Italy’s straitjacket

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I suspect that Italy doesn’t exist. That it is, as Metternich said, a geographic expression. A harlequin costume on a peninsula of people and cultures that are different from each other. A straitjacket that holds together a country recognised by the UN, but repudiated every day by its inhabitants. I suspect that from this dream, or nightmare, with eyes open, all our problems are born. Soviet communism wrote the history books for Polish, Czech, Latvian, Georgian and Ukrainian students. The same was done by Nazi-ism for the Germans, by Franco-ism for the Spanish, by fascism for the Italians. Text book, State truth, even now, in our schools.
Was Italian unification an historical error? Perhaps not, but do we want to start talking about it after almost 150 years? The Bourbons were legitimate rulers. Naples one of the most flourishing capitals of Europe. Francis II loved by his subjects and the mafia hardly existed. Does someone still believe that the Savoys liberated the common people of the South? The emigration of millions of people to America from the Venice region and for the South of Italy was the direct consequence of the Savoys’ economic policy. Two world wars with interval-filling conquest wars here and there in Africa and the Mediterranean. Fascism. Mafias. Party-ocracy. In 1861 hardly anyone spoke the Italian language. It was imposed by law. Cultures lasting thousands of years were destroyed. Was it worth it? Perhaps, but someone would have to explain to us the tens of thousands of people of the South called brigands so that it was justifiable to kill them. The plebiscites about annexation done with a handful of people. Of the occupation of States that had been independent for centuries.
To stay together you need good reasons, even between husband and wife, between States, because Italy is the sum of former States, even more. The wars of independence were won by the troops of Napoleon III, the first world war by the Allies, the last war ended evens. We won it and we lost it. It depends which political party you belong to. Since 1945 our foreign policy has been done by the American troops present in Italy.
Are we a country? On what historical, social, cultural basis? We are afraid of looking at ourselves in the mirror. It’s taken just four stupid people to climb up St Mark’s bell tower to frighten the State. Read your children’s history books for the elementary school and the middle school. You will find the celebration of the Italian unification, the Fathers of the Nation, but you’ll find no trace of Italy.

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Caro Beppe e Cari Italiani,
sono un emigrato di questi anni, prima emigrato dalla Calabria per non sottostare alla Ndrangheta,poi emigrato dall'Italia per campare...
si l'Italia e' ormai portata avanti da dei parassiti,il marcio va avanti e le persone per bene anche all'interno del nostro pubblico vengono uccise nelle idee , proprio come avveniva in Calabria.
Tra tutti i mali vorrei elencare 4 in particolare che dall'estero assisto:
1)un parlamento vecchio e inutile con gente impreparata,e senza attributi, che come un cancro uccide tutte le idee buone.
2)sindacati troppo potenti,tanto potenti da far chiudere le aziende o da decidere le sorti delle aziende(vedi alitalia).un imprenditore ha il terrore dei dipendenti, non volgio dire che gli USA hanno un buon sistema, ma basta vedere la Spagna, come galoppa...per capire che qualcosa non va nel conratto di lavoro...aggiungo scusa Beppe,ma noi imprenditori siamo i primi precari....chi ci difende a noi?
3) leggi che non puniscono nessuno, tu ti lamenti per quei delinquenti del parlamento??? chiedi info al proc Gratteri..leggi il libro Fratelli di sangue...pregiudicati??sento le notizie pregiudicato di qui,[regiudicato di la, ammazza di qui li vogliamo tenere in carcere?
4) le banche...tutto a tacere...hanno spolpato tutto...non esiste piu' niente in italia, al loro credito ci accede solo la CASTA , e tutti gli umili mortali....niente...

in ogni modo sono con te,diciamo che sei rimasto l'ultimo appiglio per l'Italia...

Un sincero augurio

Vncenzo Graso

Posted by: Vincenzo Grasso | September 12, 2007 10:01 PM

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