Go for it Clementina!

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Clemente Mastella, Minister of Caste and Justice, to Romano Prodi:
" Dear Romano, if Di Pietro thinks that our colleagues in the government have had criminal attitudes, he should resign".
Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic coming from the Ds, to the Superior Council of the Magistracy:
"I’m reminding everyone not to put into trial documents, opinions and references that are not pertinent".
These will never let themselves go on trial. Never ever. The Forza Ds cartel has the control of Parliament.

Go for it Clementina!
I’m publishing a piece by Marco Travaglio.

"Even the President of the Republic of Untouchable Mandarins, in front of the CSM, wanted to give his beating to gip Clementina Forleo, guilty of “opinions that are not pertinent and excessive”, that is of striking at the majesty of six parliamentarians who two summers ago made takeover bids for banks and publishing houses in cahoots with neighbourhood wide-boys and they told each other of the telephone intercepts that were being carried out (since D’Alema is very intelligent, he telephoned to tell Consorte about the intercepts on his telephone).
According to Napolitano, with this “leaking of information” public opinion was disorientated. In fact, it is exactly thanks to judge Forleo and the newspapers that published her orders, that public opinion has understood everything very well. And that what is “not pertinent and excessive” is the behaviour of the politicians attempting takeover bids, not that of the judges who discovered them and put them on trial.
And that the true leaking of news is that by those who told the politicians and the wide boys that they were being intercepted, thus ruining the investigations at the crucial time, and certainly not the newspapers who are publishing documents that are not secret, that is public documents.
Napolitano, as well as Marini and Bertinotti, presidents of the Parliament of the investigated and the convicted, is like the so-called Minister of Justice, Mastella, alarmed at the publication of the orders of Forleo before these reached Parliament. Perhaps his very costly staff (the Quirinale costs five times as much as Buckingham Palace) forgot to explain to him how these things happen: given that in 2003, the law obliged the judges to ask the permission of Parliament to use telephone intercepts in which there is the voice of a Parliamentarian, the gip Forleo asked for that permission with two special orders. And in accordance with the law, these were laid before the chancellery of the Tribunal last Friday, available to those who are under investigation and their lawyers. From that moment the orders ceased to be secret. The lawyers have copied them and without committing any crime, they passed them to the journalists. The journalists, without committing any crime, have told the citizens about them.
No violation of secrets. No leaking of news. So what are the highest positions in the State talking about? Is it possible that they have nothing to say about the honourable D’Alema, Fassino, Latorre, Cicu, Comincioli and Grillo (Luigi) who were attempting to takeover banks by abusing their power, in the face of their own electorate?
Is it possible that every time the thermometer indicates a fever and the doctor diagnoses an illness, the top people get angry with the thermometer and with the doctor?
Anyway, if Clementina Forleo and her colleagues in future, want to avoid being massacred by the politicians of the caste, rather of the clan, they know what they have to do.
1) Never intercept a delinquent VIP, so as to avoid the risk of them talking to a politician.
2) If however, an intercept gets away and there's the voice of a politician talking to some scoundrel, pretend that you don’t recognise them.
3) If the worker transcribing the telephone conversations still recognises the voices of politicians, throw the stuff away and change the worker.
4) If the crimes go back to two years earlier, even if the time-limit has still not run out, burn everything because – as D’Alema and Prodi say - “anyway it’s old stuff”.
5) If the Prosecution insists on asking for the telephone calls to be sent to Parliament, don’t explain in the order why these are criminally relevant, or better still, say that it’s all a load of rubbish and beg the Houses of Parliament to deny the authorisation.
6) Never lay the orders before the defence lawyers so as to avoid them finishing up in the newspapers and never mind anyway about the rights of the defence.
7) If you don’t agree with the way the pm has done things, flatten them anyway, because suddenly, flattened judges in the Prosecutors Office are pleasing.
8) Before doing absolutely anything, go on a pilgrimage to Ceppaloni for the necessary authorisation to proceed from the national super-prosecutor anti-justice Clemente Mastella." Marco Travaglio


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Hello there,
Although, if the truth be know, the success of this blog is based a lot on narcissism, and very little on facts or results.
Italy is a very funny place especially when it comes to Politicking, Regulating and specially enforcing any rule of Law.
The truth is, regardless of Mr. Grillo’s blog, that raises obvious and common sense questions, sadly (Although normal in Italy only!) people and the Joe Blow’s of this Country have no Rights or Legal means to protect or defend themselves against the Overpowering Ruling Class.
This society is completely based on Nepotism, Incompetence (Need a recognizable name to become somebody that counts!) and Pinnacle of all the reasons is that in Italy the Money that counts has already being siphoned in whose is who pockets.
Therefore with no money and no avenue to defend themselves, Italians clinch the opportunity to vent their frustration and cheer any of Mr. Grillo popular rants against the Ruling Politicians or Billionaire.
See the Telecom affair results? Mr. Tronchetti walked away with his money while the common folks took it one more time where the sun doesn’t shine.
Alitalia will end up the same way (Latest value of the stock is 0.3 Euro per share rumors have it?) demonstrating one more time how little Italians count (Everybody knew it was going down, billion wasted, Italian’s money badly managed at best?).
Like usual (In Italy only?) nobody is responsible, whilst the Big Manager, Mr. Cimoli collected Millions for his good management?
So what’s left for Italians (Hopefully sending their rants from overseas, working and looking for opportunities not available at home!) cheer Mr. Grillo’s complain of the day!
Do I have to remind you, Mr. Grillo was cheering for the Mr. Prodi’s Government, before it went to power, now He has a whole different attitude toward Him.
Let get real about Italy, until the rule of Law is as irrelevant and up to personal interpretation (Either Personal of Political Interpretation?) this Country is doomed to failure, survive and holding on to the coat-tail of Europe will be a success.
As for Mr. Grillo’s blog, well is good entertaining fun place to take a pot shot at anybody, although I wouldn’t hold my breath on any issues.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | July 26, 2007 11:16 AM

Ezinet Global

I like your sarcasm... :D

Posted by: Marco Cohen | July 26, 2007 10:28 AM

It's my assumption that some excellent strategies lie behind the success of this blog.

I thought this blog was about finance and such the likes however it seems to be based largely on politica europa and definitely gives the salt to the best of them out.

I'm dearly tempted to enquire of Mr Beppe Grillo the marketing and publicity strategies employed here should he be willing to share a few trade secrets.

I deeply impressed with the right centered opinions of this blogs.

Thanks for allowing me to comment.

Posted by: Ezinet Global | July 26, 2007 05:41 AM

To define Grillo´s blog "successful", a method needs to be used which does not take into any consideration the quality of its content--neither that provided by its author, nor that contributed by its participants.

Posted by: Arianna Casadei | July 25, 2007 11:20 PM

The Beppe Grillo's blog is into the 200 most successful websites of the world!!


Posted by: Giovanni De Caro | July 25, 2007 09:28 PM

Italy´s bad?

Well, you ain´t seen nothing yet. From here it will only get worse. Much worse.

Good luck to those who decide to stay and invest their time and money there!

Posted by: Daniele Marchi | July 25, 2007 12:08 PM

I agree with you guys Grillo is doing an excellent job, but the Italians are the true heroes.
Living there is not a joke...even my ant ( italian and real patriotic) whom was used to say me that "Italy is the nicest country in the world" changed her mind....
I agree with Layla: the Clerical/Mafia is the true leading party, and disregard the vote result it is the sole true winner, always.
Media, politicians and the rest of the TV´s s...t proposed daily to the Italians is just a tool for ruling, it is the Pakistans like regime.
I stopped voting in the early 90s.....I do not think I ´ll change my mind.

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | July 25, 2007 09:44 AM

I agree with you guys Grillo is doing an excellent job, but the Italians are the true heroes.
Living there is not a joke...even my ant ( italian and real patriotic) whom was used to say me that "Italy is the nicest country in the world" changed her mind....
I agree with Layla: the Clerical/Mafia is the true leading party, and disregard the vote result it is the sole true winner, always.
Media, politicians and the rest of the TV´s s...t proposed daily to the Italians is just a tool for ruling, it is the Pakistans like regime.
I stopped voting in the early 90s.....I do not think I ´ll change my mind.

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | July 25, 2007 09:44 AM

Wow! Arthur you are an hero too! Seven years in Italy! I mean I cannot stand the general situation there longer than two days now, each time I go back.
I am Italian and live temporarily in UK, and I find it the perfect country; everything seems so transparent: the press, politics, police...everything seems to be made for the sake of the citizens...there is nothing to try to understand...well I may be a dreamer, or maybe I lived here for too short.
But your seven years in there really impress me.

Anyway there is nothing difficult to undestand about Italy's politics: Italy is ruled by Mafia and its mentality. Few Mafia kings are ruling over the whole territory (which in fact has never been a democratic country-nor a proper country: "We made Italy, now we need to make the Italians!") and politicians are at their service, while honest people are kept in ignorance by the media and the mentality of most, plus by trivial conflicts to divide and rule them and to divert their attention from the real only problem: Mafia. Therefore in Italy nothing is done for the citizens (you are not supposed to be able to understand, and neither to try to do so), everything is done for the interests of the feudal Mafia kings and the barons who administer their territories.
Simple like that.
Anyway, it is true, Grillo is an hero and has got my admiration for all what he is doing.


Posted by: Layla | July 25, 2007 02:24 AM

Arthur, you might as well give up trying. Not even Italians understand what´s going on! Indeed, not even the perpetrators in Italy know what their chums are up to... Italy is a country of deceit a pretense. Nothing is real, nothing is good. In the end, that´s all there is to understand.

Posted by: Stefano Ricci | July 24, 2007 10:19 PM

Mr Grillo, you are an absolute hero. I am British and I have lived in Italy for seven years. It pains me to say that (even though I have tried, and tried very hard) I understand ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the various machinations that go on within the theatre that is Italian politics. What do you suggest?

Posted by: Arthur Hooper | July 24, 2007 09:01 PM

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