The V-Day Song

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Every special day must have its song. I asked Leo Pari for a song for 8 September: “V-day, ci sei o non ci sei” {“V-day - are you with us or not?} Download it. Sing it. Play it. People, it has to become this summer’s hit.

I’ve even created a V-day tool bar:

You can download it and insert it at the top of your page on your PC. The tool bar contains an engine for blog and meetup articles, the most recently published V-day video and photo and the number of participants.
Der Spiegel has written a page about me, here is some of the text. I’m still waiting for them to talk about V-day in Italy…..

”Compared to Grillo’s anarchic fury German TV’s main cabaret artistes Dieter Hildebrandt and Harald Schmidt seem like two government spokespersons.” “The most popular Italian populist is feared so much by the politicians that these prevent him from getting access to the TV, to this man who is half way between Savonarola, a satire and a satirist". To be comical and grotesque in Italy it’s enough to read the newspapers out loud, with a photo of a government spokesperson where the transvestites are, a Justice Minister who has been a guest at a mafia marriage….”

1 Participate in and support V-day
2 Put your photos on with the tag: Vaffa-day
3 Put your videos on with the tag Vaffa-day

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In a fully capitalistic system, banning advertisers is against principle. It is also less likely to be effective because there will always be loopholes and ways to circumvent bans.

The effective solution is for parental control of children and their viewing habits. This could range from turning th TV off and kicking the kids out to do some sport to monitored and selective tv viewing.

Frikkin lasers at

Posted by: Ian | August 15, 2007 10:19 AM

The translation "where they beat transvestites" is totally wrong. The verb "battere" in Italian must not be intended literally, but as an expression, referred to prostitutes walking on the same spot of the sidewalk, and not in the meaning of "beating somebody".

Posted by: Sirio Romagnoli | August 9, 2007 04:43 PM

The translation "where they beat transvestites" is totally wrong. the verb "battere" in Italian must not is an expression, referred to prostitutes walking on the same spot of the sidewalk, and not in the meaning of "beating somebody".

Posted by: Sirio Romagnoli | August 9, 2007 04:43 PM

Hello Beppe

The actual English translation for the V Day Song is " V Day - " are you there or not? " . or it could also be translated as " V Day - are you with us or not? " this last one I think is the most suitable to show the real meaning of everyone getting together behind the cause.

Your transalation is the literal one, taken word for word , which when put together as a sentence in English doesn't reflect the intended message.

Posted by: Silvana Grillo | August 9, 2007 01:29 PM

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