The bogey man

Il Babau (bogey man) by Dino Buzzati

In the single-thought Italy, the equation native-of-a-country-outside-the-European union = delinquent has become a given. The first suspect is always a foreigner. This sensation, whether or not it is true, the Italian lives in real life every day. At the traffic lights with the windscreen cleaners and the beggar. In the city centres with children on the ground asking for charity. In the streets with underage boys and girls forced into prostitution, true mass paedophilia. If the Italians who are behind this, were chemically castrated, we would be wiped out. With theft by Roma children in broad daylight at the Central Station in Milan or at the Termini Station in Rome. The illegality of the poor, of the exploited, of those who have nothing to lose, of the child slave is ever more evident. Ever more dark, ever more oppressive. In any conversation, out comes the story of the black man from North Africa or the ferocious Slav. The daily news bulletins report a bulletin of war. Rapes, murders, road traffic accidents. I was on a plane. I took off my jacket, belt, watch, everything I had in my pocket, shoes. I held up my trousers by hand and I thought of terrorism. Of the clandestines arriving at Lampedusa from North Africa. I wondered if they get checked like an Italian citizen at Fiumicino. If I were Al Qaeda I would use a big boat, not an aeroplane.
What does Italian racism produce? A type of neo-fascism? Ghettos? Pogroms? And who is feeding this drift? And why? The welcome should have some rules. The first is that whoever comes in must be welcomed like a human being: work, house, civil rights. The second is that whoever comes in irregularly is committing a crime, and should be put in prison. The exit document with 3 days to leave, is a joke that no longer raises a laugh. The third is that whoever commits a crime pays the penalty for it in his home country. The pardon emptied the prisons of foreign citizens. Repatriation was enough. For whom is this situation convenient? Not to the foreigners who have their documents in order who are paying for everyone, not those who live in the suburbs or near the abusive encampments of the Roma people. Not to the civic health of this nation. The politicians are on the make, left and right. The former with the comfortable do-goodiness, the latter with the fear of those who are different. For them the clandestine person is measured in votes.

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[…] Concordo Diciamo che odiano gli stranieri, ma ha bisogno di badly.I sono da Italy.It 'di tempo la gente comune, di prendere in carico la propria vita in Italia, altrimenti queste Incompetent / Stupid / Buffoons / Scam Borse Politici Continuare a stumping su di voi fino a quando l'inferno gela sopra o fino a quando non reagire.
Tenere distacco Beppe.

Posted by: Cindy. | December 18, 2007 05:45 AM

Hello there,
Italy is considered a Civilized Country (Actually in the G8, G is for Great!) even though I do not believe it belongs in the mention group.
Maybe it did belong then, probably 30 years ago, not today.
Today with the Justice system Italy has, it may belong in the L50 Group (L stand for Last 50 Country of the Fourth World) and as thing degenerate even further very soon the Jungle Law will become once again the Rule rather than the exception.
Therefore, while in the Civilized Country Minister of Justice resign upon being recognized Incompetent and layer or even better commit suicide or hara-kiri for scandals or other mischief, in the Civilized Country of Italy all of the above is not applicable.
I would suggest the Liberalization of Gun Ownership, as Mr. Bossi shouted, evade taxation and ask the Internal Revenue Service to come to your house and pick up the taxes due, and lets see what happen.
It’s time the common folks take charge of his/her own life in Italy, otherwise these Incompetent/Stupid/Buffoons/Scam Bags Politicians will keep on stumping on you until hell freezes over or until you react.
This is just my opinion, although I smell the rotten from far away, many more people close to it must smell it even more.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 27, 2007 03:22 PM

As regards to the end of oil there is no doubt that it is on the way out, however the grim picture painted may not pan out in such a drastic fashion given that there are other alternatives to the gross consumption of oil, for energy at any rate. Tesla, the inventor of the alternating generator that made the modern world possible had quite a few solutions to energy problems over one hundred years ago but they were not deemed suitably exploitable by the money and power mad men of the day who figured that there would be no cosh to hold over the heads of the masses if cheap to free energy was made available. Short term thinking is the domain of the greedy and they were nothing if not greedy. Some things never change and the offspring of those greedy people are keeping the ball rolling all the way down the hill. The New World Order, an Italian mad mans dream, to rid the world of the Catholic Church, was in itself a good notion. The corrupt and beastial nature of the church needed to be expunged but the problem was that when Guisseppi Mazzini and Albert Pike succeded in their dream, to do just that, they replaced it with an equal and opposite tyrranical system of manipulation and control that led to the world we have today, full of murderous Gelli's and Burlusconi's and Bush's and Blairs. When a lounge singer can rule a country as wealthy as Italy and a moron can rule America, there is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark. When Voltaire said, "Every man is guilty of the things he didn't do" he was dead right, we're all guilty of not doing what needs to be done. He also said "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong". Hence Aldo Moro got the chop as did JFK. To round of my Voltaire quotes "those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities". If we carry on believing the absurdities that the CIA have authored then we will keep on allowing them to carry on Blowing up Bologna Station and the Twin Towers and building concentration camps and supporting the likes of POL POT. We all live in a "Heart of Darkness". If Conrad Black was alive today he wouldn't need to go to Africa to find "the horror the horror" It's come to us. I have an idea that the western world has had enough of Mazzini and Pikes legacy and will soon take back their liberty if for no other reason than, like in the movie "Network" "we're not going to take it any more" "We should all snap the fuck out of it and let's get our world back".

Posted by: Sean Casey | August 26, 2007 06:21 PM

Beppe forgot to say that in Italy is impossible to have justice also because the Italian law defends the minorities when they infringe the law only against regular citizens.
If you get robbed and beaten in Italy you cannot defend yourself when the criminal is from another country because of all this bullshit going around.
And everybody now starts to compare what goes on today in our Country today versus 15 years ago finding out that it's now impossible to have a decent life and enjoy whatever we have because of these unpunished criminals.
If most of the people cannot find the obvious cause of these problems it means that they deserve the politicians they voted for.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 24, 2007 07:07 PM

Hello there,
Let’s make it very simple for anyone to understand the situation almost everywhere around the world, so that even a 7 years old kid can understand it.
In today societies (Like usual Italy is at least 10 years behind the power curve!) what makes the difference is Financial Power, and to put it simply is the ability or the Potential Income a person an individual or a group to generate income (Money!).
In Italy the situation s exacerbated by the fact that the Justice System is in shamble, and the Police is the laughing stock of any Enforcement Agencies of any Country in the world.
Any citizen in the group of the “Have” (Opposite to the “Have not”!) obviously will tend to separate themselves from the other side and be protective of his/her own properties.
This is normal behavior throughout any world, especially in Italy, where Justice is non existent, the rich and powerful (Only in money and titles like Onorevoli o Commendatori or whatever!) walk around with bodyguard and drive armored cars, although when they get in trouble a slew of Layers and Consultant are a normal part of their entourage.
To pick on the immigrant r the latest legal or illegal alien becomes easy and common practice, because is simple the police doesn’t have to prove anything, the abused words are as good as gold and the accused has no money or layers to defend themselves!
If he/she is illegal it becomes a slam dunk!
Sure doesn’t help the fact (Only in Italy!) Politicians implement the “Indulto” (20.000,00 or so convicted felon sent free!) well there is no more money, they sucked all up for themselves and their own incompetence while Judges and Politicians and Incompetent have stratospheric salaries and can afford to by armored cars and bodyguards for themselves and families.
Have you ever asked yourself why none of the “Who’s is who!” houses or belonging never get visited by thief or burglarized etc.
They protect themselves, they can afford it, you can’t, the Police is not there for you, and when caught the bad guy is released to his/her own recognizant, there is no room in the Penal System.
Is this Italy today? Yes Yes Yes, you allowed it to become this way, ask your beloved Mr. Berlusconi or Mr. Prodi or Mr. Dalema while they live or vacation somewhere in their posh house or vacation residence, or private yacht even better!
Long live The Italian Institutions!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 23, 2007 11:28 AM

What can I say, its human nature. It's certain that someone out there gains from all of these. How do you explain these "little prostitutes" on the roadside in a town like Milan. We are all hypocrites, We say we hate foreigners but need them badly.Those big companies in Treviso (veneto) can't get along without foreigners yet that's base of the Lega. Strange world.
Keep posting Beppe.

Posted by: Martin Kaba | August 23, 2007 01:57 AM

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