Fausto Previnotti


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Bertinotti and Previti live together in the same chamber. One is the president and the other is a parliamentarian. One should throw him out, the other isn’t batting an eyelid. They are the new DICO {civil partnership} of politics.
We are the ones giving him his payments.
Previnotti has declared about Cesarone: “Cesare Previti either stops being a parliamentarian or he stays in post”. Furthermore, he pointed out that the hypothesis of a suspension of his parliamentary mandate seems in contrast with the general principles of the constitutional system and with the rules.
And Bertinò, what’s he saying?
Previti has been sentenced to 6 years for corrupting judges and is prevented for ever from holding public office. For more than a year he has been an abusive deputy. In all this time, Previnotti has not found a way to throw him out.
And Bertinò, what’s he doing?
Previnotti wants the reduction of the costs of politics, he states this using direct and popular language on the topic of the collaboration between the two branches of parliament: “At the last in the joint convocation of the respective offices of the Presidency to face up to the topic of reducing the costs of politics, but also today when signing this protocol that sees involved subjects that are so different in their belonging to the majority and the opposition.
A protocol that indicates an important step in the sense of that simplification that is requested by the country and is a witness to those directed institutional reforms that are necessary starting from the bi-chamber-ism that today has become imperfect, passing on to the election law, but also placing a hand on the topic of reducing the costs of politics.”
You talk to me (and Bertinò talks like he eats) of the cost of politics and we are paying a convict to make laws? Previnotti has become the chamberlain of the Chamber. It hardly matters to him whether its flowing over with convicts. He is “super partes”, they are all his children.
Previnotti has already reached pension age, let him flee together with Previti to some fiscal paradise. The deputies, orphans would not appreciate it, the Italians would do “ola”.
PS “Io preferisco pronunciarmi ex ante piuttosto che ex post, e siccome non mi è dato di pronunciarmi ex ante non lo faccio nemmeno ex post.” {I prefer to talk “ex ante” rather than “ex post” and since I can’t talk “ex ante” I won’t even do that “ex post”.) a Previnotti quote in Wikipedia.

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Dear Beppe
At Pisa airport on the 28/06/2007 due to my wife forgetting the euros at home I went to the desk of FOREXCHANGE in the main lounge Arrivals - Departures, (apparently this firm has a desk in most airports), to get some euros in order to have a snack and catch the train to Genova.

Apart Frome a fixed charge of 3.9 euro per transaction and contrary to what the board showing the currencies said, I was charged an obscene 11.5% on top, resulting that with £ 50 I received euro 54.20.

When I complained I was told that complaint of this kind are the norm and unfortunately they could not help me. I felt mugged. All I can say to fellow travellers, remember the name of the Currency Exchange agency if you don't want to get robbed like I did.

Posted by: Diego Breuer | July 7, 2007 06:46 PM

Somewhere I read it and it sounds very explicitly like the last beach!
AVE o Mr. Veltroni!
AVE o Mr. Veltroni!
AVE o Mr. Veltroni!
Now let’s see what happen!
Meanwhile the bookies in Vegas have the odds on Mr. Prodi’s Government at 1/15th to survive the summer!
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | July 1, 2007 12:22 PM

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