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July 31, 2007

The only candidate

The night of 30 July there was a meeting of the technical officials of the Democratic Party in formation. On precise indications from the single candidate Uèltron (he’ll never admit it but he is the only candidate) they threw out the names of Pannella and Di Pietro as candidates.
Uèltron declared: “The more candidates there are, the better.” What’s important is to know which ones. And to know first. The armchair is won at the table. Otherwise what kind of democratic game is it? The absolute losers Adinolfi, Schettini, Colombo and Gawronski are admitted. Possible winners, or anyway the egg breakers are eliminated before passing “go”.
A sole party with a sole candidate. The inspiration for this came to the democrats who are forming it by reading Mein Kampf and by studying the old speeches of il Duce. Winning without taking part is worthy of a great strategist. Winning while pretending to let others take part is worthy of the great Uèltron.
However, the problem is not political. It’s technical. In fact it was the technical people who decided the destiny of Italy. Their names are marvelous. They are the seven new fathers of the Fatherland: Nico Stumpo, Roberto Agostini, Margherita Miotto, Nicodemo Oliverio, Rino Piscitello, Fausto Recchia, Francesco Graziano.
The technical officials took advantage of the precious collaboration of Moggi, Geronzi and of veiled allusions from D’Alema. In two hours, before midnight, they decided.
Then off they went to have their fill at i Parioli, apart from Pannella who started a hunger strike with a reduced fat cappuccino

PS.: Previti is no longer a deputy. Still 24 more to go.

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July 30, 2007

Cocaine, sex and the UDC

Let Casini reject Cosimo Mele’s resignation. The first deputy to resign for having gone whoring is a hero. Instead of stealing, extorting, lying, corrupting, he simply gave in to the pleasures of the flesh. Look into his face. One like that had an absolute need of a whore. Two call girls and a bit of coke at the hotel Flora are the trade union minimum.
Mele must be protected. In the past he has defended “our Christian identity” and he asked that cocaine-addicted deputies be kept out. He has wanted to experiment, to see, to touch personally. He’s relevant. He entered. The one who is without a whore, let him throw the first stone.
Cosimo, 50 years old, admitted: “It was a little adventure that evening”. Casini who wants a test on the parliamentarians for drugs, tells his folks first so as not to create useless embarrassments. If the house of tolerance for the liberty is for the family day, this episode reinforces the principles.
Lorenzo Cesa, the secretary of the UDC, in fact commented “The life of a parliamentarian is hard if it is done seriously, rich in commitments outside the home, with many days alone in Rome….”. Human understanding and that is right. The family members of our employees should join them in Rome. Reunite themselves, even in the flesh at the expense of the tax payer. And between a parliamentary sitting and the next, the family love-making should be facilitated. With rooms kitted out for the occasion with a gigantograph of the psycho-dwarf and his 5 minders on his knee.

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The disappearance of the future

Costs, money, big steps and little steps, tax inducements, payments. The joyous costs of the Caste. The little treasure chest, ah the little treasure chest. Money, costs, costs, money. We have become a nation of accountants, of wretches, of rich, of lower middle class wanting to be emancipated. Of temporary loans, mortgages, reduction in ICI and increase in the refuse collection costs. The poorer we are the more we think of money. The richer we are the more we think of money. The Finance law, consumer credit, the Tan {annual rate}, Taeg {global effective annual rate}, inflation, interest rates, variable rates, fixed rates. Bank returns, shares, bonds, futures, derivatives. The public debt that is above us and nullifies every public discourse. Everything depends on the public debt. Financing, repurchase agreements, refinancing, loans for a quarter, fifth, third of your salary, for everything. Advertising communicates money, asks for money, offers money in exchange for debts, for other money. Lower rates, higher rates. The job offers money. Work is a risk and a commitment. Italians want a job, money. The future of the country has disappeared for public debate, from private debates, from discussions in the local. In the United States, the first question is: “How much do you earn?” In Italy: “How big is your debt?”. The more you have debts, the more you are important. The more you create, the more you are respected. You can become the President of the Council or of Mediobanca. Debt is the engine for social promotion. Whoever doesn’t have debt can have it. Evolve. It’s an inverted wage-inflation linkage. A commercialization of the State, of the parties, of society, of the family. A virus that sucks out the future. What are the priorities of the country? The big step, the increases in public sector pay scales, the democratic party? Or the regions in the hands of the mafia? Information that is eaten up by the local house of liberties and by the party secretaries, the incapacity to innovate, research that is betrayed, the brain drain? To be or to have? Italy is not and has not. It’s a hybrid, a cross, a chimera. A country in a coma that is counting the small change with the spectacles of a blind man.

Monday 30 July 2007, the excavators of Idrea srl will move into action.
Make haste in great numbers to join with the Committee to defend rio fergia, to suspend this injustice until all the anomalies denounced by the committee, the people, the meet-ups, and the Minister for Culture, have been clarified and sorted out.
The place to meet is at the headquarters in the Boschetto zone, a few kilometres from Gualdo Tadino (PG)

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V-Day Let’s educate them while they’re small

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July 29, 2007

The unsustainable slowness of the TAV

YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPAudio Mp3

There’s no agreement for the Tav in Val di Susa. The towns and villages are against it. They have even turned down the 5% “compensation”, almost a thousand million euro. They haven’t accepted to be bought, unlike many other towns and villages in this country.
When something has motivations that are obscure and incomprehensible, it means that there are other motivations that cannot be spoken. If, as explained by Ferrentino the president of the mountain Community of Val di Susa, there’s no reason to do a certain construction activity costing from 20 thousand million euro, and perhaps 30 thousand million euro, by making a hole in the mountain, then the only reason is to be found in the current accounts of those who are to put the work into effect and their political backers.
It’s a bipartisan gobble-gobble. A rightleftcentre infrastructure.
Ferrentino says that with the tunnel, the speed of the French TGV in the Valle would go from 160 km per hour currently to 120. That the quantity of goods traffic in transit has been going down for years. That with the current line it would be possible to treble the quantity of goods transported.
Ferrentino sets out simple concepts and facts, understandable even to Chiamparino, and they have already been explained by professor Ponti, one of the leading European experts on transport issues.

The European contributions that the Government talks so much about would cover a small part of the costs. It’ll be you that pays the rest, you who is reading this post. Are you happy?

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July 27, 2007

Ambassador - don't take it out on me!

photo by red.pilgrim
The blog is read abroad. I definitely know because there’s a continual arrival of emails protesting about the Italian Consulates and Embassies. Today’s is from Moscow. From the testimony I deduce that the consuls and ambassadors have gone abroad for their holidays. Thinking about it, how do you become a consul or ambassador? I ABSOLUTELY don’t believe it can be by recommendation or political affiliation. Thus it’ll be by merit. Merit in the field.
Add to this Muscovite email, your testimony as Italians abroad. From Toronto to Canberra we always get ourselves recognised.
List of Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad.

”I’m writing to you to tell you about the inefficiency and the consequent waste of public money, that we have seen with our own eyes at the Moscow Embassy in Russia. I would say that the sector of our representation abroad deserves particular attention and you could start with this precise fact.
I’m attaching a summary of this scandalous situation done by a colleague of mine. She is a graduate of Russian and an authorised Tourism Guide. I have sent this document to:
and so far I’ve just had an automated reply….
Just to let you know that in September, unless there are concrete replies from the relevant authorities (or even better from you), I will present a denunciation to the Prosecutors of the Republic.
Sincerely.” Michele.

Report on the Italian Embassy in Moscow

“Only Russian employees work here, or at least those in contact with the public. The few Italians once reached (after thousands of Permissions) anyway don’t give any sort of information but invite you to go to a window or to send a fax or email or make a telephone call; we have never received a response to any fax or email and no one ever responds to the telephone, the operators are always busy!

For those with an Italian passport, there’s better treatment, in as much as the queue is avoided – on average a couple of hours – outside the building. Anyway at the entrance umbrellas (and above all video cameras, mobiles, cameras,..) are confiscated so anyone wanting to communicate with the outside world or to document the situation is told to turn off the mobile phone with the sound of cudgels!! Thus once you are inside the building, you are isolated and you can’t talk to anyone and you can’t even go outside, even though you show your queue-numbered-ticket that you got from the automatic machine, you can’t come back in without doing the queue again! There are only three toilets, no cafeteria, and just a few seat while you are waiting. Thus people are obliged to stand for hours and hours, without drinking, eating or going to the toilet.

Once you get to the service window, it often happens that the worker stands up and closes the blind of the window and goes away. You don’t know how long for, even 30-45 minutes!! The opening/closing hours are not shown anywhere, thus at the moment when the worker decides to smoke a cigarette or have a lunch break, people wait in the hope that the bad feeling of the worker will disappear fast, otherwise, you are likely to be discourteously asked to go out and repeat the queue to come in.
You are never given a sheet explaining what type of documentation is needed, they tell you to phone, even if you are on the spot, there’s nothing written down, thus on the phone (when they answer) …words fly … and they can always say that the person asking the questions was stupid and made a mistake in understanding what was said by the person on the phone. The workers are protected by the glass window and by the guards and they feel free to insult the person at the window or to walk away as they please or not to reply…
Clearly a brief description like this cannot fully describe the discomfort and the bad feelings of hundreds of people who have spent thousands of roubles and who have perhaps travelled for days by train to come to Moscow. Furthermore, to ask for a visa, you first need to hand in documents, including your passport, and given that these are the right ones, they have to be analysed… time: about a week. If the visa request is not accepted, the passport is kept for another week… then, at times, even though the person making the request has been told to come at a certain time, they are then told to come another day. ..
But the thing that is DISTURBING AND SHAMEFUL is that if there is an Italian tourist in Moscow who has their documents stolen, they cannot enter THEIR OWN embassy and if they don’t speak Russian they are lost!”

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July 26, 2007

Parliament replies to the blog

The debate on the "Clean Parliament" popular law continues. 195 parliamentarians have replied to the survey. The majority are in agreement with the non-eligibility of convicts and with the direct preference votes. However, the limit of two terms of office, they can’t swallow. They prefer a life-long income. I have prepared a document (download it) with graphs, comments, and all the responses. I advise you to read them, they are illuminating. Both the ones in favour, and the ones against.
V-day will take place in the open spaces of Italy. I’ll be at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

There’ll be lots of friends: musicians, writers, artists, people who want what’s best for Italy. There’ll be a marathon. They’ll start towards the end of the afternoon and they’ll finish in the evening. I’ll let you know the timing.
In Bologna, as in all the other events, there’ll be a collection of signatures for the popular initiative “Clean Parliament”.
The meet-up groups will organize signing points and local demonstrations that will get maximum highlighting through the blog.
People, if even a small number of our employees have understood that there’s need for the sweeping brush in Parliament, then we’ve done it. 50,000 signatures for a new start. V-day. V-day. V-day.

Download the survey.
PS: My appearance and that of the other artistes at the show in Bologna will be free. To set it up and manage it, the predicted cost is about 40,000 euro. I’m starting it off with 5,000 euro. Anyone wanting to make a contribution can do so using these bank details

Bank account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Causale: V-day


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July 25, 2007

V as in information


photo by jcthejaco63

8000 comments on Paolo Gentiloni’s blog are awaiting a response about the abusive occupation by Rete 4 of Europa 7’s frequencies. These comments are an example of democracy and I am certain that the Minister of Communications will reply after the tennis match with Ermete, perhaps with a post about Enrico Letta, another great “campaigner” from the moment he removed his tie.
To the unanswered comments I’m adding a letter from the owner of Europa 7 and of Rete 4’s frequencies, Francesco Di Stefano.
In Italy abusive information exists, one-sided, of the parties, of the boutiques, of interests, of confindustriale support, of mafia support, of freemason support, aided, advertising, servile. The only one that’s missing is freedom.
Ask for information about Rete 4 and Europa 7, ask the employee Gentiloni ask on his blog:

"Thanks Beppe for the attention that you have once more dedicated to the age old problem of Europa 7. Really, your blog, is the only true free voice in the grey panorama of news in our country.
Minister Gentiloni’s response is truly incredible, it’s true that his law would change the Gasparri law (with a biblical time frame, instead of using the decree law as would be more appropriate), but without providing a remedy for the two main problems of the Gasparri law:
- the failure to respect the verdict n. 466 of the Constitutional Court, that unequivocally established that Rete 4 had to stop analogue transmissions from 30.12.2003
- the failure to respect the European regulations, as has been pointed out recently by the European Commissioner Natalie Kroes, who gave a time scale of two months for the Italian Government to comply.
Ms Kroes has already written various things including: “art. 25 (11) of the Gasparri law prolongs, up to the date of the switch off, the authorisations to continue the terrestrial analogue transmissions by the operators that have not obtained the analogue concession. This arrangement gives to these operators a clear advantage, to the detriment of other companies, and in particular to those that – like Europa 7 –have an analogue concession but cannot provide services of terrestrial analogue transmissions because of the lack of frequencies.”
Gentiloni’s draft law, according to the Minister who presented it, sets forth, among other things, to recover frequencies to assign them to new bodies.
The problem is that, as it is actually worded, the decree law may perhaps only obtain the frequencies of the RAI, while Berlusconi could get round the law by simply selling the part of his company represented by Retequattro (with the hardware and frequencies) to ”friendly” entrepreneurs. In this way a sort of Mediaset 2 would be constructed. Let us not forget that the former Telepiù networks, created once by Berlusconi, were then bought by the Holland Corporation Italy, belonging to the Tunisian entrepreneur Tarak Ben Ammar (whose friendly relations with Berlusconi are well known), who then let go of one, as it happens to Mediaset, when that was useful to Berlusconi to have transmissions for the videophones.
Furthermore, Gentiloni’s decree law does not acknowledge those who in 1999, received the concession, but not the relevant frequencies, the priority in the assigning of frequencies that would be recovered following the entry into force of the decree law, even though in front of the Council of State there’s a verdict that in the absence of that recognition, could lead to the condemnation of the State to provide a sizeable compensation.
To get the result that Minister Gentiloni says he is aiming at, it would be enough to insert amendment 3.240 in the decree law, attached here, already presented to the Commission by the deputies of the majority De Zulueta, Giulietti, Donadi, Beltrandi, Luxuria, Tranfaglia, Sgobio, Soffritti, Pedrini, Falomi: the amendment is due to be voted on in the Commission on 25 July.
Will Minister Gentiloni have a positive opinion of this amendment?
As far as we know, up until now the amendment has had clear disapproval from Minister Gentiloni (and naturally from Mediaset), who are using all possible means to avoid this. It is never possible to thank you enough, for your battles. Friendly greetings. Francesco Di Stefano


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July 24, 2007

Go for it Clementina!

photo by
Clemente Mastella, Minister of Caste and Justice, to Romano Prodi:
" Dear Romano, if Di Pietro thinks that our colleagues in the government have had criminal attitudes, he should resign".
Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic coming from the Ds, to the Superior Council of the Magistracy:
"I’m reminding everyone not to put into trial documents, opinions and references that are not pertinent".
These will never let themselves go on trial. Never ever. The Forza Ds cartel has the control of Parliament.

Go for it Clementina!
I’m publishing a piece by Marco Travaglio.

"Even the President of the Republic of Untouchable Mandarins, in front of the CSM, wanted to give his beating to gip Clementina Forleo, guilty of “opinions that are not pertinent and excessive”, that is of striking at the majesty of six parliamentarians who two summers ago made takeover bids for banks and publishing houses in cahoots with neighbourhood wide-boys and they told each other of the telephone intercepts that were being carried out (since D’Alema is very intelligent, he telephoned to tell Consorte about the intercepts on his telephone).
According to Napolitano, with this “leaking of information” public opinion was disorientated. In fact, it is exactly thanks to judge Forleo and the newspapers that published her orders, that public opinion has understood everything very well. And that what is “not pertinent and excessive” is the behaviour of the politicians attempting takeover bids, not that of the judges who discovered them and put them on trial.
And that the true leaking of news is that by those who told the politicians and the wide boys that they were being intercepted, thus ruining the investigations at the crucial time, and certainly not the newspapers who are publishing documents that are not secret, that is public documents.
Napolitano, as well as Marini and Bertinotti, presidents of the Parliament of the investigated and the convicted, is like the so-called Minister of Justice, Mastella, alarmed at the publication of the orders of Forleo before these reached Parliament. Perhaps his very costly staff (the Quirinale costs five times as much as Buckingham Palace) forgot to explain to him how these things happen: given that in 2003, the law obliged the judges to ask the permission of Parliament to use telephone intercepts in which there is the voice of a Parliamentarian, the gip Forleo asked for that permission with two special orders. And in accordance with the law, these were laid before the chancellery of the Tribunal last Friday, available to those who are under investigation and their lawyers. From that moment the orders ceased to be secret. The lawyers have copied them and without committing any crime, they passed them to the journalists. The journalists, without committing any crime, have told the citizens about them.
No violation of secrets. No leaking of news. So what are the highest positions in the State talking about? Is it possible that they have nothing to say about the honourable D’Alema, Fassino, Latorre, Cicu, Comincioli and Grillo (Luigi) who were attempting to takeover banks by abusing their power, in the face of their own electorate?
Is it possible that every time the thermometer indicates a fever and the doctor diagnoses an illness, the top people get angry with the thermometer and with the doctor?
Anyway, if Clementina Forleo and her colleagues in future, want to avoid being massacred by the politicians of the caste, rather of the clan, they know what they have to do.
1) Never intercept a delinquent VIP, so as to avoid the risk of them talking to a politician.
2) If however, an intercept gets away and there's the voice of a politician talking to some scoundrel, pretend that you don’t recognise them.
3) If the worker transcribing the telephone conversations still recognises the voices of politicians, throw the stuff away and change the worker.
4) If the crimes go back to two years earlier, even if the time-limit has still not run out, burn everything because – as D’Alema and Prodi say - “anyway it’s old stuff”.
5) If the Prosecution insists on asking for the telephone calls to be sent to Parliament, don’t explain in the order why these are criminally relevant, or better still, say that it’s all a load of rubbish and beg the Houses of Parliament to deny the authorisation.
6) Never lay the orders before the defence lawyers so as to avoid them finishing up in the newspapers and never mind anyway about the rights of the defence.
7) If you don’t agree with the way the pm has done things, flatten them anyway, because suddenly, flattened judges in the Prosecutors Office are pleasing.
8) Before doing absolutely anything, go on a pilgrimage to Ceppaloni for the necessary authorisation to proceed from the national super-prosecutor anti-justice Clemente Mastella." Marco Travaglio


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July 23, 2007

One in five does it

It was usual to offer a last cigarette to those about to die on the gallows. I wanted to offer to the parliamentarians a last possibility. To reply to an opinion poll on the popular law for a Clean Parliament. Last week I personally sent an email to every deputy and senator. The text :

Dear XXXXX, email address YYYYY,
I would like to ask you to respond to the questions given below.
Your response will be published on my blog, together with those of your parliamentary colleagues.
Rules of the survey:
- responses must arrive within three days of this email
- the “silence is dissent” rule will be operated: no response is considered to be a negative response to the questions.
You must send your response as a reply to this email.
The questions:
1) Do you agree that no Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial?
2) Do you agree that the eligibility for election to Parliament must be limited to 2 terms of office?
3) Do you agree that direct preferences should be restored for the election of parliamentarians?

I send greetings and would like to thank you for your response if you would like to give it. Please note that the three questions asked are equivalent to the three points of the popular law that I presented to the Court of Cassation.
Beppe Grillo

Out of 630 deputies, 315 senators and 7 life senators, 191 replied. Almost 20%. One in five. It’s the first time that there’s real contact between us and our employees. A demonstration of democracy. I don’t think that a popular law has ever been voted for publicly by such a high number of parliamentarians at the request of a citizen. Not in Italy, nor in other places. For the moment I would like to thank all those who have sent an email. On Thursday I’ll publish a document that gives a summary with names, opinions, drawings, responses, and predictions that can be downloaded from the blog.


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July 22, 2007

Dinosaurs and the Pressure Cooker


Our employees don’t understand that the Italy pressure cooker can’t hold out any longer. The heat of the fire is increasing. Each day there’s new fuel. The judge Clementina Forleo asks to be able to use the telephone intercepts of three Ds parliamentarians and three Forza Italia parliamentarians (three against three, the perfect equilibrium for Forza Ds!) involved in the summer of the little crafty ones. A Bnl to me, an Antonveneta for you, an Rcs for me, the local newspapers for you.
The intercepted, D’Alema, Fassino and Latorre (Ds), Grillo, Comincioli and Cicu (FI) need not fear. Among those who are standing on their side are:
- The minister of Caste and Justice, Mastella, well known jurist:
“At the constitutional level, I exclude that a judge has the power to manage to ask for the use of intercepts for purposes of investigations that have never been requested”,
- the presidents of the Lower and Upper Houses Bertinotti and Marini, full-time Trades Unionists to protect the rights of their parliamentary colleagues:
“The spreading of news about the relationship between the magistracy and Parliament is a problem”,
- The head of the Olive in the Senate, Anna Finocchiaro:
“If these considerations had been made by any other State official, it would have been considered an abuse of power, because the possibility of exercising the criminal action is the competency of the pm {pubblico ministero = public prosecutor}and not of the gip {giudice per le indagini preliminary = judge for preliminary investigations}”.
Forleo maintains that the politicians who are implicated are not “passive recipients of information”, but “knowing accomplices of a criminal plan”.
Most of our employees, however, make out that it’s their business and that the magistracy must not interfere.

Today’s front page. La Repubblica: “That’s enough about the Unipol stunt” with a whole page interview with the statesman D’Alema. Il Corriere: “Mastella and Forleo: “She has violated the Constitution”” and a half page interview with the “man called pardon”.
Thus it’s all a stage play and an attack on the Constitution.
The Wall Street Journal or The Guardian would have had headlines: “Put them on trial!”

The pressure cooker is boiling, boiling, boiling.

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watch the video

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July 21, 2007

Unending Steps


by LMDocherty

The little steps, the big steps and the related step-words are in the war of words between the government and the Trades Unions. They create confusion. It’s of little interest to young people, they are the modern slaves and they won’t have a pension. They’ll die before that. Meanwhile they are paying for the current pensioners. It is right that those who do not have other means of support should have a minimum dignified pension. It is however a way of laughing in your face when millions of pensioners get a pension that is worth more than they ever paid in. And that the difference is paid by the young people.
I’m publishing a letter from prof. Gallegati about the Prodi reform

After that I’m publishing the umpteenth testimony from the book Schiavi Moderni (150,000 copies downloaded).

“Dear Beppe,

The Maroni reform established pensionable age to be 60 for those workers who retire from January 2008; the Dini reform sees the ten-yearly revision of the transformation coefficients that determine the value of the pensions with the new contribution system, bearing in mind the lengthening of a lifetime.

Prodi has reformed the reforms. I would like to invite the blog readers to reflect on this question: what will happen to the pensions of young people and of the so-called oppressed workers (including modern slaves)?

Because of the “discontinuous” work and the aging of the population, the young generations (the pensioners of 2025) will realise that they are poorer than their parents and won’t be able to retire at age 60, but will have to go on and work until age 70 so as to survive. To avoid such a drama, we must increase the pension age and review the transformation coefficients: it would be an element of inter-generational equity not to load the costs of getting old onto future generations. In a society where we live now to more than 80 years of age, it’s not fair to work for 35 years and then spend the next 20-25 years being supported by young people.

The ratio between the number of workers and the number of pensioners has made a major leap down (it has gone from 4 to 1 in 40 years). To Italy's disadvantage, there are two elements:

- lower levels of fecundity and higher levels of longevity with respect to other developed countries: aging is more marked than elsewhere,

- the number of workers doesn’t grow fast enough, because of the progressive stalling of the economy: the GDP of the promised “Berlusconi economic miracle” has grown by 2.2% in 4 years, the same percentage that “the economic miracle of the 1960s” saw in a bit less than 4 months, and the lowest participation in the workforce of women and young people.

Alternative ways of getting pensions for the “over-50s” are an important objective, but what must have priority are alternative mechanisms to those established by the Biagi law that encourage the stable entry into the labour market of young people and an increase in female participation with a reform of the welfare system.

Employment levels for young people in Italy are among the lowest for developed countries. The time needed to get the first job has increased, and all this with low starting salaries and a welfare system that gives no social protection for young people and gives the lowest rate of female participation in Europe. We will have to adopt measures that redress the delayed entry of young people and of women into the labour market (and working conditions at the beginning of the career that are less precarious) together with the reform of the welfare system and the transformation coefficients that give fairness between the generations.” Mauro Gallegati.

240 contracts before getting a pension

“Since 2000 I’ve been working in civil aviation. First in a company where they filled their pockets really well and then, obviously it went bust (false accounting meant that hundreds of workers stayed home: it’s not just a crime against capital, it’s a social drama).

Then even the other companies feel the weight of the crisis, a forty-year old with an enviable CV looks around and only finds jobs at 900 euro a month for a contract lasting a maximum of two months. With the new regulations, should I be working for another 20 years? Do I have to build up 240 contracts? Can I no longer make plans, receive loans? Does it have any sense to live like that? This is not life, it’s survival, to make someone rich. I’m wondering whether it’s worth renouncing even to survive.”

B. C. 12.03.2006 09:21

Ps: Download the book Schiavi Moderni.

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July 20, 2007

Italy Red Gloom

via D'Amelio 18-7-1992

I’m publishing a letter about the birth of the Second Republic, that according to judge Antonio Ingroia: “sinks its pillars in blood”. I was sent this by Sandra Rizza and Giuseppe Lo Bianco, authors of the book: "L'agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino" {Paolo Borsellino’s Red Diary}. A diary that he always carried with him that disappeared after the attack. I’ve read the book. In via D’Amelio it seems that that day there was institutional traffic like rush hour and that everyone knew what was going to happen to Paolo Borsellino. A man alone, that defended an inexistent State.

“Who stole Paolo Borsellino’s red diary? Who has been using it for 15 years, for purposes of blackmail? If we don’t try to answer these questions, we can’t say that we are knowledgeable Italian citizens, but above all we can’t pretend to ourselves that we have honoured the memory of Paolo Borsellino and the five members of his body guard who were assassinated 15 years ago in via D’Amelio with the umpteenth explosion to cause deaths in the story of the Republic. Many young people, today, do not even know what the slaughters of 1992 and 1993 were, who wanted them, who put them into execution, who could have been the “dark brains” behind them…

We don’t get tired of repeating that behind the slaughters of 1992 and 1993, 1,000 Kilo of slaughtering TNT was made up with military compounds, more than 20 dead, a hundred injured, carried out by Cosa Nostra and by the usual unknown customers, there’s the dirty conscience of our present, because behind those slaughters, there’s the beginning of our Second Republic that, as has been repeated many times by pm Antonio Ingroia, one of Paolo Borsellino’s favourite students, “sinks its pillars in blood”.
We don’t get tired of repeating that those slaughters have been the mad relaunch of a party (that someone has defined “in negotiation,”) played out by very refined criminal minds, that have put the Italian State in check so as to occupy the institutions, shaking after Tangentopoli and the collapse of traditional parties and to gain an all-political position: the abolition of the 41bis,, the abolition of the life sentence, the abolition of the confiscation of goods, the revision of trials, laws more favourable to bringing back from abroad, and the management of enormous capital sums, of dark origins.
The bad thing is that, once the slaughters stopped abruptly, with the birth of the Second Republic, bit by bit, a hit from the right and one from the left, these requests have become material for reform, for authentic concessions, or State laws, in the name of an excessive protection of civil liberties that cannot be understood and that must serve if not for the very dark manoeuvres of the strategy of tension, the very centres of criminal power. Why?
What inheritance have the slaughters of 1992 and 1993 had in the corridors of power in Italy?
The fear of another 1992, today, comes back to churn up the country: from the poisons of the Bnl-Unipol case, to the new counter-position between politics and the magistracy, between the political class and information., until the alarm was set off recently on the return to operations of a “new P2”, or rather of a “dark conglomerate” that moves in the light of blackmail, a “power network,” possessing a strategic design to weaken the parties, to undermine their credibility, exactly as happened 15 years ago, with Tangentopoli, in a climate of destabilisation that gets ever stronger and coming to a climax then in the season of slaughters. We are thinking of the Visco-Speciale case of military spying, of the Telecom ''control room'', of widespread making of dossiers, of the campaign to discredit Prodi before the 2006 elections. Ingroia himself, recently, in a TV interview said he considered Italian politics to be “weak” politics, underlining the need for maximum democratic vigilance, to avoid the danger of a “shove” to the institutions, newly and sadly current in the country. How is there indifference, obstructionism, obtuseness and distraction, the “apparent ingenuity” of the institutional apparatus put forward for the protection of Paolo Borsellino, those guilty omissions that 15 years ago led to the death of the adjunct procurator of Palermo, they have not brought about a political mobilisation, true, concrete, in search of further truth about that murder?
Why is there no one inside the parties, in Parliament, in the Centre-Left government that picks up the request, put forward more than once by Rita Borsellino, to set up a Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry, that digs down into the mysteries that are still unresolved about the slaughters of 1992 and 1993?
With this institutional apathy, is there any connection with that diary that was stolen, perhaps for reasons of blackmail? The dark protagonists of that season of terror and of submerged negotiations, still unpunished, today, where are they? …..”

Sandra Rizza and Giuseppe Lo Bianco
The whole letter.


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Prize-winning Italian Butchery


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

The English journalist Mark Covell was in Genoa’s Diaz Parodi school on 21/7/2001, shortly before midnight. He thought he was in a democratic country. He was mistaken. He is one of the 66 foreigners who were butchered by the police forces. Added to this are 27 of our own who were butchered. In fact it was “A Mexican butchery operation", as the vice quaestor Michelangelo Fournier has admitted. And he added: "When I arrived at the school I saw 4 police offices, of whom two were in uniform, and two in civilian clothes and they were being high and mighty with about ten people on the ground on the first floor. They were not my men.”

Mark Covell survived with nothing much:
- an accusation of terrorism
- eight broken ribs
- both lungs perforated
- under arrest for three days.
In fact if he had been transferred to Bolzaneto he would have had a taste of “the kangaroo walk”. A variation on football where the footballers are robust representatives of the forces of order arranged in two lines. The football is the non-aligned journalist who receives weighty kicks as he proceeds forward.
According to Mark, a good 76 police officers have been accused of abusing human rights.
They will be put on trial as is right, but who are the politically responsible people of this slaughter? Let’s identify them. It’s easy. For once it can be you naming names. Then we will apply the “Vaffanculo walk”. Two lines of citizens to get them going. They walk in the middle. Insult anyway has been decriminalised.
At Genoa, Saturday 21 July 2007, 4:30 pm, at the Sant'Agostino Museum - piazza Sarzano 35r there’s the meeting: PRIZE-WINNING ITALIAN BUTCHERY, to discuss: “Who controls the police forces? Who guarantees constitutional rights?” By the Truth and Justice Committee for Genoa.


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July 18, 2007

Nuclear Enel

Enel buys pages in the International daily newspapers to do advertising. Guess who pays?

Before answering, close your eyes, concentrate and count to three. If the reply is: “Me through my utility bill”, you are one of the millions of Italians who have financed the advertising appearing in The Financial Times.
The image was suggested directly by Bin Laden. The two skyscrapers are without the shadow of a doubt, a photo of the Twin Towers snapped on 10 September 2001.
Enel in the text of the advert, written by Rutelli, the one who did the international video: “pliiis visits pliiis ourcaountri”, says two important things.

“Our strength comes from facts: in 2006, our net profit hit 3 billion euros”.
A strength based on the de facto monopoly in Italy. Enel gains and the ones who lose are the families, the companies and the competitiveness of the country. Enel is better than Robin Hood, it takes from the users to fatten up its balance sheet.
“As a company, we strongly believe in economic, social environmental responsibility”. This is why it invests in nuclear power stations going back to the time of the cold war. The opinion of Greenpeace:
“Greenpeace is strongly against Enel’s nuclear investments at Mochovce where two soviet rectors designed in the 1970s are to be completed, without a layer that protects from external events. Greenpeace is also opposing the soviet nuclear project at Belene in Bulgaria, in a seismic zone. Two operations that will cost more than all Enel’s investments in renewable sources, an embarrassing record.”

Now that Enel has a balance sheet of thousands of millions thanks to our utility bills and it is going round the world to tell people, it makes my blood boil. But the fact that they are using our money to buy two antiquated nuclear reactors instead of investing in renewables is a crime against future generations.
The Minister of the Economy is the main shareholder of Enel. Let Padoa Schioppa (email) intervene, at least for the sake of his grandchildren.


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July 17, 2007

The Court of Accounts supports V-day


photo by Lor3nzo

The Court of Accounts is in agreement with V-day and its proposal for a popular law for a Clean Parliament.

Here is translation of the whole article in
People do news. Put the V-day banner on your blogs (click here). Watch out as I’ll be going round the Internet to see who hasn’t got it yet...

""Out, for ever, corrupt politicians: those who have a public position and are then convicted of “maladministration” must not have the possibility to be a candidate again. It was a surprise when the Court of Accounts declared its agreement with the proposal that it defines, “a bit strong, spectacular”, like that of Beppe Grillo who recently presented to the Court of Cassation a request for a popular law for a “Clean Parliament". The prosecutor responsible for accounting Claudio De Rose, when reflecting on the results achieved by the General Prosecutors office in anticipation of his period of rest, went even beyond that: "Whoever is convicted must be made to step down from the position they hold.” The ineligibility and the removal from office must be focused in particular on those who are tainted by corruption relating to tendering and fraud relating to the community, and this is a phenomenon that "doesn’t look like lessening". On the same theme, the adjunct deputy prosecutor Mario Ristuccia: "In the country, there is a call for the correct use of public resources. If there is an administrator who uses them in a distorted way, an additional sanction of this type would be the guarantee that the nation needs."."


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The New Bankers

photo by Julien Magnat

Draghi, the Governor of the Bank of Italy, has asked the banks to reduce the cost of services. And to get in line with Europe. Profumo has replied.

He shouldn’t have done. Since he’s been living with Geronzi, the convict, he’s not been himself. Every morning he asks his private mirror: “Who is the most beautiful banker in the realm?” And the mirror always replies: “It’ll go to Banca Intesa”. He’s destroyed, he’s a man injured by banking love. But not for this must he put into the market the thoughts of usurious banks.

The cost of mortgages, he explained, are higher in Italy than the average in Europe because there are “different conditions”. “In Italy it takes 7 years to get a house for those without a mortgage, in Germany 12 months”.

A Cartesian way of reasoning, the entrepreneurial risk all falls on the client, on everyone: on those who pay for a mortgage and on those who don’t.

Thus, every citizen should be able to invoke the “different conditions” in case of difficulty. And act accordingly. Not pay taxes because the State doesn’t provide adequate services. Not pay for the motorways because the travel times doubles because of road works. Not pay Ici because the State doesn’t reimburse the tax credits. Not pay the insurance because it’s too costly. Not pay more than 50 cents for a coffee.

Furthermore, when faced with “different conditions” the Italian unilaterally increase the prices of what he sells, including his own labour. Basically copy the banks.

The cost of money has reached the stars, those that can’t manage with a variable rate mortgage , have two choices: either they “let the bank take the house” or they finish up in the hands of usurers. Tens of thousands of families are losing their homes, perhaps after 7 years, as Profumo says. But who advised the families to get a variable rate mortgage? Perhaps the banks? And who gains in the end, as always, from the “different conditions”? To find out, read the Unicredit quarterly report : 3,191,000,000 euro as operating profit in the first 3 months of 2007.

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July 16, 2007

Italian style Information: from corruptor to consumer

 Artist's shit by Piero Manzoni

picture by Piero Manzoni

A judgement by the Court of Cassation convicted Previti. He is anyway the man with the Italian record for criminal convictions for Mondadori.

He corrupted a judge, and Mondadori, by the usual coincidence, landed up with Mediaset.

Mondadori should be put on the market. It can’t belong to the ones who got it thanks to corruption.

Ooooops. Sorry! That was a joke... I didn’t want to create serious problems for rutellifassinodalemabertinottidilibertoviolanteveltroni. Even they have the right to keep the wolf from the door, like everyone in this rotten country.

Travaglio, the one who is well informed on these matters explains to us about the snatching of this important Italian group.

Previtichristsocrates and the Prescritto Cavalieri.

On Monday, to convince the Lower House’s Committee for Elections to keep the armchair, the salary and the pension for his client the convict and banished Cesare Previti, the lawyer Giovanni Pellegrino (who is also a former DS senator and DS president of the province of Lecce) compared him to Jesus Christ and to Socrates. On Friday, Previti, alias Socrates, alias Christ, was convicted and sentenced by the Court of Cassation to a year and 6 months for the Mondadori trial on top of the 6 year sentence already allocated for the Imi-Sir trial (the 5 years given on appeal in the Sme-Ariosto trial are about to get timed out, thanks to another section of the Court of Cassation that had the great idea to send the trial to Perugia just on a length of wool).

Thanks to two shameful laws – the ex Cirielli and the pardon – and a shameful regulation Previtichristsocrates is not serving his sentence in prison, but in Montecitorio, even though he is for the time being, under house arrest. But the most important aspect of the latest sentence is not his destiny. It is the contents: that he has anyway definitively ascertained how things will go with the “war of Segrate” that at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s saw Carlo De Benedetti’s CIR against Silvio Berlusconi’s Fininvest. For a complicated controversy of agreements and share packages, both the Ingegnere and the Cavaliere reckoned they were owners of Mondadori, the leading Italian editorial group that controlled, apart from the book sector, La Repubblica, l’Espresso, Panorama, Epoca and 15 local newspapers. Thus they allowed a decision to be taken by a super partes arbiter, who in 1990 – with the famous “lodo Mondadori” - assigned it to De Benedetti. Then Berlusconi turned the tables and took the lodo to the Court of Appeal in Rome. Here, with a judgement signed by the judge Vittorio Metta on 24 January 1991, nullified the lodo and handed Mondadori to Berlusconi. To the joy of Bettino Craxi, who thus extinguished the main voice of opposition to the CAF regime. Months later, Andreotti forced Berlusconi to give back a part of the ill-gotten prize (Espresso, Repubblica and local newspapers) to their rightful owner. Then, in 1995, thanks to Stefania Ariosto’s revelations, the Milan magistrates started to investigate the judgements bought by Previti and they discovered that Judge Metta’s judgement on Mondadori had been bought (like the one three months earlier signed by the same judge on Imi-Sir): the day after the verdict, Fininvest paid 3,000,000,000 lire to Previti who, going through two other Berlusconian lawyers got 400 million in cash to Metta. Who then stopped being a magistrate and became a lawyer and guess in whose firm he landed up in, to work with his daughter Sabrina? Well in Previti’s of course.

Berlusconi came out of the trial with the usual grimaldello: generic extenuating circumstances and a time out of the crime. Previti, Metta and the other two lawyers who were defendants (Pacifico and Acampora), however, were convicted for corruption.
But in the decision on appeal given on Friday by the Court of Cassation it is stated that the Cavaliere had full knowledge that the verdict was the object of commercialisation.
Of course the “payment to a corrupt judge is done in the interests and at the instigation of the corruptor”, that is the current leader of the opposition. Who for 17 years has been abusively controlling and using a publishing house and its newspapers to accumulate thousands of millions as well as political consensus. In a separate civil action, De Benedetti will ask for a reimbursement of 1,000,000,000 euro. The other evening at Rovigo, don Luigi Ciotti reminded us that in the most recent Finance Law, the government approved the extension of the sequestration of goods, that has up until now, been in place for mafia activity, also to those who are corrupted and those who corrupt. Perhaps it would be the right action to confiscate Mondadori from the one who in 1991, stole it. The story about the smell of money and the Cavaliere’s newspapers is a tale to be told to the Italians. But perhaps the second job is more difficult than the first. Tg5 with the new director Mimun, on Friday evening didn’t even give the news of the verdict. And il Corriere della Sera, il Messaggero, and La Stampa didn’t give the news on the front page. Basically Berlusconi has only stolen the top Italian publishing group from a competitor: that’s all.

Marco Travaglio

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The fatwa

Rutelli’s spokesperson whose job is Minister of Communications and whose name is Paolo Gentiloni has shown that he has robust attributes. He has replied to the 1000 emails from his employers who called him to order on his blog. And they asked him to apply the decisions of:

- the Constitutional Court

- the Council of State

- the European Court of Justice

against Rete 4 that has been abusively occupying the frequencies assigned to Europa 7.

Rete 4 is not any old network, it is the body for the political propaganda of the weak thinking of the psycho-dwarf.

Gentiloni’s response deserves to be read by the 200,000 daily visitors to this blog.

“ The excommunication.

Intense days for the Government and for the partito democratico. We will talk about it more calmly, perhaps on Sunday. Meanwhile, just an explanation for those who are surprised by the number of comments on the previous post, an enormous number for this blog. The cause is Beppe Grillo who issued me a sort of fatwa from his superblog.

The result of the excommunication: tens of thousands of “extraordinary” visitors to my blog, which is pleasing to me. But also hundreds of insults and curses. And that is not pleasing and makes me feel bitter. Above all because the “fatwa” fantastically calls me to account for two matters: the judicial measures against a blog (Ricca’s), that has obviously got nothing to do with me; and the “saving of Rete 4 to the detriment of Europa 7”, put into operation by the Berlusconi government with the Gasparri law, a law that I have proposed to Parliament that it should cancel.”

Gentiloni is there because he was Rutelli’s spokesperson when he was Mayor of Rome. From page (spokesperson) to count (minister).
I don’t want to get on my high horse. He does what he’s told by “er cicoria”.
But, however, he’s also the Minister of Communications of our country. So OK he’s got a choice. Either he ensures that the law is applied or he resigns.
No one has excommunicated you. No one has issued a “fatwa” against you.
Your language, dear cicoriano spokesperson, is the language of a political terrorist. That reduces democracy to silence as well as thousands of citizens by using labels. Do me a favour. Remove the link to my site from your blog.
A robust washing of hands about Rete 4, not even a word of solidarity, some action, for a citizen whose blog has been closed down.
Rete 4 and Ricca’s blog are communication tools. Did you know? Did Rutelli not tell you anything?
As a reminder I’m publishing the interview with Europa 7’s Di Stefano.


Continue to send your opinions and suggestions to the employee Gentiloni to his blog: .

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July 14, 2007

State ICT explained to the Russians

(estimates – thousands of Euro)

The scurrilous story of the portal, explained in detail on the site, scandaloitaliano, is just the tip of the iceberg. If you read the chart published by l'Espresso with hundreds of millions of euro spent on technology for the public administration, you will come to the conclusion that we are a people of saints, navigators and failed ICT personnel.
Who is getting this mass of money? And justified by what results?
The Internet applications can be seen and are disgusting.
A Russian citizen who has tackled the joyous war machine of the Public Administration sent me a letter that seems to me to have been written by Franz Kafka.

Dear sig. Grillo,

I would like to tell you about the sad experience that I have had while trying to renew my “permission to stay” with the new system that started up about 9 months ago. My name is Ilia T. and I am a Russian citizen that has been living and working in Padua for 7 years as an ICT engineer.

This year I’ve had to replace my “permission to stay” that was due to run out March 2007 and I had to use the new document renewal system for citizens coming from outside the European Union. It was well publicised by the government at the end of 2006. Half way through January 2007 I presented the pack of documents that I filled in at a post office and I paid the service charge of a good 72 euro (almost 5 times as much as the old system that cost me 14.62) . In exchange for my documents and my money I received a piece of paper with the code of my file and the PIN to used to access a Web portal developed by the Italian Post:

I accessed that site for the first time after a couple of weeks and I had the unpleasant surprise to find that, according to the Post Office, I made a mistake in filling out the form. To clear things up I made various attempts to call the telephone number indicated on the website, however I never had success until half way through April 2007 when all of a sudden when I called the number I managed to speak to a female operator in the call centre. The lady explained to me that the Post Office had a technical mishap, that my form had no mistakes and that in 2 weeks I would have found on the website the date when I would be called to the Questura.

Half way through May without having received any date for coming to the Questura I tried calling once more and I heard that my documents were blocked in a State archive in Naples and I was advised to go to the Questura to speed up the process.

At the Padua Questura they told me that they didn’t have any information about me and they advised me to phone the call centre of the Italian Post Office once more.

While talking to people there in the Questura I gathered that I’m not the only one to be in this situation and that there’s an infinite number of people obliged to wait more than 6 months to get their documents.

To sum up, I’ve written this letter in the evening of 2 June 2007, almost 6 months after sending the documents to the Interior Ministry. To get these documents I’ve paid a sum that is a good five times what I paid 2 years ago and as well I’ve had to fork out 17 euro for 210 telephone calls to the switchboard of the Italian Post Office. Nearly all of these telephone calls were answered by a voice mail that is not free.

Up until now, I have had no date to come to the Questura and I can’t even say precisely where my documents are located: in the post office, in Naples or in the Questura at Padua."

Ilia T.

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July 12, 2007

Clean Parliament at the Court of Cassation


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

On Tuesday I laid before the Court of Cassation a request for a popular law for a Clean Parliament together with the (wonderful) young people of the Rome MeetUp. From the Gazzetta Ufficiale:

in accordance with articles 7 and 48 of the law n. 352 dated 25 May 1970, it is announced that the Chancellery of the Supreme Court of Cassation on 10 July 2007 has accepted to the records and given notification of the declaration by 10 Italian citizens, bearing the required documents showing them to be in the electoral lists, to want to promote a proposed law based on a popular initiative, entitled: “Reform of the electoral law of the Lower House and the Upper House regarding the criteria for being a candidate and for being eligible, the cases for revoking and for removal from office and the way that voters express their preferences.”

The three points of the proposal are:
1 NO TO CONVICTED PARLIAMENTARIANS No to the 25 convicted parliamentarians in Parliament. No Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial.

2 TWO TERMS OF OFFICE. No to professional parliamentarians spending 20 to 30 years in Parliament. No Italian citizen can be elected to Parliament for more than 2 terms of office. The rule is valid retroactively.

3 DIRECT ELECTIONS No to parliamentarians chosen by party secretaries. Parliamentary candidates must be voted for by the citizens with direct preferences.

The request for a popular law will be accepted if there are at least 50,000 authenticated signatures. In the whole of Italy on 8 September there’ll be the collection of signatures organised by the Meetup Groups and by associations that want to give their support.

Don’t miss this opportunity to clean up Parliament.


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July 11, 2007

V as in Emilio Fede


Pull down the blinds on Piero Ricca!

Fede, Rete 4’s abusive operator with the permission of Gentiloni, the scribe of Rutelli who is the Minister of Communications and is not ensuring that the laws are applied, has put a block on Piero Ricca’s website.
Ricca is a citizen who shows his dissent publicly. He has even done this with Fede who spat on his head. Luckily without consequences, partly because the false teeth stayed in place. In fact, Fede’s DNA contains berluschite that causes arse licking and servility
Ricca has denounced the spitter. Fede has brought an action against Ricca.
The abuser can spread the word of his master, those who are without a master need a muzzle.
People like Ricca cause fear, not because they are terrorists, but exactly the opposite.
An informed citizen who bad mouths the powerful in public is a bad example. If people were to imitate him, many people would have to leave the country.
I’m publishing Ricca’s appeal from his blog and the interview with Francesco Di Stefano, the legitimate owner of the frequencies occupied by Rete 4, as laid down by the Constitutional Court, the Council of State and the European Court of Justice.


The only ones missing are the United Nations and the employee Gentiloni to whom I ask you to send an email to ask that he respects the law: or by leaving a comment on his blog:

"I am Piero Ricca.

DEAR FRIENDS, I CANNOT UPDATE THE BLOG. It has been closed by an act of the Rome Prosecutors’ office, a “preventative removal” that I was notified of at 2:00pm today by two officers of the Finance Police of the “special unit against ICT frauds” who came from Rome. The action has happened as a result of an action for defamation presented by Emilio Fede against myself for the famous confrontation at the Press Circle. With the same measure they have deleted one of my posts relating to the Fede affair and the related comments. For technical reasons, they have not been able to remove the video from YouTube.
Naturally I will immediately ask for the reversal of the action. In the meantime I can just write these lines here. In a short while, I will send a communication to the sites of friends, and I’m asking you now to distribute it.
With Fede there’ll be an encounter in the tribunal, perhaps even in front of one of the magistrates who has been defamed and spied upon during the years of the government of his employer.
And we will continue to criticise him and those like him in public places, in new displays of dissent.
No one will manage to remove the freedom of expression from me and from the friends of Qui Milano Libera and of the blog: this is certain.
Thanks to all.” See you soon. Piero
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V as in Previti

photo by atelierfederico

After Socrates there’s him. He’s a former patrimony of Parliament. He’s called Previti. The Election Committee for the Lower House has pronounced that he must be exiled from Montecitorio. Di Pietro offered him hemlock, but he chose a good cigar.

His defenders have poured out the most noble of words for him, completely suitable for one who corrupts judges. The former communist Sandro Bondi has denounced “the political decision, on justice grounds”. The former P2 member Cicchitto has talked about “lightning speed” (after 13 months…), and of “vendetta” and “human sacrifices”. Even Pecorella came out with: “It’s a political act in contrast to common sense and justice”
There was a high level of self defence of the 14,000 euro as a deputy by Cesare:
“If you follow the law your sentence is just, otherwise you too will be added to the throng of my persecutors, who managed to send me to prison.” Eleven deputies, among whom are Maroni who cried from the emotion, have listened to his shout of anguish and voted against. Their names deserve to be cited and each of them should receive an email of comment from the citizens.

6. GAMBA Pierfrancesco Emilio Romano ( ALLEANZA NAZIONALE )
7. GARDINI Elisabetta ( FORZA ITALIA )
10. BARBIERI Emerenzio ( UDC )
11. DELFINO Teresio ( UDC )

Make up of the Election Committee
Minutes of the Election Committee meeting

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July 10, 2007

Released on Bail


Il Corriere di Bologna has reported the news (*) of my arrest. I would like to deny this, at least for the time being. The photo of my arrest is obviously a photomontage. I am more handsome. The article that explains the reason for the handcuffs as being my statements against the Biagi law, is very convincing. I have read it to my family and they agree with the journalist. They wanted to hand me over.
It takes very little for a tall story to become the truth. It’s enough that the one in charge in this country wants it. Today you are a citizen, tomorrow a subversive, a terrorist. He who has the media is the one who gives orders and explains to us that the laws like the Treu and the Biagi ones are good for young people. The same who see their pensions with binoculars. Big step or little step.
I’m publishing another letter from "Schiavi Moderni". We’ve had 120,000 copies downloaded. Give a copy to your employer.
(*) It is clearly a false creation by the author.

Three degrees of hire
Dear all,
I would like to shine a light on another aspect that the various labour market reforms have brought out. I got my degree at age 24 with good grades. The various short term contracts on placement and on projects have meant that my professionalism has radically changed: from the psychology degree now I have ended up doing application programmes for a big multinational…. I still haven’t really understood how it came about, but as I didn’t find work as a psychologist I have “recycled” myself into something that gets paid.
The special think is the type of contract that I’m involved with: the tiny company that I work for has hired me (called body rental) to an intermediary that is in the ICT business in my city. In turn, this company gives me to a big multinational, but not directly, but through another company that deals with the personnel of the multinational… I’m not sure if that’s clear: Let’s say that I earn 1 unit, my company to hire me out earns 3, if we keep that proportion unchanged, the first company to give 3 gets 9 and the second company to give 9 gets 27 from the multinational.
So I say, if I get 1 and they get 27, is there a logic to it? I believe there isn’t.
It doesn’t make sense that on my limited competence, they are making such commercial figures. That way they are paying for so many company cars and are speculating on a few days of sickness, that logically is not paid to me!
There’s something perverse and I’ve found myself in this mesh without even understanding how, without being able to choose, because if I had said “no” my tiny company would have let me stay home. Because there’s not enough work inside the company to keep us all occupied. So flexibility is welcome if it is designed to give us all work, but not with such absurd gaps between employer and worker.”
V. B. 22.02.2006 10:37

PS Download the book: "Schiavi Moderni"

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July 09, 2007

Ghino di Tacco’s Motorways

Ghino di Tacco

The Court of Cassation (third and last level of judgment in Italy) has sentenced a motorist to 8 months in prison and 1000 euro because he went through a pay station reserved for those who possess a Viacard without having subscribed to Viacard. At the first trial he was found not guilty, then, given the seriousness of the crime, it was considered necessary to go on and take the case to an appeal at the Court of Cassation. Both lost.
Hit out at one, implacably, with prison, to educate a hundred.
I’m asking the convicted gentleman to send me the judicial documents with the reasoning for the conviction. I would like to publish them.
No magistrate is intervening on Telepass that eliminates the costs of the cashier, and gets the money into the current account of the motorway concessionaire straight away.
And in the meantime the costs for the motorists increase, it is in fact a service that is paid for. If the Telepass reduces the costs to the concessionaires and increases those of the user, how are we to define the concessionaires? Is there an appropriate term in the civil code or in the criminal code? The industrial revolution, with the mass production of goods, lowered the costs of products. The Italian-style informatics revolution cuts the costs of labour and increases the prices of the services. The Telepass should be free, at least that.
Our motorways are a timeless building site, from January to December. How many fatal accidents have happened because of work being carried out? Has any concessionaire ever paid out? If a motorway has 3 lanes, why don’t they reduce the toll if it becomes just a single one because of maintenance work?
And why is there not a refund if because of the concessionaire you have to queue for 20 kilometres? The concessionaires have good lawyers and great lobbies. The citizen, if all goes well, his salary. That’s why it’s him that finishes up behind bars.

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July 08, 2007

Garzòn y los spiones

photo by el Pais

Berlusconi on Berluscagate: “I didn’t know anything, but the secret dossiers taken away (from Sismi) have nothing illicit in them.” To be able to state that he must have read them all. Even the one about the Spanish judge Garzòn, the magistrate of the Telecinco operation for which the psycho-dwarf is accused of tax crimes.
An international judicial gossip, a relaxing read. Of course the judges are all communists, even those on the Right if they apply the laws.
To check up on something or other, Mastella proposes a Committee of inquiry. Is it not sufficient to have the word of the CSM {Magistrates Supreme Council} to clean out the place?
For the sake of equality however, Mastella’s Udeur would like Casini as the president of the committee. A Mastè, are you taking us all for a ride?
Fini replies by saying that an intervention from Copaco, {Parliamentary committee for controlling the Secret Services). The president of Copaco is Claudio Scajola of Forza Italia.
Let’s not waste time, if we want a true investigation committee let’s do a random selection of citizens with a clean record. Otherwise, let the government nominate three wise men, and let them sort it out: Previti, Dell’Utri and Confalonieri.
Lenzi, a judge in Bologna has sent me this letter:

Dear Beppe,
There was a time when behind every criminal happening the shadow of the Secret Services. It was explained to us that it was a question of untrue services.
The argument was partially calming and it has taken us a bit to understand that services that are untrue and services that are uncovered are the same thing.
Now it’s been discovered that the whole of Sismi (the one that should be dealing with terrorism) was spying on 200 magistrates and the odd politician who could not be trusted.
Cossiga admits that the episode would be regrettable, but what he finds really intolerable is that the CSM has dared to denounce the fact as though it were a definitive judgement. It is a rare and flatteringly event when Cossiga intervenes to preserve the prerogative of the magistracy against a constitutional body.
Unfortunately, it’s not always like that: It doesn’t seem to me that Visco’s faults have had a final judgement, and yet the opposition is demanding his resignation with a loud voice. While in the majority, more politely, they are asking him to take a step back.
The faults of Previti are there, but he is still a deputy because, as Bertinotti has patiently explained to Beppe Grillo, and with uncertain results to Valeria Marini – the Chamber is not a monarchy.
However, it would be enough to have a Republic that is barely normal to be able to grace with laws that establish the ineligibility of convicts.
Is it too much to ask the parliamentarians of the majority if there is one that is willing to present at least a proposed law on this? Could we at least count the dissidents and evaluate the nobility of the arguments, just like is done in democracies.
Why did we have to wait for the Constitutional Court for the sweeping away o flaws that even you yourselves have defined shameful-laws and that you were committed to eliminate straight away?
Why is the conflict of interests no longer a priority, and after each sighting, disappears like the Loch Ness Monster that no one knows if it really exists?
Why do we have to kill ourselves today - with the problems that this country has – on the organisation of judges and on that Castelli law about which you were committed to simple draw a line through?
And why do you have to delegate just to the magistracy the checking up on facts that you can and should do for yourselves? Criminal and political responsibilities are different things. It’s not possible to stay inert waiting for the duration of trails and then bury everything under a predictable and salutary prescrizione {time-out}and has been done with Andreotti and (6 times) with Berlusconi. Those people with the prescrizione have saved themselves from prison not from dishonour.
And to go back to the secret services, why is no one asking for the resignation of Pollari and of Pio Pompa form the prestigious positions assigned to them after this and other great services they have done for our democracy?
Do one of these things, and I on my part will commit to requesting once more the electoral certificate that I tore up after the pardon.”
Norberto Lenzi

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July 07, 2007

The K2 of the Telecom Shareholder

photo by XanaduAsia

Telecom shares are worth a bit more than 2 euro. The Piave line, the K2 of the analysts, is about to be breached. After that there’s the unknown. It’s nothing new. When Tronchetti demanded and got 2.9 euro per share, it was known to be an “ad personam” value. To get rid of him with a golden handshake.
The industrial forecast for the share was between 1.5 and 1.7 euro. A valuation with the game frozen, in the absence of interventions, if nothing were to happen. The directors Buora, Ruggiero and Pistorio who for years have added their signatures to the destruction of the value of Telecom, are still there.
With mega salaries and stock options. Tronchetti left and left his own men in charge. Was it worth it?
Telecom reminds me of the Alitalia of a few years ago. With the Milano-Roma route at selective pricing, at the cost of a flight to New York or Tokyo.
I’m publishing one of the loads of letters about the umpteenth “pizzo”.

Greetings Beppe,
I’m writing to you about something that has happened to me and many others that has made me want to swear. I am attaching a copy of the email from the company that supplies me with the ADSL service.
They tell me that, thanks to the stupendous Italian laws regarding competition and the protection of the consumer, from next month I will be obliged to pay an extra 12 euro a month for the ADSL.
Really Telecom “no longer a monopoly” is in a certain way asking for a “pizzo”
and those like me who have done everything to avoid paying the Telecom line rental, and now is obliged to pay an extra 12 euro a month just because the ADSL is not based on a line from which Telecom can get the line rental directly.
I find all this a disgrace and the bad thing is that they don’t give us the chance to choose. I am really ashamed of living in this country each day that passes and these things don’t help. Just have a look at this. I know that it is utopian to think that something can be done and as usual we have to keep our heads down and find the money.”

PS To get your head up, take part in V-day and print out the flyer!

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Given that:
- The CSM {magistrates' governing body} has denounced SISMI {Military Intelligence and Security Service} for having spied on the prosecutors of the Republic of Milan, Rome, Turin and Palermo, surveilling the initiatives of 47 Italian magistrates with the intention of intimidating and discrediting them with actions “even traumatic” and furthermore, spying on 156 European magistrates.
- Among the magistrates spied upon, some were engaged in trials that involved leading members of the Centre Right
- Among the magistrates spied upon are Bruti Liberati, Colombo, D’Ambrosio, Ingroia, Caselli, Bocassini, Davigo, Greco, and Paciotti ...
- the denunciation was voted on with unanimity and the contents confirmed, by the President of the Republic, in his position as the President of the CSM.
- the denunciation of the CSM says that SISMI carried out a task that was “outside its role and competencies” as it should have “watched over the integrity of the State and not guaranteed the stability of the contingent government”
- SISMI, the Military Intelligence and Security Service reports directly to the Ministry of the Defence which is responsible for its organisation and activities on the basis of the directives given by the President of the Council.
- SISMI carried out this illegal activity from 2001 to 2006 during the Berlusconi government
- The head of SISMI was Nicolò Pollari, Minister of Defence, Antonio Martino and President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi all the same.
- the CSM got sun stroke
- Pollari, Martino and Berlusconi are involved in the most serious act of subversion against democracy in Italy

In comparison, Watergate was a Nixon silliness, stealing the sweets from the children. The scandal broke then thanks to the reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post. In Italy it has needed the CSM.
And no senator or deputy, apart from a couple, has done anything. Anyway, Pollari has defended himself on the psycho-dwarf’s Tg5: “Never done any illicit activity”.
Today parliament is quiet. A beautiful July day waiting for the holidays, before gagging the judges with the new Ceppalonia law and forbidding the publication of the intercepts of politicians.
In dictatorships we know who we are up against, in the Italian pseudo-democracy, not even that.

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July 05, 2007

Milan the Thief

Once upon a time there was Rome the Thief. After that the virus has spread out to the whole of Italy. The federalism of the loot has broken through into the towns, Provinces and Regions.
The journalist Sansa, co-author, with his colleague Offeddu (of il Corriere della Sera) of the book: “Milano da morire” {Milan for death}, has given an interview for the blog about people taken on by the Milan local authority.
That city, formerly the moral capital, with the mayor Moratti, democratically elected thanks to the election contribution of 6 million euro donated by her
Cip6 oil baron husband Gianmarco Moratti. A small turning round of the money coming in from our Enel electricity bills.
Sansa, with documents in his hand, states that Ms Moratti has taken on 63 external people for the administration, of whom 49 as directors.
According to article 110 of the unified text, the contracts with external directors must not be more than 5% of the total. In Milan they are 25% of the total.
Sansa says that the cost of the magnificent 63 externals is NINE MILLION euro a month. The Court of Accounts and the Milan Prosecutors Office are investigating.
And the CVs of the 63 Moratti-ites? Very respectable.
Listen to Sansa: “There’s one who talks about experience in the scouts and has a salary of 108,870 euro. There’s the one who has been an assistant to a parliamentarian then head of the cabinet of a cabinet member for social policies in Milan, 149,280 euro.”
Milan cannot accept to be second to anyone. The Lega knows that better than everyone. Rome is a big thief but Milan does not forgive. If this is the hors d’oeuvre of fiscal federalism, the next dish is bankruptcy.

P.S. A blogger did a V sign with two fingers apart on TV. If you get the chance, you do it too. Our employees will not understand, but we will.

Participate in V-day.

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July 04, 2007

The procedural question

photo by Caroline Peacock

Fausto Bertinotti has responded to my post about the abusive presence of Previti in Parliament. To understand his letter I’ve asked my lawyers for help. After a long consultation they have explained that Bertinotti cannot do anything and that we have to keep and pay Previti as a deputy for a long time yet.
I note that the moral issue has become the procedural issue. Nothing can be done against the procedures. If they exist there’ll be a reason.
If no authority can prevent a convict like Previti to be a deputy or prevent parliamentarians like Vito and Pomicino to be elected to the Antimafia commission, dear Fausto, then the institutions have failed. This has to be recognised.

Dear Grillo,
I read the post on your blog talking about me on 29 June. For my part, I would like to try to respond to the issues that you have raised that relate to my responsibility.
I don’t expect to convince anyone to have a different take on politics, I would just like to call to mind that the Chamber of Deputies, luckily, is not organised like an absolute monarchy but according to the model of a State based on the rule of law.
Here there is the principle of the division of powers and of the subdivision of responsibility and every power, starting from the President, is subject to the discipline of rules, norms and the interpretation of these, according to a doctrine that is based on precedent so as to produce a consolidated tradition that inspires the behaviour.
The logic is clear: abuses are to be avoided, as are unlawful actions, discretion in exercising power and together the dictatorship of the majority.
The question of ineligibility, and of the forfeiture of the position is regulated by law.
This says that, if the conditions are to be met, there must be a criminal conviction followed by the imposition of the sanctions that are secondary to the prevention from holding public office and the consequent loss of the right to be one of the electorate, with the cancellation from the list of voters in the place of residence.
None of the current parliamentarians is in this situation, except for deputy Previti for whom the procedure has been started. The proclamation of the removal of a parliamentarian is in turn regulated by regulations internal to the institution.
This gives the Election Committee the instruction to proceed so as to get a proposal, with unanimity or with a majority, to be put to the Assembly. The decision is put to the Assembly who vote on the proposal of the committee.
It can also happen, as it has recently happened in relation to a proposal put forward with unanimity by the Committee relating to the stripping of their seats of two parliamentarians for incompatibility with other roles, that the Assembly threw out. What cannot happen however is that the President of the Chamber decides or is responsible for the decision. The proposal comes from the Election Committee, the Assembly decides.
In the case of deputy Previti, after a long procedure, the Election Committee ascertained in a meeting on 29 May 2007, a situation of ineligibility, and decided to contest his election.
On 9 July, in applying the rules of the Committee that fix the time frames, a public sitting has been called to examine the contestation so that the parts may have a cross-examination of the witnesses, the Committee goes back to have another meeting, uninterruptedly, to discuss the proposals to put before the Assembly.
I ask, in turn, with current laws and rules, what is the critical point that is raised? What else should be done?
It’s possible to criticise the length of time of the procedures, but because judicial proceedings go on for a long time, are there those who blame the President of the Republic as he is President of the CSM {magistrates' governing body}?
Certainly, there is a problem, but I believe, it is before the entry into parliament as elected deputies. If I can express a personal opinion, not connected to my current function, I confirm in what I have had occasion to say in past elections, when I have faced them as director of a party.
The parties should come together to decide to exclude from their lists according to a principle of political and not judicial responsibility those who are convicted or even on trial for crimes that are socially dangerous.
What I think is a mistake would be the substitution of a political moralising will, that can be shown in the chosen behaviour like the production of adequate laws, with authoritative interventions, that are anyway not permitted by the laws and the regulations.
I wanted to give an answer to your considerations and perhaps I have gone on too long, thus taking advantage of your attention and that of the readers of the blog. However I would like to add at least one thing. We are faced with big and difficult problems. According to me, there is a serious political crisis and a separateness of the Institutions from the real country.
There is a creeping crisis with democracy in the whole of Europe and in Italy, with specific characteristics. I think that only with a renaissance of politics as a project of society and as organisation of participation can be an adequate response.
But anyway, each person must do their bit and be subject to the judgement of the population. Even on the matter of the costs of politics, to which you also refer.
On this topic, the Presidency of the Senate and of the Chamber is at work, in collaboration with the Colleges of Quaestors, to rapidly define common proposals.
All interested parties will be involved. Then there will be a proposal of an intervention to correct distortions and make the institutions more convincing.
There shouldn’t be a long to wait.
Coming up on 9 July, in agreement with the Presidency of the Senate, the respective offices of the Presidents will be called to come up with proposals for reducing the spending connected to the exercise of the parliamentary mandate. The merit of the proposals can be evaluated and criticised. But it’s not possible to denounce immobility.
Going beyond every individual question, more generally - and as far as I am concerned – I just want to continue to be able to respond for my actions and my responsibilities with complete awareness, as always.”

Fausto Bertinotti

Participate in Vaffanculo Day!

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July 03, 2007

Double work


Whoever has a profession normally dedicates all his time, energies and thoughts to it. A plumber who is also, who knows, the president of the bowls club, should first of all mend the pipes. Not go off playing or bowling leaving the washing machine in pieces.
A true Minister doesn’t have a single second to dedicate to the party. As it’s more pleasant to receive party officials in his Ministry. Political appearances to the right and left. Declarations about the philosophicalpoliticalconstitutional human bank of knowledge.
The work of a Minister is fundamental for the country. They shouldn’t even be allowed to go to the bog.
To be a Minister and a politician at the same time is humanly impossible. The Italians expect the Ministers to govern the country, not to go round collecting consensus for current and future armchairs. The Ministers must stop being a reservoir of votes. It’s a perfectly normal conflict of interests. You can’t serve Country and Party. Leaving aside discussions of competence, for example, what’s the connection between Mastella and the Ministry of Justice?
Whoever becomes a Minister must temporarily step down from the Party. A blind trust politician. And dedicate himself full time to his job. For his pride, if he has any, and for us who are paying him dearly. Today, if all goes well, the political ministers are working part-time, and they also get paid over-time.

P.S. If you meet a convicted parliamentarian give him a sign of greeting. A V with two fingers apart. He’ll think of victory. You know it’s something else.

Participate in Vaffanculo Day!

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July 02, 2007

Let’s Disinfect Parliament


08 September is the day to liberate ourselves from abusive parliamentarians. If we don’t give them a hand, on their own they won’t manage to get out of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama. They are giving their all, and would like to contribute to the development of the country.
And enter into the third republic after undoing the second and the first. After scraping the barrel, they have re-exhumed Veltroni, “homo novus”. Ten years ago he was vice president of the Council in the first Prodi government.
When Blair was installed as Prime Minister in Downing Street, Our employees have to keep a family and the strong powers keep their employees by their balls. It’s a justifiable situation.
On September 8 I will start an initiative of a popular law with three points to disinfect parliament.

FIRST: No citizen can be a candidate if convicted or on trial.

SECOND: No Italian citizen can be elected for more than 2 legislatures. A rule that has retroactive validity.

THIRD: Candidates must be voted by citizens with direct preference.

I will send an email to every deputy and every senator with a request to sign up to these three points, or to reject them. I will publish the replies if there are any. Silence is dissent. Today I’m publishing the whole video of my speech in the European Parliament.

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July 01, 2007

Information and Liberation


Mika Brzezinski, presenter of the MSNBC network show called Morning Joe has demonstrated that she is a journalist.
On live TV she refused to give the release from prison of Paris Hilton as the top news story. She apologised in the name of the network to the three million viewers: “I have to apologise for our opening news item. I hate this story. I don’t believe it should be our top story.”
She then tried to burn the sheet of paper with the news item. She didn’t manage it and so she put it through the shredder.
Mika became the news item. A free journalist is a world event. It’s like Spartacus who rebelled against the Romans or Braveheart against the English. A million hits in a few hours for the refusal video on YouTube.
Mika should be a guest in Italy to teach journalism. I’ll invite her.
With us the important news item is not what’s important but the news item that’s important for berlusconidalemaprodimontezemolodebenedetticasini. As Frassica
said: What is beautiful is not beautiful, but how beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful!”
It’s a fruit salad of bent backs, of zealous servants, of well paid deceived people, off half busts without balls, of voluntary slaves.
The actors are in front of our eyes in each news broadcast. I’m talking about a disgusting thing about the death of Federico Aldrovandi. A few days ago, the 4 police officers who stopped him and massacred him were sent for trial. Ten seconds of in-depth news on the TV news. TENSECONDS. In the same programme, minutes and minutes devoted to the broken dreams of Anna Falchi and Ricucci.
Journalists can no longer pretend nothing’s happening. The Internet is spitting at them every day that goes by. Let them take a step forward. They’ll probably lose their salary, but they’ll no longer lose face.

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Fausto Previnotti


photo by metaphotos

Bertinotti and Previti live together in the same chamber. One is the president and the other is a parliamentarian. One should throw him out, the other isn’t batting an eyelid. They are the new DICO {civil partnership} of politics.
We are the ones giving him his payments.
Previnotti has declared about Cesarone: “Cesare Previti either stops being a parliamentarian or he stays in post”. Furthermore, he pointed out that the hypothesis of a suspension of his parliamentary mandate seems in contrast with the general principles of the constitutional system and with the rules.
And Bertinò, what’s he saying?
Previti has been sentenced to 6 years for corrupting judges and is prevented for ever from holding public office. For more than a year he has been an abusive deputy. In all this time, Previnotti has not found a way to throw him out.
And Bertinò, what’s he doing?
Previnotti wants the reduction of the costs of politics, he states this using direct and popular language on the topic of the collaboration between the two branches of parliament: “At the last in the joint convocation of the respective offices of the Presidency to face up to the topic of reducing the costs of politics, but also today when signing this protocol that sees involved subjects that are so different in their belonging to the majority and the opposition.
A protocol that indicates an important step in the sense of that simplification that is requested by the country and is a witness to those directed institutional reforms that are necessary starting from the bi-chamber-ism that today has become imperfect, passing on to the election law, but also placing a hand on the topic of reducing the costs of politics.”
You talk to me (and Bertinò talks like he eats) of the cost of politics and we are paying a convict to make laws? Previnotti has become the chamberlain of the Chamber. It hardly matters to him whether its flowing over with convicts. He is “super partes”, they are all his children.
Previnotti has already reached pension age, let him flee together with Previti to some fiscal paradise. The deputies, orphans would not appreciate it, the Italians would do “ola”.
PS “Io preferisco pronunciarmi ex ante piuttosto che ex post, e siccome non mi è dato di pronunciarmi ex ante non lo faccio nemmeno ex post.” {I prefer to talk “ex ante” rather than “ex post” and since I can’t talk “ex ante” I won’t even do that “ex post”.) a Previnotti quote in Wikipedia.

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