Buttiglione-flavoured Ice Cream

Buttiglione wants ice cream in the dining room. He and the female senator from the Ulivo party wrote that in a letter, to the Senate officials:
“We are writing to you with a request to improve the quality of life in the Senate. The dining room is not supplied with ice cream. We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that we are representing the ideas of many others. Is it possible to have this? It’s a question of adapting the services of the Senate to the needs of people’s normal daily life. We look forward to hearing from you and offer you courteous greetings.”
A Buttiglione ice cream is this summer’s success. Egg-shaped, with a background flavour of coprolite, cone-yellow, sticking to the palate. Will the ice cream sellers who are displaying Buttiglione’s ice cream please send photos and I will publish the best ones.

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
a lemon ice cream
is truly lemon

Is it good?
While another summer goes by
swindling laws and coloured beads
here this is what I’ll give you
and the sensuality of Casini
here’s the gift I’ll give you
citizen coming into my life
with a suitcase of perplexities
ah, don’t worry that it’s all gone
this man will give you lots more things

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
while another summer goes by

I’m offering you a shower in the bathrooms of Palazzo Madama
that are the abyss of tepidness
where like nocturnal oceans
the voices of mess-ups reverberate
and I’m offering the psycho-dwarf’s moon
for the nightmare that you love
and a strong shake of my hand
for you so that you never again escape from me …
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

And I offer you the intelligence of the parliamentarians
so that there’ll be at least a bit of light
in our room in the sad hotels
where the hot night will melt us

Like …. A lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

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You gotta be kidding me!

With all the stuff going on they think about the ice cream?

I can think about where they can put all the cones!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | June 10, 2007 08:32 PM

We are really sorry, but due to the upcoming election Mr. Prodi’s Speaker has no comment on this matter, although some suggestions were made by various Ministers on the list of Ice-cream Flavors requested in the Senators Letter.
The suggestion was to request a Store License from 31’s Flavor special edition open 24/7 year around, stuffed by illegal unregistered aliens, and paid cash under the table by special Senate spending petty cash black fund.
Sincerely requesting an expeditious approval process, We (All of the undersigned) thanks the Cafeteria Commission and the Prime Minister looking forward to the upcoming Majority Secret Votes.
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 10, 2007 05:20 PM

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