V-day in 5 continents

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V-day will be celebrated in all 5 continents with an awareness raising operation using flyers and then walks.

- Barcelona (Spain) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Calgary (Canada) 15.00 hours (3:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Chicago (USA), 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Dublin (Ireland) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) at the end of Grafton Street in front of St Stephen's Green shopping centre.
- Las Palmas de Gran Canarie (Spain) [Walk], at 19.30 hours (7:30pm) starting at calle Leon y Castillo, in front of the Italian Consulate, and arriving at Piazza Cattedrale.
- Lausanne (Switzerland) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in front of the Italian Consulate.
- Madrid(Spain) 18.00 hours in front of the Embassy in Madrid, Calle Lagasca, 98
- Neuchâtel (Switzerland) the morning in front of the Italian Consulate: 3, Faubourg de l'Hopital.
- New York (USA) 11.30 hours (11:30am) Union Square
- Oakland (USA) 18.00 hours (6:00pm) Fort PointMarine Drive SF
- San Francisco (USA) 14.00 hours (2:00pm) in Union Square.

And at 14.00 hours (2:00pm) (local time) in front of the Consulate many other cities like: Brussels, Denver, Locarno, London, Lugano, Luxemburg, Nice, Perth, Prague, Puerto del Rosario, Rio De Janeiro, Santa Cruz, Amsterdam.

Promote V-day!

Shopkeepers: display the flyer in the window
Car drivers: stick the flyer on your rear window
Taxi drivers: display the flyer on the back of the seats
Students: attach the flyer to the notice board
Office workers: display the programme for the day in your city on the coffee machine
Newspaper vendors: attach a flyer in with the newspapers
Footballers: if your are signing then give a V-day sign
Fans: display the V-day banner
Meetups: contact your local newspaper and send them the programme for the day
Everyone: send an SMS or an email to your friends:
“Saturday 8 September I will be in the square for the V-day that Beppe Grillo has organised to sign the request for a popular law www.vaffanculoday.it. Tell the others! “
(I’m relying on you to come up with other suggestions for SMS texts)

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Mi risulta che il V-DAY a Londra si terra' oggi 08 settembre alle ore 14.00 davanti all'ambasciata italiana: 14, Three Kings Yard.

Posted by: Feduzzo Nitti | September 8, 2007 11:08 AM

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