always exist, and because the cooperatives that take on a contract for cleaning the mayor’s toilet and get a cococò to do the work, are worse – for the worker – than staff leasing. The fact is that the Biagi law has a “bad reputation” and to reform it will present a good image. “Equals” (not “minus” because anyway, the Confindustria admits that these are hardly ever used by the companies)

- Parasubordinato. What is proposed is also a new increase in the social security contributions for the “parasubordinati”, who already in the last Budget went from 18% to 23.5% and who could go up to 25-26%. The government tells us that the measure would guarantee the young people a minimum pension.
Good, at last they have confessed.
At least a million young Italians for ten years (from the time when Treu brought in the separate management in 1996) have worked without putting aside sufficient contributions to guarantee them a minimum pension, often with an income that would not have allowed them to even remotely consider paying for alternative pension schemes.
Given that the guilt has been confessed, the solution is not "scurdammoce o
passato": the correct amount is 25-26%? OK, let’s give those million young people a notional contribution that goes towards filling the gap of unpaid contributions over ten years. “Minus”, expecting a “plus”.”
Mauro Gallegati and Roberto Leombruni

Training programme/work
”I’m 34 years old and for a good four years I have been a precarious worker with a public administration of red political beliefs (the Training programme/work of a beautiful Tuscan Province) Yes, exactly, the service for training for work, active in making policies for employment to combat unlawful working and unemployment, the one that was the first to use the loop-holes offered by the Biagi reform and even before the contracts brought in by minister Treu, whose names remind one of birds who are not particularly intelligent!
Known as I am right in the employment centre (previously placement
service) and my job is to look after young people and apprentices, and I see things…. To be in the employment centre as a precarious unemployed (my job is about to finish) and help others find a job is like being tied up and gagged on the throne of the chef in the kitchen of a Grand Hotel with stomach cramps eating away at you because of hunger. Not just the swindle, but the sick joke… I got the job with a public selection process: first prize: a contract (8 months of work alternating with 4 months of an iron diet of air and swearing) then with time transformed into a costly registration as a freelance worker (the cost was halved for half the hours) that is useful to give a living wage to my dear accountant but not to me (poor thing, when he calls me to tell me of the regular costs that I have to pay, he mutters with embarrassment as though he had just suddenly realized that he’s got his flies open in front of the incredulous gaze of a young virgin nun!
He’s a good person and his empathy these days is really moving… and at times I feel like calming him down saying things like “you know now I’m going to get another job and by the end of the year I’ll have finished with all this”, “Good… Let’s hope it works out”, is his reply.) Registering with the tax authorities as a freelance (a device to camouflage working as an employee) was not suggested to me by the Public Administration, it was imposed as an ultimatum.”
L. A. 09.05.2006 10:14

PS Download the book: Schiavi Moderni

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June 28, 2007

European Parliament and V-Day


In preparation for Vaffanculo day, or V-day, I’ve been to the European Parliament to explain the quagmire that Italy finds itself in and to look for some consensus. The place was full. No one knew anything. They thought I was a Martian. They didn’t believe what I was telling them. I gave a taste of European populism. Today I’m publishing a brief film clip from Brussels.
Tomorrow a video that’s a summary as well as the whole thing. Here’s an extract of what I said.

Putin reminded us, after the murders of journalists and those who oppose his government and some feeble denunciation by our government, that Italy is the land of the mafia. On this point, I’m partially in agreement. The mafia, well really the mafias, each with a regional identity, are a minor problem in my country.
The real problem is the Italian Parliament that contains a number of individuals who have been on trial, about seventy and 25 who have been convicted, enough to make Al Capone and Don Corleone both feel faint.
If Putin is listening to me, he could say that it was the mafias that got them elected or the vote of the citizens who are favoured by or in collusion with organised crime. Not at all. Perhaps the international press doesn’t yet know, but two years ago, in Italy there was a coup d'état.
The electoral law was changed to prevent citizens from being able to vote for their candidate. The parties, not more than 12 people, decided who was to be a deputy and who a senator. The law was one that Berlusconi wanted, the opposition opposed it, then when he was in government, Prodi confirmed it.
It’s better, much better for the parties to be set up for election by their employees than to have representatives of the citizens in the Parliament.
Better convicts than free citizens. Putin undervalued us, the mafias in Italy count for less than the parties and they are more honest. They don’t say that they are democratic and on the side of the citizens.
Italy is a nation with a Parliament not elected by the citizens, more similar to a place of punishment than to a place where the future of the nation should be decided.
I’m appealing for the restoration of the liberty to vote and the liberty of information in Italy.
On September 8, I will organise a demonstration in every Italian city. I’ve called it Vaffanculo day. It’s half way between D-day of the Normandy landings and V for Vendetta.
On that day, Italians should take back their country into their own hands. It has been destroyed by decades of partyocracy, of P2 free masonry, of intrigues between banks and mafias, of Vatican interference in public affairs, from State information and Berlusconi, of conflicts of interests. The London Stock Exchange and the Italian are to merge. I would like to ask the English: but are you sure?
Do you want to be associated with the biggest conflict of interest in Europe?
In which the reference man is the well known convict Cesare Geronzi, involved in almost all of Italy’s financial scandals and then convicted for bankruptcy? The Italian Stock Exchange should be closed. It shouldn’t infect the rest of Europe.
It’s a place where Unicredit-Capitalia has the relative majority in Mediobanca and has the relative majority in Generali which is one of the main shareholders of IntesaSanpaolo, its most important competitor. It’s the place where a person like Tronchetti passes himself off as an industrialist destroying the value of Telecom and of Pirelli together, with 0.11 per cent of the share capital of Telecom.
Italy is the country of Valentino Rossi and of the greatest number of deaths from road traffic accidents. The land of sunshine without equipment for using solar energy. The country of art with rubbish tips and incinerators and regasifiers like nowhere else in Europe.
The country of Roman Law with 350,000 laws that cannot be used and in conflict with each other. The little bit of freedom of the press that remains, is in danger. In July, Parliament will vote for a law that will prevent the publication of the intercepts organised by the magistracy and relating to politicians.
Lads and lasses, if I don’t succeed on September 8, I’ll come and ask for political asylum.”

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June 27, 2007

Side effects


Are your children vivacious? Won’t they stay seated at the table and sometimes do they disturb the teacher during the lesson? Do they not sleep?
Quite probably they are hyperactive children, suffering from ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.
The pharmaceutical companies have found the solution: antidepressants and psycho-pharmacies. Celexa, Zoloft, Ritalin, Luvox, Prozac, Effexor, Paxil.
As explained on the video by the channels ABC and Fox News, the side effects can be embarrassing. Self harm, suicides, homicides, heart attacks. The child is quieter lying in a tomb. You can go and visit them knowing that they can’t harm themselves any more, or run off somewhere. So many worries reduced. So many active balance sheets for the pharmaceutical gentlemen and their lobbies.
If your child is vivacious, that’s good, not bad. Don’t take them to the doctor or the psychologist. Take them by the hand and go for a walk. Hug him, hug her, tightly, with a kiss. They don’t need to get better from anything. They just want your attention.
If someone suggests that your children take antidepressants or psycho-pharmacies, make them read aloud the side effects given on the paper inside the box with the pills. Then you read too.
Cannabis is forbidden and Ritalin is sold. Let’s do the opposite.


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June 26, 2007

He’s not the right age – for the Antimafia


In Italy the justice system doesn’t work. A note stating that you are under investigation is already a lifetime sentence. In two ways: you never know how it will turn out, and you don’t know when it will finish. The proceedings are obstacle races. The tools and resources are fit for the fourth world.
But in this disaster, even the little that does work, mustn’t work. If a magistrate is dealing with powerful interest, aggression is expected.
Aggressive actions in one direction, not hitting the magistrates who are inert or distracted.
A strategy that has had its highest moments in D’Alema’s Bicamerale, in the Castelli project to reform the judiciary and in the anti-Caselli law of the Berlusconi government in 2005.
Do a calculation and you discover that at that time Caselli was 66 years old.
You get the result and you find that anyone who is 66 years old or over is prohibited from being the national Antimafia Prosecutor. Because of age.
A simple contra-personam law that excludes from the competition for the job a magistrate who is “guilty” of having asked for the position of Falcone and Borsellino after their slaughter in 1992, of having fought against the mafia and above all, of having investigated Andreotti and Dell’Utri. Attack one
(Caselli) to educate all the other independent magistrates.
The Constitutional Court has overturned this shameful law. Good news. We expect our employee the magistrate Caselli to be immediately appointed national Antimafia Prosecutor. The blog will launch an ongoing campaign with the aim of getting a million emails to the employee President Napolitano.
Meanwhile I am looking at new popular laws. Anyone with a surname starting with Berlus and ending with coni cannot do politics. And also those starting with Mas and ending with tella.

Tomorrow I’m in Brussels where I’ve been invited to the European Parliament.
I’ll talk about our national record, of our 25 convicted deputies and senators.
Soon the video.

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June 25, 2007

Information with silencer


Antonio Di Pietro is coming out against the intercept law and he has written me a letter. By now we are reduced to getting judicial information to find out what is happening. And they even want to take that away from us. The Prodi government was born dead with the abortion of the nomination of Mastella at the Ministry of Justice. Even the bosses of Cosa Nostra are against the Pardon.

"Dear Beppe,
I am writing to you to denounce the attempt to put a gag on information with the law against the intercepts that is soon to be voted on in the Senate.
Italia dei Valori will put forward some amendments to change the law. If they are not accepted we will vote against it even if the government makes it a vote of confidence. Our amendments are aimed at eliminating heavy sanctions, even criminal ones against journalists who are the weak link in the chain, and to guarantee the possibility of getting access to the intercepts during the preliminary investigations once they have been made available to both sides and recognised as relevant to the criminal proceedings.
With the new law, because of the duration of the trials, in Italy nothing would ever be known. For example, we wouldn't have found out about the conversations between Fazio and Fiorani, and Fazio would still be Governor of the Bank of Italy.
The politicians are trying to protect themselves, thus denying the right of the citizens to have the possibility of checking up on their "political" conduct and I emphasise "political" and not criminal. The intercepts of D'Alema and Fassino, like those of the politicians connected to Berlusconi, have in fact a "political" significance and for this reason, they cannot and must not be removed from the scrutiny of the voters. However I find it depressing that politicians are taking an interest in banks and not in the problems of the citizens.
Even the European Court of Human Rights has given its full support to our decision to not vote for the intercept law in the Senate. It has done this with a recent decision that has condemned France for violating the liberty of expression in relation to the conviction by French courts of two journalists for the publication of a book on the illegal intercept system during the Mitterrand presidency.
Whereas the French judges gave priority to the secrecy of the proceedings, the European Court reinforced the role of the press in making known relevant facts and particularly where politicians were involved.
The European Court said it is legitimate to protect the secrecy of the proceedings, but that the right to information has priority over that. Furthermore, the application of a penalty (even if it is a monetary one) and the affirmation of the civil responsibility of the journalist has a clear dissuasive effect on the exercise of the freedom of the press.
This is why we are committed to preserving this freedom in the Justice Commission at first and then in the Senate, where we will present rigorous amendments to stop information from being gagged.
Apart from our opposition to the law, and I hope this will come from others as well, what is needed is strong popular support to maintain the freedom of information, or at least to not see it gagged even more.
This is why I am appealing to you and to your readers and I am inviting you all to come to the public event on Monday 25 June 2007 "La scomparsa dell'informazione" {The disappearance of information} in Milan, at 8.45pm, Camera del Lavoro, Corso di Porta Vittoria with myself, Beha, Gomez, Kort and Pons. Greetings."

Antonio Di Pietro

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June 24, 2007

Old and Poor


Old folk will finally be able to ask for a loan. Even if they are 90 years old. And they can make a future for themselves with a 40 year mortgage on their first house. It's never too late. Only one requirement is necessary: to be a state pensioner. The loan will be laid on by Inpdap thanks to a "solidarity contribution" taken out of the pension every month.
Tacitly and elegantly. In the style of Arsène Lupin, with the usual trick of silent consent.
Once upon a time, silence was golden, now it has the smell of shit. The dextrous withdrawal from the pension will make the pensioners poorer but at the same time it will allow them to take part in the loans lottery. It's a lottery because the loan is discretional, and is decided by Inpdap on a case by case basis.
It's all true. It's a decree from the Ministry of the Economy. Believe me, it's always them. Always ready to pounce. From the night-time withdrawal from our current accounts by Amato, to the snatching of the TFR.
The letter from a blogger explains all:

"Dear Beppe,
The Ministry of the Economy has made a decree that establishes that public employees must accept a tax (more than anything it's an extortion) called "Solidarity contribution", that obliges them to be signed up to the Unified Management of credit and social loans of Inpdap. Those who must sign up are those pensioners getting pensions through Inpdap as well as employees and pensioners of those bodies and public administrations that have pension arrangements with pension providers other than Inpdap itself.
The decree establishes that the employees who are still working and the Inpdap pensioners (but even those who that have pension arrangements with pension providers other than Inpdap) starting from the month that follows 6 months after the regulation comes into force are automatically signed up.
The regulation is Regolamento di attuazione dell'articolo unico, comma 347 della legge 23 dicembre 2005 n.266" (Legge Finanziaria 2006). They are signed up to the Unified Management of credit and social loans and are obliged to pay contributions equal to:
- 0.35% of the pension contribution (for those still working)
- 0.15% of the pension received (for pensioners)
The "gabelle" will be deducted monthly from what is paid out to workers and pensioners starting from the date of their forced signing up (the relevant period started 25.04.07) unless a notification declining the registration arrives from the worker/pensioner. Naturally if someone doesn't want their money to be taken for a ride, start writing the little letter to Inpdap and do that within 6 months, otherwise the rule of silent consent will be applied.
That's how the government acts with the weak. They squeeze you on salaries and pensions, which among other things are among the lowest in Europe, but they give you the chance to not be robbed with a light heart.
According to the Cisal Fipal this operational trickery is similar to the one for the pension funds that will replace the TFR. And anyway, just as for the funds, the obligatory registration with this Unified Management is a disadvantage for the workers.
Especially for those who are a long way from their pensions. They can already access socially-assisted loans and mortgages from INPS without any important limitations. Whereas, Inpdap creates a complicated points system every year to establish access to these benefits, with time scales that vary as time goes by.
Furthermore, it's not economic even for all employees near to pension age who have no intention to get a loan after their pension or who don't want to keep on with loans they have already taken out, which could make a difference to their end of work lump sum payment.
Which means that we have a big tax brother with a sinister face watching over us and who establishes (according to well known studies in the sector) what we have to earn to be on the right path with their pathetic forecasts.
Now they even try to grab our cash without letting us understand a thing and with the formula of silent consent. More sinister than that is really not possible."

PS Click this link for further explanations and the form to opt out.

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June 23, 2007

The outbound slave

Anyone who denounces the effects of the Biagi law or of the Treu law (1997 employment law) is a visionary or a terrorist. In Italy everything’s OK: unemployment no longer exists, we are at record lows. And it’s true, from unemployment we have passed directly to slavery.
Professor Gallegati of the Economics Department of the Università Politecnica delle Marche has made some remarks about the latest data on unemployment. Is it that he too is a terrorist?
Together with his letter, I am publishing one of the 20,000 cases of slavery that have been made known to me. This one is in the book Schiavi Moderni {Modern Slaves} (71,000 copies have been downloaded). You laugh to not cry.

Dear Beppe,
It seems that the government will try to get its hands dirty by altering the “Biagi law”. Before considering the value of the action, let’s take a look at the data, for once really timely, updated the other day, on the precarious workers.
The length of the new contracts offers, on its own, a worrying signal: for more than 60%, it’s less than 3 months and only 2% have a duration of a year or more. Of the first group, half have a contract of one month, while one in 5 workers have a contract of one week (obviously 5 days).
The Economic Bulletin of the Bank of Italy tells us that almost 50% of young workers are taken on with short-term contracts. It’ll be said that’s worrying.
Well then what can be said when you discover that of these people newly taken on, less than 10% in a year see their contract transformed into a contract without time limit.
Apart form some “market fundamentalist”, there is by now too much evidence that the Biagi law has not been able to offer a serious response to the persistent fragmentation (by territory, by generation and by gender) of the employment market.
As well as that (see the postscript to Schiavi Moderni) how will these “precarious workers” pay their pension? What would be needed is a long lasting reform that can offer these young workers a possibility of stability. The data shows that once a short-term contract ends, there’s almost no prospect of a long term one.
To safeguard the flexibility without making people’s lives precarious is what must be demanded.
A possibility to promote a lasting entrance into the labour market is the French model, this uses a gradual introduction of forms of protection of the position, as a safeguard against losing the job, that increases gradually, as the time spent in a job with a company increases.
All this should happen within the realm of an open-ended contract, the same for everyone and independent of the age of the worker. At the same time, the maximum length of a short-term contract should be reduced to 10-12 months.
The challenge is: will young workers accept a route towards stability by starting out with a contract that only in theory has no limits on the time frame?
A second possibility is proposed by the Danish model with its "flexsecurity", that is economic flexibility with social security.
In Denmark a job lasts an average of 4 years and every Danish person changes employer at least 5 times during their working lives.
Entrepreneurs have great freedom to dismiss, while the worker who has been sacked, from the first day of unemployment gets a payment from the State equal to 80-90% of their salary for 4 years.
It’s a social model that aims to save people rather than jobs, investing in the training of workers to get them ready for new sectors.
A model that is fairly costly. And Italy, with its debt, could only allow itself this by recovering the taxes that are dodged (just remember that this is equivalent to 5 substantial budgets each year).
The “Biagi law” has become the litmus paper of the visions of capitalism, of 2 fundamentalisms, between State and market. The State must and can transform the precarious working into flexible working. The plan to reform law 30 is going too slowly.
warm greetings
Mauro Gallegati
A Master’s under my belt from "Schiavi Moderni"
"I too am a Call Centre worker. I’m 27 years old I’ve got a degree and then a Masters under my belt. I am one of those who are highly qualified but struggle to find a dignified job who falls back onto a Call Centre to have a few hundred euro extra in my pocket.
I too am a modern slave. About a month and a half ago I was taken on as an Outbound operator (basically you have to annoy people until 9:30 in the evening!) for an English school in Naples at 5 € gross per hour. It’s useless to tell you that in this Call Centre we are all graduates or on the way to being graduates (as they can choose, they choose the best obviously!).
This morning I was called in by my line manager to discuss my recent productivity: and according to him it’s low and it’s compounded by my behaviour “arrogant towards him”. Which when translated means that I refused to come to work early without having the extra time counted, asking for the copy of the contract that we have signed without the end date, and the most serious of all, expressing my ideas
(I’d like to make clear anyway that my productivity is not so low: I have never been absent in the month of March and I have already made a couple of useful contacts towards the objectives of the month)
I’m sure that all those who work and have worked, and will work in this Call Centre, sign short-term work contracts with the end date left blank and above all without ever receiving the signed copy (the luckiest have at the most a photocopy!)
The line manager, after pathetically talking about my “subversive” behaviour invited me to sign a letter of resignation and when I refused he got cross and said that just for that I deserved to be sent home (not wishing to sign a resignation letter?) As he was evidently in difficulty he invited me to talk to the director saying that he didn’t want any more chaos and that I was annoying.”
L. F. 10.03.2006 18:14

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Three shots, one hundred euro

photo by Patrick Houlihan

Politicians have changed strategy. They are tired of hearing that they don’t tackle the problems and that they refuse dialogue. They have decided to get their face about. Whatever it costs. They are our John Wayne, but with body guard.
If there are whistles, they no longer dodge them. It’s the new politics.
The citizens whistle at Prodi for taxes, they batter with their fists on the car of Bertolaso for the rubbish tips, they swear at Cuffaro for the incinerators, apart from the psycho-dwarf, and they feel better.
It’s like going to the stadium. It’s useful to let it all go. Certainly, the Italians would like to go further, to get down to action, but this for now, is not allowed.
The pass word is to be there, to prove your virility. Not everyone can accept to be treated like a piece of shit and to smile, smile. And to explain what a sense of the State means to thermo-value the population, at any cost, with various tumours. On live TV, Rutelli managed that. He was like Charles Bronson: “Please visits our incinerators.”
The journalists are nothing less. It doesn’t seem true to them to describe true politicians, pure and strong. Forged in steel kick-backs challenging the crowd. The pig-mess, called Val di Susa, pardon, or gag on intercepts, they are made holy by contact with the people. Always at the right distance, let it be understood. The politician that has the courage of his stupidity is admirable, eligible to be a cover person, very good for licking.
The police force is paid to allow the politicians this action of popular information. Once upon a time they defended them against the mafias , the Red Brigades, today against the citizens
Our employees want to make themselves liked and the most timid goes to Fiorello to sing. Instead of going to the magistrates.
Suggestion for the reduction of the Public Debt: in the Fun Fairs, set up stalls run by the State for throwing beetroot or cauliflower at the politician invited along for the occasion.
Three shots, one hundred euro. For Mastella two hundred and fifty. There’d be a queue from Milan to Rome.

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June 21, 2007

Emergency Exit

photo by huskyboy

I’m publishing a letter about Italian parties. The one who wrote it has never taken an interest in the BNL, or in il Corriere della Sera. He’s never avoided conviction for being out of time. He has talked about the moral issue without attacking the judges. He’s not signed up to the P2.
How long has this country been in a swamp? And where is the Emergency Exit?

“The parties no longer do politics. The parties have degenerated and this is the origin of the ills of Italy. Today’s parties are above all machines of power and of clientele: sketchy or mystified knowledge of the life and the problems of society and of the people, ideas, ideals programmes that are few or vague, sentiments and civic passion, zero. They manage interest, the most disparate, the most contradictory, at times even shadowy, however without any relationship with the needs and the emerging human needs, or distorting them, without searching for the common good.
Even their organizational structure is by now in conformity with this model, and they are no longer organisers of people, formations that promote civil maturity and initiative: rather they are federations of factions, of camarillas, each with a "boss" and some "sub-bosses". The geopolitical map of the parties is made up of names and places.
The parties have occupied the State and all its institutions, starting with the government. They have occupied the local bodies, the welfare bodies, the banks, the public utilities, the cultural institutions, the hospitals, the universities, the RAI TV, some big newspapers. For example, now there is the danger that the biggest Italian daily, il Corriere della Sera, may fall into the hands of this or that party or of one of its factions….. Basically, everything has already been parceled up and divided out or they want to parcel them up and divide them out. And the result is dramatic.
All the “operations” that the different institutions and their current directors are called to do are primarily seen according to the interests of the party or of the faction or the clan to whom they owe their position.
A bank loan is granted if it is useful for this end, if it gives advantages and relationships of clientele, an administrative authorisation is given, a contract is assigned, a University Chair is given, laboratory equipment is financed, if the beneficiaries make a declaration of faithfulness to the party that gets these advantages, even when it’s only a matter of due recognition.
According to me, many Italians are very much aware of the illicit commerce that is done of the State, of the overwhelming power, of the favouritism, of the discrimination. But a large number of them are subject to blackmail.
They have received advantages (perhaps even due to them, but obtained only through channels of the parties or of their factions) and they live in hope.
As laid down in our Constitution, the parties must participate in the formation of the political will of the Nation, and they can do that not by occupying ever larger pieces of the State, ever more numerous centres of power in every field, but interpreting the big waves of opinion, organising the aspirations of the people, democratically controlling the work of the institutions.
The moral issue is not only a matter that since there are thieves, corrupt people, those who are extortionists at high levels of politics and of the administration, they need to be uncovered, to be denounced, and to be put in prison.
The moral issue, in the Italy of today, is all one with the occupation of the State by the government parties and their factions, it is all one with the war of the bands, it is all one with the conception of politics and with government methods for those who are simply abandoned and overtaken.
If we continue in this way, in Italy democracy risks getting tighter, and not getting wider and developing. It risks suffocating in a swamp.
The exaggerated individual consumerism produces not only dissipation of riches and productive distortions, but also dissatisfaction, a feeling of loss and unhappiness.
When they ask for sacrifices from the country and they start by asking the workers for them, while they have issues like the P2 on their shoulders, it’s quite difficult to be listened to and to be credible.
When they ask for sacrifices from the people who work, a large consensus is needed, a great political credibility and the capacity to hit greed and intolerable privileges. If these elements are not there, the operation cannot succeed.” E.B. 1981

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June 20, 2007

Federico Aldrovandi


Listen to me carefully: I can’t stand it any longer to live in a State like this. One in which a young man aged 18, Federico Aldrovandi, stopped by four police officers, beaten up, dies for no reason.
Afterwards nothing is known. The young man killed himself on his own. The Questor and the Chief prosecutor don’t lift a finger. Two cudgels, broken to break his life. Kicks in the face while he’s on the ground.
The patrol that stopped Federico was made up of Monica Segatto, Paolo Forlani, Enzo Pontani, Luca Pollastri. Where are they now?
Are they still getting a salary? The one that is paid for by the parents of Federico, that we too pay them, to have their protection?
The truth wouldn’t have been known if the Minister of the Interior Giuliano Amato had not met up with Federico’s father and seen the photos of the bloodied body of his son. A week later Questor Elio Graziano was transferred.
Documents have been interfered with. Witnesses, because there were witnesses, have kept quiet because of fear, apart from a lady from Cameroon. Honour to you signora.
An appeal to the Police: don’t allow it to happen again that there are others like Federico.

The blog of Federico Aldrovandi’s parents.

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June 19, 2007

Bettino Dalemaxi

photo by nicolaborzi

Marco Travaglio, has just published his book "Uliwood Party" about the poor showing of the first year of the Prodi government. I’ve asked him to write a post about the recent telephone and banking activities of Massimo D'Alema.

Dear Beppe,
A year ago I sent you a post about the self-candidature of Massimo D'Alema to the Quirinale, supported by the great Dell'Utri, Confalonieri, Ferrara, Feltri and Cirino Pomicino.
I allowed myself to remind people that it would be slightly risky to elect as President of the Republic a character who only a year earlier had participated in an attempted bank take over with friend Consorte and all the other friends.
I even noted that sooner or later those telephone intercepts would come out and perhaps someone would have been able to judge them incompatible with the conduct of a President of the Republic.
Fortunately the self-candidature, even though it was supported by people of such authority, came to nothing. Thus today, at least, we don’t have to ask ourselves whether the Head of State should resign (admitting and not conceding that the word “resignation” still inhabits the dictionary of Italian politics.)
While we are madly hearing “news leak” (non-existent as the telephone calls are no longer secrets) and we are hearing of “attack on democracy” (is it that Unipol has even made an attempt to buy that too?) while we hear repeatedly “the intercepts do not have criminal relevance” (well yes they do, otherwise the judges would not have transcribed them), we are losing our sense of orientation.
It’s lucky that someone can still manage to get oriented in the political smoke screens and get down to the heart of the problem, that is to the facts.
The telephone-D'Alema, like the public-D'Alema, put himself forward as a candidate in the footsteps of Bettino Craxi: the same concept of political-economic relationship, the same acquaintances with business people without scruples, the same disregard for the free market (the true one), the same attacks on the Milan magistrates, the same contempt for the free press (on the rare occasions that he bumped into it), the same preference for the Mediaset networks when it was a matter of throwing oblique proclamations to the country (see the self-interview the other night on Tg5). As well as all that, the intercepts add some succulent details.
D'Alema talked to Vito Bonsignore, European Udc parliamentarian, convicted for corruption and the holder of a package of 2% of the BNL shares, asking him to be an ally of Consorte and his friends, well knowing that don Vito would have demanded a political return.
Consorte, through his right-hand man Latorre, wanted D'Alema to make a similar telephone call to Caltagirone, the editor of il Messaggero and il Mattino, as well as being the father-in-law of Casini. We don’t know whether D'Alema did this, but we do know that the day after, Caltagirone gave way.
Consorte was jubilant explaining to D'Alema that: “a year on from the elections we will get BNL” and D'Alema didn’t ask the relationship between the BNL and the elections. Evidently he already knew well. When faced with this shameful behaviour, D'Alema and his cronies repeat relentlessly that “there is no criminal relevance” and “we don’t have foreign bank accounts”, as though the fact of not being a defendant in a trial or being in prison was a sufficient requirement for doing politics.
And as though Fassino, a couple of months ago, hadn’t enrolled Craxi – who was criminally relevant and who did have at least three foreign bank accounts – in the Panthéon of the new Democratic Party.
Naturally when D'Alema also arrives in the Panthéon, Craxi will pack his bags in the name of morality."
Marco Travaglio

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June 17, 2007

Tax Federalism

foto di sugaree_gd

Break ranks. Tax Federalism is arriving. The regional presidents of the North are the new musketeers: one for all and everyone for themselves.
Bresso wants the Catalan model for Piedmont. Galan wants it really serene and with shekels. Formigoni wants to lighten the tax burden in Lombardy.
The psycho-dwarf is always ahead of everyone. He would give money to no one: he wants a tax strike. At the end, the argument is always the same. It’s the famous fifth article: who has the money has won.
Public administration is the primary source of jobs in many regions of the south, and gets the top place in the city of Rome.
The south and a part of the centre live on public jobs and pensions. A region like Sicily should have the GDP of Belgium or of Greece. Instead it is the homeland of incinerators and regassification units. Of Scapagnini and of Totò Cuffaro.
When the Savoys arrived in Naples, they immediately took away the State Coffers. This gave rise to the myth of the Cassa del Mezzogiorno {Coffers of the South}.
That became a transfer of taxes to the non migrant people of the south. A way of not removing the population of the South. A form of pay-back to an occupied sovereign State.
A South that is assisted and abandoned by the mafias. A North without industries at a European level. The Tax Federalism is a detonator, if it gets through, Italy disappears. Everyone knows that, even the ambidextrous Left. If the North becomes federalist, with just a few tiny DS enclaves with waste-to-energy plant incorporated, the deal is done.
Tax Federalism, however, exists already. It is applied with rigour and professionalism by the tax dodgers. The numbers that are proclaimed by the politicians are getting bigger, to the amazement of those who are indignant. Enormous.
Equal to ten, twenty, thirty budgets. We manage to dodge more than we produce. The ones who dodge are usually producing and those that produce are in the North. Or am I wrong? So what is the North complaining about?
Italy stays on its feet with the North dodging taxes, with tax revenues going to the South and with the public administration in the centre. A circus balancing trick. But who believes in it any longer?

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June 16, 2007

WiMax and the right to access knowledge


Shortly the State will assign WiMax frequencies. It’s the point of no return for free access to knowledge. After that it’s not possible to turn back.
WiMax is a technology that makes it possible to transmit signals without wires over distances of tens of kilometres. It eliminates the last mile and the Telecom Italia charges. The local communities can become independent and connect to the Internet.
If WiMax ends up in the hands of the vultures in the telephone companies, as I said in my speech at Rozzano at Buora and at Ruggiero, it will be transformed into high cost shit. Even worse than for ADSL.
Every citizen should have at birth the right to access knowledge. There’s an online petition that I invite you to sign up to for your future, for the right to know and at least for once to not be taken for a ride.
The petition asks that at least a third of the frequencies are reserved for citizens for non-profit associations like town halls and local bodies and with no direct or indirect taxation.
Sign the petition at:

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June 15, 2007



There’s a September 8th atmosphere. Politics is sensing the smell of a tornado in arrival. Preparations are being made. Italy had its chance to change in 1992. It failed. The winners are the lobbies, the gangs, the mafias. The second Republic died in its cradle.
After the mafia-led slaughters in the whole of Italy and the death of Falcone and Borsellino, everything has finished. The 61 to 0 of the Forza Italia seats in Sicily cannot be matched, not even Ceaucescu in Rumania managed that. Mafia Pax, mess-up pax, P2 pax, Confindustria pax, trades unions pax.
Craxi in exile and the President of the Council protected by him. The left that applauds him during their conference. The sell-off of State goods, of telephony, of the motorways, of water. The annulment of the rights of workers. Convicts at the top of the big companies. Convicts in Parliament.
The tornado goes round and round. It smells like rotten wood, like explosives, like hail and dense rain. Italy is a pressure pan. If it explodes this time it’ll take everything with it. Perhaps even the National State.
And our employees? They are playing at hide and seek. They’re always trying to not get caught. One law after another, like cherries, so as not to get convicted. To not get intercepted, to not have their intercepts published, to get their crimes timed out, to get pardoned. Rather than politics it’s more like cops and robbers.
A whisper, let’s say a premonition, tells me that other intercepts are behind the door. The summer will be very hot. Then September will arrive with the Vaffanculo day, or V-Day. Half-way between D-Day with the Normandy landings and V for Vendetta.
It’ll be on Saturday September 8th in the squares of Italy to remind us that nothing has changed since 1943. Yesterday it was the King fleeing and the Nation was breaking up, today politicians protected in their buildings immersed in “cultural” problems. V-Day will be a day for information and popular participation. To be there, keep tuned in to the blog.

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June 14, 2007

Bacillus without frontiers


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease. In Italy there are nearly 6000 people who are infected. At least 1000 in Lombardy. About 400 just in the city of Milan.
After the smog that kills, even the bacillus that infects. From the moral capital to the deadly capital. What does it depend on? On the rubbish? On the lack of hygiene practised by the people of Lombardy? By immigration?
It’s unpopular, I know, but someone has to say it. Those who arrive in Italy from a country that’s at risk, where illnesses like TB are widespread, must be examined and if they are found positive, given treatment. Instead of the CPT, a medical check up and treatment. What’s the point in being vaccinated against malaria and yellow fever to go abroad if you are breathing in TB on the metro?
I’ve got a question for the health authorities. The companies, the schools, the public administration finding they have cases of TB, do they have to communicate this? Or do they have to stay silent to protect privacy and help the bacillus? Which comes first privacy or contagion?
Certainly, this silence is strange. With 6000 cases of TB we should ask the WHO for help. Meanwhile I suggest that Livia Turco reopens the sanatoriums. The cool ones high up in the mountains. And at the frontiers I would like our ministers to take turns giving a welcoming French kiss to the new arrivals.

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June 13, 2007

Keep your mouth buttoned up


D’Alema let us dream: get out of our hair!
The trio D’Alema, Latorre, Fassino has been on exhibition in the summer’s intercepts. The summer of 2 years ago. Ricucci has finished up in prison. So has Fiorani. Consorte and Gnutti sort of. They’ve gone into the government.
The phrases of the DS will pass into the history books. D’Alema who wants to dream. Ricucci who is asking for the party ticket. Latorre the ambidextrous hand of D’Alema, who says that Fassino doesn’t understand anything. We suspected that but confirmation is always pleasing.
The parties take care of finance, of money not of the citizens’ problems. They frequent and encourage ambiguous persons. Let’s say delinquents. And they tell us that too.
For D’Alema who “has never spoken to Ricucci”, the true problems are the intercepts: “The affair is serious from a cultural viewpoint. First: the moment has arrived to recover a matter of principle according to which you don’t throw telephone conversations as fodder to the newspapers without outcomes in criminal proceedings. Second: the whole political world talks to entrepreneurs and finance people. It’s normal.
If they were to find all my conversations with Italian industrialists it would be possible to write a book. If these discussions are evidence of a crime they cannot be all put on the Internet.”
Fassino has taken sides. He said it himself in the intercepts. He’s “keeping his mouth buttoned up”.

Keep your mouth buttoned up
under the rays of the sun
Consorte make us dream
with the BNL hugging you

Keep your mouth buttoned up
at two steps from the sea
how cuddly to hear Ricucci
breathing with me

On your sweet lips
a DS perfume
I will smell for all time
of this Bank of love

When your account that is so very much in the black
once more becomes pallid
these days with Latorre on the edge of the sea
I’ll not be able to forget
Keep your mouth buttoned up
under the rays of the sun
Consorte make us dream
with the BNL hugging you
Keep your mouth buttoned up

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June 11, 2007

For whom the siren sounds

A TV appearance for a parliamentarian is like pissing: when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. They can’t stop themselves. The AN senator Gustavo Selva had to comment on the jubilant demonstrations for the arrival of the Atlantic Emperor Giorgio Bush. Selva is more than 80 years old, the age of big nappies. Rome’s traffic blocked him. No taxi, no blue car available.
He pretended he was ill. He asked for an ambulance. With the siren he cut through the police cordons. He arrived just in time for the programme at the La7 studio.
Like a gentleman he excused himself on live TV: “I apologise for being late, I was in the square in front of the parliament. Today the cars can’t get there. In the end I took an ambulance….” “An old trick used by journalists”.
And unfortunately the ambulances in the capital are what they are, perhaps driven by volunteers… “Shameful”, Selva said in fact, “I waited 35 minutes before the ambulance brought me to my destination. I will complain to the Prefect and the police chief: in this city one can even die….”
I propose an alteration to the 118 service. If Selva calls, then instead of using an ambulance, take him to the hospital in a horse-drawn funeral carriage. The citizens would help him on his journey, with songs and joyous dances. And encouraging gestures.
And then, though no one would want it , if Gustavo were to go up to heaven on the carriage stuck in traffic, they’d need a small deviation to take him to the nearest cemetery. And to finish up a great talk show live in via Nogaro, at La7, about the morethanmature disappearance of the senator.

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The new terrorism


Politicians are seen round about as little as possible. For Bush’s visit to Rome or for the G8 the army is brought into action to contain the enthusiasm of the citizens. Only the psycho dwarf is no longer taken seriously. He’s gone from the tripod to Genoa’s rotten eggs. Small fry for one like him who is surrounded by 16 full-time body guards. 17 if you count D’Alema.
Our employees are constantly living with armed guards. They move around in armoured cars. We listen to them in the TV salons. While they are talking to each other. Ectoplasms, ethereal beings, far away. Perhaps they even use substitutes. They never take the metro or the tram. They don’t go shopping in the supermarket. They don’t take the children by the hand and walk them to school.
Falcone and Borsellino took refuge in the Asinara at the time of the maxi-trials to escape from the mafia attacks. Our politicians close themselves inside their big buildings to escape from the magistrates and the people.
Whoever protests is annulled with the simple use of words: no global, extremist, anti-democratic, populist, demagogue, justice-ist. The employees are terrified of their employers. Even by a simple question asked in public.
The right to criticize is not allowed. If you give a voice to the precarious workers, victims of the Biagi law, you are a terrorist. If you denounce paedophilia in the Church, you are a terrorist.. If you explain that incinerators cause cancer, you are a terrorist. If you don’t want convicts in Parliament, you are a terrorist.. The citizen that raises his voice is a terrorist.
And what if someone starts to think that it is the State that is the terrorist? And that whoever is annoying is intercepted by the Secret Services? And that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with the weapons of mass destruction, but lots to do with oil? The citizen, grabbed by these and many other doubts, would go off to his employee and ask for explanations. But before he manages to get to him, he would be himself reached by sane democratic beatings. That way he’d learn not to be a terrorist.

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June 10, 2007

Praise the Lord for the springs of water


Father Alex Zanotelli has said: “At least leave us the air and the water.” Up there someone was listening. The law nationalizing water was approved on Wednesday by the Lower House in a strange silence. When the rights of the utility companies run out, water will go back to being under the control of the Town Halls, the Provinces and the Regions.
In a sub-amendment to the draft law Bersani says: “The titles to the concessions for the source of water is assigned to public bodies.” Simple and clear!
Let the companies with private capital and those listed on the Stock Exchange stay out of our hair. Rain will no longer give stock options and dividends. And it will go back to being under the control of the citizens.
The sub-amendment is thanks to two green deputies: Angelo Bonelli and Giuseppe Trepiccione. After the Lower House however, there’s the Senate. And the law could be changed , blocked, adulterated. The blog is here for that: to make a list of the good and the bad. A small memory-jogger for the next elections.
The blog will give the names and votes of the senators and if necessary, an extract of their speech about water. I have faith and I believe that they will unanimously vote to give water back to the Italians. But I wouldn’t want it to happen that someone, out of pure friendship clearly, would want to favour the companies with the concessions. It’s impossible to say no to friends…
Water is a right and it’s intolerable that it produces profits.
But the public administration is a colander. Good point. Let’s clear up who is responsible. Let’s identify the employees and plug up all the holes in the aqueducts. It’s the usual question of inverting the cause and the effect that produces incapable public services and private speculators.
Let no one touch water or I will turn into Cain.

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June 09, 2007

Buttiglione-flavoured Ice Cream

Buttiglione wants ice cream in the dining room. He and the female senator from the Ulivo party wrote that in a letter, to the Senate officials:
“We are writing to you with a request to improve the quality of life in the Senate. The dining room is not supplied with ice cream. We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that we are representing the ideas of many others. Is it possible to have this? It’s a question of adapting the services of the Senate to the needs of people’s normal daily life. We look forward to hearing from you and offer you courteous greetings.”
A Buttiglione ice cream is this summer’s success. Egg-shaped, with a background flavour of coprolite, cone-yellow, sticking to the palate. Will the ice cream sellers who are displaying Buttiglione’s ice cream please send photos and I will publish the best ones.

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
a lemon ice cream
is truly lemon

Is it good?
While another summer goes by
swindling laws and coloured beads
here this is what I’ll give you
and the sensuality of Casini
here’s the gift I’ll give you
citizen coming into my life
with a suitcase of perplexities
ah, don’t worry that it’s all gone
this man will give you lots more things

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
while another summer goes by

I’m offering you a shower in the bathrooms of Palazzo Madama
that are the abyss of tepidness
where like nocturnal oceans
the voices of mess-ups reverberate
and I’m offering the psycho-dwarf’s moon
for the nightmare that you love
and a strong shake of my hand
for you so that you never again escape from me …
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

And I offer you the intelligence of the parliamentarians
so that there’ll be at least a bit of light
in our room in the sad hotels
where the hot night will melt us

Like …. A lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

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June 08, 2007

Death comes from the air


In Italy one in five people die from pollution. Research by the World Health Organisation and CNR has found no particular differences between a gas chamber and the cities of Turin and Milan. Heavy metals, ozone, benzene, fine dust, nano particles. Every day a good breath of fresh air. Eight million Italians live in zones with environmental risk.
In certain cities, the European maximum annual pollution limits are already surpassed after a few months. And nobody does anything. It’s considered normal that a child gets ill with leukemia from exhaust gases. That there are no cycle paths.
Hell fire and damnation to the mayors, the bicycles is the fastest means of transport in a city and it’s less polluting. Incinerators, car parks that attract the cars like shit does for flies. Lack of information for the citizens about the risks they are running, no electric bus. I want to see the Mayors going to the Town Hall by bicycle. Stick the blue cars just there.
Claim back the city. Hundreds, thousands of you, get on your bike. Clean up the territory. Sign up to Critical Mass.
I’ve been at Acerra, people were crying, dying from tumours. The incinerator, the death factory, stood against a hellish sky. Enough. I’m too angry. Get on with it. Get on with it. Listen to Paul Connet, specialist in environmental chemistry.
Recycling is possible. We’ve got 76% in 22 towns in the province of Treviso, 83% in Capannori (Lucca) and 67% in Novara. Tell your mayors to move their backsides and imitate them.

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June 07, 2007

TFR muttering…….


Piave murmurs: Don’t let the pension fund pass. Defend your TFR {lump sum you get when you end your employment}.
If you work in the private sector and by the end of June you’ve said nothing, then your TFR will end up in the managed savings.
An adventure to make your pulse flutter. For twenty years the common funds have been making people lose money. And the pension funds are ready to repeat the same disasters.
The silent assent is a trap. They change the cards on the table without asking you anything. It’s the game of the three tokens with a lifetime’s load of money. It’s not true that they construct an integrated pension: they give the TFR as scrap to the industry of the managed savings. The TFR has been in existence since 1982. It has worked well for 25 years.
It is dangerous to play for the pension at roulette. To play on the Stock Exchange. If you are lucky you gain, but if it goes badly you lose a chunk of your savings.
If a financial consultant is ogling your TFR, your treasure chest, ask him to respond to these points:
- no pension fund protects from inflation like the TFR, the tax advantages of the integrated scheme are eaten up by the costs
- in lean years a big part of your savings go up in smoke
- if you sign up to the integrated scheme you are tying yourself in until you get your pension
- the TFR is safe even if the company were to go bust because it is guaranteed by INPS
- if you are sacked you get it straight away, that wouldn’t be the case for the pension fund.

The TFR reform is a perfect example of the bipartisan law. Berlusconi created it and Prodi hasn’t changed anything. There’s a book that explains how to defend yourself, it’s “La pensione tradita” by Beppe Scienza. The message of the book is extraordinary: don’t move, stay where you are, every tiny movement could be used against you. At least don’t give them the chance.

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June 06, 2007

You are not free / tu non sei libero

photo by urnotfree

It’s been in existence since 1952. It’s made up of about a hundred people: leaders in high finance, government, economic newspapers. It’s called “Bilderberg Group”. It meets every year in a hotel protected by the CIA. The names of its members are well known. Those who are part of it are obliged to keep silent.
Nothing comes out in the press. Whatever they decide, they talk about, can change the outcomes for the planet.
It’s a semi-secret club that we know nothing about. Between 31 May and 3 June they met in Istanbul. According to unofficial sources, the Group examined possible operations against Iran, the development of energy and Turkey’s entrance into Europe.
To this event Gelli is only allowed to carry a suitcase. In the Group there are a few Italians. I’ll state their names straight away: Mario Monti (Bocconi), John Elkann (Fiat), Franco Bernabè (Rothschild), Tommaso Padoa Schioppa (Minister of Finance) and Giulio Tremonti (vice president of the Lower House).
No outsider was present at the meeting. Thus we can only presume. So let’s presume.
Let’s presume that SchioppaTremonti act like a single person. They are sent to that TV place to spend a passionate weekend on the Bosphorus. Let’s presume that an organisation not elected by anyone influences the Government.
Let’s presume that one hundred people control the economic and financial information in the world. Let’s presume that when they meet they are always protected by the American government.
After all this presuming I would like to ask the two employees Schioppa and Tremonti. Were you in Istanbul? Were you wearing hoods? Have you participated at other Bilderberg meetings while you’ve held public office? If you were present, tell the Italians immediately the intentions and the contents of the meetings, or otherwise resign from the Government and from the Parliament.
State officials cannot have secret. It’s against democracy. There have been writings about the danger of a new P2 in which, as usual, high level State people could be involved.
Judge Woodcock has denounced the presence in Italy of “Masonic Lodges inside which there are activities directed at interfering in the functions of constitutional bodies, of the public administration, of public and economic bodies as well as essential public services of national interest.”
Bilderbergists, Lodge-ists, Masons, crypto-spies, occult decision makers, deviated services, unfaithful officials, Telecom security operators, you are making me get orchitis. May the light of the sun transfigure you and above all if you are reading my words, go and take a running jump.

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June 05, 2007

Precarious worker in Antarctica

photo by ruttyboy

I’m publishing here my introduction to the book "Schiavi Moderni" {Modern Slaves} and one of the hundreds of statements: "Precarious worker in Antarctica "
The Biagi law brought precariousness to Italy. A modern bubonic plague that strikes workers, especially those who are young. Before it wasn’t there. Now it is. It has transformed work into short-term projects. The pay is charity-hand-out.
Rights are unreasonable expectations. Everything has become a project so that the Biagi law can be applied and new modern slaves can be created. From cleaning the toilet to answering the telephone.
Employed workers have been transformed into entrepreneurs registered for sales tax, without money, without security. TransBiagic workers.
A sub-species of slave. Less well protected than slaves from the South. The Biagi law is a left wing law for a work policy that is ultra-right wing. Copied from the Pharaohs.
Call centres instead of Pyramids. Used for the exploitation of workers. Without security. Without anything. Not even dignity. Not even the hope of the manual workers of the 1950’s. The ones who lived on sacrifices, but knowing that their children would have a better life.
This book is the common story of a generation who are paying all the debts of previous generations. All the mistakes. All the mafias, all the scandals, all the destructions of companies by scoundrel financiers. A generation that will never retire. A generation that is paying the pensions of the old people. That is getting angry. That has no political representation. A generation without money, without TFR {end of job handshake}, without hope in the professions. A generation of modern slaves.
The Biagi law was meant to get young people into the world of work. Instead it has transformed young people into low cost merchandise.
In this chasm, even workers aged 40 or 50 years have finished up. Not wanting to die of starvation with their families, they have adapted. They have got registered for sales tax and they have joined the precarious people.
Tens of thousands of people have written to me. I have chosen a few hundred witness statements and I have grouped them together by topics.
There are outbound and inbound telephone slaves, public slaves and no-profit ones, entrepreneurial slaves. Call centers organised like penal colonies.
Kapo-office-concentration-camp-manager. Even slaves for no pay. An infernal universe that is at the same time surreal, comic. In which everything is allowed, everything upside-down.
A-place-no-place where the entrepreneurial risk belongs to the precarious worker and the profit belongs to the employer. It’s like “Alice in Wonderland”.
It’s “The precarious worker in the Italy of Wonders”. Italy has become the land of low-paid work. We outclass China. Shame that there’s a lack of work. There’s just the low-cost worker. An all-Italian record.

“Dear Beppe,
The writer comes from your city, is aged 39 and believes in your work and the Internet. OK – perhaps my story has been a bit luckier than others but the result doesn’t change. I graduated in Genoa in 1994.
Three years later I got my doctorate in geophysical research. I’ve participated in 10 (!?!) scientific expeditions to the Antarctic for the National Research Programme working on aspects of climate change.
OK perhaps not everyone knows but thanks to the various Biagi laws, and the others before his, for 8 years I lived on 800 euro a month and I had to get by with bits of work to survive.
That when you go off on an expedition given that you are the son of a no-one, they even pay you half the daily allowance that your more fortunate colleagues get with a real contract (apart from other aspects that I’ll tell you about in private).
And that the banks laugh in your face when you go to ask about getting a mortgage or you are too ashamed to go because you know how they will look at you.
Today I can say that I am lucky because I’ve got an annual research contract for three years (that is it ends every year and they take me on again) and thus it doesn’t get long-service points and pay increases (that is my salary stays the same) and for the pension (it’s comical to say that) these years are worth half (that is I do four years like this and they are worth two). But, as I said, I’m lucky.
My girl-friend, a biology graduate, for more than a year, has been working for free (don’t be horrified Beppe, I know that the word annoys you!) at the Higher Institute for Health with the promise of a Biagi contract!
I’ve got friends at the university (lower case “u”) of Genoa who have lost their 800-1000 euro a month after 10 years of promises and of deception. Then we pay 30 thousand euro a month to our politicians to be taken for a ride and to have our intelligence insulted. Let’s send them home! All of them!
I want whoever is representing me and is being overpaid to be immaculate! Not even a parking violation.
S. U. 21.02.2006 12:09"

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June 04, 2007

The young industrialists at Santa Margherita


At Santa Margherita, the young industrialists have been the object of a media paedophilia of overwhelming brutality. Mature comedians have talked without censorship in front of young people of not much more than 30 years. The young president Matteo Colaninno, son of the industrialist convicted of preferential bankruptcy, suffered in silence.
Fini spoke about election laws with no one leaving the auditorium, or more courageously spitting in his face.
The election law that prevents citizens from choosing their candidate was what he and his former government colleagues actually wanted. Bersani denounced that “there are dossiers published by the newspaper of the Berlusconi family” with no one getting up, or more intrepidly, giving him a kick in the balls.
The law on the conflict of interests, the ex-Cirielli, the Pecorella are still there, as is Mastella and the applause for the psycho-dwarf at the conference of the Democratic Party have passed into History. Bersani stated that his hands don’t tremble. Fini repeated that perhaps his ears are singing.
Appearing in front of the young people in the audience Marchionne and Cordero, like the Madonna and St Joseph. Tronchetti and D’Alema were busy at Valencia on Luna Rossa. They were tacking into the wind. Marchionne stated doubts about the activities of Cordero: “Luca does what he has to do and that has no relation to what I do or Fiat.”
But isn’t Cordero president of Fiat? Luca, shame on you! Give back the wages to the Mirafiori workers!
Cordero turned to Fini and Bersani as examples of “responsible and capable politics”. Then he pulled out his balls with unforgettable words: “Yes to the correct relationship, to the rights-duties of citizens to bring a problem to the attention of who has to solve it without feeling that there’s need for a response with non-existent behind-the-scenes-research”.
That’s better than Peppino and Totò. It seemed like John Kennedy in Berlin with instead of “Ich bin ein berliner”, “ Ich bin sim salabin”.
Montezemolo continued to parade himself in front of the young people in the auditorium giving an example of discrete culture: “Without our employees not even Nembo Kid would manage to win this challenge (growth): we have a great obligation to them and a great responsibility.”
At the end of the day, full of sound bytes for the young people present, Bersani went to Piacenza to eat tagliatelle and ragù with the captains courageous Gnutti and Colaninno. Fini immersed himself in the waters at Santa Margherita and then unfortunately he re-emerged.
Luca said goodbye to the open-mouthed young people inviting them to “leave the stomach out”. The willful ambiguity of this expression was the subject of the dinner of confindustrial offsprings. Between a fish and a lobster .and a phone call to dad, the discussions continued until late into the night.

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June 03, 2007

Asymmetric information


A video in English. Broadcast on TV 8 months ago by the BBC. For 8 months available to the public on their site. Tens of millions of English-language viewers. Perhaps 100 million have seen it via the Internet.
For the last 20 days it has had Italian subtitles. 2 million Italians have seen it via the Internet. Each day 30,000 more Italians view it.
Santoro buys the rights. He wants a scoop. No one said anything to him. 20,000 euro the price of “Sex Crimes and Vatican”. Practically a bargain. They’ve sold him the Trevi Fountain. The world had already seen it. The Vatican had already seen it. The Italians connected to the Internet had already seen it.
It’s true there is someone who hasn’t yet seen it. Bondi, the former communist of the Local House of Freedom. Who on hearing certain things, blocks his ears, closes his eyes and shouts “quaqquaraquàquaqquaraquà”. 5 million people watch Anno Zero.
People who obviously don’t know English or who don’t have an Internet connection. Cut off from the psycho dwarf’s 3Is failing: inglese, informatica e Internet. {English, computing and Internet}
Information in Italy is asymmetric. There’s the news for Landolfi, president of the Watch Committee for the RAI, who says: “That film shouldn’t even have been purchased by RAI because it is aimed at attacking the Church” and there’s the information on the Internet.
The film doesn’t attack anyone. It reports sad witness statements, and facts, thousands of priests denounced, 4,392 in the United States. One thousand million dollars in compensation to victims paid by the Church in America. More or less like our 8x1000.
I want to thank Bispensiero, who have translated the video. The Italians know nothing, nothing. Those of you who can, translate and put online the broadcasts that are forbidden in this miserable country. This is the true revolution.

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June 02, 2007

The Strange Couple


The magazine, Internazionale, has published my article on the strange couple Profumo and Geronzi, the banker admired in Europe and the one convicted for bankruptcy. An all-Italian miracle.
Economy and the rule of law are two sides of the same coin. Without the rule of law, the economy is subject to a transformation: it becomes spaghetti-economy. What does this deviation from Adam Smith’s principles consist of?
There’s a text-book case to be taught in all Italian Economics Faculties. Imagine a block of cold spaghetti, a few days old, a white block, disgusting to look at. Select any single piece and try and pull it.
It will resist courageously. It will obstinately stay twisted up with the other strands.
You’ll never know where it finishes, or how long it is.
If you pull the spaghetti strand called Parmalat, where does it end? And the ones called Cirio, Banca Popolare di Lodi, Banca 121, or tango bond?
You have to make do with a view of the whole lot, outside the ball of spaghetti. It’s disgusting and that’s that. You can’t investigate further.
The conflicts of interest are so intertwined that a banker can also be a publisher, for example of il Corriere della Sera, an industrialist, on 2 Boards of Directors, can sell and buy from himself, an auditor can also be an administrator, a convict can be a president or a manager.
Economics, politics and publishing are a single thing. A triad that controls the System. An organisation defined by not snitching, much more powerful than the Camorra System denounced by Saviano in ‘Gomorra’. The merger of the two banks Unicredit and Capitalia is a demonstration of how the system protects itself.
In recent years Capitalia has been partly cleaned up, reorganized, returned to its ‘core business’ from the previous commercial management carried out in the corridors of Montecitorio. Before it was a bank to facilitate bipartisan politics.
Thanks to the CEO, Matteo Arpe, just a bit more than 40 years old. Arpe is one of the few bankers held in high esteem in the international financial world. He was against a series of manoeuvres by Cesare Geronzi, Capitalia’s 70-something president.
Geronzi tried to get rid of him. Arpe stayed in place thanks to the backing of foreign investors.
But who is Cesare Geronzi? His CV would be the envy of Al Capone.
The prosecutor of Parma asked for Geronzi to be debarred from being the president of Capitalia.
A Capitalia director, Andrea Del Moretto, had already discovered in 2002 how things were going in Parmalat, with bonds worth 7 thousand, million euro as opposed to the one thousand two hundred million declared on the balance sheet.
Geronzi did nothing. He didn’t withdraw credit to Parmalat and for more than a year they sold bonds with a hole inside.
Geronzi was convicted of preferential bankruptcy and sentenced to one year eight months in prison for the Italcase collapse by the Brescia Tribunal. The Board of Directors has obviously confirmed Geronzi in his position.
The merger with Unicredit creates the biggest Italian Bank. Profumo and Geronzi are triumphant on the pages of the newspapers. D’Arpe has resigned. Perhaps he’ll go abroad. The umpteenth brain drained.
D’Alema and Berlusconi are happy together with a well nourished group of politicians. Very happy. Perhaps too happy.
Geronzi is vice president of the Unicredit group, a 100,000,000,000 euro bank with shares quoted everywhere. In the media, with RCS, with the commercial banks, with Mediobanca.
It is said that Profumo will take care of the bank, and thus of the business, and Geronzi will take care of participation, thus of politics.
The best Italian banker at the side of Geronzi, the convict, is the photo of a collapse. The economy is based on reputation and we have lost that some time ago.

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June 01, 2007

The Costs of the TAV

photo by Al-Pin

The Left that is in a struggle and in Government has understood why it lost. On its own it didn’t get there, but needed a whisper from Fini, the one who is misinformed about facts. Fini explained that the zeroing of the Left in the North is the fault of the No-TAV.
The TAV is progress, the mozzarella arrives half an hour earlier in Kiev and European financing rewards our economy.
The TAV is not happening because of the people of the valley, the environmentalists, the no-global people?
Nothing of all that. The Financial Times has an opinion that is different from Fini’s and the little DS/TAV chiamparinobressofassino train The TAV would cost us forty seven thousand million euro. The Community would reimburse just a part to the participating States with a fund that is eight thousand million euro.
A few thousand million would go to Italy. The Financial Times writes that Italy doesn’t have the money for the TAV.
That its public Debt, 107% of the Gross Domestic Product, almost double the European limit, doesn’t allow for investments. So basically, using more technical language, we have ragged arses.
We have the oldest railways in Europe.
Why don’t we do them up? Perhaps because they don’t provide money to the politicians and to the assisted economy? The cost of the single tunnel in Val di Susa is seven thousand million euro. The Community could reimburse up to 30%. Who puts up the rest of the money?
Italians are squeezed like lemons for taxes, they travel on local trains like animals and then they have to spend a sum equal to two/three budgets to make a tunnel and do corridors Lisbon-Kiev and Berlin-Palermo?
What’s the use of the TAV from Sicily to the Baltic Sea when you get there in a couple of hours with a low cost flight? And then we talk of the cost of politics? Costs? The TAV is a chasm, an abyss, the Marianas Trench.

Interview with Ponti

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