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Those who listen to the speech of a politician instead of going to lectures, get “training credits”. That happened for the Pisa University students who were present at Bertinotti’s oration. Those who give their support to a judge who is doing his duty against the mafia clans and the castes, are suspended from school. That’s the way Italy works…
Aldo Romagnino head of the liceo scientifico {scientific high school} “Siciliani” has suspended the young people who protested against the “mastellata” of the transfer that the CSM has been asked to do of the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris. Will the Minister of Education send in his inspectors? Will the head teacher be referred? Will some of the head teachers have the good taste to dissociate themselves from this action?
Italian citizens are intimidated from when they are tiny. If they were to grow up free and courageous like the young people from Calabria of ammazzatecitutti, tomorrow they could become dangerous lovers of justice like Scopelliti and Borsellino.
In its programme, the P2 had the control and influence of the institutions, starting with information. A plan that has almost met with success, except for the magistracy. In no democratic country has there been a total war against the magistracy as has happened in Italy with dozens of judges who have been murdered, prosecutors offices allowed to have no resources, laws in favour of delinquents.
Some young people are showing that they have more balls and civil courage than all the parliamentarians together and they get suspended.
Shout like they do. Like they are shouting in the streets and squares of Calabria: “1,100,1000 De Magistris”.
On 8 October, the CSM will make a pronouncement on the request to transfer De Magistris, a month after V-Day. Stay tuned.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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You are agains taxes. OK, but there are the taxes which pay the public services like schools, universities, research, roads, hospitals.
The problem are not the taxes, it is the problem of "who to spend them". In the public services it is a lot of waste of money. The system must be more effective and more efficient.
Now, you talk about countries like the US, but do they have a good and free social system...? Why don't you mention the nordic countries like Finnland and Sweden, where they pay high taxes. In Finnland, you have also completely transparency of the richness and fortune of every people. Why not in Italy???


Posted by: Fabiano | October 2, 2007 02:31 PM

I think Bertinotti is worse than - I better not say. Whilst Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, he advocates stealing from the poor and putting it - guess where....
He blatters on abut tax evasion when public spending and waste is at an all-time high. When will these "geniuses" realise that squeezing peole like lemons is not the way to improve Italian society.
A note about High Taxes:
1. it has been proven in the past that once you reach a certain level of taxation, resistance to new taxes becomes very great;
2. throughout history, the majority of countries (including the US) have never been able to collect more than an effective 20%;
3. high taxes force taxtpayers into tax avoidance, and people find ways to not pay. Then the cost of collecting taxes becomes higher than the taxes collected;
4. high taxes kill business expansion and spending;
5. high taxes slow the economy, which in the long run means less government income;
6. taxpayers know that some taxes have to be paid. Anarchy is not the choice of most people, but 43.1% minimum is too high. Anything more than 20% is robbery, and in any event is a burden too heavy too carry. For a company, it is like having a partner at 50% - a fiat 500 carrying an elephant up a hill.


Posted by: sheila winter | September 30, 2007 10:29 PM

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