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A judgement by the Court of Cassation convicted Previti. He is anyway the man with the Italian record for criminal convictions for Mondadori.

He corrupted a judge, and Mondadori, by the usual coincidence, landed up with Mediaset.

Mondadori should be put on the market. It can’t belong to the ones who got it thanks to corruption.

Ooooops. Sorry! That was a joke... I didn’t want to create serious problems for rutellifassinodalemabertinottidilibertoviolanteveltroni. Even they have the right to keep the wolf from the door, like everyone in this rotten country.

Travaglio, the one who is well informed on these matters explains to us about the snatching of this important Italian group.

Previtichristsocrates and the Prescritto Cavalieri.

On Monday, to convince the Lower House’s Committee for Elections to keep the armchair, the salary and the pension for his client the convict and banished Cesare Previti, the lawyer Giovanni Pellegrino (who is also a former DS senator and DS president of the province of Lecce) compared him to Jesus Christ and to Socrates. On Friday, Previti, alias Socrates, alias Christ, was convicted and sentenced by the Court of Cassation to a year and 6 months for the Mondadori trial on top of the 6 year sentence already allocated for the Imi-Sir trial (the 5 years given on appeal in the Sme-Ariosto trial are about to get timed out, thanks to another section of the Court of Cassation that had the great idea to send the trial to Perugia just on a length of wool).

Thanks to two shameful laws – the ex Cirielli and the pardon – and a shameful regulation Previtichristsocrates is not serving his sentence in prison, but in Montecitorio, even though he is for the time being, under house arrest. But the most important aspect of the latest sentence is not his destiny. It is the contents: that he has anyway definitively ascertained how things will go with the “war of Segrate” that at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s saw Carlo De Benedetti’s CIR against Silvio Berlusconi’s Fininvest. For a complicated controversy of agreements and share packages, both the Ingegnere and the Cavaliere reckoned they were owners of Mondadori, the leading Italian editorial group that controlled, apart from the book sector, La Repubblica, l’Espresso, Panorama, Epoca and 15 local newspapers. Thus they allowed a decision to be taken by a super partes arbiter, who in 1990 – with the famous “lodo Mondadori” - assigned it to De Benedetti. Then Berlusconi turned the tables and took the lodo to the Court of Appeal in Rome. Here, with a judgement signed by the judge Vittorio Metta on 24 January 1991, nullified the lodo and handed Mondadori to Berlusconi. To the joy of Bettino Craxi, who thus extinguished the main voice of opposition to the CAF regime. Months later, Andreotti forced Berlusconi to give back a part of the ill-gotten prize (Espresso, Repubblica and local newspapers) to their rightful owner. Then, in 1995, thanks to Stefania Ariosto’s revelations, the Milan magistrates started to investigate the judgements bought by Previti and they discovered that Judge Metta’s judgement on Mondadori had been bought (like the one three months earlier signed by the same judge on Imi-Sir): the day after the verdict, Fininvest paid 3,000,000,000 lire to Previti who, going through two other Berlusconian lawyers got 400 million in cash to Metta. Who then stopped being a magistrate and became a lawyer and guess in whose firm he landed up in, to work with his daughter Sabrina? Well in Previti’s of course.

Berlusconi came out of the trial with the usual grimaldello: generic extenuating circumstances and a time out of the crime. Previti, Metta and the other two lawyers who were defendants (Pacifico and Acampora), however, were convicted for corruption.
But in the decision on appeal given on Friday by the Court of Cassation it is stated that the Cavaliere had full knowledge that the verdict was the object of commercialisation.
Of course the “payment to a corrupt judge is done in the interests and at the instigation of the corruptor”, that is the current leader of the opposition. Who for 17 years has been abusively controlling and using a publishing house and its newspapers to accumulate thousands of millions as well as political consensus. In a separate civil action, De Benedetti will ask for a reimbursement of 1,000,000,000 euro. The other evening at Rovigo, don Luigi Ciotti reminded us that in the most recent Finance Law, the government approved the extension of the sequestration of goods, that has up until now, been in place for mafia activity, also to those who are corrupted and those who corrupt. Perhaps it would be the right action to confiscate Mondadori from the one who in 1991, stole it. The story about the smell of money and the Cavaliere’s newspapers is a tale to be told to the Italians. But perhaps the second job is more difficult than the first. Tg5 with the new director Mimun, on Friday evening didn’t even give the news of the verdict. And il Corriere della Sera, il Messaggero, and La Stampa didn’t give the news on the front page. Basically Berlusconi has only stolen the top Italian publishing group from a competitor: that’s all.

Marco Travaglio

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Ciao, di nuovo bravo per la V-giorno.
E come su Internet, è necessario per essere il più possibile honnette, io gli propongo di cambiare un piccolo completamente il Suo discorso sulle elezioni. Come me, Lei milita per l'astensione attiva, io richiedo che l'eleus è tirata al fato, si creò Athene, nella Grecia antica, ma ha Venezia, sotto i dogi anche ha Firenze e ha Siena, durante la rinascita. Per la mia parte, è, l'unico vuole dire ritornare il potere alle persone.
Veda il luogo riguardo a questo sistema e se il cuore gli dice alcuni

Lei getterà uno sguardo al mio luogo

,spiacente è esclusivamente in francese, ma sarà può essere interessante che il Suo ed il mio è in esperanto

Damien Rehar

Posted by: damien rehar | April 9, 2008 09:53 AM


It´s all very well--one can complain about Previti being or about many other unsavory characters who crowd the seats of the Italian Parliament. Fine.

However, Previti is not the Prime Minister. He is not even a minister.

At this very same time there are serious allegations going around regarding and involving those who are really wielding power and deciding the future of Italy in this very delicate situation. Some of the allegations even raise concern about whether the current coalition obtain power through legal and fair elections!

There are also serious alarms being raised as to how public finances are being managed--with the implication that the country could end up in very serious financial troubles.

There are many issues over which to be gravely concerned. I find it very very odd that public opinion should be diverted from the main issues and focused onto something (or someone) which is at this point irrelevant.

As you feel we should be warned about Previti, I contribute the warning that attention is being diverted to trivialities and real problems are ignored.

But at the end the reality is that it really makes no difference. Italy is speeding towards an Argentina-style collapse, but with much more serious and long-lasting consequences, and there is little that can be done at this point.

Even if the warnings were listened to, it is late now. So, let´s cheer ourselves up with a good read of the evil deeds of Previti, the ogre.

Oblivion will make the tragedy less painful.

Posted by: Geppe Brillo | July 17, 2007 11:52 AM

Dear Geppe Brillo,
Yes, maybe Beppe Grillo is taking the story of Previti too much to his heart, maybe he could talk about something new and there are surely worst things than this in the world. But the point is not that Beppe Grillo is angry about the Previti story, the problem is that in Italy a lot of people maybe don't find it correct that Previti is in Parlement but don't react, they let it be, they get acostumed to have criminal parlamanterians. That's the problem and it is good to talk about it, to say that the citizens no more accept this conditions. In Italy a conversion of our state of mind.

Fabiano from Luxemburg
PS: For the leftist propaganda, Beppe Grillo talks also about leftist...

Posted by: tavan fabiano | July 17, 2007 07:31 AM


Why my post in the italian version of the blog has been cut. Will it be because i told that in Italy we are still waiting for the 1789?

Bah! Strange idea of democracy. You can talk only if sou say something the webmaster likes :D

Posted by: Rob Espierre | July 16, 2007 02:17 PM


A banana

Subscribe here

Posted by: Chiquita Inc. | July 16, 2007 01:19 PM

Ma scusate, pensate con quel curriculum possano mandarlo via dal Parlamento?
OT: avete presente Sergio de Gregorio, il senatore eletto nelle file dell'IdV che ora è schierato con la CdL? Bene, ha un blog. Se provate a scrivere un commento nel suo blog nella quale chiedete civilmente e senza offendere le sue dimissioni il messaggio verrà censurato. O in toto (completamente cancellato), oppure viene lasciata solo la parte in cui non si parla di lui. Grande De Gregorio!

Posted by: Alessandro | July 16, 2007 12:31 PM

Grillo should seek treatment for his Berlusconi-Previti obsession.

The shady deals allegedly involving Prodi and his close aides are much more relevant and pressing issues.

With such diligent leftist propaganda, I hope Grillo is at least getting a hefty check from Prodi!

Posted by: Geppe Brillo | July 16, 2007 12:00 PM

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