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8000 comments on Paolo Gentiloni’s blog are awaiting a response about the abusive occupation by Rete 4 of Europa 7’s frequencies. These comments are an example of democracy and I am certain that the Minister of Communications will reply after the tennis match with Ermete, perhaps with a post about Enrico Letta, another great “campaigner” from the moment he removed his tie.
To the unanswered comments I’m adding a letter from the owner of Europa 7 and of Rete 4’s frequencies, Francesco Di Stefano.
In Italy abusive information exists, one-sided, of the parties, of the boutiques, of interests, of confindustriale support, of mafia support, of freemason support, aided, advertising, servile. The only one that’s missing is freedom.
Ask for information about Rete 4 and Europa 7, ask the employee Gentiloni ask on his blog: www.paologentiloni.it

"Thanks Beppe for the attention that you have once more dedicated to the age old problem of Europa 7. Really, your blog, is the only true free voice in the grey panorama of news in our country.
Minister Gentiloni’s response is truly incredible, it’s true that his law would change the Gasparri law (with a biblical time frame, instead of using the decree law as would be more appropriate), but without providing a remedy for the two main problems of the Gasparri law:
- the failure to respect the verdict n. 466 of the Constitutional Court, that unequivocally established that Rete 4 had to stop analogue transmissions from 30.12.2003
- the failure to respect the European regulations, as has been pointed out recently by the European Commissioner Natalie Kroes, who gave a time scale of two months for the Italian Government to comply.
Ms Kroes has already written various things including: “art. 25 (11) of the Gasparri law prolongs, up to the date of the switch off, the authorisations to continue the terrestrial analogue transmissions by the operators that have not obtained the analogue concession. This arrangement gives to these operators a clear advantage, to the detriment of other companies, and in particular to those that – like Europa 7 –have an analogue concession but cannot provide services of terrestrial analogue transmissions because of the lack of frequencies.”
Gentiloni’s draft law, according to the Minister who presented it, sets forth, among other things, to recover frequencies to assign them to new bodies.
The problem is that, as it is actually worded, the decree law may perhaps only obtain the frequencies of the RAI, while Berlusconi could get round the law by simply selling the part of his company represented by Retequattro (with the hardware and frequencies) to ”friendly” entrepreneurs. In this way a sort of Mediaset 2 would be constructed. Let us not forget that the former Telepiù networks, created once by Berlusconi, were then bought by the Holland Corporation Italy, belonging to the Tunisian entrepreneur Tarak Ben Ammar (whose friendly relations with Berlusconi are well known), who then let go of one, as it happens to Mediaset, when that was useful to Berlusconi to have transmissions for the videophones.
Furthermore, Gentiloni’s decree law does not acknowledge those who in 1999, received the concession, but not the relevant frequencies, the priority in the assigning of frequencies that would be recovered following the entry into force of the decree law, even though in front of the Council of State there’s a verdict that in the absence of that recognition, could lead to the condemnation of the State to provide a sizeable compensation.
To get the result that Minister Gentiloni says he is aiming at, it would be enough to insert amendment 3.240 in the decree law, attached here, already presented to the Commission by the deputies of the majority De Zulueta, Giulietti, Donadi, Beltrandi, Luxuria, Tranfaglia, Sgobio, Soffritti, Pedrini, Falomi: the amendment is due to be voted on in the Commission on 25 July.
Will Minister Gentiloni have a positive opinion of this amendment?
As far as we know, up until now the amendment has had clear disapproval from Minister Gentiloni (and naturally from Mediaset), who are using all possible means to avoid this. It is never possible to thank you enough, for your battles. Friendly greetings. Francesco Di Stefano


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