Old and Poor


Old folk will finally be able to ask for a loan. Even if they are 90 years old. And they can make a future for themselves with a 40 year mortgage on their first house. It's never too late. Only one requirement is necessary: to be a state pensioner. The loan will be laid on by Inpdap thanks to a "solidarity contribution" taken out of the pension every month.
Tacitly and elegantly. In the style of Arsène Lupin, with the usual trick of silent consent.
Once upon a time, silence was golden, now it has the smell of shit. The dextrous withdrawal from the pension will make the pensioners poorer but at the same time it will allow them to take part in the loans lottery. It's a lottery because the loan is discretional, and is decided by Inpdap on a case by case basis.
It's all true. It's a decree from the Ministry of the Economy. Believe me, it's always them. Always ready to pounce. From the night-time withdrawal from our current accounts by Amato, to the snatching of the TFR.
The letter from a blogger explains all:

"Dear Beppe,
The Ministry of the Economy has made a decree that establishes that public employees must accept a tax (more than anything it's an extortion) called "Solidarity contribution", that obliges them to be signed up to the Unified Management of credit and social loans of Inpdap. Those who must sign up are those pensioners getting pensions through Inpdap as well as employees and pensioners of those bodies and public administrations that have pension arrangements with pension providers other than Inpdap itself.
The decree establishes that the employees who are still working and the Inpdap pensioners (but even those who that have pension arrangements with pension providers other than Inpdap) starting from the month that follows 6 months after the regulation comes into force are automatically signed up.
The regulation is Regolamento di attuazione dell'articolo unico, comma 347 della legge 23 dicembre 2005 n.266" (Legge Finanziaria 2006). They are signed up to the Unified Management of credit and social loans and are obliged to pay contributions equal to:
- 0.35% of the pension contribution (for those still working)
- 0.15% of the pension received (for pensioners)
The "gabelle" will be deducted monthly from what is paid out to workers and pensioners starting from the date of their forced signing up (the relevant period started 25.04.07) unless a notification declining the registration arrives from the worker/pensioner. Naturally if someone doesn't want their money to be taken for a ride, start writing the little letter to Inpdap and do that within 6 months, otherwise the rule of silent consent will be applied.
That's how the government acts with the weak. They squeeze you on salaries and pensions, which among other things are among the lowest in Europe, but they give you the chance to not be robbed with a light heart.
According to the Cisal Fipal this operational trickery is similar to the one for the pension funds that will replace the TFR. And anyway, just as for the funds, the obligatory registration with this Unified Management is a disadvantage for the workers.
Especially for those who are a long way from their pensions. They can already access socially-assisted loans and mortgages from INPS without any important limitations. Whereas, Inpdap creates a complicated points system every year to establish access to these benefits, with time scales that vary as time goes by.
Furthermore, it's not economic even for all employees near to pension age who have no intention to get a loan after their pension or who don't want to keep on with loans they have already taken out, which could make a difference to their end of work lump sum payment.
Which means that we have a big tax brother with a sinister face watching over us and who establishes (according to well known studies in the sector) what we have to earn to be on the right path with their pathetic forecasts.
Now they even try to grab our cash without letting us understand a thing and with the formula of silent consent. More sinister than that is really not possible."

PS Click this link for further explanations and the form to opt out.

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As expected the Sale of Alitalia’s Share in the hand of the Government has been as successful as the Government itself.
To this day all the pretenders, after doing Due Diligence on the Books of Alitalia have packed their stuff and abandoned the auction.
Now the Government has the difficult choice of down selecting the only remaining Contender, which is Air One (It has no money!).
Therefore, after squandering Alitalia for the last twenty years, at the tune of 2 Bill. approximately, the Government through the affiliated San Paolo Bank will finance Air One to buy the mention Alitalia shares.
The blind leading the dumb.
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 27, 2007 01:44 PM

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