Federico Aldrovandi


Listen to me carefully: I canít stand it any longer to live in a State like this. One in which a young man aged 18, Federico Aldrovandi, stopped by four police officers, beaten up, dies for no reason.
Afterwards nothing is known. The young man killed himself on his own. The Questor and the Chief prosecutor donít lift a finger. Two cudgels, broken to break his life. Kicks in the face while heís on the ground.
The patrol that stopped Federico was made up of Monica Segatto, Paolo Forlani, Enzo Pontani, Luca Pollastri. Where are they now?
Are they still getting a salary? The one that is paid for by the parents of Federico, that we too pay them, to have their protection?
The truth wouldnít have been known if the Minister of the Interior Giuliano Amato had not met up with Federicoís father and seen the photos of the bloodied body of his son. A week later Questor Elio Graziano was transferred.
Documents have been interfered with. Witnesses, because there were witnesses, have kept quiet because of fear, apart from a lady from Cameroon. Honour to you signora.
An appeal to the Police: donít allow it to happen again that there are others like Federico.

The blog of Federico Aldrovandiís parents.

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They cover up everything they can get away with. Search "agente di polizia condannato" or " agente di polizia arresato" on google and see how many results come up. Less than 16.
write the same thing in English, like "PC arrested on UK only and you have 250 hits.

They are the law, that's the way things are in Italy which is in practice a kinf of subtle dictatorship.

Posted by: rob zava | June 22, 2007 08:35 AM

sembra la trama di uno di quei film americani. Eppure queste cose succedono anche da noi. Davvero non riesco a capire come sia potuta succedere una cosa del genere. PerchŤ hanno picchiato Federico? Come Ť possibile che questi agenti siano ancora liberi, quando ,basta che un povero sfigato rubi una mela per essere messo in carcere?

Posted by: barbara ghelfi | June 21, 2007 11:02 AM

Mi chiedo cosa avessse fatto questo ragazzo per meritare una simile punizione!

Ma il padre stesso non e' un ispettore di polizia ?

Non conoscendo i fatti non posso giudicare, ma la punizione per le quattro forze dell'ordine sicuramente sarebbe lasciarli in vita in un bel carcere senza agenti di custodia.

La giustizia privata li rende criminali a tutti gli effetti e che si siano nascosti dietro uniformi dello stato e' un aggravante imperdonabile.

Posted by: Emiliano Lanzaro | June 21, 2007 08:51 AM

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