Emergency Exit

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I’m publishing a letter about Italian parties. The one who wrote it has never taken an interest in the BNL, or in il Corriere della Sera. He’s never avoided conviction for being out of time. He has talked about the moral issue without attacking the judges. He’s not signed up to the P2.
How long has this country been in a swamp? And where is the Emergency Exit?

“The parties no longer do politics. The parties have degenerated and this is the origin of the ills of Italy. Today’s parties are above all machines of power and of clientele: sketchy or mystified knowledge of the life and the problems of society and of the people, ideas, ideals programmes that are few or vague, sentiments and civic passion, zero. They manage interest, the most disparate, the most contradictory, at times even shadowy, however without any relationship with the needs and the emerging human needs, or distorting them, without searching for the common good.
Even their organizational structure is by now in conformity with this model, and they are no longer organisers of people, formations that promote civil maturity and initiative: rather they are federations of factions, of camarillas, each with a "boss" and some "sub-bosses". The geopolitical map of the parties is made up of names and places.
The parties have occupied the State and all its institutions, starting with the government. They have occupied the local bodies, the welfare bodies, the banks, the public utilities, the cultural institutions, the hospitals, the universities, the RAI TV, some big newspapers. For example, now there is the danger that the biggest Italian daily, il Corriere della Sera, may fall into the hands of this or that party or of one of its factions….. Basically, everything has already been parceled up and divided out or they want to parcel them up and divide them out. And the result is dramatic.
All the “operations” that the different institutions and their current directors are called to do are primarily seen according to the interests of the party or of the faction or the clan to whom they owe their position.
A bank loan is granted if it is useful for this end, if it gives advantages and relationships of clientele, an administrative authorisation is given, a contract is assigned, a University Chair is given, laboratory equipment is financed, if the beneficiaries make a declaration of faithfulness to the party that gets these advantages, even when it’s only a matter of due recognition.
According to me, many Italians are very much aware of the illicit commerce that is done of the State, of the overwhelming power, of the favouritism, of the discrimination. But a large number of them are subject to blackmail.
They have received advantages (perhaps even due to them, but obtained only through channels of the parties or of their factions) and they live in hope.
As laid down in our Constitution, the parties must participate in the formation of the political will of the Nation, and they can do that not by occupying ever larger pieces of the State, ever more numerous centres of power in every field, but interpreting the big waves of opinion, organising the aspirations of the people, democratically controlling the work of the institutions.
The moral issue is not only a matter that since there are thieves, corrupt people, those who are extortionists at high levels of politics and of the administration, they need to be uncovered, to be denounced, and to be put in prison.
The moral issue, in the Italy of today, is all one with the occupation of the State by the government parties and their factions, it is all one with the war of the bands, it is all one with the conception of politics and with government methods for those who are simply abandoned and overtaken.
If we continue in this way, in Italy democracy risks getting tighter, and not getting wider and developing. It risks suffocating in a swamp.
The exaggerated individual consumerism produces not only dissipation of riches and productive distortions, but also dissatisfaction, a feeling of loss and unhappiness.
When they ask for sacrifices from the country and they start by asking the workers for them, while they have issues like the P2 on their shoulders, it’s quite difficult to be listened to and to be credible.
When they ask for sacrifices from the people who work, a large consensus is needed, a great political credibility and the capacity to hit greed and intolerable privileges. If these elements are not there, the operation cannot succeed.” E.B. 1981

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After the complete failure of the UE meeting (Free Competition, National Interest for the big only etc!) the Mr. Prodi legacy in the European Union has finally being eradicated.
For the last 15 years Mr. Prodi has wasted lots of time, lots of money (Not his obviously!) lots of manpower (Employment for his friends!) producing lots of Nothing!
Back to square one, Mr. Prodi very eloquently spoke to journalist of his dissatisfaction toward the European Community (Now it looks more like the Union Coalition like the one he is currently guiding at the Government!).
He has become irrelevant with the EU, the same manner is Irrelevant at home in Italy.
Having failed in each and every field he did apply his theorems, Mr. Prodi is considering writing a book on “How to Succeed in Life”.
The mention book will be mandatory in the Course he is preparing at the Bologna University, where he retains his chair, just in case his Political carrier abruptly ended.
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions.

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 26, 2007 03:44 PM

Isn't the time for action, fellow italians?
How long before something will break beyond repair?

i barnett

Posted by: i barnett | June 22, 2007 11:50 PM

Carissimo Beppe Grillo,
ti scrivo dalla lontana Tailandia, che potrebbe essere tanto lontana ma e' molto piu' vicina di quanto ti sembra.
In questi ultimi tempi hanno chiuso molti dei tuoi video e non si riesce a vedere molte cose che interessano da parte mia,
Un grosso saluto dalla Tailandia.

E forza Italia sempre...

Posted by: Fabio | June 22, 2007 05:43 AM

Carissimo Beppe,
La mia tesi di laurea parte da molte tue informazioni... ma io mi stavo interessando agli Illuminati, alle Logge del Potere, che sembrano la cornice di quelle rivelazioni da parte tua e di Travaglio. Mi piacerebbe molto poterti inviare una mail, tanto il mio indirizzo ce l'hai... e parlartene meglio.

Grazie Caro!

Distinti Saluti!

uno Studente Ammiratore

Posted by: Daniele Anonimo | June 22, 2007 12:09 AM

As in all the commercial activities, take the juice out (Money!) and the business will die in a very short time.
In Italy the Juice of The Political System is Money!
Businesses control by the Government are generating so much Money for the Parties and Politicians, that every Incompetent scum bags is lining up to have a chance to be elected and therefore milk the same old cow.
As for Politicians Responsibilities, it’s not sufficient to state (As I read on newspapers!) that conversations recordings are not Relevant or not Prosecutable, just because (Only in Italy!) lobbying for personal or Parties profit is common as pizza or spaghetti, doesn’t make it correct or proper.
What happen to responsibility to the electorate?
What happen to morality?
What happen to credibility?
What happen to decency?
Take the money away and even Professional Politicians will disappear!
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 21, 2007 06:16 PM

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