V as in Previti

photo by atelierfederico

After Socrates there’s him. He’s a former patrimony of Parliament. He’s called Previti. The Election Committee for the Lower House has pronounced that he must be exiled from Montecitorio. Di Pietro offered him hemlock, but he chose a good cigar.

His defenders have poured out the most noble of words for him, completely suitable for one who corrupts judges. The former communist Sandro Bondi has denounced “the political decision, on justice grounds”. The former P2 member Cicchitto has talked about “lightning speed” (after 13 months…), and of “vendetta” and “human sacrifices”. Even Pecorella came out with: “It’s a political act in contrast to common sense and justice”
There was a high level of self defence of the 14,000 euro as a deputy by Cesare:
“If you follow the law your sentence is just, otherwise you too will be added to the throng of my persecutors, who managed to send me to prison.” Eleven deputies, among whom are Maroni who cried from the emotion, have listened to his shout of anguish and voted against. Their names deserve to be cited and each of them should receive an email of comment from the citizens.

1. BRUNO Donato ( FORZA ITALIA ) bruno_d@camera.it
2. MARONI Roberto ( LEGA NORD PADANIA ) MARONI_R@camera.it
3. BOSCETTO Gabriele ( FORZA ITALIA ) BOSCETTO_G@camera.it
4. CONSOLO Giuseppe ( ALLEANZA NAZIONALE ) consolo_g@camera.it
5. FONTANA Gregorio ( FORZA ITALIA ) fontana_g@camera.it
6. GAMBA Pierfrancesco Emilio Romano ( ALLEANZA NAZIONALE ) gamba_p@camera.it
7. GARDINI Elisabetta ( FORZA ITALIA ) gardini_e@camera.it
8. PECORELLA Gaetano ( FORZA ITALIA ) pecorella_g@camera.it
9. VERDINI Denis ( FORZA ITALIA ) verdini_d@camera.it
10. BARBIERI Emerenzio ( UDC ) barbieri_e@camera.it
11. DELFINO Teresio ( UDC ) delfino_t@camera.it

Make up of the Election Committee
Minutes of the Election Committee meeting

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I can't believe my eyes!!! I see names and hold on a sec..... I see email contacts.

If only Grillo would be as precise and thorough with everything that concerns money and banking in Italy! I will , however, make good use of this contacts as I think that people like Previti should be sent to jail for good.

What an impressive array of names and personalities we've got in our parliament! Have you noticed ?. Pecorella, Maroni, Gardini, can surely relate to the problems that poor Cesare is experiencing. They, too, have no right to seat in parliament and enjoy obscenely well paid salaries.

It is, by now, common knowledge that political parties in Italy have a special talent to spot only those individuals that are proficient in crime, treachery, abuse of power, incompetence, corruption and collusion with the banking system.

There is only one requisite that must be met and dutifully observed. The ideal candidate has to be eloquent and smartly dressed.

Generally speaking, people find very difficult to believe that a person who is impeccably dressed and masters the language proficiently could be a liar and a criminal. This theory is without a doubt corroborated by the fact that people like 'Wiggy dwarf Berlusconi' and 'I've a got a brand new boat Dalema' are still in power.


Posted by: Piero Sanna | July 11, 2007 07:59 PM

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