Lead Exports

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Duisburg shows that we are still doing well with our exports, we are exporting lead bullets and mafia. In Italy the market is saturated. The European Union is a natural outlet.
A young man from Catanzaro has written a letter to Romano Prodi and to the blog. It’s a sign of hope. Young people of Calabria you are not alone. Duisburg shows that we are still doing well with our exports, we are exporting lead bullets and mafia. In Italy the market is saturated. The European Union is a natural outlet.
“Dear President of the Council,
The day after the Duisburg murders, I listened to the appeal on the National news programmes to the youth of Calabria, in which you exhorted them to react against the N’drangheta. I felt that you were talking to me as I am young and from Calabria (I’m 34 years old and I live and work in Catanzaro) because the happenings in Duisburg have had a profound impact on me and then because I want to send out 2 appeals: one to others living in my area and the other to yourself as Head of the Executive. To the people of Calabria I would like to say that we young people are fed up of putting up with this state of affairs and since we are absolutely aware that it’s up to each one of us to start saying “no” to start defending this territory because it belongs to us, now is the moment to change key. First of all we have to see ourselves as human beings, as citizens and not as subjects without rights. We have the right to live in a civilized region. For example it is symbolic that when there is a discussion of tourism in our region, there are always complaints about the lack of tourists, as there are about the pollution and the disorganization but also the damage to the image caused by these barbarous murders, only in as much as there are potential tourists, as though the residents don’t deserve the same consideration. We don’t complain, not because we like living in these conditions, but because if tourists were to arrive, we would give a bad image. And then how do we live? Do we not have the right to live in a civilized land? Are we not people? How can we think of having respect for the tourists if we have no respect for ourselves? A house owner who loves order and cleanliness is not frightened to have visitors to the house at any time. President, the second appeal is to yourself. We want to assure you of the reactions of the young people of Calabria in relation to the N’drangheta (and that reaction has been happening for some time). And we don’t want this reaction to be useless.
Every day, in small ways, the young people of Calabria react to the N’drangheta. In ways that are possible. the young people of Calabria react to the N’drangheta when instead of promising their vote in exchange for a job, they emigrate elsewhere (a choice that can be criticized but not condemned), when they decide to stay, as I have done, and with other young people, create a new intelligence network through the Internet (beppegrillo.meetup.com/191) and use that to spread a new mentality in our region; when they write, as we have done recently, a letter of solidarity to Pino Masciari, a courageous and honest entrepreneur from Calabria who has been forgotten by everyone (including the State) who refused to pay the “pizzo” and who denounced those that came to ask him for it and who today lives in secret far away from his beloved region, so that he can feel a bit less of a prisoner; when they write a letter of solidarity to the mayor of Falerna, in the province of Catanzaro, because having ordered the destruction of abusive houses on the beach in his town, he has had to suffer isolation; when they tell the mayors, like the mayor of Stalettì, again in the province of Catanzaro about imminent dangers after the fires that have destroyed our beautiful region, and they are not listened to; when they walk out of the debates, the conferences, the squares, where the only ones talking are the usual politicians, when there’s a refusal to vote for people who for more than 30 years have been in the chairs of the Regional Council, who have contributed in a decisive way to the election of yourself and of your government and who have the ambition to represent “newness” by forming the Partito Democratico; when they create committees because they refuse to suffer the neocolonialism that is taking place in our region where it is enough to start a company and keep it going for 5 years to get financing and straight away close down and sack all the employees or where in exchange for a handful of jobs, there’s authorisation of industrial activity that damages the health of the residents; when they don’t ask to be able to use public funding and they are derided, as has happened to myself, because I was convinced that in a free market it’s the job of an entrepreneur to invest his own money and not that of the community; when they stubbornly create theatre workshops with youngsters at school, as a dear friend of mine is doing amidst great difficulties at Lamezia Terme and in other small villages in the area, getting them close to the art form and moving them away from bad company; when they collect signatures (as we will do soon on 8 September) to prevent those who have been convicted from having a seat in Parliament; when through a video-denunciation (published on You Tube at: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=hvGaltFZzb4) they point out the bad things happening in our land and at the same time denouncing the waste of public money that the Region has supported by financing a publicity campaign that it daily demonstrates to be untrue. Just to cite a few examples of how we have reacted.
But yet even before they react to the N’drangheta, the young people of Calabria react to the hypocrisy that surrounds the institutions when there is talk of this age-old topic. In fact, there are other young people in Calabria like the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, at Catanzaro and his colleague Eugenio Facciolla, in Paola, who have been reacting to the N’drangheta for some time by investigating the mix up of mafia and politics. Perhaps they have reacted too much. In fact, Dr. De Magistris just recently has had to denounce to the CSM, certain attempts by the “strong powers” aimed at removing certain investigations from him by saying that he does not have the authority.
So you see, signor President, in a world like the current one, a world in which we try to see good faith in those around us, these people represent a patrimony to be defended. Young people no longer believe in the politics that preaches well and steals badly, because up until now they have been systematically deluded and they fear they will be again. Their eyes become ever less naïve and more critical as they are ever less willing to dream without allowing doubts to grow.
Some think that young people are a great topic for an electoral campaign, but young people can recognise sincerity because every day they recognise betrayal. The substitute prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, a great expert on the N’drangheta and a great magistrate has said in a conference that all that is needed to beat the N’drangheta is some modification to the penal code and 5 years in time. He’s perfectly right. What are we waiting for?
President, you and your majority have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: to defeat the N’drangheta and to regain the trust of young people. What are you waiting for? They have always criticized you for your inability to communicate. Give a lesson once and for all to those who speak against you by showing that the best communication comes about through concrete gestures. Give an example, and not just with words."
Massimiliano Capalbo, Catanzaro

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