The Costs of the TAV

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The Left that is in a struggle and in Government has understood why it lost. On its own it didn’t get there, but needed a whisper from Fini, the one who is misinformed about facts. Fini explained that the zeroing of the Left in the North is the fault of the No-TAV.
The TAV is progress, the mozzarella arrives half an hour earlier in Kiev and European financing rewards our economy.
The TAV is not happening because of the people of the valley, the environmentalists, the no-global people?
Nothing of all that. The Financial Times has an opinion that is different from Fini’s and the little DS/TAV chiamparinobressofassino train The TAV would cost us forty seven thousand million euro. The Community would reimburse just a part to the participating States with a fund that is eight thousand million euro.
A few thousand million would go to Italy. The Financial Times writes that Italy doesn’t have the money for the TAV.
That its public Debt, 107% of the Gross Domestic Product, almost double the European limit, doesn’t allow for investments. So basically, using more technical language, we have ragged arses.
We have the oldest railways in Europe.
Why don’t we do them up? Perhaps because they don’t provide money to the politicians and to the assisted economy? The cost of the single tunnel in Val di Susa is seven thousand million euro. The Community could reimburse up to 30%. Who puts up the rest of the money?
Italians are squeezed like lemons for taxes, they travel on local trains like animals and then they have to spend a sum equal to two/three budgets to make a tunnel and do corridors Lisbon-Kiev and Berlin-Palermo?
What’s the use of the TAV from Sicily to the Baltic Sea when you get there in a couple of hours with a low cost flight? And then we talk of the cost of politics? Costs? The TAV is a chasm, an abyss, the Marianas Trench.

Interview with Ponti

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Why don't we ... why don't they ...

Because, you bum! If you don't have decent connection with the rest of Europe, we may as well keep your snail-lousy trains.

I guess the no-tav "thinkers" are brothers of those same that didn't want train galleries in other parts of the Alps. Check for something like : Cluses-Pré St Didier. We'll probably find out that they love motorways and lorries.

One (potential) positive item: should idiots be burnable we would solve the energy issue of the country and probably make some extra bucks for the next hundred years!

PS : we’ll drop “Fratelli d’Italia” for something more Titanic and British : God Save Our Souls, my friend!

Posted by: DON VITO | July 4, 2007 12:48 AM

It is only few months that I attend the Beppegrillo's blog and after the show held in Modena in May, I am convinced that Beppe have to present a new Party and we will vote him in order to contribute directly to cean up the politic.

Posted by: enzo barbati | June 5, 2007 04:33 PM

Alitalia...circa 2 anni dopo:626Millioni di euro da ripianare. E' un pozzo senza fine.
Discutevamo del governo di centro-destra che ricapitalizzò circa 300 MEuro per non farla fallire: 2 anni dopo siamo nelle stesse condizioni con il doppio delle perdite.Non si vede un attivo da 20 anni. Bisogna ancora continuare con sto baraccone di gente strapagata e inefficiente: dalla dirigenza agli assistenti di volo.

Posted by: Giovanni Zimello | June 1, 2007 09:28 PM

As I said last year, the regular railways must be fixed first.
And all those wastes in the government.
And the Biagi Law.

Probably one day Italy will have the money for TAV.

Not now.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | June 1, 2007 02:07 PM

well as long as the politicians have their free cars thats ok then. the "autoblu" in italy are a joke. they have half a million of them, in france they have 65 thousand in germany 75 thousand. why is tax payers money wasted like this. its a joke, a sick joke too!!

Posted by: pat kerr | June 1, 2007 12:51 PM

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