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September 30, 2007

Chin up!


Those who listen to the speech of a politician instead of going to lectures, get “training credits”. That happened for the Pisa University students who were present at Bertinotti’s oration. Those who give their support to a judge who is doing his duty against the mafia clans and the castes, are suspended from school. That’s the way Italy works…
Aldo Romagnino head of the liceo scientifico {scientific high school} “Siciliani” has suspended the young people who protested against the “mastellata” of the transfer that the CSM has been asked to do of the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris. Will the Minister of Education send in his inspectors? Will the head teacher be referred? Will some of the head teachers have the good taste to dissociate themselves from this action?
Italian citizens are intimidated from when they are tiny. If they were to grow up free and courageous like the young people from Calabria of ammazzatecitutti, tomorrow they could become dangerous lovers of justice like Scopelliti and Borsellino.
In its programme, the P2 had the control and influence of the institutions, starting with information. A plan that has almost met with success, except for the magistracy. In no democratic country has there been a total war against the magistracy as has happened in Italy with dozens of judges who have been murdered, prosecutors offices allowed to have no resources, laws in favour of delinquents.
Some young people are showing that they have more balls and civil courage than all the parliamentarians together and they get suspended.
Shout like they do. Like they are shouting in the streets and squares of Calabria: “1,100,1000 De Magistris”.
On 8 October, the CSM will make a pronouncement on the request to transfer De Magistris, a month after V-Day. Stay tuned.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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September 29, 2007

Appeal for Justice

The Soviet Union’s Pravda was an information model for Italian newspapers and TV stations. I published a post with an appeal from Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino to the Head of State to stop Mastella and send him home as soon as possible and keep the prosecutor De Magistris in Catanzaro. No one has reported the letter. However they have used two of my jokes to talk about an entwinement with Mastella.
Dear strong powers, I am referring to the parties and the corporate groups that control information, tell your servants to be more clever when they are lying. Other wise everyone will notice.
De Magistris must remain in Catanzaro to complete his investigations. What credibility can a government have if it behaves like the psycho-dwarf in relation to the magistracy?
I’m again publishing the letter from Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino. Napolitano if you are there, knock once.

”We are asking for the intervention of the Head of State to put an end to the embarrassing and offensive behaviour of Minister Mastella that is aiming to gag the truth and keep justice from definitively arriving at his own person.
To avoid this he has asked the CSM to transfer the prosecutor De Magistris justifying the request as a dutiful act following on from ministerial inspections at the Catanzaro Prosecutor’s Office. In relation to this, if Mastella claims he is correct in performing this “dutiful” action, we would be curious to know how he defines Minister Amato given that he at times prefers to ignore the results of ministerial inspections (see the failure to dissolve the Town Council of Barcellona P.G.-ME).
Perhaps it has escaped Minister Mastella that there are serious problems that would need to be raised with the CSM, problems that risk swamping the justice system; the Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta and of Catania, considering the importance of these in the fight against the mafia. Problems that have been discovered too long ago. And what can be said of the disastrous paralysis that the new legal system will cause?

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

PPS The knee belongs to the laundry maid. I repeat: The knee belongs to the laundry maid.

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September 28, 2007

My house cow


Reduce the price of milk and don’t pay the pizzo to the intermediaries? With cows you can’t. Bureaucracy and the great groups of packaged milk do not tolerate unpackaged milk. Signor Andrea Busetto, a farmer rearing cows, explains how and why. If they take the distributor away from him, the farmers will bring their cows straight into town together with Bersani. Our country is one of positional incomes, of corporations, of castes. We pay the pizzo on everything. It is the State that has corrupted the mafia not the other way round. One cannot even sell the milk from one’s own cow.

“Dear Signor Grillo,
I am Andrea Busetto from Pesaro, 47 years old, I rear cows and bring up 2 children (my wife brings me up).
Two years ago I was one of the first in Italy to try my luck with unprocessed milk. And to tell you the truth I was doing reasonably well, with 6 distributors operating throughout the province. All went well for a year. Then someone started to say (the only company making and selling distributors of unprocessed milk approved in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development, COZOSERNO of Novara), that the distribution machines have to conform with metric regulations, the same ones for example that relate to petrol distributors etc.
Bear in mind that neither those who sold us the distributors nor the agricultural unions (all terrible) nor the Finance Police have ever said anything about us doing wrong on this point.
Now however it’s the moment of impounding the distributors throughout italy (written intentionally with a lower case “i”), and the CCIA say that they cannot do otherwise, given that by law it is their role to check, using the metric office, the correctness of the weighing scales and the distributors, to protect the consumers. As long as the supermarkets were selling unpackaged wine no one ever dreamed of raising the matter, now that some dairy farmers are trying their luck with entrepreneurship and to the advantage of consumers, this blow happens and it makes me want to give up and move elsewhere.
Given that you are definitely in tune with a topic like this, I’m begging you to respond to me if you can, or even to use all your really powerful means so that Minister Bersani will do a framework law that makes the regulations the same as those in Switzerland, where for 25 years everything works to the satisfaction of all concerned with machines that have not been calibrated (even Austria, even though it is in the European Union like us, finds nothing wrong in allowing the best dairy farmers to get on with it, and they don’t consider the milk distributors to be metric instruments). Why is it that with us, in a bar, unbottled coca cola can cost 1, 2 or 3 euro a glass that can contain 250 or 500 cc and no one can say anything and yet I, a poor dairy farmer at the end of my tether cannot sell the milk at 1 euro a bottle. (The bottles are all the same if you buy them new, but there are similarly of a known volume if the mineral water bottles are re-used.
If you would like to see my face look on Thank you.” Andrea Busetto Vicari

PS The cow is not mad. I repeat: The cow is not mad.

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The scapegoat

I don’t agree with the Ceppalonic massacre game. Mastella is only a scapegoat. The best there is in the field of politics. This is why they chose him.
But the Great Pardon was not his idea. I’m sure of that. He was ordered to do it. By whom? By Parliament. And who was in Parliament that was pushing the most? Him, the psycho dwarf. The one who talks too much of security in the squares and streets with the red care worker. Mastella said many times that he received Berlusconi’s support for the Great Pardon. I believe him. The Great Pardon was useful for keeping the corrupt administrators from going to prison, not for freeing convicts.
Mastella today said a great thing, he announced a book: “about all the other castes, starting with the journalists”.
This time I agree with him. I offer him my preface or if he prefers, we can write the book together. I’ll go out to Ceppaloni if he invites me there.
I’m publishing a letter from Sonia Alfano and the brother of Paolo Borsellino addressed to the Head of State.

”We are asking for the intervention of the Head of State to put an end to the embarrassing and offensive behaviour of Minister Mastella that is aiming to gag the truth and keep justice from definitively arriving at his own person.
To avoid this he has asked the CSM to transfer the prosecutor De Magistris justifying the request as a dutiful act following on from ministerial inspections at the Catanzaro Prosecutor’s Office. In relation to this, if Mastella claims he is correct in performing this “dutiful” action, we would be curious to know how he defines Minister Amato given that he at times prefers to ignore the results of ministerial inspections (see the failure to dissolve the Town Council of Barcellona P.G.-ME).
Perhaps it has escaped Minister Mastella that there are serious problems that would need to be raised with the CSM, problems that risk swamping the justice system; the Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta and of Catania, considering the importance of these in the fight against the mafia. Problems that have been discovered too long ago. And what can be said of the disastrous paralysis that the new legal system will cause?
Many months will pass before the CSM can go on with appointing new people thus leaving the positions vacant.
It would be appropriate for Mastella to resign immediately, so as to give more serenity even to Italians, whom we ask not to forget that Mastella was best man at the wedding of the mafia turncoat F.sco Campanella.
Anyway we are hoping for a strong position to be taken by all honest Italians who cannot be represented by personalities like Mastella and company.” Sonia Alfano e Salvatore Borsellino

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

PPS The mushroom is late. I repeat: The mushroom is late.

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The Maroni Law

The law on precarious workers should be re-labeled with the name of its true owner. That is Roberto Maroni. For the love of truth, the law on precarious work should be called the “Maroni Law” after the Minister of Labour at that time.
Professor Mauro Gallegati shows us the effects of the Maroni and explains to us that there’s no work in Italy. In fact, when there is work, precarious work does not exist and there’s no need for any law.

Dear Beppe,
I would like to offer to the readers of the blog, certain reflections about things that have been read and spoken in the last month in Piazza Maggiore that would have been an insult to Marco Biagi. About unemployment that hardly exists any longer, about flexibility that “creates” work that doesn’t exist.
Let us start by recognizing that there is a distinct difference between Biagi’s “white paper” about employment and law number 30 (that is not Marco Biagi’s law, but rather it is Maroni’s). Biagi’s “white paper” proposed combining flexibility with social re-balancing and a rewriting of the system of social safety nets.
Biagi specifically pointed out 2 matters of social injustice: Intergenerational equity and the different procedures for protecting employed and unemployed people. Basically it pointed out the disadvantage of being young and unemployed (if then you are a woman living in the South…). He wrote: “the structure of the Italian social spending shows a marked emphasis on pensions and a low level of unemployment benefits as well as the social security in favour of those people of working age.” That is: we are spending too little in social safety nets and too much on pensions. And again: in Italy “among the people looking for work there is a high percentage of people looking for their first job, who are not covered by the insurance systems dealing with unemployment”, and that is because “the removal of protection of existing relationships has made it less urgent to supply help for the risk of unemployment and at the same time, producing a big gap between those who are in employment and those who are unemployed. This has restricted the group of potential beneficiaries from accessing unemployment benefits that do in fact exist.” We tend to ignore the importance of the unemployment benefits because these would be useful above all to those who have lost a real job, while in Italy the biggest number of unemployed are those still looking for a job or who are in transit between one precarious position and another.
If someone wanted to call law number 30 the “Biagi law” it is they who are insulting the memory of Marco Biagi, not those who are campaigning against the existence of precarious work. The experience of industrialized countries shows that flexibility does not create work ( and that without social security flexibility only creates precariousness.
Has law 30 worked? It is often said that after the reform of the labour market, employment figures have increased by 2 million. But the laws on flexibility have produced what economists call the dilution of work: the same quantity of work shared out among more workers as it is basically obvious if 2 precarious workers do the work of one regular worker, but cost a lot less. ISTAT {National statistics body} says that the unemployment rate has been halved between 1997 and today (6.2%). The problem is that a reading of that data must be taken together with data on the number of those who have been discouraged and on the units of work. Taking account of these elements, unemployment is sailing along at well above 10%. ISTAT tells us that in the first quarter of 2007, there were about 1,600,000 unemployed in Italy. Two ISFOL researchers, Mandrone and Massarelli (, people who habitually provide numbers that they have reflected on, say that 1 in 4 of the precarious Italian workers is unemployed, or slightly less than half of those without work is a precarious worker. Do we need other data to get worried? Well then just think that when a precarious worker is unemployed, no one is paying the contributions for that miserable pension that he’ll find himself with in a few years and at least 1 million precarious workers in the last 10 years have been working with contributions that will provide a pension below the minimum. Just think that the annual net income of a “permanent” worker is on average 15 thousand € whereas that of a “precarious” worker is 10 thousand €. And then: the 12% of those employed are non typical (but among the young people the percentage goes up to more than 40%) and this figure is due to rise because every year the relationship between “new” precarious workers and those precarious workers that have found stability (that is who have become workers with no time limits) is a factor of 2 to 1. It seems small, but we are already at more than 3 times more than the other workers, and many of these are graduates).
The introduction of atypical work in the forms set out by law number 30, has in fact widened the range of alternatives available to private business in making use of labour: it has broadened the amount of discretion available to the entrepreneur in employing the work force while nothing has budged to protect the rights of the worker? It is possible (necessary?) to bring in social reforms that provide guarantees for the precarious workers. But the true problem is that here there is no work: a country that was considering bringing in customs duties to tackle the competition from Chinese merchandise, not understanding that innovation is the terrain on which to compete and a country that continues to not spend on research, is so short-sighted that the decline that is in view is not inescapable, but probably deserved. Warm greetings.” Mauro Gallegati.

PS. According to one of the main economists of last century, Schumpeter, the Italian school of economics at the end of the nineteenth century, was second to none in the whole world. Two of its main protagonists, Pantaleoni and Pareto, corresponded frequently. Reading it: “well according to you in Italy are the electors or the elected the worst?” Reply: “What a question!”. It’s like asking which pongs the most between shit or ‘merde’” V-Day instead says that we don’t want to die neither as pong-sufferers nor as pong-producers!” Mauro Gallegati

PS Download and distribute the book: "Schiavi Moderni". We have reached 370,000 copies downloaded!

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September 26, 2007

Turin City Council Meeting

Citizens are waking up. They are beginning to realize that public affairs do not belong to the parties but to them. The Meeting at the Turin City Council, after many years, has seen some employers in the Sala Rossa with an undoubted benefit to their activity. The eye of the master fattens the horse and makes the city cabinet members bubbly. I’m publishing a report from the Turin meetup group.

”Dear Beppe,
The operation "Fiato sul collo" {Breathe down your neck} has officially started in Turin, with participation at the City Council meetings and those of the city zones (where the law says it is also possible to speak).
Comments of the employee councillors given to the local press:
- Agostino Ghiglia (AN) : [...] Having said that I detest Grillo’s qualunquismo, citizens are welcome to participate in the work of the city council. It is a way of exercising control.”.
- Mario Carossa (Lega): “A good way of combating absenteeism”
- Antonello Angeleri dell'Udc: "[...] Their presence made the meeting exciting. Everyone speaking, everyone making notes, making suggestions, “a bit like the first day of school” “some of the councillors performed well just because they knew they were being observed.”
- Monica Cerutti (Sd): "Their presence meant that the work was done in a more orderly way.”
The comment of the employee Mayor Chiamparino in La Stampa: “They are welcome. Since the death of the Arneodos [elderly couple who were always present in the Sala Rossa, - editor] there’s never been anyone. Of course, the suspicious thing is that after these demonstrations, there will be civic lists to follow. Once they are here, they have to respect the regulations and they cannot tell anyone to ‘F… Off’”
A simple comment from us: We always respect the regulations. And it is interesting to note that most of the politicians, including Chiamparino, are stating hypotheses always according to ends and interests (the creation of civic lists or parties) with citizens exercising their constitutional rights. Every aspect of a civic sense and a passion has been lost. That is inside the palatial buildings, not in the squares and streets as we have seen. Let’s keep on like that.” Filippo & the Turin Meetup

P.S. The quail is in the womb. I repeat: The quail is in the womb.

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We are the State!

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

In Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore there were dozens of people with me: architects, philosophers, journalists, economists, ordinary citizens, campaign groups, environmentalists, artists. No one has talked about them. No one has talked about what they said, their suggestions, their accusations. Their words were listened to by a square full of silent and attentive people that seemed like a church. I’m going to offer them to you one by one on the blog. This time it’s Alessandro Bergonzoni with his magical speech: We are the State!

“Thanks, Thanks Grillo! A notable event. Notes for a notable event. Grillo has given us the way and for me the way is through the voice. We need to speak and to do, to combine the speaking and the doing. Signing. That is go and sign, let’s go and sign, head, no mind, head. Use your head, otherwise it’ll be us doing the penance! It’s us that’ll be condemned if we don’t change. This time it’s not bad manners to point out. A popular uprising. Grillo said the people must rise up to see what’s inside, what’s inside!
They go at 200 an hour the politicians. Certain politicians.
They have been investigated. And so what?
They have been convicted. And so what?
They won’t go away. And so what?
I am in the collusion. And so what?
I don’t care. And so what?
And so what?
It’s speed this. They must be stopped for speeding.
We have to get our heads on. Put them on! We keep them on the bed-side table. Put them on! For life! For life! Otherwise it won’t work! Your head needs putting on! The ones who are lying in power soaking up the sun, are taking the sun from us. Don’t I want the sun? I want the sun. I’m not asking for the moon. It’s the sun I want! Are we not bothered? Let’s all look for the reasons! Let’s use the sharp thinkers for cutting. The clever-scissors for cutting. Those who have been blown out. Down with those who have been blown out. We have not been blown out!
We are not going round like a propeller, we go on reaction. This square is a reaction! A reaction! There’s a type of monarchy that we like. It’s Re (rex) for re-action and re-sponsible. They are the two kings that we want. Re-act! At times we are enemies of the dog but friends of the bone. We are conniving.
Let’s rebel. Let’s go back to what is beautiful (in Italian: bello) Let’s re-bel. I want to get back to what is beautiful! The social, cultural, anthropological meteorology.
Where have we got to? The problem is not where we have got to, it’s when are we going to start. Today! We start today! Now! That’s the important thing.
You say: “but it’s a form of violence”. I don’t like horrid bad violence, but since there is the beautiful and the good violence… let’s use the beautiful and the good violence! They have to go to sleep worried. Sleep worried. We can’t just ask people for their autographs, we also have to say: “no go!”… We are asking certain journalists that are asking someone who has not yet been convicted what he has done, or who are asking the father of a dead child what it feels like to have a dead child, we are asking those journalists to go somewhere else! Not there! This is not politics. It’s culture! It’s culture!
Who is the State? We are the State! Who is the State? We are the State! Have they been? No, no, I don’t know, but they are not the State. They must be challenged. And is the State in a miserable state? I don’t know. Let’s try to be a capital letter State!
The man who is deserted spreads a confusion of sand and sells mirages. The people of the silenced ones do not exist! The silenced do not exist! Watch out for the media of mass distraction! Beppe Grillo has told us things that perhaps we could have known earlier. But there are the media of mass distraction! Some TV stations, some reality shows, some football, some hours spent messing around!
And meanwhile we are thinking of other stuff. Less chronicle illness. The morbid chronicles. Less chronicle, let’s talk of other stuff. Too much laughing and they stay put. Enough laughing, we don’t have to stay underneath! He has rung the alarm bell. Can we go up there and see what’s there and ring the alarm bells? This is the question. Intelligence and honesty are at the customs post. It won’t all get through. Let’s go down into our heads, it’s not enough just to go out onto the streets. Every day we can do an internal demonstration, in our own heads! Have we got a spirit or just a body? It’s a question. We are injured by illegal acts and we put the bandage over our eyes. The bandages aren’t meant to go there. Internal protest.
The other question I ask is: it’s important to know why Tanzi arrived there, what are we doing in the schools and the universities and creating industrialists like that? What’s happening? This is the topic! Stop. The house of tolerance. Let’s go back home. Let’s tolerate no longer. We will tolerate no longer! The parties of the parties!
Thanks Beppe! Think! Think!
Alessandro Bergonzoni

PS. Download the logo for V-DAY IO C’ERO {I was there at V-Day} and give free reign to your imagination. Print it on your T shirts, stickers, book marks or put it on your blog.

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September 25, 2007

A letter from Father Benjamin


I am publishing a letter from Father Benjamin.

”Dear Beppe Grillo,
I am Father Benjamin. I don’t know if you remember, but in March 2003, before the American aggression against Iraq, I said on “Porta a Porta” that there were no weapons of mass destruction in that country, and that it was all a put-up-job by Washington to deceive the UN and public opinion.
I said that if they invaded Iraq they would not find any weapons of mass destruction, but they would meet with heroic resistance to their invasion. They answered me with insults and slanders, and gave orders to the television networks and radio stations not to discuss my books and films about Iraq. When you tell the truth and the powerful Lie-makers cannot reply with further falsehoods, they use denigration, insults and defamation.
God bless you, Grillo. They also treated me as a terrorist, because I told the truth about what was really happening in Iraq and denounced the falsehoods of the “Lie-makers” in London and Washington. The Corriere della Sera, in an editorial (published in 2004) by a journalist friendly with a Libyan gentleman who was Head of Mossad in Rome, stated that I was part of an Islamic terrorist organisation. Nothing more. I wrote politely to the newspaper asking them to publish a correction. No reply. My lawyer wrote to the director of the newspaper and to the journalist. He did not receive a reply, either. I sued and won my case, the Milan Court passing final judgement.
All these “watchdogs of Power” accused me live on television as being pro-Saddam, because I said that according to UNICEF between 5 and 6 thousand children were dying in Iraq each month as a consequence of the embargo. They accused me of being anti-American, because I said they had contaminated the population and the environment with depleted-uranium weapons, and they claimed that these weapons did not exist!
Gianfranco Fini said to my face that I was not worthy to dress as a priest, because I stated that a report presented to the American Congress, drafted by The Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College in Pennsylvania, confirmed that Iraq was not involved at all in the Halabja massacre of Kurds with chemical weapons, which resulted in 5,000 victims. I was quoting an official report presented to the American Congress in 1989, but Fini, who travelled in Iraq in 1983 with Donald Rumsfeld to shake hand with Saddam Hussein, in 2003, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, knew nothing about this report to Congress. This is why they never wanted to try Saddam Hussein for involvement in the Kurdish tragedy at Halabja. This is why they hanged him first (for having killed 148 Islamic extremists): to avoid a trial for the victims of Halabja. The famous report to Congress entitled “Iraqi power and U.S. security in the Middle East” (97 pages) would have come to light, and it would have become clear that they, the Americans, bore a heavy responsibility for this affair.
They manipulate people’s minds with mountains of falsehoods and insult those who publish the truth, denigrating them in the eyes of public opinion with their powerful disinformation machine. As you put it so well, they do it by getting their “watchdogs” in all the business networks to bark. Against anyone who attacks their hegemony, against anyone who speaks out against their supremacy and arrogance. Their hatred is endless. To silence those who tell the truth they stop at nothing. Here is an example: on 14 February 2003, I was accompanying Tareq Aziz and the Iraqi delegation to a meeting with Pope John Paul II. Getting wind of this, they did all they could to prevent it. They (the Lords of Lies and Power) made contact with Cardinal Camillo Ruini and a number of powerful Prelates at the Vatican State Secretariat, to try and prevent me from meeting John Paul II. And they got their way.
On the day of the audience, having arrived with the Iraqi delegation at the Papal library, I was prevented from entering and was asked to wait (like a dog) alone in a room. After Aziz’s audience with the Pope, when the Iraqi Minister found out what had happened, he was furious and decided to cancel the afternoon press conference in the Foreign Press Room. Only after I had insisted three times that the press conference should go ahead did he finally relent. Tareq Aziz was supposed to take part in “Porta a Porta”. On the morning of the broadcast, the producer phoned me to say that journalists were forbidden to receive the Iraqi minister in RAI studios, and all the RAI programmes in which Aziz was supposed to take part were cancelled.
Democracy gone raving mad. Dear Beppe, they are saying insane things about you! Blessed art thou, when you are persecuted and insulted; you come out of it even greater. That’s the way it is: the business Media must obey their sponsors, the armaments and oil lobbies. He who pays the piper calls the tune. They take the sons of God for pillocks, but the worst of it is that the sons of God are not even aware of the fact! In their studios, they fabricate a video with an actor in the role of Bin Laden.
A year ago with a grey beard, now with a black beard. They realise their mistake too late and say that Osama’s beard is black in this new video because it is a tradition among Islamists to dye their beards when they are at war. Last year, Osama’s beard was grey and white, today it is black! Probably because last year, even if Bin Laden was at war, he had forgotten to go to the hairdresser’s. Now the new video of Osama with a black beard is ready, all the “watchdogs” are broadcasting it with enthusiastic comments.
Last year, the French Secret Services stated that Bin Laden was dead and they had proof of the fact. He must have risen from the dead. In one video, you can see Bin Laden eating with his right hand, whereas he is left-handed, and everyone who knew him can testify that he is left-handed, but it doesn’t matter, no one knows. The ring on his finger is not his, but it doesn’t matter, you can’t see it clearly. Much of Bin Laden Super Star’s speeches were written by Adam Gadhan of Los Angeles. His original name is Adam Pearlman (aka Azzam the American), but it doesn’t matter. What do the sheep at the RAI know about it?
They tell you: today there were 27 terrorist attacks in Iraq. Even in Iraq they do not know who the perpetrators of these actions are, but the Western Media tell you they are terrorists. In the last world war, during the occupation of France, German radio propaganda said that the French Resistance fighters were terrorists attacking the German forces. Goebbels, propaganda chief of the Third Reich said: “When you tell a lie, you have to repeat it a thousand times, and in the end they will believe it is true”.
This is what the slaves of the Empire of Lies in Washington, London, Rome, Paris and Sidney do. You remember that the “watchdogs of power” published that Father Benjamin had received “allocations” of oil from Saddam Hussein’s Government. I replied that I had never accepted them. When the UN inspectors published their report, and wrote not only that the Oil Ministry in Baghdad and the SOMO confirmed that Father Benjamin had never received these allocations, but that he had officially refused them in a letter to Tareq Aziz (of which the UN inspectors had a copy), no daily newspaper, none of those that had insulted and denigrated me, had the courage to write “we were mistaken about Benjamin: the UN report confirms that he never accepted these allocations of barrel of oil”. Indeed, Father Benjamin was the only one, among hundreds of persons, who refused. The only silly old fool, because now he has had his oil pinched from him by the Americans.
On the other hand, you can imagine the rumpus if it were now revealed which of Donald Rumsfeld’s companies was doing business with Saddam Hussein during the embargo and the quantities of barrels of oil and other goods appropriated by the Heads of State of two European countries. And they are not the Heads of State you might imagine, because of their opposition to the aggression against Iraq. No, they are two others.
I could write a book on the subject. I could also tell you a load of things about 11 September 2001, about the things Tareq Aziz confided in me during his visit to Italy, about what will probably happen next in Iraq, but I do not want to abuse your time and patience. Thank you for having read my letter so far. I just wanted to express my admiration for your courage. They will do all they can to stop you, but they won’t be able to. More and more passengers are jumping onto your train every day and your railway track is straight; theirs is old, bent and dangerous. Remember the One who said “the Truth will make you free”.
Jean-Marie Benjamin

PS: Mastella is in the wood. I repeat: Mastella is in the wood.

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September 24, 2007

TFR: If you switch you are lost


Investing your end-of-work-lump-sum in shares and bonds has not been a good idea. Luckily 60% of the workers in the private sector have not listened to the Sirens of the private insurance sector and they have done well.
Beppe Scienza explains why.

Dear Beppe,
It’s good to know that I have given good advice. Above all, that way they can’t accuse you of just denouncing things without ever making concrete proposals. The recent falls in shares and bonds show how appropriate it was to keep your TFR.
Basically the “referendum” to get rid of the TFR did not get through: more than 60% of the private sector workers chose not to do without it. Newspapers and TV invited them to listen to the politicians and the economists who were friends of the private insurance sector. Instead, the Italians, (rascals that they are!) to a large extent disobeyed Cesare Damiano, the Minister of Labour and the former director of the pension fund, they disobeyed the Bocconi professor Tito Boeri, Giuliano Cazzola and Marcello Messori, who moved from Fondazione Di Vittorio to Assogestioni, the association for managed savings (certain intellectuals are really champions of transformation).
They preferred to listen to Beppe Grillo and a few others who advised them to keep the TFR, as I did in the book: “La pensione tradita” {the pension betrayed} ( or Giuseppe Altamore in “Famiglia Cristiana” ( Or more simply, they have listened to common sense. Thus now they can lounge about, watching the turbulence in the financial markets with detachment.
The Italian workers who have gone over to the pension funds are right to be worried. Since June, the American Stock Exchange has gone down by 2%, the European ones by 3.5% and the Italian one by a massive 6%. The crisis in America of the mortgages called sub-prime has set off a series of collapses that are causing many of those trapped in the private social insurance systems to lose money.
But the worst thing is the lack of transparency. In the Italian pension funds are there bonds connected with the sub-prime mortgages that have gone belly-up? In their portfolios are there other unexploded mines? Probably. But it’s not possible to find out because the complete list of shares that they hold is kept a close secret.” Beppe Scienza

PS. I have cancelled the two shows at Trento and Novara. I’ve done too much shouting and I’ve lost my voice. Don’t worry: The strawberries are ripe. I repeat: the strawberries are ripe.

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September 23, 2007

The Parties and the Felons


23 felons are representing us. Since 8 September, none of them has taken a step back. Resigned. Anyone doing that would have become a hero, the precursor of a new politics. With roots in forgotten words: morality, ethics, justice. That is inspired by servants of the State like Ambrosoli, Borsellino, Falcone, Livatino, Chinnici, Dalla Chiesa.
There have been other seasons of politics, better than this. Can you imagine Moro, Berlinguer, or De Gasperi elected to Parliament and yet convicted of extortion, armed robbery or accepting kick-backs?
I have shouted that we have to destroy the parties. Those that represent power groups and strong appetites. Far away from the citizens, but close to the municipal utilities, the banks and tenders for incinerators.
Who elected the magnificent 23? The party secretaries. Not the citizens to whom the preference vote was denied with a tiny coup. A dozen people have decided for everyone.
It’s called oligarchy, not democracy.
If the felons are the effect, the causes are the party leaders and that’s why they must be brought to justice.
Berlusconi is in the very top position with 10 clear convictions, 40% of the total.
Trailing a long way behind him is Bossi with 3 convictions, and the next place goes to 2 candidates with equal points: Casini and Fini with 2 convictions.
Finally there’s a big group formed by RNP, PRI, Nuovo Psi, Margherita, DS and Dc-Psi with 1 conviction.
The company boss of Forza Italia has said that his voters consider me to be the worst rib of the left. I’m not offended. They have called me a fascist, someone on the left talking the language of the right, a “neo qualunquista”, a delinquent, a terrorist. They can put me where they like.
At the next elections, let him increase the number of felons in his list to take them to 100%. He should be able to do it by choosing friends and acquaintances.

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Dangerous Blogs

Click here to see the video

The Internet was born free. One of its laws is transparency. You can’t hide anything on the Internet and you can’t tell lies either. The Internet means the end for the politicians who say one thing and do another. Anyone who starts a blog should know that. A politician can end up like Gentiloni overwhelmed by a mass of requests (not dealt with) about Rete 4 (and always off playing tennis with Ermete) or, even worse, like Mastella.
Talking about Mastella is like shooting tuna in a tin. I can no longer keep up with him. He has started a blog, so that he can have a dialogue with the citizens, but he’s not publishing the thousands of negative comments.
The positive ones are only coming from Ceppaloni.
The Internet cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour. A blogger wrote: “Mastella has a look like a badly counterfeited banknote.”
Others have gone further and have cloned his blog so as to be able to comment. When the Minister of the Great Pardon publishes a post, straight away, they publish it as well and let people comment. Among the most popular are:, e

Today’s ceppalon-byte:
The ceppalonic: “Has asked the CSM to arrange for the preventative official transfer of the Catanzaro prosecutor, Luigi de Magistris". According to some: “The move comes right at the time that the prosecutor, Magistris is weighing up whether to write the name of the minister on the register of those under investigation.” From

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This evening let’s all go to the Town Council meeting


Anyone who incites the crowd, who is outside the institutional river bed is condemned. The language of V-Day is criticized to avoid talking of its contents and the causes that brought it about.
V-Day has proposed a popular draft law with three elements for a “Clean Parliament”. Italian citizens queuing up for hours, signed it. Where is the violence? Where is the fascism that Scalfari was talking about?
The civic lists take the citizens back to the centre of public life. They are allowed for by Italian law, they have always existed. Where is the demagogy and the qualunquismo that the professionals of politics are screaming about?
We are in the river bed. Public life interests us. Apart from anything, it is the legitimate property of the citizens.
The blog has proposed a programme: "Citizen Primaries" on the economy, transport, energy, health, and telecommunications. Has any of the media taken it into consideration? Has it perhaps been analysed and discussed?
Since 8 September, every post on this blog has been taken to pieces word by word, apart from one. Have you noticed that? The one that asked for Rete 4 to be put on satellite to re-establish the rule of law. How strange. The TV News directors who are so attentive with their own criticisms have not cited that one. Petruccioli, where are you? In Arcore?
The identity card is our party ticket. The towns are our assembly spaces. The mayors and the town councillors are our employees. They need to be controlled.
Take part in the meetings of the town council. They are free and are better than the cinema. It is set out in the Law DLGS n. 267/2000 - the unified text on the laws about local government bodies. Discuss the sessions and report your impressions in the blogs, in the forums. Calmly. You are in the river bed!

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September 21, 2007

Without work, without anything

In Italy anyone who loses their job, loses everything. Whoever has a family to keep and from one day to the next finds themselves out on the streets has no social protection. They are expelled from the system. Paying taxes for twenty or thirty years gives them no rights. To be an Italian citizen gives no protection. The State is absent.
The real problem is not due to the laws about precarious working but the lack of work.
I have been told about a letter sent to Corrado Augias in his column "Lettere&Commenti" {Letters and Comments} and I’m publishing a summary of it. It describes a situation that is common to tens of thousands of people who first lose their job and then lose hope.
If any entrepreneur is listening, let them help this family.
”From the moment when my husband and I were spending a few days holiday with our ten year old daughter and we had to come back early because my husband suddenly lost his job, without any warning, our world fell about our ears. He had been in the job for 30 years and was 52 years old.
I am working part-time and my salary is about 500 euro. Even though I try hard, luck hasn’t helped me enough to get a better wage.
My husband has replied to different job adverts and is willing to do any type of work, but nothing. We have even been to the social services to have at least some kind of financial help while waiting for a job. Among other things, the school has started again, the school fees, the utility bills, the rent, and now there’s the risk that we will be evicted. And yet we even need to eat. We have heard that with my income of 500euro, it’s possible to live, by law. I challenge anyone to do that with a rent that is the same as my income.

I am overcome with sorrow and I am feeling tortured as a mother because I cannot provide the primary needs of my daughter, which is naturally my first thought.
How can the institutions be so cruel to people who suddenly find themselves having to face up to situations like this that are not their fault?
Maria Grazia Spadaro

PS: Download and distribute:: “Schiavi Moderni” {Modern Slaves}. Only yesterday 20,000 copies were downloaded. That makes a total of 280,000 so far.

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September 20, 2007

Precarious workers, seduced and abandoned

Marco Travaglio has launched “Signornò” {No Sir!}, a new column in l’Espresso. It started with the precarious ones and then there’s the demonstration on 20 October. Not just the “radical left”, the fight against precariousness with the reform of the law 30 was in the election manifesto of the Unione, even though many people in the Unione have forgotten that. But we don’t forget anything.
”So it’s official, the demonstration on 20 October is about welfare and it’s against precariousness. It’s promoted by the “radical left” and it’s an attack against the Prodi government. “A contradiction that cannot be rectified” thunders D’Alema. “an initiative in error”, says Fassino. “No Ministers in the streets”, from Veltroni and Bindi. For once they all agree so well. “If Ministers go out into the streets, it means there’s a government crisis”, threatens Mastella. Even Mussi of the Democratic Left holds back: “Better to have a meeting inside a building.” Unfortunately, without considering whether or not the motivation of the promoters is just, no one is saying why going out into the streets would be such a horrendous thing to do. Especially considering that the revisiting of the law 30 (wrongly called “Biagi”) is written into the election manifesto “For the good of Italy”, on the basis of which the Unione was voted into power giving rise to the Prodi government.
In the tome of 282 pages, the running sore of the precarious workers is cited a good 28 times. “To make the fragmentation of the world of work even more fragmented, the ‘Maroni’ law (law n. 30/2003) entered the field…We are against the contents of the law 30…. For us, the normal form of employment is a normal work contract without a time limit, because we believe that all the people must be able to construct for themselves the prospect of serene life and work (161-162). “The extension of precariousness has contributed to the worsening of the safety conditions in the work place.” (163)
Who is threatening the government then? Who is asking that the manifesto be respected? Or who is forgetting that they signed it? On 2 August, Prodi wrote to the leaders of the left: “In the Autumn, I really would like there to be the demonstration that has been talked about: out in the open air and in the work places. Take with you your issues, popular pride, triggers and naturally criticism”.
There’s no lack of precedence. On 22 March 1997, D’Alema, the DS Secretary, marched with Bertinotti and the Trades Unions “to press – recalls the former trades unionist D’Antoni - the first Prodi government about the issue of employment” And last spring, Mastella demonstrated on Family Day against the DDL on the Dico issue written by two Ministers of his government. Now, to those who remind him of this he says: “Yes, but it is very different, because I did not promote the demonstration.” In fact it was promoted by the friends of Pezzotta and the Cdl,, that is by the opposition. And he was marching with Berlusconi, Fini and Casini: but to lend a hand to Prodi of course.”
Marco Travaglio

PS: Download and distribute “Schiavi Moderni” {Modern Slaves} (260.000 copies downloaded).

PPS: I’ve been told about an initiative for 6 October in Rome called: “From V-Day to the National Civic List” by Roberto Alagna, Oliviero Beha, Pancho Pardi, and Elio Veltri. I want to let you know that I have NOTHING TO DO WITH the National Civic List that is being proposed.

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State Information

No comment. Watch the video.

One o’clock news on the TV channel 2 (TG2), 19 September 2007
Editorial with the TG2 director, Mauro Mazza.
”We have heard it even just now, it’s going on with an exchange of insults, of serious accusations, of bad words. It is the Beppe Grillo phenomenon. It started with a colossal “vaffa” {short form of Vaffanculo} aimed in more than one direction, with more than one destination. Many have talked about “neoqualunquismo”, perhaps in an attempt to exorcise the danger.
But what would happen if suddenly one day, a mad person, someone not well balanced, listening to those accusations against Tom, Dick or Harry, suddenly pulled the trigger? Once upon a time in Italy there were the so-called “Bad Teachers” who identified as an enemy a Police Chief, a journalist, a magistrate, and it happened, unfortunately that some person who was or was not mad, went out and pulled the trigger and sometimes killed. Today luckily, we no longer have Bad Teachers nor good ones.
We have some apprentice wizards, evidently. It is said that History, once it was tragic but when it allows for repeat performances becomes a farce. But what would happen if there were a route the other way round, from farce to tragedy?
What would happen if one morning, one terrible morning, someone, having listened to those insults, those bad words against Tom, Dick or Harry, suddenly pulled the trigger?

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Kill us all

I’m publishing a letter from Aldo Pecora of the group: "Ammazzateci tutti". {Kill us all}
He has been to Casal Principe with Roberto Saviano who is living with body guards.
Download and distribute the document: “Le Primarie dei cittadini”.{Citizen Primaries}

"Dear Beppe,
Yesterday I was in Casal di Principe in Campania, to welcome in the new school year together with Roberto Saviano in the presence of the President of the Lower House, Bertinotti.. I have discovered that the camorra offspring define themselves as “young entrepreneurs”. I have discovered also that the camorra does not exist, that Saviano invented it all. It was they that said exactly that, the “young entrepreneurs”.
At the end of the demonstration a journalist from TG1 {channel 1 TV news}came up to ask me what I thought of these emerging offspring of Naples’ entrepreneurial class. In reply I said that if the camorra does not exist evidently the “young entrepreneurs” from Campania that yesterday were heckling Saviano have never been asked to pay the “pizzo” or have never suffered extortion, and that it seems that the only unlucky ones who paid the “pizzo” in Campania are the few entrepreneurs who rebel and who denounce the activity.
But the temptation was too strong and I let go and finally asked the Confindustria that expels those who pay the “pizzo”, if now to be logical, they intend to award as a prize, a merit certificate, a medal to these “young entrepreneurs” who say that the camorra doesn’t exist. What do you think about this? They attacked a young man who at less than 30 years old has mucked up his life and is obliged to go around with body guards. Do you understand Beppe? It seems that Saviano invented everything, the threat and even the camorra. And it’s enough to look at the faces in the town of the “Casalesi” of those who shouted these things in the square , and let’s not forget, most of those present were boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16, at their first day of school. But what sort of country are we living in? Now we just need the mice to chase the cats and the robbers to go after the cops. Warm greetings.

V-Day on information. Now!
Total censorship on the anti-politcs issue. Or really on what the TV (and the newspapers) don’t say.
From the stage I said publicly to those present, with Bertinotti only a metre away from me, that sincerely if I have to choose between anti-politics and bad politics, I prefer this “anti-politics”, because if politics keeps on looking at its own navel, between Great Pardons, discounts on sentences, deals and time-outs, the State based on the rule of law is finished..
If we really have to define ourselves, we are the anti-bad-politics. The true anti-politics has always been done by the mafia that for decades has been filling in the gaps, the craters and the chasms of undemocracy that have created themselves in the last few years between the institutions and the citizens. To the indifference of those who think that the true terrorists are ourselves and the windscreen cleaners.”

Aldo Pecora Movimento “Ammazzateci tutti” - Locri

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September 19, 2007

Proposals from the Citizens

Yesterday on "Porta a Porta", the President of the Council, by now defined even by the journalists as “Valium-Prodi” was speaking seated behind a giant screen showing my face. Crumbs, it’s as though the BBC were broadcasting Gordon Brown speaking to the nation while addressing Mr. Bean.
Prodi attacked me. He said something that is “qualunquista”: “Citizens are not better than the politicians”. I believe he was talking about all citizens and all politicians. So basically we are a country without hope.
Valium then went on, saying about me: “Now let him change because from criticism the proposal must come
This is when I got worried.
In fact there are proposals: the proposals of the citizens who for months have been writing comments and sending emails to the blog. They are not mine. They are from Prodi’s employers.
I personally handed them to Alzheimer-Prodi in Palazzo Chigi on 8 June 2006. I left him with a resignation letter to be used if he didn’t take them into consideration. He assured me that they would be sent on to the relevant Ministers.
I’ve got the whole film clip.
The programme was written by the citizens, not by Grillo.
Italy will change thanks to its citizens, not thanks to Grillo.
There’s talk of an emptiness to be filled. But who created this if not the absence of politics? If not the party-ocracy? They are attacking me, but in fact they are attacking their (former) voters.
They are boxers gone soft.
Download and distribute the document: “Citizen Primaries”

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September 18, 2007

A citizen witness


Daniele Pelliciardi’s witness statement should be projected onto the walls of Parliament. He is the son of two people who were tortured and killed at Gorgo al Monticano. Those who signed the law on the Great Pardon, should watch it and watch it over again. Daniele states that no one has contacted him, that he has sent a letter to Mastella without getting any reply.
The law on the Great Pardon meant the crafty ones of finance, and the corrupt public administrators avoided prison. It was voted for by the Right and the Left in Parliament who got together to defend them. But it was Mastella who put it forward and he was the one to give it its final signature. He can’t always blame the others. Rutelli and Palombelli for the aero plane, the Pope and Parliament for approving the Great Pardon.
In his blog he said I was Pinocchio. He has written that the Great Pardon has nothing to do with the horrendous crime of Gorgo. Let him say that to Daniele Pelliciardi.
Starting with this post, I want to collect together witness statements from the victims of the Great Pardon. I will do an online book: “The Pardoned”, dedicated to the Parliamentarians who voted for the law.
Write to me.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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September 17, 2007

Underneath politics: nothing

Suddenly politics has got 10 years older. It is nude in front of citizens with its wrinkles, its face cream, crow’s feet round the eyes, its journalists. Its decrepit words that have trouble leaving its mouth. They seem like the bubbles in the comic strips. They are no longer listened to. The surreal display of politicians on Sundays is almost to be pitied. Whoever is watching TV hopes that a messenger will come up to D’Alema or the psycho-dwarf and whisper in their ear: “The party is over, you don’t have to be ridiculous any more.”
The outline is always the same. Tried and tested.
The leader talks to a group of people. He’s serious. If he is in the opposition he asks the Government for: “Definite responses!”. If he’s on the Government side he announces: “Precise commitments”.
Yesterday evening on the TV:
Topo Gigio Veltroni talked about the annihilation of the RAI Board of Directors, enthusiastic applause for such a timely and courageous proposal. Emotional embrace on the stage with Rutelli.
Cesa spoke about the family. Applause from Casini’s families. Emotional embrace on the stage with De Mita, the new tutor of the young people of the PD.
Bossi threatens Prodi with 10 million people from the Po valley (and then they call me anti-political…), applause from the 300 present in Venice. The TV camera frames the pair of tourists who are feeding the pigeons. Emotional embrace on the stage with Calderoli who rewards him with a fluffy pig.
If you knock on the door, there’s no one there. Only chitter chatter and TV.

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September 16, 2007

Town Halls to the Citizens

image by red.pilgrim

Now what? After V-Day?
Let the citizens take the stage. Every Meetup, every group can, if you like, transform yourselves into a civic list for the local elections.
Citizens must become a direct part of politics. To protect themselves and their children.
The Town Halls make decisions about the everyday life of each one of us.
They can poison us with incinerators or start to recycle different types of material. Create play parks for the children or ports for the speculators. Construct car parks or nurseries. Privatize water or keep it under their control.
From the local level we have to start to do politics again with the civic lists.
The lists that fulfill the requirements that I will publish on this blog in a few days time will have the transparency certification “”. Among the requirements, there’ll be, for example, not to be a member of a political party and to have a clean record.
Anyway the lists can have any name they like and they can be autonomous as to what action they take. There can be more than one list in the same town or city.
The certified lists will be publicized on the blog and will be able to exchange information and experiences among themselves using a common online platform that will be made available through the blog.
I am not going to participate in any demonstration in the next few months. I am not promoting the presentation of any civic list, at a local or national level.
The V-Day participants are not lending their voices to anyone. They are their own loudspeakers. They are the citizens that do politics.
For the civic lists stay tuned to this blog.

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September 15, 2007

Rete 4 on satellite

V-day in Parma

Prodi and Gentiloni, Rutelli’s right hand man who plays tennis with Ermete, are not applying court decisions about information.
On 12 September the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice overturned the Gasparri law and recognised the rights of Europa 7. It’s the most recent in a serious of court decisions. The Constitutional Court and the Council of State some time ago gave verdicts against Rete 4 that has been in unauthorized occupation of the frequencies assigned to Europa 7. Francesco Di Stefano, the owner of Europa 7, has written to me and I am publishing his letter.
D’Alema reminds us: “At the beginning of the 1990s who won? Berlusconi who had the money and the media. And even today if the parties go pear-shaped, Beppe Grillo’s blog won’t be the winner.”
After these words I’m waiting for some actions to follow. Let the government set up Rete 4 on satellite tomorrow morning. It’s easier than D’Alema becoming president of Mondadori, his publisher.

Dear Beppe,
As usual you have been a good prophet when you said in your interview before going up on stage, talking to the numerous journalists who were present: “the next V-Day will be against yourselves because people are beginning to realize ever more that you write nothing that could seriously displease the “political caste” and their powerful friends.”
That has come true. In fact on 12 September following the conclusions of the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice regarding our case, that overthrew the Gasparri law and recognises the rights of Europa 7, there has been a “deafening silence” from the “BIG PRESS”, and in particular Il Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, but also from RAI and Mediaset.
The latter is trapped in an anomaly and the Minister Gentiloni has literally disappeared.
It would have been very different if the verdict of the Advocate General had been in favour of the Gasparri law. Mediaset would have talked about it for a week on all the networks simultaneously. And RAI would have constantly shown the face and the “intelligent look” of the former Minister Gasparri. Thank God and the Advocate General that we have been saved from this.
Il Corriere della Sera (in 8 years it has never tackled the issue of Europa 7) would have put the news on the front page with much in-depth analysis.
The only ones who have had the courage to write about it are: Marco Mele (Il Sole 24 Ore) and Marco Travaglio (L’Unità). There’s also an Article 21 initiative with Beppe Giulietti fighting this deafening silence and asking “what is behind it”.
If the Prodi government, in the hearing at the Court of Justice, had fought against the Gasparri Law “as it was its duty to do”, instead of defending it, today it would have been able to take advantage of having temporarily defeated a “shameful law” and partially respected the pact with its voters, instead of hiding with the “BIG PRESS” and the “BIG TV NETWORKS”
Dear Beppe, luckily there’s the Internet, and your great commitment to the freedom of information.
Thanks and well done for V-Day.” Francesco Di Stefano - Europa 7

Interview with Di Stefano:


Previous posts:
V as in information
The Fatwa
Europa 7: the TV station that disappeared

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September 14, 2007

The charge of the 101


D’Alema has revealed the unheard of charge of violence on V-Day. He attributed to someone (to myself? to the participants?) the wish to “break the teeth of the politicians”.
The title of the article in la Repubblica is: “On V-Day a useless charge of violence” written by the journalist Luciano Nigro but dictated by Eugenio Scalfari. This title is a complete condemnation of the terrorists of 8 September.
I have the videos of the day available for viewing by the Digos (secret police). Dangerous old ladies and mothers with shouting children in-training-for-the-brigades as well as people with their bicycles with an eyebrow lifted. Watch these dangerous “shit anti-politicals”, as they have been defined by some of the media, waiting in a queue in Turin. They can be seen in this film clip.
To talk of a charge, dear DS people of la Repubblica, there’s just those 101 who are members of the Democratic Party.
The Pope has come to your aid. Today he declared that “the vegetative state is life”. There’s still hope.
According to D’Alema, the 325,000 people who signed “posed a problem but are not giving a response” Is a popular law not a response?
The Italians who protest are not doing anti-politics but POLITICS. They want to do politics. You could say they are anti politicians, against these politicians.

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The International Herald Tribune and V-Day


Many foreign newspapers are writing about V-Day. The International Herald Tribune, one of those with the widest distribution and with the greatest authority in the world, has published an article on the second page. I’m attaching the pdf file. The Internet version is given below.

Irreverent protest movement unnerves Italian establishment

The success of a grassroots anti-politics campaign spearheaded by an iconoclastic comedian is giving Italian politicians pause for thought.
Beppe Grillo is the man behind V-Day (the V stands for a very rude Italian expletive), which attracted 300,000 people on Saturday to sign a petition supporting a common goal: purging Italy of its corrupt political class, which in Grillo's view includes political parties, most government institutions and the media.
Some politicians dismissed Grillo's initiative as "shallow demagoguery" and warned of "populist tendencies."
"Mass protests aren't always right," Antonio Polito, a center-left senator, said Wednesday. "The history of the last century is full of mass protests that were wrong. When democracy was lost, it was lost thanks to mass protests."
Others cautioned of warning bells that should be heeded.
"In the face of mass criticism, those who are criticized should listen and try to understand," Fausto Bertinotti, the left-wing speaker of the lower house of Parliament said on a talk show late Tuesday night. "Grillo is filling a void that exists in politics with some very dubious material, but his criticism should be accepted."
Italians lined up in more than 200 cities and towns to sign the petition for Grillo's "Clean Up Parliament" proposal that, if it were brought before Parliament and adopted, would ban candidates convicted of crimes from seeking public office, limit politicians to two terms and introduce the direct election of legislators.
"I was really surprised. I didn't expect such a big turn out," Grillo said in a telephone interview Tuesday. Organizers estimated that 50,000 people turned out at a rally to hear the comic rail against the political class in Bologna on Saturday. "What happened out there was the release of a virus that's about to attack the political class. But in this case there's no vaccine."
In many ways, V-day was one more example of a growing dissatisfaction among Italians with the state of politics. With more than 750,000 copies sold, a summer best seller has been Sergio Rizzo and Gian Antonio Stella's "The Caste: How Italian Politicians Became Untouchable," a biting exposé of greed, waste and corruption.
"People feel that basic requests, like greater efficiency, widespread reforms, or the modernization of institutions and the economy are being ignored by the current class," said Roberto D'Alimonte, who teaches political science at the University of Florence, noting that statistics and polls all pointed to general dissatisfaction. "Then, too, they see the current crop of politicians as costly, privileged and arrogant."
Grillo's protest began through his blog,, now one of the top five most read Web sites in Italy with more than a million hits in July, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.
The blog has spawned hundreds of grassroots groups - called "meet ups" - that organized stands in cities around Italy and abroad to collect signatures Saturday.
"The idea of V-day was to give a voice to those who don't have a voice," said Grillo, who has denied plans to start his own political party. His supporters, he noted, are already "a political movement" and meet regularly to discuss issues like the economy and the environment and try to raise awareness on those questions.
"Because the movement starts on the Web, it starts from below," he said. This was, he said, a blueprint for the future. "We need new blood, new words."
In the long run, the V-day campaign could further weaken Prime Minister Romano Prodi's center-left government, which has been struggling to implement many of its campaign promises. In a poll published by the Milan daily Corriere della Sera this week, 68 percent of respondents said that they were not satisfied with the government during its first 16 months in power.
Renato Mannheimer, whose polling company Metis conducted the survey, wrote that the disappointment arose from the perception that the government was "unable to bring things to a close," citing dozens of examples of "unanswered promises and uncompleted projects."
After the rallies, some of Grillo's critics attacked the comic for his "messianic approach."
"The political class feels threatened and so it's defending itself by trying to delegitimize the protests," D'Alimonte said. "But there's more to it."
Grillo said: "They're calling me a guru, someone who mesmerizes crowds. But that just means that they didn't get what happened on the streets on Saturday."
For the 59-year-old Grillo, success and controversy are nothing new. His blog is one of the country's most popular, and his satirical shows in theaters across Italy are often sold out.

Print version of the article

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September 13, 2007

V_day signatures


I’m publishing the map of the signatures collected in each city on 8 September 2007. The partial total is 332,225.
There are tens of thousands of voices of those who participated via the Internet, often for the first time in their lives in a political demonstration. I’m giving you 5 here.
What is there that is more political than a popular initiative law, as laid down in the Constitution?
A big “thank you” to all those who were at the tables from dawn to dusk, to all the associations and to all the individual citizens.

”I would like to start off by thanking Beppe Grillo and all those who participated in V-Day. I am from Caltanissetta and when I saw even in my place that they were collecting signatures for this wonderful event, I understood that Beppe really has the power to involve people that these politicians don’t have.”

”When we went to sign in piazza Dante in Naples on 8 September, I thought there would be no one there because we had thought that the Italians are a load of sheep…. When we saw that we had to queue to sign a proposed law that sends home those who have not got the requirements to face up to the problems of our country, we understood that Italy is waking up. The sheep are changing themselves into lions.”.

”In Parma we organised a V-bicycle ride for the whole city, everywhere we went we woke up the people with the tin-tin of our bicycle bells. No party, young and less young, there were really loads of us. Participation, interests, joy, smiles…. This was the reaction of the people…. I even brought my 10 month old son with me on the bicycle. I know it was an important day and I will be able to tell him so in the future: “Marco you don’t remember but 8 September 2007 you were there too.””

I’m a 73 year old man. When I went out with my wife we went to Piazza Castelnuovo in Palermo to the tables to give my signature for V-Day. I was pleased to see that the whole square was thronged with loads of enthusiastic young people. We need to listen to them. They are the managerial class of tomorrow. Your success has been in giving evidence to the three sacred points (really felt by the people) in your proposed popular initiative law, as well as your great capacity to communicate your ideas.”

I thought I was right wing because I love rigour, precision, enterprise, frameworks, the “good” family, because I am a businessman…..
I thought I wasn’t left wing because I hate sharing with those who don’t pull up their sleeves and get on with things, because I don’t like to squash individual “talents” rather than identify people for their qualities, because those on the “left” have often offended my wish to work at school, at work, in life…
NOW, after SIX HOURS of queuing in Piazza Castello in Turin, I am no longer anything…
I am full, full of hope, of a desire to “participate” to be involved and to involve others. I am part of the “group” of those who want to change the Spirit of the World that is our country, Italy.
On Sunday I will go fishing in the lake. I haven’t done that for 15 years. I want to live….well.”

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After V-day


Our employees are putting more wood on the fire to heat up the Italy pressure cooker. If RAI and Unipol are the first response to “after V-Day”, I’m waiting in terrified expectation for the next responses. Marco Travaglio, a survivor of the standing ovation in Piazza Maggiore has written me this letter which has thrown me into a tiz.
”Dear Beppe,
Only a few days have passed since V-Day and already there’s the need for another one. Considering that our political class, perhaps because of its really low average age, has speedy reflexes. It had an immediate reaction to Saturday’s tsunami. Veltroni and Prodi have placed Fabiano Fabiani, a youngster aged 77, on the Board of Directors of the RAI in place of the famous Berlusconi-ite Angelo Maria Petroni. They divided the others into lots, now they are dividing themselves into lots: it’s bipolarism. Fassino, the Secretary of a party that is now disbanded, so as to avoid finishing up on the park benches, has asked Prodi to do a reshuffle to add a Ministry, possibly for himself (a request that even Prodi judged to be unreceivable noting that his government, made up of 103 including Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Undersecretaries, is already the most over-blown in the history of the Republic and should be possibly reduced a tiny bit). Meanwhile, D'Alema and Fassino, still as a way of responding to the appeal made in the streets for justice that is equal for everyone, give themselves absolution with two unremembered “memos” on the Unipol case, in fact asking the Committee to Authorise Proceedings in the Lower House to turn down the request from the gip Clementina Forleo to authorise the judicial use of their telephone calls with the neighbourhood wide boys: the phone calls that demonstrate their involvement in Unipol’s attempt to takeover the Bnl. The two of them claim that they have committed no crime, which is part of their legitimate right of defence. But then they go a bit further, saying that it’s Forleo who has committed the crimes with an “illegitimate” order because she has written that D'Alema and his trusty senator Latorre have committed market rigging and insider trading without the Prosecution having written either of their names in the register of those under investigation: so if there is no investigation on these two, you can’t understand why the use of their telephone calls should be authorised. But they are joking: the 2003 Boato law set down that telephone intercepts containing the voice of a parliamentarian cannot be used by judges without the permission of Parliament. So the Milan Prosecutors could not investigate the two DS parliamentarians on the basis of telephone calls that as they have not yet been authorised, and so are as though they don’t exist. To investigate them, she needs that authorisation. Now D'Alema replies that the authorisation must not be given because he is not being investigated. The reasoning (if you can call it that) brings to mind a famous humourous novel, “Catch 22” in which a pilot in the military air force pretends to be mad so as to be exonerated from flying war planes; but the doctor explains to him that only mad people fly the war planes, so since he is mad, he is OK to carry out those missions.
PS. Among those who defend D'Alema there’s even the lawyer Guido Rossi. He’s the very same person who presented a denunciation to the Milan prosecutors on behalf of the Dutch bank Abn Amro against Fiorani, and thus triggered the process that began the investigations into the takeover deal. Now he is defending one who is “investigatable” in that investigation. His case reminds me of the lawyer Taormina who called for the arrest of signora Franzoni for the Cogne crime. Then he became the defence lawyer and called for the arrest of the judges who arrested her. Is it that Rossi who is defending D'Alema is Taormina in disguise?” Marco Travaglio

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September 12, 2007

The V-generation


The V-generation has been born on the Internet. One email at a time. A comment, a link, a trackback, a post, a forum, a chat. Thousands of people have been able to get to know each other, to meet each other. To discuss true politics, connected to work, to school, to health, to safety, to the family, to water, to energy. The Internet is the place for doing politics.
On Saturday the V-generation came into the streets and the squares to sign for the popular initiative draft law. It materialized, but just for those who knew nothing about it. A moment of democracy: a proposal for a popular law. Citizens willingly queued up for hours.
ONLY 300,000 signatures were collected because the forms ran out. In the squares there were at least a million people.
The V-generation has been defined: “Italia di merda” and “anti politics”. The people of the V-generation is a living offence for professional politicians. A crime of “offending the emperor” for many journalists and intellectuals. All people (not with precarious jobs) who have had a good living, very good in recent years at the expense of the country. The million people who came out into the streets, in an orderly way, without flags, without even any tiny incident, must be thanked. It’s the escape valve of the pressure cooker that could explode. A moment of peace to reflect on the future of this country.
The V-generation is pure air, sharing, future.
Gaber would say: “freedom is participating”
.PS: Thanks to all the Meetup groups. You have been FANTASTIC!

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September 11, 2007

Fresh Air in Parliament

article from Sole24ore
Il Sole24ore has done a simulation to look at the effects of the popular initiative draft law “Clean Up Parliament”. It’s a spring day, the windows are opening wide, things seem fresher, lighter. If the law is approved even the swallows will come back and the unauthorized campers Mastella&Casini will remove their tents.

Milena Gabanelli was in Piazza Maggiore, among the people and she has written to me.

“Dear Beppe,
I got to the square late on Saturday, but in time to experience such a happening that I hadn’t seen for so long. There were so many young people and they were so keen to contribute with evidence about this wretched country. I haven’t seen anything liked this since I was a student in the 1970s in this very same city. For me the event meant the possibility to involve generations that seemed indifferent to everything and that is obviously not true. I saw them standing queuing for 40 minutes to put their signature to a piece of paper that asks those people who are no longer fit to represent us to go away. I love this city, even though it has become old and non functional. I love it because in a crucial moment , it has opened the gates and is hosting an uncomfortable and annoying event. For one day it has become alive and it has shown that it can display dissent in a peaceful way that involves people. All those who were there know this. I recognise that Cofferati (whom I don’t like and whom I have always criticized) understood that this was right. I should perhaps have come up onto the stage. But I didn’t do this because it wasn’t the place for me. Or perhaps because I was shy. I carry on this battle in other places, and with other words, but it’s still the same.
I wish that those who today are dealing in polemics, would start to reflect on the possibility that one day the person who can draw hundreds of thousands of people into the square could be someone other than a comedian. The alarm has been triggered. It would be best to take it seriously and start to remedy the causes that raise so much animation and unite so many people, before it is too late.”
Milena Gabanelli

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Qualunquism. Populism. Demagogy.

The intellectuals with their heart on the left and the wallet on the right have evoked qualunquism, populism and demagogy. One with a beard has also cited, he can do it, Aristophanes to explain V-Day. Another has stated that he NOW starts to understand the internet, but that my opinion of 8 September is stupid. He doesn’t say why. He doesn’t need to. He’s a left-wing intellectual. Bossi whispered that we mustn’t exaggerate with anti-politics. Him. Hiiiiiiiim! Exaggerate?
Casini in Caltagirone was indignant. Him. Hiiiiiiiim! Indignant. While we are there, is Mele still a deputy? And in the UDC is there someone who is under investigation, convicted, time-d out? And Biagi, did he have body guards?
Fini cites three politicians: Togliatti, Almirante and Berlinguer. He says that with the new law we wouldn’t have had them in Parliament for life but just for two terms of office. But is a decade not long enough perhaps? However he doesn’t name any of the politicians who are currently in Parliament. Obviously, he’s ashamed of the hundreds of long-distance politicians: Andreotti, Mastella, Pomicino...

I’m publishing a witness statement from Marco Travaglio in today’s l’Unità. He explains that no-one’s memory was offended in Bologna. If necessary, there were another 150,000 witnesses present.

”I spent the whole afternoon on the ground by the stage – and on the stage, and never did I hear, I am not saying anything “against” Marco Biagi but “of” Marco Biagi. The name “Marco Biagi” was never mentioned explicitly. A couple of times there was talk of the law number 30 that the Berlusconi government abusively named after the professor who was assassinated. When he could no long object, while a Minister of that government called him a “ball-breaker”. And Grillo talked about that law asking for it to be revised, together with the Treu law adding however: “the real problem in Italy is not even to be found in the laws, but in the fact that there’s no work in Italy”. I am saying this because a friend, the former judge and now a town councillor, Libero Mancuso, who no one saw at the event, has spoken about presumed “offending Biagi”. I can assure you that if someone, on the stage, had really shown a lack of respect in relation to Marco Biagi, on that stage, none of us, not even Grillo, would have stayed a moment longer”. Marco Travaglio.

Complete article

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September 10, 2007

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, 8 September 2007

Click on the picture to see all the photos

Photo by Mario Bucchich

"Today marks the start of the new Renaissance forged by Italians. On 8 September 1943, the Royals scuttled off to Pescara. Behind them they left Italy in a shambles. Today nothing has changed. Parliament is occupied by unauthorized people chosen by Party secretaries. They no longer scuttle away - they don’t need to. They live in a world apart, with body guards and television. Politician – a term that is no longer worth a fig. Professional politicians. Professional unlawful ones. Not like those who help you park cars, the windscreen washers and the whores, They are the unauthorized ones. Nobody elected them. They have taken away our freedom to vote for a candidate.
I do not want the parties to decide who is to be elected to Parliament. Nor even that the Ministers are surprises in our Easter eggs. Before the voting, we want to know who will occupy the Ministries and who will be the Minister of Justice. If they pick Mastella, then let them vote for him. Let them elect him. Let them go along to the pay-as-you-go Primaries.
THEM, the enchantment of delegation. THEY WILL THINK OF EVERYTHING.
It is YOU LOT who have to take back your life into your own hands. It is you who must do politics everyday - in the supermarket, at school, at the work place, at the traffic lights, in the midst of nature, in your apartment block.
There is no one over the wall on the other side. If you knock at the door, it will stay closed. Stop believing the newspapers and television that just pump out lies. The banks, the media, politics, big business are all the same. The same people. There is a dragon gobbling up our country that makes you believe what it wants. That goes down on bended knees to interview timed-out criminals, members of the Mafia, the corrupted and those who do the corrupting. At the wave of a wand it transforms them into honest persons, statesmen. But all they are is paltry scoundrels who, in any other country, would have to hide their heads in shame! What example will you give to your children? Take these examples, Corona, Previti, the psycho-dwarf, Pomicino, Ricucci, Fiorani in his underpants, Geronzi the new President of Mediobanca who decides what will happen to the country’s finances! The more disgusting you are, the more you are famous? The more crimes you have chalked up to you, the greater your success? Is this what you want?
Amato the minister says he is worried that if the Left wing in the government doesn’t give a decisive shift in relation to public order, there will be a "return to fascism".
Amato, Craxi’s Treasurer, who never knew anything, who was always closeted in his office reading documents. That great fat hog was stashing away billions abroad and he didn’t know.
Where were you hanging out, Amato, that year when you released 26,000 criminals from the jails? You did it to prevent your accomplices, the public administrators, the wide boys in politics ending up behind bars. Don’t tell me you do not know about it. And now you are talking about a return to fascism. Of a security summit. Here there is no return to fascism, nothing but a swing towards common sense, nothing but the swing of a boot up the arse for those who voted for the Great Pardon. We know their names and their surnames. We will do them all at the next elections. These people sitting on the parliamentary benches must never again return. How many deaths, how many rapes, how many thefts has this Great Pardon brought about? Who is paying the price? Will it be perhaps that Minister of Caste and Injustice - for this is Mastella’s true title - who will be selling his apartments in Rome to compensate the family in Gorgo al Monticano?
The whole kettle of fish stinks to high heaven, the stench rises from the sewers and swirls around and you can’t cope. You live the whole time holding your nose. I want to sniff again the fresh winds of life, We need to unblock the manhole covers. Clean air and pure water. In our own lives and the life of the Res Publica. Piazza Maggiore is crowded to the gills with a throng of one hundred thousand, one hundred and fifty thousand people? 220 Italian cities and twenty cities in the world outside are on the same wavelength with us. This is the first time that it has come to pass. It is the magic of the Internet, of information freed from its bonds, it is our Woodstock for the rule of law. At least 300,000 people have signed today for a New Renaissance, for a law of popular initiative, a law to restore dignity to Parliament on three fronts:
- no to felons in parliament,
- no to political professionals, a couple of terms of office and then back to their jobs,
- yes to direct representation.
The signatures needed were all forthcoming in the space of one morning. People queued up for hours and were pleased to do so, just so that they could sign. I will take this draft law into Parliament and read it and we shall be eyeball to eyeball with anyone who opposes it.
This is a country of constitutional subjects. We are allowed to vote but only from among persons whom the parties choose. Sometimes we are allowed to say no to a law through a referendum. There is no referendum for draft laws that are floated. But when it comes down to it, the parties could not care less about the results of referenda. When the electoral law of 2005 was created, the Centre Right threw down the memory tube the results of the 1992 referendum.
In the Middle Ages, we had more rights than we have today. This is why a New Renaissance is necessary. Life lies in your hands. Politics is there to create happiness, hopes for the future and beauty.
Hopes of being able to find work, creativity, and hope for the family.
They have stolen the future from a whole generation. They have rendered them slaves to regulations. 25,000 persons have written to me explaining the misery they experience at work where they earn €4 per hour, two months at work and then back home again. I have gathered together all the testimony in the form of a book. Joseph Stiglitz, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics, wrote: "What is the use of sending your children to study at University to have them tossing the fried potatoes? Save the money you would have spent on a university degree for them!" And then there’s Ichino who quotes a forged article which I did not write in the Corriere della Sera. He slung the term of terrorist at me. Now, do you hear me? I issued the invitation, but I do not see you and there is only one thing that I am going to say to you and it is "up yours!" There are more than five million people in precarious employment in Italy. Are we going to put our heads in the sand and pretend there are none? Are we going to wait until the figure gets to ten million, or twenty million if you will? There is a terrible truth that no one will utter. There is not enough work. And when there is not enough work to go round, we have rules that regulate precarious employment. Our lads have no choice, so what do they do? They emigrate. If there were a proper labour market, the laws governing precarious employment would remain stillborn. The captains of industry would be forging documents in order to hire an engineer or a technician.
In our Woodstock what we have is people who want a different Italy, a true Bel Paese or Fair Land if you will, a land of people who do not tell lies and to whom nobody tells lies either. Let us set off now and we shall never stop.
Today is going to be truth and music.
Together we shall do it! There are so many of us, millions, and all we have to do is wake from a drugged sleep, so that we can smile at life and be happy at the thought of a New Renaissance."

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September 08, 2007


This morning at seven o clock there was already a queue at the signing tables. Many had to open up two hours early. Police officers were lining up so as not to have to be an escort to the convict politicians. Yesterday Santagata, the Minister responsible for putting the programme into effect said that I’ll be in the election campaign:"Beppe Grillo is thinking of forming a list for the forthcoming elections, the European elections of 2009”. They have not understood a thing. The parties are barnacles on democracy. We need to give space to the citizens. To the civic lists. To the movements. We are living in a party-ocracy, not in a democracy. Santagata is the Minister responsible for putting the programme into effect. But what’s the job? Employ a secretary in his place and save the money of the citizens.

Watch live TV from Bologna on c6 and on EcoTV.

Go to the V-day section for full details.

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September 07, 2007

Ligabue for V-day


Tomorrow from 4:30pm until 10:00pm I will be in Bologna with Patrizia and Lino Aldrovandi, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Don Ciotti, Massimo Fini, Milena Gabanelli, Mauro Gallegati, Walter Ganapini, Peter Gomez, Sabina Guzzanti, I ragazzi di Locri, Norberto Lenzi, Massimo Majowiecki, Gianna Nannini, Maurizio Pallante, Gino Strada, Marco Travaglio.
Singing: Leo Pari, Metrical Division, Germano Bonaveri, Guido Foddis, Pau and Mac dei Negrita, Gli Skiantos.

In 225 other Italian cities and 30 foreign ones people have organised shows and the collection of signatures.

Thanks also to Pecoraro Scanio for his support for V-day.

1.Support V-day by giving money to:
Current account in the name of Beppe Grillo - ABI 05018 - CAB 12100 -c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A - Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276 - CIN B- BANCA POPOLARE ETICA
Explanation: V-day
2. Participate in V-day
3. Put your photos on with the tag Vaffa-day
4. Put your videos on with the tag Vaffa-day

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Veltroni and Greenpeace for V-day


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I’m publishing this letter from Walter Ganapini, the national president of Greenpeace who is supporting V-Day.

Dear Beppe,
I am supporting V-Day that you have organised for 8 September.

The rule of law is a fundamental value for democracy. In the absence of this value, sustainable development does not exist, but even directly, right here and now, for the environment in which we live and for that that we leave to future generations.
Even today, our country finds it hard to keep pace with European regulations. These have always been directed towards considering the quality of the environment as a good in itself and at the same time, an important competitive factor, an integral part of an aware modernity.
With great difficulty, we are starting to look at the topic of the criminal substance of environmental crimes understood as attacks on common goods and against the sacrosanct right to have a clean environment, as this is synonymous with the health of the collectivity.
What a lot of effort to provide evidence of the distorted historical intrigue, of the management of refuse or of water and bad business practice in politics.
How many of the “perpetual” convict politicians, have been (or are still on trial now) for crimes connected to this bad business practice?
What a lot of effort, by yourself as well, to bring to the awareness of the citizens the scandal of the CIP6 contributions to oil barons and to “incinerator-ist” friends, rather than, as laid down in the law setting them up, to promote renewable sources of energy?
We are still waiting for them to be cancelled definitively at least for those plants that are “already authorised”: then when will be the vote on the amendments presented by the government?
Christmas has gone by some time ago….
To breathe fresh air, there’s a big need of fresh politics, that is low cost, that maximizes the social and cultural value of the commitment, minimizing the current propensity to conceive of it as a “profession” for the few.
A big hug Beppe, also in the name of Greenpeace, accompanied by an invitation to all citizens who hold the environment and democracy close to their hearts to join up with the peaceful initiative of grassroots participation that you are promoting with the intelligent and generous civic passion that has always distinguished you.”
Walter Ganapini
Greenpeace National President

On Saturday it will be possible to see the events in video streaming from the following cities (the links will be available on this site as soon as we start transmitting):

Alghero, Anzio, Bergamo, Busto Arsizio, Borgomanero, Brindisi, Crotone, Catania, Fano, Faenza, Florence, Genoa, Ischia, Lecce, Milan, Naples, Novara, New York, Nuoro, Viareggio, Volta Mantovana, Pegognaga, Pesaro, Pordenone, Putignano, Rieti, Rovereto, Rovigo, Reggio Calabria, Savona, Sanremo, Terni, Taranto, Urbino, Verbania.

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September 06, 2007

Family Photos


A response to my post “ Mug Shots” from the Popolari-UDEUR, the big party from Ceppaloni, says:
- the pardon is not a tool in the hands of the Minister of Justice, but of the whole Parliament, that approved it with a majority of 800 votes (nothing to do with us – editor).
- dramatic facts like those of Treviso. Cruel crimes, committed by scoundrels, who are and who remain such, independently of the measures that they have benefited from (the guilt is of the scoundrel, not of the pardon - editor) Mastella, they have left you alone with the hot potato; even your own folk are keeping their distance. You’ve only got Benigni and the parable of the centurion.
I’m publishing the letter from the Meetup of Treviso which is near to the village of Gorgo al Monticano where the massacre took place.

“Dear Beppe,
After we felt the nausea and the anguish for the massacre in Gorgo al Monticano, we were disturbed to learn that one of the three, previously convicted of rape, was out of prison because of the pardon” and straight away we thought that the responsibility for what has happened was not only to be attributed to the barbarous ones who executed the double murder, but also to those who had allowed the assassins to go back and commit crime. “They must lock them up and throw away the key” “ they were the best grandparents in the world”: these are the words of the youngsters Laura and Alessio, aged 10 and 9, who saw their grandparents killed in that cruel way.
When we got to know that one of the perpetrators of the crime was at large thanks to the pardon, added to the dismay, was anger and the fear that similar facts can happen again.
We believe that your offer of legal help to the family members of the victims in Gorgo to take out an action against the Minister of Justice is a stimulus and a help to nail those who promoted the pardon to their responsibilities: the pardon was voted for against the wishes of the majority of the citizens.
As for the Popolari-Udeur who gave themselves permission to criticize you, we ask if they remember article 110 of the Constitution that gives the Minister of Justice the task of looking after “the organisation and the functioning of the services relating to justice.”. To whom should we turn? To the Minister of Equal Opportunity?
Everyone well remembers who voted for the pardon, that is everyone apart from IDV, Lega, AN and Pdci and if the Honourable Mastella, apart from having voted in favour of the pardon also holds the position of Minister of Justice he must accept all the problems that he has created and is still creating for the population. It is stated that the pardon was asked for by John Paul II. John Paul II was dead when Parliament approved the “disgraceful” law for the pardon; in any case he asked for more humane conditions for the prisoners but not their liberation…..
As Marco Travaglio has written to Minister Amato: “It is true that the prisons were bursting at the seams, but there were other things that could have been done. It would have been enough to tell the truth. Instead, the Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella announced that to release 15,000 prisoners it was necessary to have a pardon of 3 years. Experts like D'Ambrosio stated that with a pardon of 3 years at least double that number would have walked free and that for 15,000 it was enough to have one year, or at the most 2 years.” Now, Travaglio went on: “It is discovered that in 9 months those who left prison were 26,201 convicts plus at least 10,000 people awaiting trial or awaiting sentencing: making at least 100% more than the number announced.”
The pardon has produced a crime wave that cannot be stopped. One of the three arrested for the murder in Gorgo stated: Anyway you won’t manage to keep me in prison for more than a few days”… he is still convinced that he can get away with it, as has happened on previous occasions since he arrived in Italy. The victims of the pardon are waiting for compensation both moral and material from whoever looks after “the organisation and the functioning of the services relating to justice.”
While waiting, we hope that the parliamentarians give an example by doing without their body guards to give them to the Italian citizens who are defenceless and exposed to attacks from those who have been “pardoned”. Maurizio

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Responses from Parliament to V-Day


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204 parliamentarians have expressed their thoughts on the 3 points of the popular law: “Clean Up Parliament”. The responses in agreement were 122 for direct preferences, 109 for non-eligibility of convicted candidates and 82 for the limit of 2 terms of office. 22 parliamentarians replied after the closure of the poll for various reasons but I decided to include them in the results anyway.

Many of the parliamentarians did not restrict themselves to a “yes” or “no” but they gave a reasoned explanation. Below I have given 5 replies from different parliamentarians for each question. As you can see there are very many points of view and they are often clashing.

1) Do you agree that no Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial?

Giorgio Stracquadanio
Disagree completely. Do you remember when we elected Enzo Tortora? I was among those and I am proud of it. With your proposal, Tortora would have died in his cell. Think about it, if as you say, you have democracy in your heart.

Valerio Zanone
Yes. Yes if convicted up until the end of the time they are prevented from holding public office. If they are waiting for the final verdict, until that verdict is given. The presumption of innocence is just according to the law, less so with public opinion.

Claudio Scajola

Fausto Bertinotti
Without a doubt, the parliamentarian must know how to be an expression of the rule of law of the Republic. However the law cannot go against the principle that no one can be considered guilty except on the basis of a final decision of the magistracy nor can they deny, in the country of Beccaria, that the punishment suffered restores the convicted person to full citizenship. Well then how can one defend public morality? I think that the parties should define, with this in mind, some freely chosen codes of behaviour that are binding. For example, the parties should agree on a decision to exclude from their lists - according to a principle of political and not judicial responsibility, those who have been convicted, or even sent for trial for crimes that are socially dangerous. This is why I was really convinced and I supported the proposals of Prosecutor Grasso at the last elections. On this point I find the position of the Antimafia Commission to be useful, to propose to the parties, already at the town and provincial elections, a code of practice that binds the parties to be self-regulating, especially in relation to the types of crime like mafia, money laundering, usury and so on.

Margherita Boniver
If convicted, as long as they were not convicted for crimes of opinion.

2) Do you agree that the eligibility for election to Parliament must be limited to 2 terms of office?

Ermete Realacci
There can’t be a general rule. Otherwise we would not have had Pertini, Berlinguer, and De Gasperi in Parliament.

Giuseppe Chicchi
For the DS, it is already like that. So I say “yes”

Oliviero Diliberto
Our party already uses this rule, so I agree…. Since yesterday!

Enrico Boselli
No. I would raise it at least to three. The limit of two terms of office seems appropriate for Mayors, who in the administration of the territory have a direct contact with the citizens and could therefore get a direct or indirect advantage from carrying out their role, but in the case of Parliament it would mean reducing the benefits that result from the experience of such a complex activity.

Lucio Malan
No. There are many reasons: if I thought it was a bad thing to serve more than two terms of office I wouldn’t have put myself forward to serve the third.

3) Do you agree that direct preferences should be restored for the election of parliamentarians?

Roberto Giachetti
No. I think that the best system is a constituency competition between two candidates at the Primaries. To clarify I think the best solution is the single-member constituency with two levels as in France. The preferences have contributed to the degeneration of the political system.

Gianfranco Fini
Preferences allow the voters to choose. But without a doubt in the past the collection of preferences has fed corruption because of the vast amount of financial resources needed. To allow the voters to choose, the single-member constituencies are best.

Marco Follini
I entirely agree with point 3. In a thousand and one occasions I have tried to ensure that preferences are flanking the proportional law. I think that it is necessary to restore the parliamentarians to the voters and that the most sensible way of doing this is to bring back the preferences.

Edmondo Cirielli
No. It feeds clientelism and corruption, especially in the south of Italy.

Fabio Mussi
I actively participated in the first great referendum on the electoral law that abolished multiple preferences, as around these there were formations of chains of power and interests groups. Today we find ourselves with the blocked lists (thanks to Calderoli, Berlusconi, and Fini, the latter has now become a promoter of the referendum that will destroy what he created) that put everything into the hands of the parties. These are ever more ephemeral at a political, intellectual and moral level, and ever more invasive on the level of power and on the formation of the political class. Thus I am in favour of single preferences with another electoral law.

Read all the responses in the document that brings them all together.

Promote V-Day!
Meetups: contact your local newspaper and send them the programme for the day.
Everyone: Send an SMS or an email to your friends:
“Saturday 8 September I will be in the square for the V-day that Beppe Grillo has organised to sign the request for a popular law Tell the others! “ (I’m relying on you to come up with other suggestions for SMS texts)

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September 05, 2007

Mug Shots

Artur Lleshi, Albanian, sentenced to ten years for attempted murder, out of prison thanks to the pardon, expelled from Italy, but just on paper.
Naim Stafa, Albanian, previous convictions for kidnapping, drugs, arms, a person who is not welcome in the Schengen area.
Clemente Mastella, Italian, Minister of Justice, responsible for the pardon.

The Italians didn’t want the pardon. It was useful for avoiding prison for those, often very close to the parties, who had committed crimes against the public administration, financial crimes, company crimes, tax crimes. All the rest is lies.
Mastella was put there for this reason. It was bipartisan wheeler-dealering. It gives a guarantee to everyone except the citizens.
The effects of the pardon can be seen in recent months. Now there’s a government of unpunished people, without making amends, without any self criticism, they tell us that they want to avoid easy–going freeing from prisons. That they want to fight micro-criminality.

The Treviso Prosecutor, Antonio Fojadelli has said: “Certainly, if the pardon hadn’t been up to three years and if it hadn’t included crimes like murder and robbery…” And he added: “I, myself, looking around me, I don’t see the State.”
The first gesture that the Council of Ministers should do is to have a vote of no confidence in Clemente Mastella. The government’s popularity would be great.
I am making available to the families of the married couple killed at Gorgo al Monticano my lawyers to take an action against the Minister of Justice. In this country, everyone has to start to take their responsibilities, starting with our employees.

The website has published an article about the effects of the pardon They are summarized in this graph:

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Golden milk, silver horn

photo by matteopenzo

Last Sunday the cows came down to the valleys. In piazza San Carlo in Turin, the good people of the city incorporating a car park, were protesting about the expensive milk. The cows are milked as well as the consumers.
From the cowshed to the table, milk is subject to a financial transformation. A litre goes from 0.32 cents to 1.4 euro a litre. To the producer, milk is valued at less than mineral water. Often the cow owner doesn’t cover the costs.
The Coldiretti protests for the management of milk quotas. They ask that the provenance of milk and its derivatives should be indicated so that we can avoid eating Belgian or Ukrainian milk products sold as Italian. The milk quotas have had up and down times. The memory of manure splattered at a State official is still vivid. I have to admit, as regards the milk quotas I’m still investigating but with limited results. I don’t understand why Italy, with demand that is greater than the supply set down in law, is obliging the producers to close down or to throw away excess milk. I don’t understand why we can’t buy unbottled milk directly from the associations of producers in public distribution points. The cost would be less than a euro a litre. We wouldn’t throw the bottle away. We wouldn’t be fattening up the parasites on the cows: the distributors, the transporters and the advertisers. And we’d know where the milk is coming from. We could even adopt a cow at a distance.. We could go and visit it every so often with the children. A tour of the cowshed at the weekend, like you do with the wine cellars.
The Coldiretti estimates family expenditure on food and drink as 467 euro a month. 230 euro (51%) goes on sales and services, 140 (30%) to the food industry and 89 (19%) to the producers. Producers and consumers count as much as the 2 of spades in briscola or like Fassino in the DS. Prices go up, but the prices of what, if milk increases its value by almost fivefold from the cow to the supermarket?

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September 04, 2007

V-day in 5 continents

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V-day will be celebrated in all 5 continents with an awareness raising operation using flyers and then walks.

- Barcelona (Spain) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Calgary (Canada) 15.00 hours (3:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Chicago (USA), 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Dublin (Ireland) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) at the end of Grafton Street in front of St Stephen's Green shopping centre.
- Las Palmas de Gran Canarie (Spain) [Walk], at 19.30 hours (7:30pm) starting at calle Leon y Castillo, in front of the Italian Consulate, and arriving at Piazza Cattedrale.
- Lausanne (Switzerland) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Madrid(Spain) 18.00 hours in front of the Embassy in Madrid, Calle Lagasca, 98
- Neuchâtel (Switzerland) the morning in front of the Italian Consulate: 3, Faubourg de l'Hopital.
- New York (USA) 11.30 hours (11:30am) Union Square
- Oakland (USA) 18.00 hours (6:00pm) Fort PointMarine Drive SF
- San Francisco (USA) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in Union Square.

And at 14.00 hours (2:00pm) (local time) in front of the Consulate many other cities like: Brussels, Denver, Locarno, London, Lugano, Luxemburg, Nice, Perth, Prague, Puerto del Rosario, Rio De Janeiro, Santa Cruz, Amsterdam.

Promote V-day!

Shopkeepers: display the flyer in the window
Car drivers: stick the flyer on your rear window
Taxi drivers: display the flyer on the back of the seats
Students: attach the flyer to the notice board
Office workers: display the programme for the day in your city on the coffee machine
Newspaper vendors: attach a flyer in with the newspapers
Footballers: if your are signing then give a V-day sign
Fans: display the V-day banner
Meetups: contact your local newspaper and send them the programme for the day
Everyone: send an SMS or an email to your friends:
“Saturday 8 September I will be in the square for the V-day that Beppe Grillo has organised to sign the request for a popular law Tell the others! “
(I’m relying on you to come up with other suggestions for SMS texts)

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Italy’s straitjacket

photo of Houdini

I suspect that Italy doesn’t exist. That it is, as Metternich said, a geographic expression. A harlequin costume on a peninsula of people and cultures that are different from each other. A straitjacket that holds together a country recognised by the UN, but repudiated every day by its inhabitants. I suspect that from this dream, or nightmare, with eyes open, all our problems are born. Soviet communism wrote the history books for Polish, Czech, Latvian, Georgian and Ukrainian students. The same was done by Nazi-ism for the Germans, by Franco-ism for the Spanish, by fascism for the Italians. Text book, State truth, even now, in our schools.
Was Italian unification an historical error? Perhaps not, but do we want to start talking about it after almost 150 years? The Bourbons were legitimate rulers. Naples one of the most flourishing capitals of Europe. Francis II loved by his subjects and the mafia hardly existed. Does someone still believe that the Savoys liberated the common people of the South? The emigration of millions of people to America from the Venice region and for the South of Italy was the direct consequence of the Savoys’ economic policy. Two world wars with interval-filling conquest wars here and there in Africa and the Mediterranean. Fascism. Mafias. Party-ocracy. In 1861 hardly anyone spoke the Italian language. It was imposed by law. Cultures lasting thousands of years were destroyed. Was it worth it? Perhaps, but someone would have to explain to us the tens of thousands of people of the South called brigands so that it was justifiable to kill them. The plebiscites about annexation done with a handful of people. Of the occupation of States that had been independent for centuries.
To stay together you need good reasons, even between husband and wife, between States, because Italy is the sum of former States, even more. The wars of independence were won by the troops of Napoleon III, the first world war by the Allies, the last war ended evens. We won it and we lost it. It depends which political party you belong to. Since 1945 our foreign policy has been done by the American troops present in Italy.
Are we a country? On what historical, social, cultural basis? We are afraid of looking at ourselves in the mirror. It’s taken just four stupid people to climb up St Mark’s bell tower to frighten the State. Read your children’s history books for the elementary school and the middle school. You will find the celebration of the Italian unification, the Fathers of the Nation, but you’ll find no trace of Italy.

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September 03, 2007

V-Day out and about

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More than 180 cities have signed up to V-Day. In each city the meet up group has organised festivals, shows and tables for collecting signatures for the popular law: “Clean Up Parliament”.
Some cities have organised a day of festivities with actors, singer-songwriters, and artistes.
- In Turin there’ll be a show in Piazza Castello starting at 4:00pm. In Rome in Parco Shuster starting at 3:00pm
- In Taranto it’ll start at 6:00pm on the evening of 7 September with “Waiting for V-Day” in piazza Maria Immacolata.
- In Palermo as from today there’s the University V-Day and on 8 September, the city will be invaded with Critical Mass bicycles.
- In Ivrea anyone who wants to make a contribution can do so after having a nip of sangria.
- In Naples, and other places, the young people will show film clips from the blog.
- In Padua things go on even on Sunday 9 September at Parco Iris.
- At Cuneo a local politician has threatened the owner of a commercial centre that displayed the V-day flyer…. But the young people will be there all the same.
Many folk will show the events in Bologna starting at 5:00pm on 8 September, organised by ecotv.jpg
All TVs and radios can retransmit the signal. Here’s the details:
Channel 906 Sky
or free:
satellite: hot bird 6
transponder: 125
polarisation: horizontal
frequency: 11013
symbol rate: 27500
fec: 3/4

The website will also transmit all the event in streaming.
It’ll be a day for popular participation, for grass roots democracy, organised and paid for by the people. Go to the meetup forum for your city if you want to lend a hand at the signature tables, by making a monetary contribution or as authenticator, if you can.
P.S. Andrea Pellizzari will go and sign at the Milan table. Watch the video.

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Corpses cooked in oil, garlic and parsley

Once upon a time people went to the woods for mushrooms and truffles. Today it’s possible to find corpses under an oak. Either fresh or seasoned. It depends on the day. The luckiest ones find them still whole in rubbish bags. There’s no lack of bits and pieces with the trunk in a bush, the legs in an escarpment and the head buried deep under a beech. Someone has really got serious about the return to nature, to Mother Earth.
The mushroom hunters are worried that the fashion will spread. As long as it’s 2 strangled young Romanian women or a young man with three bullets in the skull they can still tolerate it, but if it should go beyond that? If the fashion gets more widespread, the woods will see more Italians walking around looking for excitement.
A real corpse is not an everyday thing. For dinner the corpse is served up every evening with abundance on the TV. Every TV News offers a hundred. The detective stories now take place in the morgue. The segmented bodies are the true protagonists.
You now starting to see signs saying: No tipping of dead bodies in the villages of the Valtellina. Some humanitarian associations are turning to the assassins with the invitation: “You too can donate a cadaver for the organs, don’t get them lost in the woods”. In Parliament they’ve been talking about it for a bit. The getting rid of cadavers abandoned by unpunished criminals is a potential business. The Incineration of cadavers with energy recovery is not an idea to be ignored. The dead people are eco-sustainable and anyway, they can no longer vote.

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September 01, 2007



Do you remember Libero Grassi? He didn’t want to pay the pizzo. With great courage he went on Santoro’s TV programme. He denounced the mafia phenomenon. The State was indignant. The mafia killed him. That’s how things go in this wretched country.
The Confindustria through the regional division of Sicilian industrialists has decided to expel the business people who pay the pizzo. A decision that risks the closure of the Confindustria in Sicily. If all those who pay are expelled they’ll need a new organisation. How about Confimafia as a name?
The idea of attacking those who are obliged to suffer is worthy of the Marquis de Sade. In parliament there are people who have had explicit dealings with the mafia. Why don’t we expel them rather than the industrialists? Those who don’t pay can have their shop set on fire. They can be shot. If they put up with blackmail it’s because they don’t believe that the institutions can protect them. And sadomasochist Montezemolo what’s he doing? He’s expelling them. The mafia people will laugh till their sides split. They won’t believe it. They’ll think it’s a joke of the fearsome Minister of Justice. The property owner who sings with Little Tony, just to be clear.
The Confindustria has opened up a new route: punishment for those who are subject to criminal blackmail. For the honest citizens attacked by the criminal underworld, the State could take back their passports, it could whip them on the soles of their feet, confiscate their goods. Strong with the weak, weak with the strong. Perhaps this initiative is a flash of genius to make the mafia disappear. For fear of repercussions both from the mafia people and from the State, anyone paying the pizzo will have a double reason to keep their mouth closed.
Omertà, justice and liberty.

1.Support V-day by giving money to:
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