Italia flambé

photo by foivosloxias
Fire purifies. Someone gets reduced to ashes every so often but the cement structures are saved. New buildings, new investments, new jobs.
The fire-setters are benefactors of the GDP. Without them how many would be twiddling their thumbs in Italy? The real estate companies would have to put them on their Boards of Directors. The mayors appoint them cabinet members for development. Lupo Benni says his bit about Italian fire.

“In Italy there’s something burning even when all the fires are out: then the fire-setters of forgetfulness move into action. A few days ago all the newspapers had headlines saying that Italy was on fire, that thousands of tourists had risked death, that the emergency services had been tardy and that prevention was zero. Some know-all flame expert rushed in to describe the identikit of the arsonist with his social disadvantage, perhaps a mum that was not sufficiently warm. Someone else immediately called for the death sentence by grilling or by microwave. Someone more seriously indicated the guilty ones: the mafia, and all the little and big arsonists who hope to get an advantage that is economic, pastureland, cement or blackmail money
Giorgio Bocca wrote words that can be shared about the end of common interests, of what should be the wealth of everyone. And there have been lists of measures that are useful and necessary. Ensure the efficiency of the law that stops speculation in land that has been burned, the land registry of fires, the obligation to have fire barriers for everyone, the increase in watch positions, especially in the days when heat and wind are forecast, the use of the army, the increase in the fleet of planes and helicopters, and still more. What’s left of those days? Forget Peschici, forget the Canadair pilot that died, forget the scary numbers of hectares that were burned. I’m already reading that if America doesn’t manage to put out its fires why ever would we be able to do it? And when on the TV I see the word Sardinia, I already know that they won’t talk about the fires that have devastated it, but of the Billionaire. There you are, just look, the Billionaire has had more space in this week’s TV News broadcasts than the problem of fires. The arsonists of idiocy and resignation have once more started to set fire to Italy. The trees don’t vote. Remember that at the next unexpected, sudden, inevitable fire. And telephone Briatore, perhaps he will have a fire extinguisher, or a champagne pump.”
Stefano Benni (il lupo)

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That's a very good post Mr Chiametti. You are absolutely spot on. I particularly like the part when you say 'meanwhile the Incompetent Bunch are giving ad boy to each other behind the seen, while they appear to confront each other on the real issues'

This is exactly what is happening. There's no difference between left and right they all serve the same master. The international bankers are the ones to pull the strings. Our politicians ( and most politicians around the world) are just puppets in the hands of these financial conglomerates that don't simply REGULATE money but actually OWN it! It doesn't take a genius to understand that most policies that have been adopted and implemented in the last ten to fifteen years had the precise objective of increasing the gap between the rich and the poor and make the lives of the latter ones a living hell. Politicians have complied to this insane and mean master plan without batting an eyelid. Both political sides are to blame and are equally responsible. Politicians are just the banker's waiters. Bankers feed off the fat of the land which they rule trough iniquity and treachery. Politicians are content to pick up the crumbs.

Bankers have sabotaged the function of money and used it as a lethal as well as inescapable 'instrumentum regni'. Through money not only they' have become incredibly rich and powerful but also managed to steal from us something way more important. Our time. Look around and count how many people you know that are totally absorbed by their jobs and constantly fighting and struggling to make ends meet. People are way too busy to take some time off to stay with their families and loved ones let alone getting properly informed about who and how is literally stealing the VALUE of money from them. Today the value of money it's US. Without US money as we know it is worth fuck all. If you send all the bankers of the world with all their money on a deserted island their money would be absolutely worthless. Money is a convention . An intermediary device used to pay for goods and services. Since it is no longer backed by gold the value of money leans on the acceptance and faith of the collectivity that recognizes it as the accepted and conventional method of payment.

IF we are the ones to give value to money ( which has no intrinsic value it's just paper with ink on it) why do we have to borrow it from banks???

Because otherwise central banks wouldn't be able to to make a modest 104% profit on all the money in circulation ( less the cost of printing)

This monetary practice is known as seign orage and is exactly what central banks do all over the world.

Very few people know that central banks are PRIVATE.
They do not belong to the state. They are run and controlled by very few powerful banking families and have been so for the past 300 years.

I posted many times about the role that complementary currencies and mutual credit clearing systems can play in freeing people from the shackles of poverty and debt in a completely legal and pacific manner.

Please try to get as much information as possible about these exciting and perfectly functioning monetary alternatives ( WIR/ Trueque) which represent the only possible gateway to a truly democratic revolution.

Posted by: P Sanna | August 5, 2007 02:30 PM

Hello there,
Italy at this juncture and in these conditions, it represents only the epitome of decadence very probably equaled only at the end of the Roman Empire.
Every agency of the Italian government is a maze of Corruption and nepotism, the Finance Ministry is hiring several Universities to ascertain and quantify the disaster of Government Agencies, Companies and their Employees (They do not know how many unnecessary Agencies, Companies and salary employees they have?).
Over 50% of the Government budget is already spent, even before it’s collected from Taxpayer, and growing at an alarming rate (The listed percentage is what the Government thinks it’s spending, therefore if they hire consultant to figure out the true expenditure you can figure the rest out by yourself?).
Each and every, either elected or Parties selected Individual in or involved with Politics is under investigation, involved in scandals, phone interceptions, Banks LBO’s or simply collecting money as lobbyist.
To put it simply, reality is, that very few people has real money in Italy, lot’s of people has life saving (The majority!) they are in the Banks and as you probably noticed nowadays Banks are getting bigger, few and far in between (20 Billions profits last year alone, more to come with your savings!) while for the Italian Government the Fiscal Policies are going up (Collect more taxes!) while Monetary Policies are of the ECB.
Even laws implemented by these Government are ignored with impunity by the Banks (Example M1 went up by over 1.5% in the last year, while your deposit and savings 0.00% on the interest to you, and nothing happen they are laughing and thumbing their noses at you and the Laws!) estimate is 5 Billions of ill gotten profits!
Therefore Italy has to Compete, really I mean Compete with the like of Germany, France, England (That by the way doesn’t have the Euros!) and Spain (By the way Spain is growing in the 3.7-3.8% range VS. 1.7 Italy!).
Italy doesn’t have a chance in hell, even less when at the Government wheel there is such an Incompetent bunch of individuals plowing money down black holes everywhere, and in an Irresponsible fashion.
Sadly, although Italians should know this, they will be left carrying the burden of the demise of the Country, and while the say goes “You need money to make money!” these Idiots have sat themselves up for their and their posterity life (Which means they invested their stolen money in safe places away from Italy, from Berlusconi, to Prodi to Unions Presidents and to finish smallest Party Leader they will smile up to the last minute telling you every thing is just fine and dandy!).
It’s a fact, that all great Leaders from Nero to Hitler, to Nixon and Mugabe, the spirit of preservation takes over up until the last minute before it all crumbles (They didn’t and will not be held responsible!) while you will carry the burden of their misguided and self perpetuating choices.
Rome crumbled in a raging fire, Mr. Mussolini was executed, Mr. Craxi died in Tunisia, while Mr. Andreotti is stil laughing and screwing with the Institutions.
It’s a very pitiful image of Italy, meanwhile the Incompetent Bunch are giving ad boy to each other behind the seen, while they appear to confront each other on the real issues.
Even Mr. Bertinotti (Mr. Comunist personified) now wear suits from Armani goes around with a chauffeur, all at your expense.
Did I missed something, oh Yes Mr. Grillo and Il Corriere (The leading Newspaper in Italy) have now changed their stand on Mr. Prodi, before were adamant supporters now the light bulb on their head is going dimmed and although is getting darker for the incoming hurricane they are seeing the light in front of them.
Hope all of you will have a great summer, because fall is coming next!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 4, 2007 05:11 PM

Il Bollino Nero

Oggi è la giornata "col Bollino Nero" come le banane o le mele. Le autostrade ci faranno pagare il pedaggio per farci stare in fila ore sotto il sole tra rallentamenti e cantieri, gli zelanti volontari ci offriranno le bottigliette d'acqua e la faccia sarà salva. Oggi è anche la giornata dell' inasprimento delle sanzioni contro coloro che guidano in stato di ebbrezza. Per l'ennesima volta. (ne sentivamo la mancanza, visto che le precedenti misure annunciate dai nostri dipendenti con tanto clamore e autorevolezza non hanno avuto alcun esito). Bevi mezza birretta e rischi di vederti distruggere la casa con le ruspe, come nei territori occuati nella striscia di Gaza. Scommetto fin d'ora, in anticipo che alla fine del week end la situazione sarà esattamente come tutte le altre volte. E allora che faranno???? Ragioneranno seriamente?????

Posted by: Marco Giovannini | August 4, 2007 03:48 PM

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