The disappearance of the future

Costs, money, big steps and little steps, tax inducements, payments. The joyous costs of the Caste. The little treasure chest, ah the little treasure chest. Money, costs, costs, money. We have become a nation of accountants, of wretches, of rich, of lower middle class wanting to be emancipated. Of temporary loans, mortgages, reduction in ICI and increase in the refuse collection costs. The poorer we are the more we think of money. The richer we are the more we think of money. The Finance law, consumer credit, the Tan {annual rate}, Taeg {global effective annual rate}, inflation, interest rates, variable rates, fixed rates. Bank returns, shares, bonds, futures, derivatives. The public debt that is above us and nullifies every public discourse. Everything depends on the public debt. Financing, repurchase agreements, refinancing, loans for a quarter, fifth, third of your salary, for everything. Advertising communicates money, asks for money, offers money in exchange for debts, for other money. Lower rates, higher rates. The job offers money. Work is a risk and a commitment. Italians want a job, money. The future of the country has disappeared for public debate, from private debates, from discussions in the local. In the United States, the first question is: “How much do you earn?” In Italy: “How big is your debt?”. The more you have debts, the more you are important. The more you create, the more you are respected. You can become the President of the Council or of Mediobanca. Debt is the engine for social promotion. Whoever doesn’t have debt can have it. Evolve. It’s an inverted wage-inflation linkage. A commercialization of the State, of the parties, of society, of the family. A virus that sucks out the future. What are the priorities of the country? The big step, the increases in public sector pay scales, the democratic party? Or the regions in the hands of the mafia? Information that is eaten up by the local house of liberties and by the party secretaries, the incapacity to innovate, research that is betrayed, the brain drain? To be or to have? Italy is not and has not. It’s a hybrid, a cross, a chimera. A country in a coma that is counting the small change with the spectacles of a blind man.

Monday 30 July 2007, the excavators of Idrea srl will move into action.
Make haste in great numbers to join with the Committee to defend rio fergia, to suspend this injustice until all the anomalies denounced by the committee, the people, the meet-ups, and the Minister for Culture, have been clarified and sorted out.
The place to meet is at the headquarters in the Boschetto zone, a few kilometres from Gualdo Tadino (PG)

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V-Day Let’s educate them while they’re small

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Shit! I'm sorry Paola!!!! I don't know why I called you Eva. I apologize for that darling! ( you've got a great surname by the way... very funny)
I will read your next posts with much interest..

Ciao Paola

Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 2, 2007 02:54 PM

Ciao Eva,
Yes, I am familiar with David Icke. Although he talks about issues such as seignorage, central banks, Rothchilds and illuminati I personally find his work very eccentric ( to say the very least).
I think he should keep his improbable theories for himself. Saying that people that rule this world are actually reptilians is a big turn off for anyone that would be interested in knowing more about the very powerful lobbies of power (the international banking cartel)
Eva I strongly suggest you take a look a the work of professor Thomas H Greco. He is a brilliant man that helped many communities to implement an alternative way to exchange goods and services. He eloquently explains how the complementary currency and the mutual credit system work .
I am trying to convince a political party in Sardinia to look into the possibility of implementing these two alternative monetary systems. I recently made a presentation at their national conference and everybody was dead impressed with the material I brought to their attention. Eva I think that the people who are aware of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated to the detriment of the people of the world ought to concentrate more on the alternatives rather than on the culprits.
This is the link of Greco's website
If you like what you see .... well then spread the word dear Eva.


Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 2, 2007 02:50 PM

Piero,have you read book writtent by David Icke?ciao eva

Posted by: Paola Cinquecentesimispesimale | August 1, 2007 12:43 PM

Everybody wants to work but very few give a shit about their job.
Bad customer service is also about the right attitude to keep towards the customer.
A lot of companies in Italy are looking for good workers, they are even ready to teach the skills but the majority doesn't give a rat's ass: they just want the money.
The Italians on the other side of this fence must learn that too.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | July 31, 2007 06:36 PM

Beppe Grillo you are full of shit!. The V day ought to take place but the one to fuck off should be you!!! How can you sell this load of rubbish about money knowing what the real cause of inflation and debt is. You fucking moron don't you know that every nation is in DEBT. Stop being such a pheasant and start acting like a grown up. Debt is the very machine that oils the wheels of this insane and malfunctioning world. If you really want to do something about it start talking about the real issues that affect, influence and control the nature, function and value of money. Start talking about the international bankers and central banks and the role they play in making this world a shit hole not worth living. How stupid of me!! I forgot you banned any discussion, link and video that relates to the practice of s,e,i,g,n,o,r,a,g,e. You're such an hypocrite Grillo. I suggest we all participate in the FOG day. The Fuck Off Grillo day.

Posted by: Piero Sanna | July 31, 2007 05:18 PM

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