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October 30, 2007

Convicts and Promotion

photo by Benjamino
The 24 convicts are standing solid as a rock in Parliament. No one is taking a step backwards. The first to hand himself over to the voters and resign will become a national hero. But they don’t understand that. How many years will be needed for them to be taken out of our hair? In three years we’ve only been liberated of Previti. They are long-term convicts. Drug addicts who can’t break the habit.
The government is not indifferent. One at a time it helps them regain confidence in themselves after their trial and conviction. It’s true that few have been in prison, but all are honorary detainees.
Last year Vito and Pomicino, the former convicted of corruption and sentenced to 2 years and the latter for illegal financing and sentenced to 1 year and 8 months and for corruption and sentenced to 2 months, have been appointed to the Antimafia Commission. Since they’ve been there, organised crime has become the top company in the country. If Andreotti (prescritto for life) were also there, it would become the top European multinational.
The government does not forget the convicts in Parliament. And there’s a reason for that. Imagine the day the current Ministers and undersecretaries finish up in court because of any old judge like Forleo or De Magistris. Who would help them? Today it’s your turn, tomorrow it’s my turn and the CSM is for Mancino.
Gianni De Michelis, once defined as a leftover from a whale, a great chaser of ministerial women and author of the book: “Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera: guida a 250 discoteche italiane” {Where are we going to dance this evening: guide to 250 Italian discos} has been promoted. This happy initiative to the benefit of the convict sentenced to 18 months for motorway ring roads in the region of Venice, and sentenced to 6 months for illegal financing is the work of Massimo D’Alema.
To understand what we should expect in 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has brought together a committee of experts called : “Gruppo di riflessione strategica”. {Strategic Reflection Group} The people who are in this will get together in a meeting room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss energy, production, commerce, security and the future of the world. The Charon of the Left has sent Gianni De Michelis to be part of the group. The appointment of the former ballet dancer is because he is president of the Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Far East.
I expect there’ll be other important gestures in relation to the convicts. The bombers at the Defence Committee, the brigands at the Minister of the Interior, the extortionists at the Treasury. Let us give them hope for the future and let’s give Forleo to D’Alema.

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Advertising always rings twice


photo by Doxieone
My letter box is mine. It’s private property. I don’t want to pay the tax on refuse to get rid of advertising. Flyers, guides, catalogues, special offers. If I’m away from home for a week it mounts up to a couple of kilograms and my postbox gets jammed. There’s no more room. They leave the packages and letters from fans on the ground on the foot path. I’m thinking of training up a dog against abusive post people.
To resolve the problem it’s possible to put up a notice on the letter box. I’ll publish some on the blog. Put your ideas up on Flickr with the tag/title: Posta Pulita
Dear Beppe,
I have ascertained that about half the paper that I throw away every week (and that goes to clutter up the already difficult and costly process in the city of “recycling”) is not paper that is useful to me or that I really use!
Absurd, isn’t it? I want to explain better. 50% of the paper for which I pay the refuse disposal tax (the Tia/Tarsu) is commercial advertising and money-making activity for which the income goes exclusively to the advertising agency and not to me. Part of my refuse tax should thus be paid by them!
Every day enormous, bulky and unwanted brochures, newspapers, catalogues from IPERCOOP, PANORAMA, GIGLI, LEROY, MEDIAWORLD, ESSELUNGA, EMMELUNGA, MONDO CONVENIENZA, etc. that already by mid-morning have filled the letter box making it impossible among other things to use the letter container so that my own private post “overflows” so that utility bills and important letters fall out and thus anyone passing by could pick up important and personal information.
Some people have brought a court action and have won. Here’s the verdict given by the Justice of the Peace in Bari:
Unrequired Advertising and existential damage”. I believe that I have understood that it is enough to put a label or message on the letter box expressing our wish not to receive generic advertising that has not been asked for by the house owner. After that if the publicity agencies continue they are committing an offence and can immediately be asked for existential damages ( subjective moral damage and biological damage)
Let’s do it too! And each week in our towns and villages there will be fewer tons of paper and poisonous inks to be disposed of, one extra step towards the environmental culture and a step back from thermovalorising-incinerators.
I’m giving this particular quote from the Justice of the Peace: “the specific function for a letter box is to collect the correspondence addressed to the person named on it. That is the only legitimate person who can extend its use to other things, not excluding that of receiving any sort of advertising. Thus where the owner of the letter box has unequivocally expressed a wish to the contrary it is evident that no one can be allowed to behave in a way that goes against that wish.” Warm greetings” Fabio B.

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October 29, 2007

Clementina’s Loneliness


Paolo Mieli is the director of il Corriere della Sera. Some say he is an historian, others believe him to be a journalist, many think that he is the postman of the RCS Board of Directors. A few years ago Big Paolo hurriedly took the place of Ferruccio De Bortoli who took refuge in il Sole 24 Ore. The reasons for his flight have not been revealed.
What’s certain is that after his exit, the backbone of il Corriere has bent even more. It didn’t seem possible. But Big Paolo has done miracles. Il Corriere is aligned more with Fede, better than Riotta.
It’s the Popolo d'Italia with the new strong powers in place of Mussolini. The RCS Board of Directors represents the Confindustria and the Italian Bank Association. What creates more fear for the strong powers in this Italy without leadership and without a future? The response is unique: the magistracy. The magistrates who lift up their head must be delegitimised.
As to why the prosecutors risk their lives and those of their loved ones in the face of the laziness of the politicians and the indifference (because they are badly informed) of a large part of the general public I can’t find an answer to that.
I don’t know the reasons why a woman who is fighting to cast light on the Unipol affair is isolated by the politicians, defamed, obliged to stay silent, threatened and in spite of all that, is not giving up.
Clementina Forleo cried on Saturday when she was receiving the «Premio Borsellino per l'impegno sociale e civile», {Borsellino Prize for Social and Civic Commitment}, because she is tired of the continual attacks and the attempts at delegitimisation by a national newspaper that says of her: “the image of a river in flood, and of a mad woman”.
Luciano Violante, pal of D'Alema and Fassino involved in the Unipol investigation, said yesterday: "A judge must not use the Media to seek consensus or advertising."
Violante has struck again. Judges use the Media, those few who still tell the truth, to save their life. More they talk, more they remain alive.
Clementina has received many threats, one of them: "Forecasted the death of her parents by the end of summer, who actually died in a road accident on 25 August 2005", considered an accident. Another concerned her directly: "If I had not been careful similar fate would have come for me and my husband." The incident was preceded by a fire that devastated the farm and the family home.

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October 28, 2007

Yesterday’s V-Day and Tomorrow’s V-Day


On video there’s the speech given by the mother of Federico Aldrovandi on 8 September in Bologna.
YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

Today I want to talk about the situation. On V-Day about 350,000 signatures were collected. They are unique and authenticated. They are from Italian adults. The towns where the people who signed have residence, are certifying the signatures. It’s a long process and that’s not by chance. In Italy, popular laws are discouraged.
I am receiving from the committees and from the Meetup groups, boxes and boxes of forms.
At the end of November I will go to Rome to deposit the signatures at the Court of Cassation. If no exceptions are raised, when the proposals arrive in Parliament, I will ask to be able to tell Parliament about this live.
The 24 Parliamentarians who are convicted felons are serene, they are working every day, together with their colleagues, to put a gag on the Internet and on the Magistrates. They certainly don’t think of resigning. Where would they find a job like that with their criminal record?
They will need a bit of help to move out.
The next V-Day will be about information. We will ask for the elimination of public financing to the publishing industry and to abolish the journalists’ professional body.
V-Day has brought the media out of the woodwork. The guard dogs of power. They have aged by 10 years. Journalists have substituted Bava Beccaris’s army and cannons. In the last few weeks, first they ignored the million and a half people of V-Day, then they tried to defame me and now they want to silence everything.
A proposed draft law and hundreds of thousands of Italians who ask for a clean up and transparency have become anti-political. Using information to turn things upside down is the tried and tested technique used by these parties.
The next V-Day will be on 25 April 2008. It’ll be the day Italians are liberated from disinformation. Stay tuned.

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October 27, 2007

The Stadium Councillor

At the San Paolo stadium the councillors and cabinet members of Naples City Council have a hard life. It’s true there are 120 tickets made available to them, even though there are only 60 of them. But the personnel checking entrants do not show them respect and casually ask them for identification each time. After getting through the entry points, their nightmare continues. Once inside the stadium they have to put up with “rough manners” from the control personnel and they are derided by the “non-political” spectators and attendees. The places allocated to them are always of “secondary value” while the Region, the Province and other scroungers "are acting like Lords".
So as to protect their image, the City Council has voted for an agenda item. The Naples Football Club would have to allocate to the City Councillors “with priority” the central positions in the stand and check their identity with a simple card. The agenda item underlines particularly that the City Councillors “honour the sporting events with their presence”.
The concession of 120 tickets is part of the contract for the Stadium. Well then, why are they not allocated to the citizens of Naples on a random basis? The San Paolo stadium belongs to the citizens of Naples not their employees.

PS I’m attaching the account of the expenses for V-Day and the total of your donations received into the account of the Banca Etica. Thank you to everyone who sent a contribution. Read the summary. Read the summary

PPS Today in the Parco Dora neighbourhood meeting room in Piazza Umbria 28 b – Turin, a press conference about the “Day of the Friends of Pino Masciari” to be held on 28 October in Catanzaro, in Turin and in many other cities. Look at the Pino Masciari blog.

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October 25, 2007

To infinity and beyond.

Photomontage by ginolodi

The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano has stated that the Why Not investigation must continue. Romano Prodi, President of the Council, one being investigated, has given his full trust to the Magistracy and has praised Mastella.
The reassurances and the expressions of trust are giving a new impulse to De Magistris’ former investigation.
In a few days, enormous steps have been taken:
- on 23/10 there was a stop put to the search by the Carabinieri of the Rome office of the UDEUR’s Il Campanile. Mastella’s newspaper according to the accusation “is thought to be one of the criss-cross of frauds and illicit financing in favour of the UDEUR” (Corriere della Sera 24/10/2007) and just today the judicial police went in to ask for a list of suppliers.
- 22/10 the interrogation of the super-witness Giuseppe Tursi Prato was cancelled. He is a former socialist councillor in prison for collusion (who had provided information on Mastella, Prodi and others) and who no longer wants to talk (I understand him)
- Caterina Merante, the main witness in the investigation, and her family are suffering continual threats.
The documents of the “Why Not” investigation have been removed from the strong box of the Catanzaro Prosecutors’ office and transferred to Rome in a truck. The Tribunal of the Ministers has to read them and evaluate them. After the ad hoc laws, now we even have ad hoc Tribunals. You have to admit that they are big. The transfer and the taking away of the investigation were not enough. To be safe, it’s best to add the Tribunal.
Before getting an expression of trust from Prodi in the Council of Ministers, Mastella declared: “I would really like to see how Prodi could accept my resignation. The next minute he too would have to resign, given that he too like me is under investigation by the Catanzaro Prosecution…” (Corriere della Sera 24/10/2007).
The man is a myth. He has pulverized all his online clones with an official press release from the Minister of Justice:
Di Pietro “attapirato”: the doorman in via Arenula confirms that he is ignorant” The doorman in via Arenula, after the declarations of Minister Di Pietro on Striscia la Notizia confirms that the former prosecutor of “Clean Hands” “is ignorant and “attapirato”, and that he doesn’t know the law…” The press release was removed in the dead of night.
No Minister of Justice ever managed to do so much. Satire does not become him. The clones of his blog are out of action for ever. Great Mastella, there’s no one like you. To infinity and beyond.

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Article 7 of the Levi-Prodi


Click on the video for the book: "Tutte le battaglie di Beppe Grillo" {All Beppe Grillo’s Battles}
The energetic old Levi isn’t giving up. He has in fact modified article 7 of the Levi-Prodi with an additional point instead of deleting the article. Here’s the extra bit:
”Excluded from the obligation to register with ROC are those who use the Internet or who operate on the Internet in forms and with products, like personal websites or websites for collective use that are not for an entrepreneurial work organisation.”
What is meant by entrepreneurial work organisation? Those who offer publicity on their site, like for example Google AdSense, do they fall in this category? Those who sell a product online, are they work entrepreneurs?
Levi delete this flipping article 7 and we’ll say no more about it. That’s enough of being taken for a ride.
The world is laughing at us. The Times, in an article called “A geriatric assault on Italy's bloggers” defines us as: “a nation of octogenarian lawmakers elected by 70-year-old pensioners”.
No to article 7, freedom for the Internet. Let’s not give up!!

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October 24, 2007

Caught red-handed


Click on the picture

Boing Boing, the third blog in the world, has written about the Levi-Prodi law. The Government has created a world image of itself as incompetent. Levi, a Mister No-one, explained that there had been a consultation for months with all the protagonists of the sector to draw up the law, including the newsagents. Bloggers were excluded. The Internet operators were excluded. Who did Levi talk to? With Berlusconi, with De Benedetti? Certainly not with the Ministers of the Government.
He didn’t show the law to the head of the Ministry of Communications, the one that should have written it.
The Council of Ministers is a strange place. I would like to be able to film it. On 12 October on the presentation of the Levi-Prodi whoever was present was asleep and if they weren’t asleep, they were thinking of other things:
- ”I accept my part of the responsibility as I did not personally control the text word for word….it authorises extensive interpretations that could limit the activity of many websites and blogs. It would be much better to leave the current regulations….” Paolo Gentiloni, Minister of Communications
- “was not discussed in the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 12 October because it was presented as a normal routine measure.” Antonio Di Pietro, Minister of Infrastructure
- “I’ll say straight away that that day, after trying to improve the decree on welfare, I had to rush to the Quirinale to give prizes to young people committed to climate change and I couldn’t follow the regulation that is alarming the Internet people. Reading it again today, it seems really restrictive for those who manage a blog or a web page.” Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of the Environment.
To avoid further damage to our image, let Prodi publish the proposals that are going to the Council online beforehand, and read the comments before going ahead. That way the citizens would be informed, as would the Ministers.
Today the Culture Committee of the Lower House is examining the Levi-Prodi. I would like the discussion to be made public with the possibility to comment on it.
Levi has said: “For every law, the passage through Parliament is the occasion to improve the text and, when necessary, to clear up any ambiguous points.” It’s he that took dictation from Prodi to write the law. There are two options: he’s there or he’s doing it. It’s certain that he has tried. This time they’ve been caught red-handed. But how many times have they tried and been successful with no one knowing?

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October 23, 2007

Dolcino Acting General Prosecutor

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

Dolcino Favi “was” the acting General Prosecutor who claimed for himself the investigation called “Why not” from De Magistris.
Dolcino was “acting” General Prosecutor while the new General Prosecutor was being appointed.
The Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura {Magistrates’ Governing Body} appointed the new General Prosecutor on Thursday 18 October.
What would anyone “acting” do on the arrival of the person who has the full title to the position?
He would clean the desk, put all his documents in a cardboard box, say good-bye to the secretarial services and go out to welcome the legitimate appointee with a hand shake.
The last thing he would do would be to anticipate the conclusion of controversial cases, taking decisions that should be the responsibility of others.
Dolcino preferred to keep going with his work and to “avocare” De Magistris.
Perhaps he had the formal legitimacy, but not the substantial legitimacy. For a case that risks bringing down the government, it would have been appropriate to let the new General Prosecutor deal with it after he has had time to calmly look at all the documents.
Why was the one who was “acting” in such a hurry?
Why did De Magistris find out about the “avocatura” only after it was public knowledge?
Has the CSM nothing to say about an untimely decision taken by one who was “acting” and in fact delegitimised by the new appointment?
Let the investigation be returned to De Magistris or the general public will think that Prodi and Mastella are guilty anyway.
Mastella does two jobs: Minister and Mayor of Ceppaloni. Where does he find the time? He’s tired and you can see that. He’s not coping with both his jobs as an employee. Let him resign from his position as Minister. Let him do that for the sake of his health and for the health of the public. Let him go back to his village.
PS Prodi has gone beyond tranquillity. I repeat: Prodi has gone beyond tranquillity.

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October 22, 2007

All together with Passion

De Magistris sees the Centre Right and the Centre Left in agreement, with the exception of Di Pietro. All together with passion to save their backsides. The Centre Right finds its own DNA in Mastella. Cicchitto and Casini adore him. He is Berlusconi’s future Brambilla of the South. Meanwhile the Centre Left stays silent. Prodi and Veltroni play the silent game. The old tactic of the Christian Democrats of struggling to survive so as not to kick the bucket. The Minister of Justice under investigation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under investigation, the President of the Council under investigation. At the next meeting of the Council of Ministers they can catch them all.

Borsellino’s brother has written me a letter to make your blood freeze.

”The news of the claiming of the Why Not investigation by the General Prosecutor to take it away from the Prosecutor De Magistris is something that leaves you without breath.
Only once in my life have I been in this state of mind.
It was 19 July 1992 and I had just heard on the TV news of that attack that had the aim of preventing from continuing on his journey a Judge who in the course of his investigations, had arrived too close to the origin of the cancer that corrodes the life of the Italian State.
Once Paolo Borsellino was dead, the ignoble pact set up between the Italian State and the mafia criminals was able to continue its journey and today we see the consequences of the moral degradation to which this disgraceful pact has brought us.
Yesterday it was necessary to kill two judges one after the other, because they alone, were fighting a fight that the Italian State not only has always refused to fight, but that has often fought on the side of those who should have been the enemy to be weeded out and often they have put arms directly in their hands.
Today not even TNT is needed, today it’s enough, in the light of day, to take away an investigation in which one of the few courageous judges still remaining was about to arrive at the level of the “untouchables”, so that all continues to work as established.
Because this caste, by now completely set apart from the real country and from the honest people who still exist, even though, unfortunately ,they are guilty of a silence that by now is mistaken for indifference if not with connivance, can continue to shamefully govern our country and to cultivate their exclusive interests in a State that it considers by now to be their own exclusive property.
Today it’s enough that an unworthy Minister like signor Mastella can blackmail a vile Head of the Government, perhaps involved in the same lurid trafficking, threatening a government crisis, for a whole political class to square everything up around their worthy representative and they exercise as a consequence who knows what type of pressure on the wobbly leaders of the magistracy to get the “avocazione” of an investigation and thus the inoffensiveness of a Judge without even needing TNT as was needed for Paolo Borsellino.
We have arrived at the end of the Italian Republic and the State based on the Rule of Law.
In a civilised country, Minister Mastella would not have been able to ask for the transfer of Dr. De Magistris who is conducting the investigation in which the person being investigated is the Head of the Government and the very same Minister.
If the decision of the General Prosecutor is not immediately annulled by the CSM, we will be facing the end of the independence of the magistracy and consequently of the very State based on the Rule of Law.
President Giorgio Napolitano, even though he has been asked many times, continues to keep quiet on these vile things demonstrating that the rhetoric of the State and of the institutional role of the guarantor of the Republican Constitution have not become in this disgraced Italy, anything but empty words.
Forty years ago I went away from Sicily because I considered it was impossible for me to live my life in a place where the rule of law was only a set of words in the dictionary. Now I no longer believe that it is a life worthy of being called with this name and thus a life that is worthy of being lived in a country where illegality has become the law of the State.” Salvatore Borsellino

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The Final Solution

photo by Conte.Max

Mastella is being investigated by De Magistris for abuse of office, illicit financing of the parties, collaborating in fraud in relation to European and national financing. As soon as he discovers it he asks for his transfer. He doesn’t succeed. De Magistris becomes the one under investigation. Someone leaks reserved information to the Catanzaro Prosecutor. De Magistris receives an envelope containing bullets. He continues all the same. Mastella threatens to send Prodi home in the Spring. The investigation is immediately removed from De Magistris. Does it finish here?
Yes. It’s the end, but the end for the Centre Left. It is dead, defunct. No party has called for the resignation of Mastella. Shame on you! In a normal country, Mastella would be at Ceppaloni harvesting the tomatoes. And Prodi is under investigation as well? He’s calm. The judge no longer exists and he, together with his mate Mastella, is in Naples to receive the Pope.

Marco Travaglio has sent me a letter about the final solution.

Dear Beppe,
Two weeks ago at Annozero, I called to mind Licio Gelli and the Plan for the rebirth of the P2 and they were up in arms. In fact, I was too optimistic at that time. By now we are beyond Gelli, beyond the P2. We are at the political-judicial coup.
For once, following the technical-judicial aspects of the decision to wrench the “Why Not” investigation on Prodi, Mastella & Co. from the investigator, that is from the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, is useless and misleading. It’s best to get to the essence immediately, that is: the magistrate who had collected enough elements to investigate Mastella for abuse, fraud and illicit financing, that is he reckoned to have found the money, cannot bring his investigation to a conclusion, even though on the home straight. The dossier will pass to another magistrate, who will take months to study all the official documents. And if he doesn’t want to end up like De Magistris – attacked by the Right and the Left, defended by no-one, under inspection for months and months, dragged in front of the CSM, put forward for immediate transfer, and in the end have his work taken from him – he will listen to the loving advice that the government will give him and the opposition as well, for once so united: archive everything, let it be, turn to another task.
Whatever he says to himself, this is not a private matter between De Magistris and Mastella. This is the final solution after twenty years of war of politics against the Justice system. It is the crowning glory of the dream of the various people like Gelli, Craxi and Berlusconi to stop at birth the investigations into power. Gelli, Craxi and Berlusconi in their naïvety, thought that to do that it was necessary to modify the Constitution, by writing there that the career of prosecutor is separate from that of judge and that the prosecutors must obey the government.
Mastella and the ones behind him understood that it’s not necessary to change the regulations: it’s enough to change the actual conditions so that all that happens. As soon as a prosecutor opens a dossier on the friends of a Minister, he asks for him to be transferred. (The prosecutor, not the Minister). Even if the request has no foundation, it doesn’t matter: when the magistrate arrives at the crucial part, going up a level from the friends of the Minister to the Minister himself, the Minister will make out that the prosecutor is doing that because he’s angry with him. And, with the game of the three cards, he will convince some other magistrate to swap the cause with the effects and snatch the investigation from the prosecutor for “incompatibility”. It’s as though the prosecutor was angry with the Minister, and not the Minister with the prosecutor. It’s called “preventative war”, and it wasn’t even invented by Mastella. It was already expressed as a theory by Mao: “Strike one to educate a hundred.” It works.” Marco Travaglio

Read the interview to Luigi De Magistris.

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October 20, 2007

China is near with the Levi-Prodi

Today I feel calmer. A Mister No-one, elected by no-one, called Ricardo Franco Levi has reassured us.
The Levi-Prodi draft law to gag the Internet will keep going ahead, but it will be serene. If there should be any doubt about the aims of a website or of a blog, it’ll be up to the Communications Authority to decide. Listen to the words of this Prodian-bottom-protector: “It is not a simple matter to distinguish between publishing activity and private activity. It’ll be up to the Communications Authority to indicate which sites will have to register.”
Not only do they do laws that are not laid out in the manifesto, in silence, so as not to be disturbed. But they also take us for a ride.. Levi, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Get out of our hair. Fast. Go back to your park bench where your friend Prodi picked you up. This law must be DELETED. If you want, dear friends of the Unione, discuss it among yourselves in the new loft of the Partito Democratico, but don’t make us waste time.
Abusive Rete 4 to be sent out on satellite hasn’t happened. Law on conflict of interests, hasn’t happened. Corruption of judges to buy Mondadori, hasn’t happened. Public TV occupied by the parties, hasn’t happened. Wi Max gifted to the telecommunication companies, hasn’t happened. And you unfaithful employees, that have betrayed your electorate, you take it upon yourselves, with no mandate, to put the Internet under control? But who are you? Who gives you authorisation?
Prodi always plays the part of the Indian. He doesn’t apply the manifesto for the Maroni law (Law number 30), he does the Great Pardon, he doesn’t change the election law, he doesn’t touch the ex-Cirielli law nor the Pecorella. The public debt goes up like a crazy thermometer. But it’s never got anything to do with him. He’s a non-existent President of the Council.
The next V-Day will be dedicated to information, I’m working out the date. We will ask for two things:
- the abolition of public financing of publishing
- the abolition of the journalists’ professional body.
Stay tuned.

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October 19, 2007

The Levi-Prodi law and the end of the Internet

Ricardo Franco Levi, Prodi’s right hand man , undersecretary to the President of the Council, has written the text to put a stopper in the mouth of the Internet. The draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 October. No Minister dissociated themselves from it. On gagging information, very quietly, these are all in agreement.
The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.
Blogs are being born every second, anyone can start one without a problem and they can write their thoughts, publish photos and videos.
In fact, the route proposed by Levi limits access to the Internet.
What young person is going to submit to all these hoops to do a blog?
the Levi-Prodi law obliges anyone who has a website or a blog to get a publishing company and to have a journalist who is on the register of professionals as the responsible director.
99% would close down.
The lucky 1% still surviving on the Internet according to the Levi-Prodi law would have to respond in the case of the lack of control on defamatory content in accordance with articles 57 and 57 bis of the penal code. Basically almost sure to be in prison.
The draft Levi-Prodi law has to be approved by Parliament. When Levi was asked what would happen to Beppe Grillo’s blog, he replied with perfect Prodian-bottom-protecting words: “It’s not up to he government to establish that. It’ll be for the Communications Authority to indicate with regulations, which people and which companies will have to register. And the regulations will arrive only after the law has been discussed and approved by the Lower House.”
Prodi and Levi take cover behind Parliament and the Beppe Grillo Communications Authority, but it’s them, and the Ministers who were present at the Council of Ministers who are responsible.
If the law gets passed, it’ll be the end of the Internet in Italy.
My blog won’t close. If I have to, I’ll transfer lock stock, barrel and server to a democratic State.
PS. Anyone wishing to express their opinion to Ricardo Franco Levi can send an email to:

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October 18, 2007

Let's go forward together!

Thousands of tiny companies are closing down in Sardinia. Their lands are being repossessed for debts that they can no longer pay. There are between 5,000 and 7,000 companies at risk. The crop farmers and sheep farmers are challenging the enormous amounts of interest applied by the Banco di Sardegna on mortgages that they thought offered good terms. They are asking the Region to take action to help them, No one responds. What’s the use of a Region if it isn’t to protect the territory, the culture, the citizens and local production? If they are not taking an interest in these topics they may as well be done away with so as to cause lower costs to the citizens.
The Banco di Sardegna is demanding payment of its loans, but the only thing about it with a connection with Sardinia is its name. It is in fact owned by the Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna. That’s the one that has an incestuous relationship with Gruppo Cremonini, which at one time was at the centre of an investigation on Milena Gabanelli’s programme called Report. Why was it incestuous?
The diagram that I’m showing here highlights the fact that the company called Marr (in the Cremonini Group) and Cremonini, have the following in common with the Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna:
- two supervising auditors
- threedirectors
- a director (in Cremonini) who became a supervising auditor in Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna:
(the green lines connect the directors, the red lines connect the supervising auditors)
Marr was awarded the tender organised by Consip S.p.A. for the supply of foodstuffs for the Public Administration of the Region of Sardinia.
The management of the bar at the Cagliari-Elmas airport has been entrusted to Cremonini that sells panini imported from all the world except Sardinia with moddizzosu from Sanluri, sausage from Murru di Irgo and Boi from Nuraminis
The Banco di Sardegna has two of its directors who are also directors of its controller, Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna: Guido Leoni and Ivano Spallanzani. Leoni is also the CEO of the Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna. It’s he who gives the orders.

To sum up: the farmers are having their lands taken from them. Soru is thinking of Topo Gigio Veltroni, whoever is making decisions stays in Emilia Romagna and has more than a brotherly relationship with Cremonini, a group that is in the foodstuffs business and could get food produced in Sardinia.
There are grown men who are crying on the video. I would like someone to think about these thousands of families. I’m going to do that by soon going to Decimoputzu where they are doing the hunger strike. I’ll do a bit of hunger striking too, but you see I really need that.

Let's go forward together!

PS This evening at 6:00pm in Piazza del Ferrarese in Bari there’ll be the collection of signatures organised by the Bari’s MeetUp2 against the incinerator and the turbogas power station at Modugno.

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October 17, 2007

The Great Big Boy

A great big boy has written to me. One of the people aged twenty-thirty who take advantage of their parents’ house like a hotel and use their pensions for handouts. He has sent me a letter for the employee Minister Padoa Schioppa. To buy a house this big boy has to first pay 12,800 Euro in taxes, for the notary and to get connected to utilities. The State gives him no help.
An idea for our employee to be included in the Finance Bill: eliminate the taxes on the first house, the local property tax on the first house, the costs of a notary (for the official documents it would be enough to have an official of the town hall) and on getting connected to utilities.
We already pay its weight in gold for water, gas and electricity. Let the connection be at the expense of the company that has the concession and ENEL, who are making enormous profits on essential needs.

Dear Minister Padoa Schioppa,
I am a young man aged 30. I work as a labourer and I live in the outskirts of a big city and oh dear, I still live with my parents. The other day I heard your words on the TV. And I immediately identified myself as one of those whom you described as a “great big boy”, those thirty year olds whom you would like to “send out of the house”. I said to myself. “Great! Minister, you are right!” Thus I went off to my bank to get a mortgage. “Great! Minister, finally I’ll have my own house!”, I thought!
I earn 1,140 € a month plus a 13th and 14th month, which if they are spread out over 12 months guarantee me a monthly income of 1,330 €.
Given that the monthly repayments cannot be more than 1/3 of the income, I can allow myself repayments of 443 € a month.
With this repayment I can get a mortgage of € 85,850 Euro over 30 years (if I were to wait a bit longer, given my age, they wouldn’t give me a 30 year mortgage… Great! Minister, thanks for getting me to hurry!)
With my great calculations in my pocket, I decided to go straight away to a notary, to find out the likely costs of buying a house.
From the 85,850€, in fact I have to take off: - about 4,000 € in taxes for the purchase “just” 4,000 € given that it is my First House (Great! Minister, thanks)
- about 3,300 € for the Notary for the purchase
- about 3,300 € for the Notary for the mortgage
- about 3,000 € for connecting to the utilities water, gas and electricity
Making a total of about 12,800 €
OK that leaves me with 73,050 € for my little home!
I have to furnish it, obviously. I can’t be sleeping on the floor… So I went off to a furniture shop and there are lots of them. For now, I’ll make do with a kitchen, a table and 4 chairs, a two person sofa, a table for the TV, a big bed, a wardrobe and two bed-side tables…. The bare minimum. I know what I’m like. I can adapt.
7,500 € if I put the furniture together myself! Well… I thought it would be worse!
I’ve still got a good 65,550 € for my little house. That’s still 138 million of once upon a time! (Great! Minister, thanks)
I burst into an estate agency, the moment has arrived….
With 65,550 € they tell me I can buy:
- 2 garages measuring 28 m2. in the sub-basement of a condominium of 16 floors
- 2 large rooms (not adjoining each other) each measuring 21 m2 in the semi basement of the adjacent condominium.
For the smallest and cheapest home – a thirty year old two room place measuring 55 m2. on the first floor of a building that is 18/20 km from the city - I would have to spend 110,000 € !
I’m off home, Minister, back to my parents’ home, obviously!
I’ve done some quick calculations: if I’m to afford that two room place, I would have to :
- get into debt for 53 years, so that I would be making the final payment at the age of 83 (given that I’d get there)!
- or I’d have to earn 2,000 € a month!
Great! Minister, thanks!” A great big boy.

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October 16, 2007

Decimoputzu, Italia

In Sardinia the representatives of the crop farmers and the sheep farmers are on hunger strike in the Council Chamber of Decimoputzu. They are protesting about the sale by auction of 5,000 farms according to the law 44/88. The banks are asking for 700 million Euro and not a cent less. The Government and the Region are looking on. The farmers say that the law that forced them into debt is considered to be illegal by the European Community. That the banks have applied enormous interest rates on the debt.
Who has an interest in getting their hands on the Sardinian farmers’ land used for sheep and crops? And what do they want to do with it?
Don’t touch the farmers of Sardinia or I will turn into a ferocious beast!

Part of a letter from Decimoputzu.

”The sale by auction of the Sardinian companies because of the illegality of the regional law 44/88 is the most serious Italian emergency since Parmalat. In Sardinia, more than five thousand farming companies concerned with crops and sheep are at the second or third auction. This is a disaster that involves the lives of tens of thousands of people. Crop farmers, sheep farmers, and manual workers are reduced to desperation.
A disaster caused by planning, management and the government of the regional agriculture that is the result of the last few decades.
The credit system asks those who work on the land in Sardinia for about 700 million Euro but we, don’t even have the resources to send our children to school for our domestic family expenses or for getting our fields to be productive. To produce, then , for what? For many years our products have been sold (when we can sell them and we don’t destroy them in the field) below cost. The banks expect the equivalent of almost a whole year’s farming production from all the Sardinian companies.
Who will benefit from the sale by auction of our lands? And what will they do with them? Certainly not the creditors. So who? Is it the speculators who will buy extraordinary agricultural land at ridiculously low prices to speculate at our expense? The relatives or the friends of how many of those who are seated at their desks in some private or public office know the dates of the auctions and will turn up ready to make a last minute offer?
We were led into investing and getting into debt with the banks by a regional law that the European Commission has declared to be illegal. They have asked us to pay back the sums that were guaranteed by that law with all the interest (the amount of interest has risen in an abnormal way and we are convinced that there are many cases of illegitimate calculations) while the banks, according to the same illegal law, are not giving back the interest payments (even public ones) that they have received. Perhaps we are simple people but in the habit of thinking that if something is illegal for us it is also for the banks and for the Region that made the law, and thus that each party must accept their responsibilities.
If it goes on like this, we run the risk that in the general silence, there’ll be the sell off of a whole heritage of work, of know-how, of an economy, of guarantees for the future not just for us but for all Sardinian citizens. This is why we say “enough!” and we are ready, if it could be any help, for the final possible battles: those for the dignity and the right to the future.”
Bruno Cabitza. – Comitato di Lotta degli Esecutati, Riccardo Piras – Altragricoltura Sardegna, Giorgio Matta – Soccorso Contadino Sardegna.

Watch the programme on raiclicktv at 3.07 minutes:

If the banks, Soru or Prodi want to respond to this letter, the blog is available .

Useful links:

Ps: It’s revolutionary to be happy. Put your songs on YouTube with the tag "V-day song".

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October 15, 2007

Chomsky and the machine for producing candidates

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Noam Chomsky has given me this interview about V-Day and on the reactions of the parties and the media.

Chomsky says: “the political activity of the parties now is to produce candidates using mechanisms that are controlled by concentrations of economic power that marginalize the population.”. You are only an elector “who has the right to vote and who passes your life delegating and receiving commands but you have found your new liberty “ as in Giorgio Gaber’s song.
Chomsky expresses a strong concern for the liberty of information and for the future of the Internet.
The next V-Day will be about information. The date will be revealed in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
"V-Day Clean Parliament . Nothing in the press. It's extremely impressive that it could be done and it must reflects the substantial if not overwhelming feeling on the part of the population that something dramatic has to be done about this persistent problem of Italian politics. It illustrates that he really hit a nerve– it reflects a guilt and fear – that what he is doing is really threatening to power. We can dismiss the charge of terrorism. That's just hysteria. But the charge of populism is an interesting one. What's populism? Populism means appealing to the population and that is a serious charge from the point of view of elite opinion that believes that the population should be removed from public affairs. They should be spectators not participants. From that point of view it's a threat to try to engage the population in public affairs. One of the leading, maybe the leading public intellectual of the twentieth century in the United States, Walter Lippmann, his view was that the general population are what he called ignorant and meddlesome outsiders and the responsible men who are supposed to run the country have to be protected from them – as he put it – from their rage and trampling That was not an unusual position. That's the normal position of liberal intellectual democratic thought and on the one hand moving across the spectrum to Leninist vanguard party ideology on the other. And it's understandable on the part of privileged elites – they do not want the population to bother them. Now that's why they are consistently opposed to functioning democracy. I think that functioning democracy would be much more effective and significant without what we call political parties which basically function as candidate producing machines. Their only participation is to show up every once in a while and choose between individuals and programmes put to them. They play no role in formulating the positions and choosing the candidates. Be concrete are figures who are able to gain sufficient financial support They are basically figures created by and supported by the business world They appear in towns and they say "vote for me – because here's what I'm going to do" and then people decide whether to vote for them. Well in a democratic society it would work quite differently. What would happen - in a functioning democracy - What would happen is that in the towns or regions, people would get together publicly in public places – and with other forms of interaction and they would determine what policies they prefer. The candidate would then show up and they would tell him "Here's the policies that we prefer. If you are willing to represent these policies we may vote for you, if not go home." That would be a functioning democracy or they would just choose their own candidates and we are very far from that The way political parties function as candidate-producing machines basically organised by concentrations of private power where the capital comes from are modes of marginalising the population. The leading American philosophy of the twentieth century John Dewey, pointed out correctly that He said that politics is the shadow cast by big business over society Now – That's the way it works. That's not functioning democracy. There is a battle going on as to whether the Internet will remain free and open as it was when it was in the State sector or whether it will be controlled. Now controlling the internet is not simple but there are ways of doing it. There are only a few modes of access into the Internet and in private hands they would like to control it and that is a major political battle in the United States right now. "

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October 14, 2007

Free Rape


Free rape. The leap in quality in respect to the rape of once upon a time has finally happened. It couldn’t be otherwise in a country that is adrift. The locations for rape are no longer the dark alleyways, the parks in the deepest night or the places of ill-repute. They are the bus stops, at midday, the entrances to the churches, the rubbish bins when you go down and throw away the rubbish.
Is it perhaps a sign of the times? Another taboo shattered? Another phase in sexual liberation?
Where are the women? The surviving feminists? The associations? Why are they not taking action? Why are they not blocking the city with a demonstration like once upon a time?
Such contempt for the female body has never before been seen in this country. The woman has become an object to be penetrated on the back seat of a car in Bologna, to be dragged by a rope into a hut in Milan, or to be beaten and possessed on a staircase in Spresiano. Every day. In the light of day.
Will it be necessary to bring in the walkabout version of the chastity belt as protection? To make oneself look ugly with a beetroot mask? To simulate serious physical defects?
Rape is becoming an epidemic. The analysis of the sperm of the rapist is routine in the hospital. Tits, vaginas and bums are present in all the programmes and in all the advertisements.
If this is sexual equality, if this is respecting women, then I prefer the burka.

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Bersanetor the Incinerator


Bersanetor is the Minister of the nuclear power stations in Slovakia bought from Enel, the guarantor of the economic groups of the incinerators and the regasifiers. The financing of the incinerators through the Cip6, the tax on the electricity bill has been abolished. The Cip6 was meant to be used for renewable sources, but instead it has been used for a decade for the tumour-producing incinerators thanks to the addition of the little word “similar” sources.
Bersani, hi there, the Cip6 for your friends the oil barons, has gone.
The man has been grabbed by panic. After the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons asked for there to be a block on the construction of new incinerators to protect the health of the citizens, he denounced them to the Ministers Turco and Mastella.
The doctors didn’t allow themselves to be intimidated.
Bersanetor used a mirror to practice making a grim face and after that said that:
”We are becoming a country in which everyone is doing someone else’s business and nobody is bothered about doing their own properly.”
Translation: the doctors are not taking care of the health of the citizens.
”I have read that the president of the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors wants to go on. The task of that body is in no way that of expressing an opinion that even today has been rejected by president Pizza.”
Translation: Let the Federation of Doctors not express opinions that are contrary to the interests of the lobbies.
”If the Federation believes that one of its members, during the process of authorisation of any plant, has not met the obligations of their professional code of conduct, then let them intervene. For the rest let them abstain from giving opinions that lead in fact to the disorientation and confusion of the general public.”
Translation: the incinerator is going ahead.

The doctors are going ahead. Will Bersanetor denounce them to Al Gore?
In fact listen to the astounding declaration of the incinerator’s briefcase-carrier:
”Great news that Al Gore is getting the Nobel. Let us hope that this will soon be followed by a strong commitment from the United States in the fight against climate change and thus in the policies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And that then it will be possible to consider credible a global commitment to the matter of climate, thus bringing a chance for the efficacy of the efforts already being made in Europe.

There are those who have a face like a bottom and those who have their bottom in their face.

PS: The globules have formed. I repeat: The globules have formed.

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October 12, 2007

The future is now


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”A comedian can allow himself just to destroy, however those who have political responsibility must also think about constructing”. Dario Franceschini.
I have to thank Franceschini. In a single sentence there is all the contempt of the politicians in relation to the citizens, in relation to those who want to do politics without having the right credentials. Who decides whether a citizen can do politics? Is the choice made according to the profession? To the income? To the social class?
And who chooses? Franceschini? The parties?
I am just a loudspeaker and I’m not destroying anything. The parties have already destroyed themselves on their own. They are self-referential organisms that are sick.
The parties and their servants in the media talk from morning to night about V-day as a “protest without proposals”.
They need to wake up and do a bit less lying. We have gone beyond the proposals, we’ve got to the facts with hundreds of local initiatives with the Meetups. With tens of big and little battles in the blog. With free telephony and Internet for the citizens of Pordenone
This is not my doing. I have just expressed an awareness to many Italians without a future because of a political class that is incapable. Responsible for a State that is in pieces, with a Justice system that is adrift, a public debt that is drawing near to the abyss and six million precarious workers.
It’s not a matter of left or right or of the costs of politics.
These politicians must be substituted with new people who are well informed and honest.
There’s no more time for the Primaries of Topo Gigio or for being controlled by the psycho-dwarf’s media. The citizens have to act for themselves and to act straight away.

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October 11, 2007

Singing is revolutionary!


Rush hour on the metro. Three young Italian lasses about 15 years old are singing English songs. They are happy. Nice voices. Nice clean faces.
It doesn’t often happen that you hear people singing on the metro. Years ago, when I was a child, it was different. When someone hinted at a tune, all the others would join in like a choir of the Alpini soldiers.
A passenger sitting near one of the young students told them off in a loud voice. They reply that it’s a public place and they can sing. A lady adds: “What would happen if everyone were to sing? Stay silent!” The passengers in the carriage indicated agreement and looked on with disapproval. Grey and silent.
Yes. What would happen if everyone were to sing?
To be happy and to sing in public is a revolutionary act in Italy. It’s annoying, it’s disturbing. Why? I’m asking you that question.
I would like to offer you an invitation. Sing on the tram. On the bus. On the metro. On the train. On the ferry. Whatever you like. I can just suggest a couple of possibilities whose words I’m giving here: Brothers of Italy and V-day.

Brothers of Italy

“Brothers of Italy,
Italy has arisen,
With Scipio's helmet
binding her head.
Where is Victory?
Let her bow down,
For God has made her
The slave of Rome.

Let us unite and love one another;
Union and love
Show the people
The way of the Lord
Let us swear to free
Our native soil;
United under God,
Who can defeat us?

“September 8 is the feast of Our Lady
On this feast of Our Lady the crowds are demonstrating and protesting
Against Italy that is sinking, it gets to the runway but it doesn’t take off
hands in the sack all sticky as though with glue
This is the umpteenth porky but now you are not keeping afloat
here the boat is going straight down because there’s a hole in the bottom
oh dear there’s no solution
we need a peaceful encirclement
This is an invitation, all raise their middle finger
Honourable, Honourable… (F..k off)
This is dis-honourable… (F..k off)
Honourable, Honourable… (F..k off)
really improper (F..k off)

Sing, film and publish on YouTube with the tag: “V-day-song”. I’ll publish the best film clips. To be happy is revolutionary!

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October 10, 2007

Topo Gigio Primaries

On 14 October there’s the primaries of the dead bodies. One euro for each signature. A reasonable price.
For the first time in Italy there will be pre-elections with a single candidate. No betting agency would accept a bet on the victory of a candidate who does not have the name Veltroni.
The Topo Gigio of: “Cosa mi dici mai…” {whatever did you say to me…} has said the following about this great day for marketing the party-ocracy: “There’ll be a youthful enthusiasm, but it’ll be an unprecedented great day, for the first time there’ll be an audience half full of women; for the first time the sixteen year olds will go to vote, and as never before, there’ll be lots of civil society”. And also lots of cheese for everyone….
If Prodi sends you to sleep, then Topo Gigio will make you light, it’s an adjective without a noun, light as a balloon. On Sunday will there be a million, perhaps two million voters? What’s the minimum number to avoid the sweet failure of the primaries?
Veltroni is the mayor of Rome, a position of great responsibility. For months Veltroni has been a fixed guest of the TV studios and he does three interviews a day. If an employee of a private company were to dedicate as much time as Topo Gigio to another activity, then he would be sacked on the spot.
On 15 October, Veltroni will in fact be the secretary of the PD. With the increase in the commitments he must fulfill will he continue to be the mayor? Yes!
It’s us that pay his salary.

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Civic Lists

Il V-Day a Faenza

I spent two weeks with the lawyers before understanding anything about civic lists. Just look what I have to do. Today I’m starting with the first post and soon I’ll start up a special web site with every sort of information.
Civic lists, the virus of participative democracy, are a great possibility for reforming, perhaps restarting the country.
I have already put in writing and I repeat once more that I don’t intend to form political parties. What I am committing to in the next few months is to use the blog and assign a symbol to promote the civic lists that have the characteristics and the commitments that I will publish.

Required characteristics:
1. At the moment that they become candidates and for the whole of the time that they are in office the candidates must not be signed up to any party or political group.
2. The candidate must not have ever been convicted in a criminal court, even if it is not definitive nor can they have ongoing proceedings relating to them at the moment that they are candidates.
3. The candidate must not have previously been an elected representative for more than one term of office, at a national or local level apart from for the neighbourhood where they are offering themselves as a candidate.
4.Every candidate must reside within the boundaries of the town or region (according to whether it’s a matter of town or regional elections) where he or she is a candidate.

1. Every candidate commits to give up the elected seat if it should happen that during the period of elected office he or she loses or is shown to not have had from the beginning the minimum required characteristsics described above. Otherwise, the whole list loses the right to have their activity qualified as being certified by the blog.
2. At the time that it becomes a candidate, the list will publish on the Internet, in a special web site that is appropriate, the list of its candidates with their curriculum vitae in accordance with a standard that will be defined, as well as their manifesto setting out how they will govern and they will at the same time set up a blog open to all citizens so as to allow for the free exchange of opinions and criticisms with the people making up the civic list.
3. The list cannot associate with other parties or lists , unless they are certified by the blog, to govern the town or the region.

Give your thoughts and suggestions to the points presented with a comment (for example what information the candidates’ CVs should have).
I will publish the way the certification will take place, the symbol, the way the right to use the symbol will happen as well as the limits and the terms of use in the next few days.

Ps.Click on the photo of the "mastellamobile" to see all the photos on Flickr. Publish the photos, publish, publish...

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October 09, 2007

Mastella at Columbus Day


The Ceppalonic one has driven along Fifth Avenue in New York for Columbus Day
A sash for “honored guest” around his body, seated in a white Ghibli that’s smaller than him. He paraded like a rare beast. He seemed like the cartoon character Magilla the gorilla in a utility van. The bersaglieri played the tune “Va pensiero”, and then the national anthem, and then in the stand a tenor sang “Vincerò”.
The Minister away from home, with an escort of just 4 body guards, risked terrorism in an open car. From a distance, in view of his size, it looked as though he was on a tricycle. His international status came out when he greeted “four crazy people” with a “vaffanculo”. They were Italians with placards in support of De Magistris. The magistrate for whom the CSM, because it didn’t find any reason for urgent action, has put off the decision until December.
Mastella’s courage when faced with terrorists who are following him in his homeland and abroad, is to be rewarded. The Council of Ministers must equip him with a “mastellamobile” of adequate proportions and with bullet-proof glass.
The blog is starting a competition. Let designers put their designs on Flickr with the name or tag “mastellamobile”. I’ll publish the best and I’ll send it to Prodi.

PS. I repeat once more: I AM NOT SUPPORTING any national civic list.
In a few days I will publish the first bit of information about local civic lists.

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October 08, 2007

The videos that disappear from the Internet


I’ve received an email from the United States.

”Something strange happened this morning.
Loads of videos on YouTube showing interviews with politicians and Italian citizens expressing their opinions have been deleted, apparently at the request of the RAI. Please investigate. For your information, click on the blog Greetings." Francesco C.

What do you say about that? Why have the interviews with politicians been removed from YouTube? Perhaps because of the comments? Perhaps because they are ashamed? Or perhaps because of copyright?
Copyright is a contradiction.
We have already paid for the programmes from the public networks with the licence fee. They are ours and they shouldn’t be deleted from the Internet.
A strong and clear message should be sent to the politicians. Are you listening?
RAI is a public service owned by the citizens. RAI must be reformed and removed from the control of the parties. Parties get out of RAI!
I’m publishing the summary of an appeal letter from the association Anti Digital Divide about the insults that every day the TV stations vomit onto the Internet and on us.

Anti Digital Divide has decided to start up a petition to react to the offensive and defamatory behaviour against the Internet and those that use it, made by the journalists Filippo Facci, Paolo Granzotto, and Giampiero Mughini with the complicity of the newspapers il Giornale, Libero and the TV programme Porta a Porta. The journalists state that the Internet does not exist, that it is the worse thing in the country, that Internet users are of an inferior culture, they are Nietzsche’s ugly and malformed ones, ignorant in spirit, socially envious etc.
These offensive remarks have come after the Internet has shown itself to be able to rise above and ride over the traditional print media and to organise national demonstrations, that have involved more than a million people without the newspapers and TV programmes even talking about it. When giving their opinions on V-Day, (an event that would not have been possible without the Internet) many journalists paid more attention to the vaffa {F..K off} and to the quips than to the hundreds of thousands of people involved and the topics tackled. They talked about a lack of style, of form, to then go on and use serious language and to be seriously offensive against the demonstrators and against the Internet. On the Internet, there are millions of people, who make their knowledge available FREE, they offer their experience, their help, they organise events, demonstrations, to protect human rights. Thus the offensive activity against those who surf the Net are to be considered more serious than a comedian’s jokes.

This offensive behaviour is an attack on our choices and our ethics. We are not stupid, we are not of an inferior culture, we are not wanting to perpetuate class-divisions like those who attack us. We are people who operate without honours or salaries gathered from politics or from power lobbies like those who mutter insignificant offences on TV and in the newspapers. We are simple users who are committed to making things improve and so that information, one day, will be truly free and available for everyone.
This is why we are calling all the people of the Internet to gather to show that unlike what some journalist say, that the Internet EXISTS and that it is able to defend itself and to react to the offensive behaviour and falsehoods of the scarcely enlightened ones while making use of the traditional means of communication. Yours Sincerely." Associazione Anti Digital Divide.

Sign the petition at

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October 07, 2007

Sabina Guzzanti

The blog has interviewed Sabina Guzzanti who was another one of those present on the stage in Bologna. She has given her opinion about Riotta’s TG1 {TV News on RAI one}.

”I’m using this space to have the possibility to reply to the attack and the insults received after V-Day and after my participation in Annozero especially on the issue of Tg1, and the polemics with Riotta that came about because of a quip in my film in which I was being ironic about the fact that Riotta, before becoming director of Tg1 had written in Il Corriere a series of articles ever more to the right to show that he was trustworthy and that he would be able to be the director of Tg1.
Riotta got angry with this quip and replied with an article in L'Espresso in which he did a minute investigation about what is true journalism, listing all the professors who taught him at university in America, (among whom was poor old Sartori and I don’t know how happy he is with his former student), about the importance of facts and objectivity.

With Santoro, then I replied once more saying that a person who directs Tg1 whom we see every evening cannot allow himself to give lessons in journalism to anyone because that is not journalism. Tg1 is not at the service of the citizens but of the politicians who chose him and of the journalists who talk. When presenting evidence, I said that for example, the day of V-Day itself, he gave a ridiculously small space to it: 29 seconds.

”Yesterday evening a demonstration organised by Beppe Grillo, the so-called V-Day in support of the popular initiative law for a clean parliament. According to the organisers 300,000 people are said to have signed. A demonstration that took place in many Italian cities. Political reactions came immediately: for Minister Bersani we need to reflect on the witness to discomfort; “it is a demonstration that we should be ashamed of – said Pierferdinando Casini – since Marco Biagi has been insulted and yet he should be made a saint.”

They didn’t send a camera crew, and in the days that followed when he wanted to attack Grillo with all his strength, he had to use images from EcoTV. That evening the Tg1 news was made up of the usual little snippets from the politicians: Prodi who was talking from a conference in Bari, Berlusconi from I don’t know where, a long service on underwater divers who were in the process of beating a Guinness record with reporters and all the rest. Pretty ridiculous, a service that was anyway shown as a series on the evenings that followed: evidently some sponsor of these underwater divers got this slot on Tg1. After my piece on Tg1, they read out a communication in which they rejected the crude insults from the variety girl.
”Guzzanti is mistaken: there are true journalists in the RAI”, says Carlo Verna, leader of the USIGRAI union. Colleagues of the redaction committee of Tg1 reject the crude insults from the variety girl against the journalists who are committed to providing information honestly.”
A communication to which I have in turn replied, but it wasn’t published anywhere. I said that since there are so many good journalists in the RAI, they should allow them to do the work. This should be the work of the trades union, that is however not doing it: since it is a left wing union it is defending a director who was placed there by the Centre Left and is not doing his duty. This is the proof that when particular criticisms are made backed up with evidence the only effect is to receive a beating without the right of reply.
In il Corriere della Sera, of which Riotta was once deputy director, there was an article against my film of very poor quality in which they talked only of low box office receipts and they were celebrating the fact that the film had not had great success at the box office, something that could also be questioned, anyway there’s nothing to be happy about if a great film defined by Tullio Kezich in il Corriere della Sera as a masterpiece, is seem by just a few people.
The article was signed by a journalist who normally just writes two-line articles. Obviously no serious journalist wanted to write it.
By the way this film, “Le ragioni dell’Aragosta” (The reasons of the Lobster), talks about what is happening today: the experience of the persons who try to do something in the emptiness of politics. It goes on the story that some actors start helping Sardinian fishermen, an invented story, but reasonable because people contact us for very different reasons, and pretending, we really helped them: normally in the Sardinian financial budget there is approximately 5-6 million euro destined to fishing while this year they have been allocated 41!
Therefore only pretending to do something, a real result has been produced. On this we should think.
If reasoned critics are done, if democratic activities as organizing and collecting signatures the answer is always and only repressive.“

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October 06, 2007

Bersanetor against the doctors


Pierluigi Bersani, the Minister for Economic Development has written a letter to the Minister of Health, Livia Turco and the Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella to ask them to investigate the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons. On 10 September, the Federation asked the presidents of the provinces and the mayors in the Region not to go ahead and allow the construction of new heat-extracting incinerators.
The DS-dioxin Minister interrogates the Turco-Mastella pair to see if the statement “can be considered to be an inadmissible deviation from the institutional aims and anyway beyond the activity allowed by law, with the intention of adopting all the measures considered necessary, and not just disciplinary measures in relation to the people responsible.”
Perhaps Bersanetor wants to put the doctors in prison and the citizens in the cemetery after they have inspired the gaseous products of the incinerators.
Scores of doctors, 200 just in Forlì, raise the issue of a serious health problem and what does a Minister do? He denounces them to Mastella.
In Emilia Romagna there are already 9 incinerators and one was closed down by the magistrates after evidence was presented by the local doctors and inhabitants of the area. There are tens of scientific reports about the danger of incinerators. The doctors are simply doing their duty.
The solution to the problem of rubbish is recycling. The incinerators are useful to the parties, to the business numbers and for public jobs.
God makes them and then he puts them into pairs: Mastella intimidates the magistrates, Bersanetor the doctors.
I’m asking the doctors in the whole of Italy to come out and denounce the risks to health produced by incinerators.
I’m asking the mayors to promote recycling in their own towns. In Italy many already do that with success, and have 60/70% of the material recycled.
Read the communication of the Emilia Romagna regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons.
Read the letter from the Minister Bersani to the Ministers Turco and Mastella.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of Law in Calabria.
Distribute the De Magistris petition. Copy this code and insert the banner in your blog!

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October 05, 2007

Desecrated Borders

A country can’t live beyond its means. A country cannot throw onto the shoulders of its own people the problems caused by tens of thousands of Roma people from Romania who are arriving in Italy. Valium’s objection is always the same: Romania is in Europe. But what does Europe mean? Haphazard migration of people without work from one country to another? Without knowing the language, without the possibility of a welcome? Every day I am receiving hundreds of letters about the Roma people.
It’s a volcano, a time bomb. It needs defusing. We could have had a special arrangement for Romanian people. Other European countries have done this. We could have done serious checks at the point of entry. But nothing has been done.
What’s the use of a government that does not guarantee the security of its citizens? What is it governing? Those who pay for this insecurity are the most vulnerable, the older people who live on the outskirts, in the social housing projects.
Once upon a time, the borders of the country were sacred. The politicians have desecrated them.
I’m publishing a part of one of the numerous emails.

"I am an Italian citizen… married to a Romanian citizen! I am not racist!
I have a house in Romania! I have friends in Romania! I have relatives in Romania! My company is registered in Romania! I started working in Romania in 2002! I have seen a bit of everything there!
Then I heard Prodi and his beautiful Europe at 25.. the great community, and I laughed to myself! Romania inside Europe! Who would ever have the courage to approve this crazy idea!
Every day you hear people talking about Romanians in Italy… it’s a continual shame – for my wife … for me!
Millions leave this country… as they had always hoped!
Coming into the European Community to abandon their own country… they did that even before coming in!
Why do we have to put up with the decision made by a handful? Where are our national boundaries? What is the Nation?
My wife is Romanian! My granny was a Croat! But I am Italian! My children will be Italian! My wife has become Italian! She too makes a contribution to my family … to my home… to this nation! ENOUGH from those who don’t deserve it! Get out of this State! Schengen has not done any good! It’s no use to us Italians nor to the Germans! It’s only useful to these to take advantage of it to come here and do what they want!
We are fighting the mafia every day! Poverty! We have an infinity of problems in Italy! Not even we are ready to welcome them! We can’t give them a home! Our forefathers built this nation with their sweat and hard work! ENOUGH! I’m left wing. I was left wing! Enough now! Let the rot get out from our country… from our prisons.. from our streets!
Instead, welcome to those who want to work and make progress together! LONG LIVE ITALY!" Nicola B.

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October 04, 2007

Riotta does not exist!

Our employee Gianni Riotta, paid with our licence fee, last Sunday evening on the evening Tg1 {news programme of RAI 1} allocated one minute 23 seconds to the blog. In the item that I’m offering to you in case you missed it, he is associating the blog with Nazism and holocaust denial.
Riotta aims at imitating Anglo-Saxon journalism. He speaks English fluently and he has even been to New York. He’s a true journalist. One who presents a news item with typical British understatement. In fact on 8 September he allocated a net 29 seconds to V-Day. No party secretary had warned him. He is the journalist of the “sandwich”. The one who every evening gets politicians to comment on anything , in a strict sequence without anyone ever understand a fig. The good news items he keeps for himself. He avoids divulging annoying facts like the judicial decisions about Rete 4 that is abusively occupying the TV frequencies or the 98 billion euro of dodged taxes that is claimed are owed by the slot machine concessionaires.
One the Internet there are tens of thousands of messages from holocaust deniers, for people who are well organised, they have websites and blogs and they don’t hide themselves.
The cancellation of their messages from my blog is anyway happening continuously. Last February I asked my lawyers if it was possible to use legal means to intervene, but there don’t seem to be the conditions for putting forward the case that a crime has been committed. The lawyers then telephoned the Minister of Grace and Justice and then they wrote very obsequiously to the undersecretary and the Minister asking for them to intervene. No reply. I’m attaching the letter and the receipt to show that it was received.
I’m asking those who come on the blog for a bit of help. There is a function on the Italian version called “in the bin” to delete the comments that do not respect the rules of the blog. Use it against the holocaust deniers. The rubbish bin does not exist on TV, but for Tg1, it’s enough to change channels.
Copy of the email (and receipt) sent to the Minister of Grace and Justice

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

PPS This evening’s edition of Anno Zero is devoted to De Magistris, with Salvatore Borsellino in the studio. At Catanzaro in the auditorium Casalinuovo there’ll be a live connection with the citizens at 8:00pm. Entrance: free. Come and participate in large numbers!

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Travaglio Minister of Justice


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September 8 on the stage in Bologna there was also Marco Travaglio. He got a reception like that of U2, Bruce Springsteen e Vasco Rossi all together. He was even a bit shocked… Have a look at the young men and women in Piazza Maggiore in the video. It’s really great.

“Now I want to present to you who I’d want for a Minister of Justice: Marco Travaglio! You’re even a rock star now!”

“Good evening… Good evening… I’m frightened… don’t do that or I’ll be frightened to speak… I’m pleased to be talking with other journalists because journalists are not a very popular group of people, and rightly so. I represent a profession of newspaper journalists who have written practically nothing about this day and thus they will be obliged to chase it up in the next few days because they hadn’t realised what was happening, as often happens, but I can assure you that we are not all like that. One example is Ferruccio, Massimo is more than a journalist. I would like to remind you of Lirio Abbate, a journalist from Palermo under threat from the mafia because he has written the book "I complici" {The accomplices} with Peter Gomez which names those who are mafia accomplices. The fact that the mafia has straight away identified him does not say much for the profession of journalists because it means that many of them have never named those people, otherwise the mafia would have to threaten everyone and even they wouldn’t be able to.
There’s much talk of the rule of law, of the certainty of the sentence, of zero tolerance. It’s even been talked about today. And naturally so, who doesn’t agree? They are all great things. In fact Previti was sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison and he served 4 and a half days in prison. Out of 7and a half years, just 4 and a half days. To release him, (well he was already out of prison as he was under house arrest), they released about 50,000 last year, a clever move if you think about it: to free one person, you release 50,000 so it goes unnoticed that he was set free. It would have been better to say “let’s release him and keep the others inside”, but we are administered by people who are very astute. […]
I don’t want to add anything about Mastella because he has been dealt with quite enough during the day but I would like to point out that .. if it’s true: he’s never been dealt with enough… but no one remembers, and it says so in the book by Abbate and Gomez, that Mastella is a talent scout. He had noticed a very promising lad in Villabate, in the province of Palermo: he was leader of the local council of Villabate and the council was dissolved because of the mafia. Then the council was re-formed and he was leader once more. It was dissolved again. This lad is called Francesco Campanella and he’s the right hand man of the Villabate boss called Nino Mandalà. Then, in his spare time, he was a politician in the local council in the UDEUR naturally. Mastella wanted to reward him because this lad deserved a prize, so he made him the national secretary of the young UDEUR. I don’t know whether the young UDEUR people exist, but the national secretary exists and he is Campanella. Campanella is now in prison because he is a mafia man and when he got married, he had as witnesses on one side Mastella and on the other Totò Cuffaro. Just think what a marriage: in the middle a mafia man, and on one side the future Minister of Justice and on the other the future Governor of Sicily.
[…] Minister Amato is offering himself as Italy’s Rudolph Giuliani. Grillo has told you where he comes from: he wasn’t the New York prosecutor but Craxi’s right hand man and he never understood where he was. Then there’s a tiny “Amatino”, a tiny Rudy Giuliani, a certain town council cabinet member Cioni, that you have never had the luck to have but the people of Florence have. He’s D’Alema’s head in Florence, and yet suddenly given that his wife was insulted by a windscreen washer, has ordered that anyone washing windscreens is committing a crime. What’s the crime? The lack of respect of an order by the mayor. Now it’s not easy to understand which windows can still be washed in Florence. Just imagine someone who is washing the windscreen of his own car: in theory he too is doing what is forbidden, with the hose pipe on a Sunday. It’s not easy to understand where the crime is in washing windscreens. There are those who say: “but the windscreen washers threaten you” well that is the crime of threatening behaviour so there’s no need for an order. “Well that one scratches your car”, criminal damage is already forbidden. The act of washing windscreens cannot be a crime. […]
I’ll finish. Why do they start from window washers? Because if they started from the top like Rudy Giuliani did they would empty the Parliament, they would half the antiMafia commission, they would empty Confindustria, several associations would loose many of their important people. […]
It is not useless what we are doing because Previti when, after fifteen months, he was finally sent out of Parliament at the beginning of August, he gave an interview to a newspaper and said: “Do you know who sent me out of Parliament? Travaglio and Grillo”. I must say that before that I felt very useless; but from when Previti has given me this beautiful acknowledgment I feel a little less useless!
It means that we must continue on this track and things will happen. For the rest, we hope that Cuffaro and Dell’Utri will wash some windows and therefore we will see them too in jail. Good evening, ciao!“ Marco Travaglio

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October 03, 2007



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The Italian Association of Alzheimer sufferers (AIMA) has written me a long letter to raise the awareness of Italian citizens and the institutions to this illness. There are a good 800,000 people with this illness in Italy. My mother was one of them, She became ill at the age of 49 and died 12 years later after playing the piano. Music was the last thing she remembered.
In 2002 AIMA commissioned Tornatore to make a film. He gave this a setting in Parliament. The film was not broadcast by RAI or by Mediaset. Publitalia responded: “There’s not the space”. Sipra that manages advertising on the RAI, preferred to stay silent. The politicians, with rare exceptions, felt offended by the comparison. The film is on the blog from today.

Dear Beppe,

The date of 21 September (World Alzheimer Day) has recently gone by and I would like to present a few reflections to a public (your readers) that I know to be watchful and sensitive.

When I founded AIMA, 23 years ago, I only knew as much about Alzheimer’s disease as I had learned from what happened to my mother and me in the previous two years. I knew that it was a devastating disease that had destroyed not just the brain and the life of my mother but also my own life completely. I discovered that in Italy very few doctors knew the disease even though there were (at that time) about 300,000 people suffering from it. I discovered that there were no possibilities of a cure or of therapies and above all that the National Health Service was completely ignorant of the existence of the problem and thus of its extent and I discovered, day by day, that the abandonment, the isolation, and the desperation were experienced by all the families of the Alzheimer sufferers.

For AIMA, the ten years that followed have been fundamental to get to know and to understand the illness, how to help a person suffering from it, and how the family members should behave. Our knowledge, our awareness, our using every opportunity to talk about the problem, our knocking on every door constantly and insistently, has meant the Alzheimer problem has become so visible that people may have been led to believe that the cure for a demented person is already something that has been achieved. Instead, in the second half of the 1990s it was discovered with certainty that research would not have brought astounding results and solutions in the short term, and the welfare systems have recognised their own organizational lack of ability and above all their financial constraints.

Other years have passed by (nearly 9) and the “log book” shows other new discoveries: the Cronos project has been done. It was not exactly what we asked for. It had a lot of defects that got bigger as time went by. (The wish to restrict the use of medicines, so as to save money, became more and more evident), but it had the advantage of starting to trace out a network, and to spread practical knowledge throughout the land. Then Cronos was closed down and it gave rise to nota 85 {about the use of pharmaceuticals for Alzheimer’s} (still restrictions for those suffering from Alzheimer’s). The related network - of UVA {Unità di Valutazione Alzheimer = Alzheimer Evaluation Units} has shown its limits and even though it tried to keep to the protocol and to make a decisive leap as regards quality , the total and widespread lack of resources has prevented this from happening.

But there’s something else to be pointed out. In the regions, the health and social planning has shown itself to be resistant to the needs of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their families and in fact, for purely financial reasons, it is slipping back from a level of awareness that seemed to have been achieved.
There has been no brake on the speculation by private individuals and companies, especially as regards services. [...] The actual Minister of Health is particularly careful and sensitive to the problems of the frail population (you can believe me! I've known many…): but will she have the courage of the strong decisions needed? And will normal citizens (like me and you) be able to give her the courage that politics perhaps doesn't her? Thanks, Beppe. (But, I'm conviced, this is just a start).”

Read the complete original letter.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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October 02, 2007

The unknown public official


The Committee to Authorise Proceedings in the Lower House has given the green light for Fassino. D’Alema’s case has been sent to Strasbourg.
After two months, they discovered a procedural twist. It happened by chance. It was an unknown official working for the Lower House who discovered it. After the “unknown soldier”, the “unknown official”. The official promptly alerted Giovanardi, the President of the Committee to Authorise Proceedings. President Giovanardi told the DS representative. The DS representative immediately called Violante. Violante immediately telephoned the DS-dioxin senator and lawyer, Calvi. Calvi sent the happy news via radio to D’Alema sailing on his yacht Ikarus.
Two days later, having been reached by a homing pigeon, even Fassino knew. He didn’t fail to give a comment supporting the justice system: “But what are we talking about. It’s not a political matter, it is exquisitely judicial. The law is clear and you can’t go against the law.”
The local house of liberties was immediately in rapture for D’Alema. Bruno of Forza declared: The error was Forleo’s. We can’t go on beyond this.” You can’t say that Forza Italia doesn’t pay back its debts.
Transferring the decision to the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs led by (well what a coincidence!) Forza Italia’s Peppino Gargani, is a serious political error for D’Alema to be making. The first is that he is not showing himself to be different from his friend the psycho-dwarf. The second is that if the decision is taken in Strasbourg, then in that city there’ll be a demonstration: D’Alema day, to explain to all the foreign press that a Minister of this Republic is more equal than common citizens in relation to the law.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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