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The debate on the "Clean Parliament" popular law continues. 195 parliamentarians have replied to the survey. The majority are in agreement with the non-eligibility of convicts and with the direct preference votes. However, the limit of two terms of office, they can’t swallow. They prefer a life-long income. I have prepared a document (download it) with graphs, comments, and all the responses. I advise you to read them, they are illuminating. Both the ones in favour, and the ones against.
V-day will take place in the open spaces of Italy. I’ll be at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

There’ll be lots of friends: musicians, writers, artists, people who want what’s best for Italy. There’ll be a marathon. They’ll start towards the end of the afternoon and they’ll finish in the evening. I’ll let you know the timing.
In Bologna, as in all the other events, there’ll be a collection of signatures for the popular initiative “Clean Parliament”.
The meet-up groups will organize signing points and local demonstrations that will get maximum highlighting through the blog.
People, if even a small number of our employees have understood that there’s need for the sweeping brush in Parliament, then we’ve done it. 50,000 signatures for a new start. V-day. V-day. V-day.

Download the survey.
PS: My appearance and that of the other artistes at the show in Bologna will be free. To set it up and manage it, the predicted cost is about 40,000 euro. I’m starting it off with 5,000 euro. Anyone wanting to make a contribution can do so using these bank details

Bank account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Causale: V-day


1 Participate in V-day
2 Download the flyer
3 Put your photos on with the tag: Vaffa-day
4 Put your videos on with the tag Vaffa-day

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Hello there,
One thing these Idiots are very good at, and that is picking your wallet.
When is time to legislate new taxation, they are implemented right away and retro-active, instead when it’s time to cat the cost of Politics and Politicians, is always as expected next Legislature.
Nothing is more obvious and blatant than the fact, these Idiots are fat and don’t like to give up their Perks, they rather squeeze you for more, because they are aware next Legislature, they will pursue other Business Opportunities.
If a Law is Legislated is because the need is because the need is incumbent right now, not tomorrow not 4 years from now.
Now Idiots, and actually retro-active, and with Penalties for all the undeserved Perks received with no merits.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | July 30, 2007 02:39 PM

Hello there,
Reading few statistics about Italian Government and the respective representatives, I can’t believe these Idiots are still there (Actually going in vacation while laughing all the way with the Banks?).
The picture is very dismal indeed, approx. 76% of the population doesn’t thrust the Idiots, 56% of citizens would go to new elections immediately, while the Ruling Coalition has lost the thrust of approx. 12% of their own electorate?
It’s incredible; that a Country like Italy although the Government has clearly lost his credibility and the thrust of the Electorate, though they shrug their shoulders and continue in their ill conceived idea of improving the Country (They alone believe in their own actions, nobody else!)
Take names and numbers, the Referendum is coming, keep them accountable for what they have done so far.
Do not elect any of these Idiots to any Public Position!
Mr. Prodi should have his pension revoked; hold him accountable with his money!
While for the rest of these Idiots, if they happen to cross the streets in front of your car, fake a hearth attack or a malfunction and run them over, make sure to put the car in reverse and ascertain the damage is terminal (It happens to the first lady although only her ankle was damaged.
A new Referendum should be started ‘Impeachment for Clear Incompetence!”

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | July 29, 2007 06:28 PM

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