Appeal for Justice

The Soviet Unionís Pravda was an information model for Italian newspapers and TV stations. I published a post with an appeal from Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino to the Head of State to stop Mastella and send him home as soon as possible and keep the prosecutor De Magistris in Catanzaro. No one has reported the letter. However they have used two of my jokes to talk about an entwinement with Mastella.
Dear strong powers, I am referring to the parties and the corporate groups that control information, tell your servants to be more clever when they are lying. Other wise everyone will notice.
De Magistris must remain in Catanzaro to complete his investigations. What credibility can a government have if it behaves like the psycho-dwarf in relation to the magistracy?
Iím again publishing the letter from Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino. Napolitano if you are there, knock once.

ĒWe are asking for the intervention of the Head of State to put an end to the embarrassing and offensive behaviour of Minister Mastella that is aiming to gag the truth and keep justice from definitively arriving at his own person.
To avoid this he has asked the CSM to transfer the prosecutor De Magistris justifying the request as a dutiful act following on from ministerial inspections at the Catanzaro Prosecutorís Office. In relation to this, if Mastella claims he is correct in performing this ďdutifulĒ action, we would be curious to know how he defines Minister Amato given that he at times prefers to ignore the results of ministerial inspections (see the failure to dissolve the Town Council of Barcellona P.G.-ME).
Perhaps it has escaped Minister Mastella that there are serious problems that would need to be raised with the CSM, problems that risk swamping the justice system; the Prosecutorís Office of Caltanissetta and of Catania, considering the importance of these in the fight against the mafia. Problems that have been discovered too long ago. And what can be said of the disastrous paralysis that the new legal system will cause?

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

PPS The knee belongs to the laundry maid. I repeat: The knee belongs to the laundry maid.

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cosa Ť successo ai messaggi?!?!

Posted by: christian | September 30, 2007 07:28 PM

Mi congratulo con lo staff per l'evidente accelerazione del sito. Non so se questo sia dovuto al mio precedente appello, oppure se fosse gia' in cantiere, ma e' il risultato quello che conta.

Vorrei pero' insistere sul problema dello spam. Ci sono ancora i neonazisti revisionisti che spammano le loro cavolate a profusione. Per non parlare dei maniaci del complotto del signoraggio... Come segnala un utente sul blog, la stampa se ne sta approfittando:

Esistono vari metodi anti-spam per i blog. Ad esempio, questo e' un plugin anti-spam per i blog WordPress:

Bisognerebbe comunque dotarsi di uno strumento antispam che permetta l'utilizzo delle regular expression php, in modo che se uno scrive parolabannata o venga bloccato lo stesso

Inoltre penso sarebbe molto utile uno strumento di ricerca per i commenti di un singolo post, altrimenti diventa impossibile trovare eventuali risposte al proprio commento, se la gente non risponde direttamente ma ne posta uno nuovo per avere maggiore visibilita' ;-)

PS: lucas coglie le castagne ripeto, lucas coglie le castagne X-D

Posted by: Lucas Malor | September 30, 2007 12:50 PM



Posted by: andrea ledda | September 30, 2007 12:17 PM

Lunga vita a De Magistris!!!!
1-100-1000 De Magistris!!!!

Posted by: Vince Aronne | September 30, 2007 11:33 AM

Lunga vita a De Magistris!!!! 1-100-1000 De Magistris!!!

Posted by: Vince Aronne | September 30, 2007 11:32 AM

You cannot not react.
Make sure you are on the right side.

Ps.The featherless owl has slivered to Babylon.I repeat: The featherless owl has slivered to Babylon.

Posted by: Robert Goodey | September 30, 2007 12:44 AM

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