Three shots, one hundred euro

photo by Patrick Houlihan

Politicians have changed strategy. They are tired of hearing that they don’t tackle the problems and that they refuse dialogue. They have decided to get their face about. Whatever it costs. They are our John Wayne, but with body guard.
If there are whistles, they no longer dodge them. It’s the new politics.
The citizens whistle at Prodi for taxes, they batter with their fists on the car of Bertolaso for the rubbish tips, they swear at Cuffaro for the incinerators, apart from the psycho-dwarf, and they feel better.
It’s like going to the stadium. It’s useful to let it all go. Certainly, the Italians would like to go further, to get down to action, but this for now, is not allowed.
The pass word is to be there, to prove your virility. Not everyone can accept to be treated like a piece of shit and to smile, smile. And to explain what a sense of the State means to thermo-value the population, at any cost, with various tumours. On live TV, Rutelli managed that. He was like Charles Bronson: “Please visits our incinerators.”
The journalists are nothing less. It doesn’t seem true to them to describe true politicians, pure and strong. Forged in steel kick-backs challenging the crowd. The pig-mess, called Val di Susa, pardon, or gag on intercepts, they are made holy by contact with the people. Always at the right distance, let it be understood. The politician that has the courage of his stupidity is admirable, eligible to be a cover person, very good for licking.
The police force is paid to allow the politicians this action of popular information. Once upon a time they defended them against the mafias , the Red Brigades, today against the citizens
Our employees want to make themselves liked and the most timid goes to Fiorello to sing. Instead of going to the magistrates.
Suggestion for the reduction of the Public Debt: in the Fun Fairs, set up stalls run by the State for throwing beetroot or cauliflower at the politician invited along for the occasion.
Three shots, one hundred euro. For Mastella two hundred and fifty. There’d be a queue from Milan to Rome.

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Italy’s Secret Shame

We write to protest against the ongoing silence on all fronts about Italy’s refusal to grant proper status to foreign language lecturers in her universities despite assurances to the contrary from the present government We write to ask for your help.

Many foreign language lecturers European, American, Australian citizens who are married to Italians, are parents of Italian citizens and/or are belong to emigrant families who returned to Italy. They chose to live and work in Italy, an EU member state, because they were confident their rights were guaranteed by the European Treaties on Free Movement of Workers and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. They were wrong.

Italy has been discriminating against and/or ignoring foreign language lecturers in her universities for the past 27 years. Attempts to achieve justice have been in vain (encl 2 and 3). Persistence of these inhumane working conditions led to death by suicide of a colleague at the University of Trieste on 14th November 2005.

In the 1970s foreign language lecturers were employed Acting Assistant Professors and paid 75% of an Associate Professor’s salary. In 21st century Italy they find themselves relegated among technicians and administrative staff (encl 4) with a salary that is about one-quarter the original. Acquired rights (length of service etc) do not exist. All promotions are barred.

Every Italian government over the past quarter of a century has reduced the lecturers’ economic status and limited exercise of their profession. Finally they transformed them into underpaid and under-employed “linguistic collaborators”. Encl 6 describes this career regression in depth and shows how lecturers were forced to accept a part-time salary for full-time work. At present colleagues with 30 years of service receive salaries of 800-900 Euros monthly, which is close to the poverty threshold. Even an Italian kindergarten teacher in her first year of service earns more!

Italian universities and consequently, Italy herself, have repeatedly been found guilty of discrimination by Italian Work Tribunals, Appeal Courts, High Courts, Constitutional Courts and the European Court of Human Rights (encl 5). Neither the universities nor the state have ever fully applied the rulings, e.g. a colleague at the State University of Milan was never fully paid arrears of salary awarded to her by an Italian court and after 20 years service has a monthly pension of 280 euros. When pressed by the Petitions Committee of the European parliament, Mr Mussi present Minister of Universities and Research, recommended the foreign language lecturers press their cause in Italian courts. (encl 7). Amnesty International has commented unfavourably on the Italian judiciary.

We beg you to publicise Italy’s disregard of EU principles and laws and exert pressure so that her attitude and behaviour towards the foreign language lecturers conforms with current practice in Europe.

As a MEP, we beg you to ensure Italy stops discriminating against foreign language lecturers and conforms with EU principles and laws.

We beg the Embassies to engage in dialogue with the Italian authorities and attempt to build bridges that will ensure an end to this indefensible policy of discrimination and injustice.

Geraldine Anne Boyd
Liliane Virtullo
Mirella Fulgenzi

Posted by: geraldine Boyd | June 23, 2007 03:02 PM

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