Precarious worker in Antarctica

photo by ruttyboy

I’m publishing here my introduction to the book "Schiavi Moderni" {Modern Slaves} and one of the hundreds of statements: "Precarious worker in Antarctica "
The Biagi law brought precariousness to Italy. A modern bubonic plague that strikes workers, especially those who are young. Before it wasn’t there. Now it is. It has transformed work into short-term projects. The pay is charity-hand-out.
Rights are unreasonable expectations. Everything has become a project so that the Biagi law can be applied and new modern slaves can be created. From cleaning the toilet to answering the telephone.
Employed workers have been transformed into entrepreneurs registered for sales tax, without money, without security. TransBiagic workers.
A sub-species of slave. Less well protected than slaves from the South. The Biagi law is a left wing law for a work policy that is ultra-right wing. Copied from the Pharaohs.
Call centres instead of Pyramids. Used for the exploitation of workers. Without security. Without anything. Not even dignity. Not even the hope of the manual workers of the 1950’s. The ones who lived on sacrifices, but knowing that their children would have a better life.
This book is the common story of a generation who are paying all the debts of previous generations. All the mistakes. All the mafias, all the scandals, all the destructions of companies by scoundrel financiers. A generation that will never retire. A generation that is paying the pensions of the old people. That is getting angry. That has no political representation. A generation without money, without TFR {end of job handshake}, without hope in the professions. A generation of modern slaves.
The Biagi law was meant to get young people into the world of work. Instead it has transformed young people into low cost merchandise.
In this chasm, even workers aged 40 or 50 years have finished up. Not wanting to die of starvation with their families, they have adapted. They have got registered for sales tax and they have joined the precarious people.
Tens of thousands of people have written to me. I have chosen a few hundred witness statements and I have grouped them together by topics.
There are outbound and inbound telephone slaves, public slaves and no-profit ones, entrepreneurial slaves. Call centers organised like penal colonies.
Kapo-office-concentration-camp-manager. Even slaves for no pay. An infernal universe that is at the same time surreal, comic. In which everything is allowed, everything upside-down.
A-place-no-place where the entrepreneurial risk belongs to the precarious worker and the profit belongs to the employer. It’s like “Alice in Wonderland”.
It’s “The precarious worker in the Italy of Wonders”. Italy has become the land of low-paid work. We outclass China. Shame that there’s a lack of work. There’s just the low-cost worker. An all-Italian record.

“Dear Beppe,
The writer comes from your city, is aged 39 and believes in your work and the Internet. OK – perhaps my story has been a bit luckier than others but the result doesn’t change. I graduated in Genoa in 1994.
Three years later I got my doctorate in geophysical research. I’ve participated in 10 (!?!) scientific expeditions to the Antarctic for the National Research Programme working on aspects of climate change.
OK perhaps not everyone knows but thanks to the various Biagi laws, and the others before his, for 8 years I lived on 800 euro a month and I had to get by with bits of work to survive.
That when you go off on an expedition given that you are the son of a no-one, they even pay you half the daily allowance that your more fortunate colleagues get with a real contract (apart from other aspects that I’ll tell you about in private).
And that the banks laugh in your face when you go to ask about getting a mortgage or you are too ashamed to go because you know how they will look at you.
Today I can say that I am lucky because I’ve got an annual research contract for three years (that is it ends every year and they take me on again) and thus it doesn’t get long-service points and pay increases (that is my salary stays the same) and for the pension (it’s comical to say that) these years are worth half (that is I do four years like this and they are worth two). But, as I said, I’m lucky.
My girl-friend, a biology graduate, for more than a year, has been working for free (don’t be horrified Beppe, I know that the word annoys you!) at the Higher Institute for Health with the promise of a Biagi contract!
I’ve got friends at the university (lower case “u”) of Genoa who have lost their 800-1000 euro a month after 10 years of promises and of deception. Then we pay 30 thousand euro a month to our politicians to be taken for a ride and to have our intelligence insulted. Let’s send them home! All of them!
I want whoever is representing me and is being overpaid to be immaculate! Not even a parking violation.
S. U. 21.02.2006 12:09"

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La candidatura del comandante ha messo in crisi il sistema che si usava per abbattermi in modo illegale, per questo motivo la decisione nel caso è stata rimandata, non stante il costo dell’operazione e la sofferenza che pativo mezza la strada!La mia scorta mi faceva la caccia, ma la mia situazione di salute peggiorava, perché soffrivo mezzo la strada causa del freddo, la miseria, il maltrattamento e linciaggio verbale! Ero in una situazione drammatica, ma quella in cui si trovavano i miei aggressori era peggio, perché hanno deciso di non decidere causa della crisi in cui si trovano!Per resistere al freddo e la pioggia mi sono rifugiato nei rottami di in una macchina parcheggiata in Via Ostiense, per dormire dopo mesi in cui dormivo poco e mi sveglio senza riuscire causa della poggia mattino o il freddo nella notte!Questa era la terribile situazione in cui mi hanno sistemato i miei aggressori per dispetto! I membri dei segreti in questa città e gli agenti della mia scorta sapevano tutto riguardo alla mia disperata lotta per sopravivere al dilemma in cui mi trovavo, ma il problema secondo loro riguardava il comandante e il sergente! vedi:

Posted by: emin old | June 8, 2007 11:50 AM

Hi guys,

Got depressed in Italy or leave the country and be an immigrant for the rest of your life...there are only these options now for the young people of Italy. I chose the second one.
Our country is a complete shame. We are the new Italian immigrants' wave...there is no much difference with the poor Italians of the past, only, in many cases, we have a better start thanks to the financial help of Mum and Dad! Yet we leave the country out of desperation, maybe with the excuse of higher education, of a foreign girl/boy-friend, of a language education, but the result is always the same: mostly, we never want to return...basically, we can never return...there are no longer the conditions. But I am sick of that, I am sick of the fact that, in the end, we do not have much choice, I am sick of the fact that the situation of Italy, now, just perpetuates the old prejudices toward Italians (well, some will say that's not true, but I say in UK I can experience it sometimes), I feel ashamed to be Italian-I am sorry I can't help it-and that's not fair! Yet I should thank God I am better off than my poor friends(precarious workers) in Italy whose depression, I am afraid, will never get better until they'll be able to have some of their dignity back.
Yes we are weak, how can we stand this shame? Where are the protests? Where is a true revolution?!
I think it is the situation of a third-world country, but since we are in the G8, EU, etc. nobody pays attention to it, we neither. We are under the effects of narcotics, the ones our piliticians use to spray on the air every morning in order to keep us obedient and happy: Welcome to Italy, the country of ever so optimistic people!

Posted by: Layla | June 7, 2007 02:50 AM

what is wrong with italy at the moment. the whole country is being held to ransom by big business and by politicians that are sucking us dry. i pay a third of my wages in tax. what the Fu@k??

prices doubled when the euro came in. what happened???


petrol prices keep going up. what happens?


More and more taxes are invented by politicians who only work for 2 minutes and already are entitled to a massive pension.
what do we do?


if this was another country the people would have taken to the streets. half the politicians would be in prison. the streets might be safe to walk or to cycle in. this country is starting to make me sick. why dont we do something about it?


Posted by: patrick kerr | June 6, 2007 02:26 PM

Appeal for Europe! We need helps to liberate ITALY from the psycoNANO GOODFTHER!

Posted by: Oscar Z. | June 5, 2007 03:29 PM

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