Dangerous falsifications

On 15 August il Corriere della Sera published an editorial by Ichino that insinuated that I am directly involved in a defamatory campaign against Biagi and Calabresi, to stir up social hatred that could lead to violent actions.
Professor Ichino cites my blog:
“In spite of that, on his Internet site a few weeks ago he allowed himself to pile it on by scoffing at that very person (Biagi), together with another victim of terrorism, with his own «satirical version» of il Corriere containing the following short article entitled: «Biagi like my husband Calabresi: a martyr»; text: «Gemma Capra has no doubts: "There’s a need to end the insults against those who serve the State". Otherwise there’s the risk that there will be a repeat of what happened to her husband Luigi Calabresi, killed simply because he allowed the anarchic railway worker Giuseppe Pinelli to get a breath of fresh air, or to Marco Biagi, killed simply because he helped the entrepreneurs exploit the workers better”.
The following day il Corriere in an unsigned article reported other phrases in inverted comments that were attributed to myself, that, like those reported by professor Ichino, I have never said, nor written:
“Grillo has thought to post on his home page a pretend front page il Corriere di Bologna with the news of his arrest (“Accused of terrorism: he defined the Biagi law “shit””), a powerful attack directed against the labour lawyer who died in 2002 (“killed simply because he helped the entrepreneurs exploit the workers better”) and even the outburst by Gemma Capra, widow of commissario Luigi Calabresi (“killed simply because he allowed the anarchic railway worker Giuseppe Pinelli to get a breath of fresh air”)

It’s madness, I am obliged to point out that the sentences were contained in a false front page of il Corriere di Bologna not thought up, not written, not printed by me, that portrayed me in handcuffs while I was being arrested by the police. The page was cited in a post on 9 July 2007 in which I prophetically wrote: Il Corriere di Bologna has reported the news (*) of my arrest. I would like to deny this, at least for the time being. The photo of my arrest is obviously a photomontage. I am more handsome. The article that explains the reason for the handcuffs as being my statements against the Biagi law, is very convincing. I have read it to my family and they agree with the journalist. They wanted to hand me over.
It takes very little for a fiction to become truth. It’s enough for those who are in command in this country to want it. Today you are a citizen and tomorrow you are a subversive, a terrorist. Those who have the media are in command and they explain that laws like the Treu and the Biagi are in favour of young people. The same ones that will see the pension with binoculars…
(*) It is clearly a false creation by the author.

The front page of il Corriere di Bologna was already in circulation for some time before being cited on the blog. As far as I know the Corriere neither denied nor denounced nor took action against whoever reproduced their heading.
A front page that represents a defamatory action against myself. On the blog I said in fact that it was false.
This is to clarify my position in relation to those who follow me and to indicate that I have instructed my lawyers to take action to protect me in the relevant judicial offices in relation to il Corriere della Sera.

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Nowadays everything can be twisted.
Beppe tried to make humor on himself and right away he got the attention of an idiot, followed by more idiots.
Doesn't the first idiot have a job to do, instead of happily splurging into fiction stories?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 21, 2007 06:52 PM

Thank you for (finally) saying a few words about this, although it's a shame that you became the target of these practices. But several an acclaimed person has been seen to have become a victim of the (less than respectable) media. This is called, euphemistically, and I should say - with very little respect to fiction - 'character assassination'. People, be it the media or even individual persons who make up stories (falsehood) about another individual is liable to become sued by law and, where necessary, to be convicted of intimidation, threats etc. and even where this was applicable, jailed for however long.

With regards, in the hope that this will help in providing a lever against such silly accusations.


Posted by: Raffaella Cantillo | August 19, 2007 07:53 PM

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