Dangerous Blogs

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The Internet was born free. One of its laws is transparency. You can’t hide anything on the Internet and you can’t tell lies either. The Internet means the end for the politicians who say one thing and do another. Anyone who starts a blog should know that. A politician can end up like Gentiloni overwhelmed by a mass of requests (not dealt with) about Rete 4 (and always off playing tennis with Ermete) or, even worse, like Mastella.
Talking about Mastella is like shooting tuna in a tin. I can no longer keep up with him. He has started a blog clementemastella.blogspot.com, so that he can have a dialogue with the citizens, but he’s not publishing the thousands of negative comments.
The positive ones are only coming from Ceppaloni.
The Internet cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour. A blogger wrote: “Mastella has a look like a badly counterfeited banknote.”
Others have gone further and have cloned his blog so as to be able to comment. When the Minister of the Great Pardon publishes a post, straight away, they publish it as well and let people comment. Among the most popular are: dementemastella.blogspot.com, clementepastella.blogspot.com e ceppalonisburning.blogspot.com.

Today’s ceppalon-byte:
The ceppalonic: “Has asked the CSM to arrange for the preventative official transfer of the Catanzaro prosecutor, Luigi de Magistris". According to some: “The move comes right at the time that the prosecutor, Magistris is weighing up whether to write the name of the minister on the register of those under investigation.” From Repubblica.it

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Ho visto il blog dell'onorevole Mastell per la prima volta pochi giorni fa e mi son messo a ridere quando ho visto la sua foto con le bracia incrociate. Ma questo a veramente bisogno di un public relation person. Il linguaggio del corpo di quella fotografia mi dice "io sono meglio di te" e questo non e un messagio che un politico vuole lasciare col pubblico. Se parle con qualunque esperto in psicologia gli dirra che le braccia incrociate non inviano un messaggio favorevole, specialmente da un politico.


Posted by: Marino De Menech | September 24, 2007 06:20 PM

Come i partiggiani si armarono per combattere i fasciscti, oggi molti giovani (copreso me) sono pronti, se costretti, ad armarsi per liberare il parlamento dagli strozzini dello stato.

Posted by: Vincenzo Errichiello | September 24, 2007 04:35 PM

i can't belive that a important country like Italy,has given one of the most important jobs in politics to a complete idiot!!!
keep your cin up BEPPE.

Posted by: marcus haly | September 24, 2007 09:43 AM

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