Nuclear Enel

Enel buys pages in the International daily newspapers to do advertising. Guess who pays?

Before answering, close your eyes, concentrate and count to three. If the reply is: “Me through my utility bill”, you are one of the millions of Italians who have financed the advertising appearing in The Financial Times.
The image was suggested directly by Bin Laden. The two skyscrapers are without the shadow of a doubt, a photo of the Twin Towers snapped on 10 September 2001.
Enel in the text of the advert, written by Rutelli, the one who did the international video: “pliiis visits pliiis ourcaountri”, says two important things.

“Our strength comes from facts: in 2006, our net profit hit 3 billion euros”.
A strength based on the de facto monopoly in Italy. Enel gains and the ones who lose are the families, the companies and the competitiveness of the country. Enel is better than Robin Hood, it takes from the users to fatten up its balance sheet.
“As a company, we strongly believe in economic, social environmental responsibility”. This is why it invests in nuclear power stations going back to the time of the cold war. The opinion of Greenpeace:
“Greenpeace is strongly against Enel’s nuclear investments at Mochovce where two soviet rectors designed in the 1970s are to be completed, without a layer that protects from external events. Greenpeace is also opposing the soviet nuclear project at Belene in Bulgaria, in a seismic zone. Two operations that will cost more than all Enel’s investments in renewable sources, an embarrassing record.”

Now that Enel has a balance sheet of thousands of millions thanks to our utility bills and it is going round the world to tell people, it makes my blood boil. But the fact that they are using our money to buy two antiquated nuclear reactors instead of investing in renewables is a crime against future generations.
The Minister of the Economy is the main shareholder of Enel. Let Padoa Schioppa (email) intervene, at least for the sake of his grandchildren.


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Schi,etti's magnetic wind power station
[In the drawing you can see a magnetic wind power station obtained from an ordinary wind turbine modified to work uninterruptedly all day long by means of permanent magnets. At the end of the blades you need to place neodymium magnets with opposite polarity (or attracting according to the direction of rotation, the functioning is the same). The size of magnets must be experimentally calculated until the breaking of inertia]

The easiest way is the self-construction of a magnetic wind power station. Since it doesn’t require force of gravity, fuels, particular weather conditions or external interventions, the magnetic wind power station is perfect for space ships too.

You need to buy an ordinary small wind turbine and change it a little bit. You need to replace the blades with ordinary bars of aluminium, wood or any other light material, resistant and which doesn’t not resist to air.

At the end of the blades you need to place some magnets. Around the flaps, on the outside, you need to place a wheel of magnets of opposite polarity. Neodymium is a good magnet.

By increasing the circle diameter you’ll inevitably reach the inertia break point, thus the magnets, whatever their power, will manage to move the blades, maybe of just a bunch of millimetres.

The station produces power 24 hours per day and it pays back in about 6 months.

This link has a very good video showing some details, included that about oblique magnets which repel and generate a movement which is useful only when the threshold of inertia is crossed:

Free Energy Using Magnets

Permanent magnets usually are heavy metals and need screening to avoid radiations.

We do not suggest engines with low radioactivity big-size permanent magnets until in depth studies are carried put about their possible side effects.

Schi,etti's Serpentine: free water and energy for everyone by the year 2010, as promised!

Posted by: Henry Tower | August 10, 2007 11:57 AM

ENEL has always looked for an excuse to build an ass-backwards nuclear plant.

It all started with the big blackout of September 2003 when 56 million people were wondering whose fault was it that there was no power. WE STILL DON'T KNOW TO THIS DAY!

One thing is for certain...we have the highest electric bills in Eurolandia!



Posted by: Pasquale Ciccarello | July 19, 2007 04:23 PM

I sent a message to On.le Schioppa.
let's wait for his answer
is there any official petition on line to manifestate against?


Posted by: Gabriella Ti | July 19, 2007 11:18 AM

On one hand, based on the current Italian price of a solar KW-hour paid to a home-producer, 1 Kw solar panels (that cost about 7KEuro to install) will pay back the initial investment after some more than 10 years.

On the other hand it is quite certain that any investment in a nuclear plant will never pay back (did anybody ever tell you about the cost of safely disposing the radioactive waste produced by a nuclear plant?).

There is no economic sense in any nuclear investment. Unless you plan to charge the cost of disposal of nuclear waste to future generations (they can not complain, they have not even been born).

Posted by: Luca Cellai | July 19, 2007 08:18 AM

Why do you write in the English section, I wonder?
I just found it because I am on a computer with English language settings.
Strange things happen on the web

Posted by: Claudia Favero | July 19, 2007 07:21 AM

What do we expect from our actual politicians?
They are even multitasking!
They steal and invest the money (not the money that they steal) in obsolete structures.
Not even my dog could do that.
Then what?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | July 19, 2007 03:21 AM

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