Believe, Obey, Pay taxes

photo by ontypes
A person convicted for kick-backs announces the tax strike. A person with multiple time-outs, former P2 member, follows him, but you have to understand him: he’s got the Saturday night viagra fever.
The press offices talk about it as though it were serious. The political journalists do political analysis. The economic journalists do economic analysis. The citizens who can, dodge taxes. The ones who can’t, pay even for the others. But Rossi and Capirossi go abroad. The great tax dodgers have always dodged and Bossi, for them is superfluous, almost annoying. The public debt is going up like a rocket. The growth is among the lowest in Europe.
No one bats an eyelid.
In this making a racket about nothing, the just tax has arrived. The shadow leader of the government made the announcement at Rimini. In fact the Secretary of State of the Vatican Tarcisio Bertone declared: “Everyone must pay taxes because it is a duty and this must be done with just laws.” What these just laws are, has not yet been revealed. In the meantime Visco, Calderoli, Mastella, Volontè (Udc), Bertolini (FI), and Urso (An) all say that Bertone is right. The cardinal’s words are the new mystery of the faith, their interpretation varies according to the observation point. But they are always good and right: for the tax dodger and for the tax collector. The Prime Minister Bertone is on all the pages of the newspaper, including the second and the third and at the top of the TV news. This is the real news, not the tax people. That a person who is outside the institutions can influence the State and the public debate on taxes. That he involves St Paul to discuss a modern State.
Cardinal Bertone added: “The politician must look out for the weakest and the poorest, and be careful not to carry out any unjust action even in the distribution of the resources of the State.” Let him offer himself as a candidate at the next elections, he’ll win hands down and we will finally be able to do without expensive front men.

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Well, it's rather unfortunate that in a G7 nation like Italy, the certain ministers are still footstools to the Church. No_News becomes Big_News simply because a cardinal says it. When ever have the "Big fishes" of this nation payed taxes. Tarcisio Bertone missed an opportunity to shut-up.

Posted by: Martin Kaba | August 22, 2007 05:08 PM

Articolo interessante, ma queste "perle" però si potrebbero anche evitare:

"No one bats an eyelid."

(nessuno batte un ciglio)

"just laws"

(leggi giuste)

C'mon guys, check your English!!

Posted by: Vincenzo Pallotta | August 22, 2007 01:01 PM

How very curious that once again, the Catholic Church ( supposedly a foreign country ) becomes involved on a matter which should ( at least theoretically )be of very little concern to them,
whilst their silence is defening ( except
at cosmetic level )when it comes to all the many and real horrors occurring in the world every day, from wars, to famine, to the destruction of our planet and all kinds of injustices, whilst it would certainly have the power both economic and political to stop them, if it chose to really intervene to truly put an end to these horrors,
or at the very least go a long way towards resolving them.

I wonder if these discrepancies of intervention exist purely as the result of 16 centuries of chances or by design.

I have a suggestion to solve the problem, why not all citizens, not just in Italy, but all over the world, start their own religion and, on that basis, declare themselves tax exempt as " religious charities" or "religious institutions" do ? Wouldn't that solve all tax related problems and also allow them to decide and control where their money really go, as opposed to seeing it disappearing in a huge black hole of government bureaucracy, out of which very little comes out in the form of real services or real changes,which we can really see and touch, no matter how gigantic the sums ending up in the black hole every year are ?

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | August 21, 2007 08:21 PM

Hello there,
Mr. Prodi made a full of himself and his native Country at IRI first, at the Government second, than at the EU (They got rid of him without a second thought, completely incompetent!) and finally at the government again!
Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum:
Mr. Berlusconi, exocentric billionaire, with the nose to make money any way he can, sponsored himself, bought himself a good pair of hi heels boots from Texas and a gallon hat and just like Mr. W.Bush promised the cake and the dinner to Italians.
After a peek at a government in 94 he got another chance in 2001.
Well I spare the remarks on this adventure, although any reasonable person would consider these two individuals a waist of time and money, but no, in Italy these two individuals are still thriving and kicking, creating Parties from Adams ribs, and planning for seat as Life Senator.
Is this Italy’s pinnacle for Political figure?
I use to think people learn how to swim in a hurry when the shit reaches your chin, not in Italy, only when your eyeballs are floating!
At least like Sicilian anyone can say I saw nothing!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 21, 2007 03:46 PM

Grillo is one of the very few people in Italy (along side with the members of the radical party and few others) who is not afraid to speck up against this vociferous, unbereable church. I don't blame them (the vatican) for being so interfering with political affairs but I do blame the general attention around them. This very attention is deeply shameful for our country and for the political spectrum (including the so called "left" wing). When we will be a "normal" state? From where I am (GB) I look at Italy with infinite sadness and despair.

Posted by: Gianluca Cosci | August 20, 2007 09:39 PM

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