One in five does it

It was usual to offer a last cigarette to those about to die on the gallows. I wanted to offer to the parliamentarians a last possibility. To reply to an opinion poll on the popular law for a Clean Parliament. Last week I personally sent an email to every deputy and senator. The text :

Dear XXXXX, email address YYYYY,
I would like to ask you to respond to the questions given below.
Your response will be published on my blog, together with those of your parliamentary colleagues.
Rules of the survey:
- responses must arrive within three days of this email
- the “silence is dissent” rule will be operated: no response is considered to be a negative response to the questions.
You must send your response as a reply to this email.
The questions:
1) Do you agree that no Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial?
2) Do you agree that the eligibility for election to Parliament must be limited to 2 terms of office?
3) Do you agree that direct preferences should be restored for the election of parliamentarians?

I send greetings and would like to thank you for your response if you would like to give it. Please note that the three questions asked are equivalent to the three points of the popular law that I presented to the Court of Cassation.
Beppe Grillo

Out of 630 deputies, 315 senators and 7 life senators, 191 replied. Almost 20%. One in five. It’s the first time that there’s real contact between us and our employees. A demonstration of democracy. I don’t think that a popular law has ever been voted for publicly by such a high number of parliamentarians at the request of a citizen. Not in Italy, nor in other places. For the moment I would like to thank all those who have sent an email. On Thursday I’ll publish a document that gives a summary with names, opinions, drawings, responses, and predictions that can be downloaded from the blog.


1 Participate in V-day
2 Download the flyer
3 Put your photos on with the tag: Vaffa-day
4 Put your videos on with the tag Vaffa-day


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What´s worse?

A - That some parliamentarians have been convicted?


B - ...that some other parliamentarians are above the law and, while clearly implicated, are exempted from being tried in court?

Posted by: Davide Guarini | July 24, 2007 08:55 PM

Hello there,
I realize it’s a semantic matter, although many Scum Bags Politicians smell the rotten permeating their Class and therefore are shouting “The Citizens are distancing themselves from Politics”?
It should read “Politicians should distance themselves from Citizens Politics”?
The misunderstanding comes from the fact that these Incompetent Idiotic Bunch have done more damage than anything else, and to make the matter worst with impunity and the refusal to go away and go to hell.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | July 24, 2007 03:30 PM

Silly and irrelevant questions.


Posted by: M. Conte | July 24, 2007 03:29 PM

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