Death comes from the air


In Italy one in five people die from pollution. Research by the World Health Organisation and CNR has found no particular differences between a gas chamber and the cities of Turin and Milan. Heavy metals, ozone, benzene, fine dust, nano particles. Every day a good breath of fresh air. Eight million Italians live in zones with environmental risk.
In certain cities, the European maximum annual pollution limits are already surpassed after a few months. And nobody does anything. It’s considered normal that a child gets ill with leukemia from exhaust gases. That there are no cycle paths.
Hell fire and damnation to the mayors, the bicycles is the fastest means of transport in a city and it’s less polluting. Incinerators, car parks that attract the cars like shit does for flies. Lack of information for the citizens about the risks they are running, no electric bus. I want to see the Mayors going to the Town Hall by bicycle. Stick the blue cars just there.
Claim back the city. Hundreds, thousands of you, get on your bike. Clean up the territory. Sign up to Critical Mass.
I’ve been at Acerra, people were crying, dying from tumours. The incinerator, the death factory, stood against a hellish sky. Enough. I’m too angry. Get on with it. Get on with it. Listen to Paul Connet, specialist in environmental chemistry.
Recycling is possible. We’ve got 76% in 22 towns in the province of Treviso, 83% in Capannori (Lucca) and 67% in Novara. Tell your mayors to move their backsides and imitate them.

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Dear Beppe et al

The following photographs of rubbish piling up in Napoli (naples) look scarey and reminds us here in the UK of the winter of discontent in 1979 when refuse collectors went on strike.

What I'd like to share with you is a further advance in MBT/AD technology in Norfolk UK where a local company is putting together its facilities for Norwich. We have discusssed this before. Noe SRM using X ray airport type scanning equipment can detect all the dry batteries, metals, sharps, coins etc thus vastly reducing all the toxic metal (Chrome, Nickel, Cadmium etc) content in the end compost. This means that the end compost is with in the British Standard PAS 100 for compost that can be safely recycled to land. It is planned that this will be used not on farmland, but in amenity landscaping, mulches, top soil production and grading.

Costessey's (Norwich's) mechanical biological treatment plant will be able to break down 150,000 tonnes of household waste a year, while Norfolk produces around 400,000.

David Beadle, managing director of NEWS, which is sponsoring the SRM project, said: "It is a very safe piece of machinery and by removing metals that you don't want in the output material it makes for greater range of uses for the output material."

It also means all the valuable batteries are pre recovered intact and recycled efficienty and for money. This is along with the host of other valuable metals recovered by the Xray scanner. Normally the batteries would go undetected, become masurated with organic material leading to contaminated compost with 2-3x normal trace metal contain, only suitable for landfill/ quarry/ toxic land restoration. But things have and are changing.

In the future specific digester AD towers can batch pure Food Waste (not residual sourced) organic and produce top quality compost after IVC aerobic stabilisation

Can you and your researchers pass this technology breakthough to your RESET readers with incinerators on their doorsteps. MBT/AD is becoming a winner in the war on waste, recovering up to 98.5%, yes 98.5%.

Does Napoli need such a facility now???

Posted by: Rob Whittle | September 16, 2007 03:52 PM

Dear Grillo, I'm a scientist involved in cancer research and, of course, Your thoughts about pollution are mine too. However, my feeling is that we (actually most of us) apparently do not reckon that issue till it will show its real effects. I don't mind to deny the severe lack of information that influeces that tendecy, but I must say that so many times I happened to see an unflinching bad behaviour in terms of life habits. Also, tumours are subtle pathologies: you may get scared by a severe fever or by an acute chest-pain that make you to run to the hospital. Conversly you wouldn't be scared by smoking twenty cigarettes or breathing the "fresh air" of our cities. We all know that "prevention is better than cure", but I'm sure You know how difficult is to make people to get it in practice. And I live in Campania, so I let You imagine what I'm speaking of.

By the way, here's my real question: I read from friends that some scientists in Modena collaborating with You, analyzed several food products of different brands and discovered a significant contamination of heavy metal particles. Since I'm pretty interested in this issue, I wonder whether You could give me some information about them (e.g. an e-mail contact or a web-site).

Thanks in advance.

Posted by: Francesco Natale | July 13, 2007 02:01 PM

Don't you think there are enormous differences between gas chambers and pollution? This message is an insult to all victims of nazism.

Posted by: alessandro V. Robaldini | June 10, 2007 01:59 PM

Don't be mislead by the above announcement about Capannori (Lucca). Come to Lucca to see the new huge car park (still being developed) inside the town, which is otherwise mostly a car park. Or highway, as it happens to via della Fratta, where I am based, in the very hearth of the town. Pollution above any “political” threshold is implied. Apparently, however, the citizen are happy about that, which allows them going by car to buy the newspaper.

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | June 9, 2007 08:56 AM

Our generation has robbed all of those who were born after us of their future: When I served as advisory team leader in Vietnam, we contaminated that beautiful land with "Agent Orange". By killing the trees, we were supposedly saving our soldiers from enemy ambush. In fact, when I patrolled in those areas, the dead trees allowed more sunlight to reach the ground. Because of the additional light, a dense carpet of grasses and weeds made it impossible for me to see an enemy soldier pointing a weapon at us from two of three meters.

Now, we have contaminated Iraq and Afghanistan. The website: "" documents the horrible birth defects from our use of depleted uranium.

Both are war crimes. The intense pollution of our once pristine earth is a vicious crime against humanity.

Posted by: Wolfgang P. May | June 8, 2007 05:48 PM

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