Godís water

photo by Buddha's Ghost

Water is rain. Water in a bottle is marketing.
Each advertisement for bottled water should be followed by an invitation to drink tap water. Advertising common sense. If any Minister is interested Iíll offer myself for free.
Put the rain into a container with a label and sell it with brain washing. Thatís what the multinationals do, the concessionaires. Youíre buying in a bottle what comes out of the tap at home.
A priest has told me that Formigoni wants to privatize water in Lombardy. Pious Roberto couldnít do it. Water is a gift of God. But he will do it, the psycho dwarf and Moratti will intercede with Opus Dei. Formigoni also wants to deal with the churches in Lombardy. To take over the sacraments and give them to ďComunione e LiberazioneĒ as a concession. A confession 2 euro, monthly ticket 10 euro. 30% discount if the confessor is don Gelmini.

Water: Universal property of all!

ĒWhy use up so many words to demonstrate that water is a universal good for everyone, a fundamental right? Is it really necessary? If it were, poor us! Oh yes Ė itís anything but talking about civilization! It would mean that we have lost every concept of rights, if it is true that the first rights are those that are constitutionally part of human beings and of the universe. Itís as though, talking to a world that reckons it is civilised, itís necessary to demonstrate that there are rights of freedom, justice and peace. Another thing is to know exactly what these rights consist of, and knowing that to put them into action. Even here I would be careful to talk about civilization today, when we are witnessing such a distortion to the detriment of liberty, justice and peace that I start to have doubts: is it possible that ancient civilizations like that of Babylon, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, were far superior to our own? In those times, with the concepts they had of justice, liberty and peace there isnít the gap that there is today. Today, thereís only talk of social justice, religious and political freedom, universal peace and at the same time never before have we had world wars, never before have we seen such social inequality that is so inhuman and cosmic, never before have we had freedom so much at risk because of conditioning by market forces that are shouting for a vendetta in spite of every human right.
Once upon a time natural goods were the property of the universe. They were seen as goods that were exclusive to the divinity, that made them available to the service of humans. Water was a gift of God and thatís how it stayed. Now itís just a matter of grabbing every gift of God, and so for example water becomes merchandise.
If water is a common and universal good, not only can I not take it for myself to make it a source of profit, but society, even more so if it reckons to be civilized, has the obligation to give to all without exception, the possibility of using it. With the lowest possible cost.
And here we are with our Region of Lombardy, governed by one who develops the cult of the market of God, the very catholic Roberto Formigoni, is bringing in the worst and most inhuman of laws about water, by trying to privatize it, even taking it out of Godís hands. Water has become the property of the divinities, that is of the multinationals which are made use of by the political Right to exploit the world. Hands off water! Mayors of Lombardy, rebel against the culture of money the God. And against the obscene policies that are ruining the environment and every other sacred right of Humans. Unite and involve your towns, at least those that are still healthy, those that still believe in the possibility of giving a radical change to this poor society, governed by those following an atheist cult! Why not return to giving the political festivals that social-political image of once upon a time, when there were discussions, between a salami and something else, of serious things? The water issue is a really serious problem, to be tackled with frankness and stubbornness. Thereís no time to lose! Disintegrate the rubbish laws that the Lombardy Region is doing in the name of God money, to the detriment of Humans and the Environment!Ē
don Giorgio De Capitani - S. Ambrogio in Monte di Rovagnate (Lecco)

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So, if I understand well, the citizens must pay for something that must be granted as a right.
Not only this but there is also an explanation like the expense of making it pure by the same companies that polluted it.
Looks like Formigoni drank his brain.
Who would trust a man like him?
He must be the man to trust just for his beliefs and instead he is trying to fuck everybody in the ass like the rest of the other politicians.

Formigoni! Ma Vaffanculo!!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 29, 2007 06:40 PM

water is the most precious gift of life man have.....but is the one it get most polluted.....our planet water is in danger......jorge krausse

Posted by: JORGE | August 29, 2007 12:09 AM

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