On a planet a long way away from the earth, there exists true democracy. Itís not the planet Papalla as some could think, in fact itís called Veltrolandia. In this wonderful land that is not spherical in shape, but worm-shaped, everyone is better and they go to the cinema at least once a week.
Elections arenít necessary. The candidate for Prime Minister is created by parthenogenesis. Itís the miracle of a great advanced democracy. The Elected One is recognised by signs. He is the sole candidate by acclamation of the party secretaries. He is talked about on the front pages of the newspapers and on the second and third pages. Every day he is interviewed about everything. He knows about knowledge. He is the Elected OneÖ..
He is not a parliamentarian. He has not yet won the rigged Primaries (even there they cheat when itís a matter of the Elected One). In spite of this everyone loves him. The Confindustria and the Trades Unions, (even in Veltrolandia thatís how they are called) have a natural instinct to support him, for the interests of the citizens and also for their own interests. More than anyone, the Government straight away considers him the leader destined to lead the people. His programmes are sublime. His wishes are proudly taken to the Council of Ministers by Romano Prodi, a case of someone with the same name as the terrestrial Prodi. Harmony reigns in Veltrolandia. The people know that nothing is better than their democracy. Comparative advertising does not exist in that happy planet. The choice is always one, itís very good and abundant, and of the parties.
The Elected One will come to Italy next year together with the students of his planet to raise awareness about Third World poverty. He will offer himself as an abusive windscreen cleaner in Romeís Piazza Venezia and then heíll be off to the Maldives.

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I wish I could be there with you!
But I'm in Los Angeles where no one of the Italians care about this!
So hang on there all of you, Grillo and friends!
This is a great job!
I hope that the Spring cleaning in Italy can start with this!
A casa i parlamentari incriminati! No privileges for fucking politicians!!!
All the best
Andrea Centazzo

Posted by: andrea centazzo | September 7, 2007 10:51 PM

Hello there everyone,
Although abundantly clear, from a long while, the daily ration of Political wishes (Usually is to rectify their own fuck-ups!) from all side of the spectrum, deserve to go into the waist basket faster than the time it takes to create a new Party.
These Incompetent Idiots will say anything, they will retract it tomorrow and say the opposite the day after.
No matter what the argument is, what they shout out laud to whoever wants to listen (Who needs it?), is exactly what Italians expect them to say, not what really they did or will do!
As demonstrated over and over again, what any Italian should be concerned are what they ďDo not tell youĒ that should rattle your cage.
Politicians until proven otherwise are scoundrels, therefore the presumption of innocence doesnít apply to them.
Since justice (Only in Italy is based on Social Levels!) they are guilty until proven otherwise (All scandals in Italy only end for Expiration of Terms, how appropriate!).
The only thing they fear is not the Law, but the Newton basic law of motion ďFor any action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!Ē

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | September 2, 2007 09:15 PM

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