Unending Steps


by LMDocherty

The little steps, the big steps and the related step-words are in the war of words between the government and the Trades Unions. They create confusion. It’s of little interest to young people, they are the modern slaves and they won’t have a pension. They’ll die before that. Meanwhile they are paying for the current pensioners. It is right that those who do not have other means of support should have a minimum dignified pension. It is however a way of laughing in your face when millions of pensioners get a pension that is worth more than they ever paid in. And that the difference is paid by the young people.
I’m publishing a letter from prof. Gallegati about the Prodi reform

After that I’m publishing the umpteenth testimony from the book Schiavi Moderni (150,000 copies downloaded).

“Dear Beppe,

The Maroni reform established pensionable age to be 60 for those workers who retire from January 2008; the Dini reform sees the ten-yearly revision of the transformation coefficients that determine the value of the pensions with the new contribution system, bearing in mind the lengthening of a lifetime.

Prodi has reformed the reforms. I would like to invite the blog readers to reflect on this question: what will happen to the pensions of young people and of the so-called oppressed workers (including modern slaves)?

Because of the “discontinuous” work and the aging of the population, the young generations (the pensioners of 2025) will realise that they are poorer than their parents and won’t be able to retire at age 60, but will have to go on and work until age 70 so as to survive. To avoid such a drama, we must increase the pension age and review the transformation coefficients: it would be an element of inter-generational equity not to load the costs of getting old onto future generations. In a society where we live now to more than 80 years of age, it’s not fair to work for 35 years and then spend the next 20-25 years being supported by young people.

The ratio between the number of workers and the number of pensioners has made a major leap down (it has gone from 4 to 1 in 40 years). To Italy's disadvantage, there are two elements:

- lower levels of fecundity and higher levels of longevity with respect to other developed countries: aging is more marked than elsewhere,

- the number of workers doesn’t grow fast enough, because of the progressive stalling of the economy: the GDP of the promised “Berlusconi economic miracle” has grown by 2.2% in 4 years, the same percentage that “the economic miracle of the 1960s” saw in a bit less than 4 months, and the lowest participation in the workforce of women and young people.

Alternative ways of getting pensions for the “over-50s” are an important objective, but what must have priority are alternative mechanisms to those established by the Biagi law that encourage the stable entry into the labour market of young people and an increase in female participation with a reform of the welfare system.

Employment levels for young people in Italy are among the lowest for developed countries. The time needed to get the first job has increased, and all this with low starting salaries and a welfare system that gives no social protection for young people and gives the lowest rate of female participation in Europe. We will have to adopt measures that redress the delayed entry of young people and of women into the labour market (and working conditions at the beginning of the career that are less precarious) together with the reform of the welfare system and the transformation coefficients that give fairness between the generations.” Mauro Gallegati.

240 contracts before getting a pension

“Since 2000 I’ve been working in civil aviation. First in a company where they filled their pockets really well and then, obviously it went bust (false accounting meant that hundreds of workers stayed home: it’s not just a crime against capital, it’s a social drama).

Then even the other companies feel the weight of the crisis, a forty-year old with an enviable CV looks around and only finds jobs at 900 euro a month for a contract lasting a maximum of two months. With the new regulations, should I be working for another 20 years? Do I have to build up 240 contracts? Can I no longer make plans, receive loans? Does it have any sense to live like that? This is not life, it’s survival, to make someone rich. I’m wondering whether it’s worth renouncing even to survive.”

B. C. 12.03.2006 09:21

Ps: Download the book Schiavi Moderni.

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Hello there,
Although I understand Mr.Tavan comment, and it should have never de-penalized in the first place, everyone knows it will not happen any time soon.
These so called Economic Gurus, would go strait to jail if that happen, they have manipulated the books from day one, they have increased taxes to the highest level in Europe, and now they find themselves with the so called Tesoretto!
How stupid and incompetent are they?
They missed each and every Economic extrapolation they embarked on:
1) Tax evasion (2006 found 29 Bil of evasion, recoup 2% approx. 600 Mil.)
2) GDP was 1.8 in 2006 (After DPF 2007 Italy can grow, FMI stated will be 1.8% in 2007 and 2008 rest of Europe from 2.4% France to 3.8% Spain)
3) Cost of Politics (Was horrendous with Berlusconi, is intolerable now mostly because they do not even work for the check they get!)
4) Alitalia Bankrupt (@ bil plus the remaining value of it zero (0.00 Euros)
5) TAV (In Italy it cost more to project a mile of TAV than to actually build 10 miles anywhere, and it’s not even layout on paper yet?)
6) Train (Bankrupt approx. 6 Bil in deficit and you know how it runs now?)
7) Education (Italian school system is at par with Lebanon!)
The only thing they did right is for these Scum Bags is to become a Class completely removed from any responsibility.
Between Expiration of Terms (7 ½ years, while the average process it takes 11 years you do the math!) and the Political System itself these Incompetent, Idiotic, Irresponsible and more important Geriatric Stupid will never be held accountable to no-one.
Calling on the Good Old Red Brigade to amputate few limbs (Hopefully the main one on top) so they would get the message!
Go away, disappear, go back under any rocks, Italy is better off without any of these Idiots!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | July 25, 2007 07:20 PM

I hope that the Prodi government will reset the false accounting ("falso in bilancio") as a crime again. The italian democracy and the italian commerce need this step to reestablich confidence in the investors and the people.

In every other democratic and civilised country the false accounting is a delict.

Fabiano TAVAN from Luxemburg

Posted by: Tavan Fabiano | July 23, 2007 06:59 PM

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