All together with Passion

De Magistris sees the Centre Right and the Centre Left in agreement, with the exception of Di Pietro. All together with passion to save their backsides. The Centre Right finds its own DNA in Mastella. Cicchitto and Casini adore him. He is Berlusconi’s future Brambilla of the South. Meanwhile the Centre Left stays silent. Prodi and Veltroni play the silent game. The old tactic of the Christian Democrats of struggling to survive so as not to kick the bucket. The Minister of Justice under investigation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under investigation, the President of the Council under investigation. At the next meeting of the Council of Ministers they can catch them all.

Borsellino’s brother has written me a letter to make your blood freeze.

”The news of the claiming of the Why Not investigation by the General Prosecutor to take it away from the Prosecutor De Magistris is something that leaves you without breath.
Only once in my life have I been in this state of mind.
It was 19 July 1992 and I had just heard on the TV news of that attack that had the aim of preventing from continuing on his journey a Judge who in the course of his investigations, had arrived too close to the origin of the cancer that corrodes the life of the Italian State.
Once Paolo Borsellino was dead, the ignoble pact set up between the Italian State and the mafia criminals was able to continue its journey and today we see the consequences of the moral degradation to which this disgraceful pact has brought us.
Yesterday it was necessary to kill two judges one after the other, because they alone, were fighting a fight that the Italian State not only has always refused to fight, but that has often fought on the side of those who should have been the enemy to be weeded out and often they have put arms directly in their hands.
Today not even TNT is needed, today it’s enough, in the light of day, to take away an investigation in which one of the few courageous judges still remaining was about to arrive at the level of the “untouchables”, so that all continues to work as established.
Because this caste, by now completely set apart from the real country and from the honest people who still exist, even though, unfortunately ,they are guilty of a silence that by now is mistaken for indifference if not with connivance, can continue to shamefully govern our country and to cultivate their exclusive interests in a State that it considers by now to be their own exclusive property.
Today it’s enough that an unworthy Minister like signor Mastella can blackmail a vile Head of the Government, perhaps involved in the same lurid trafficking, threatening a government crisis, for a whole political class to square everything up around their worthy representative and they exercise as a consequence who knows what type of pressure on the wobbly leaders of the magistracy to get the “avocazione” of an investigation and thus the inoffensiveness of a Judge without even needing TNT as was needed for Paolo Borsellino.
We have arrived at the end of the Italian Republic and the State based on the Rule of Law.
In a civilised country, Minister Mastella would not have been able to ask for the transfer of Dr. De Magistris who is conducting the investigation in which the person being investigated is the Head of the Government and the very same Minister.
If the decision of the General Prosecutor is not immediately annulled by the CSM, we will be facing the end of the independence of the magistracy and consequently of the very State based on the Rule of Law.
President Giorgio Napolitano, even though he has been asked many times, continues to keep quiet on these vile things demonstrating that the rhetoric of the State and of the institutional role of the guarantor of the Republican Constitution have not become in this disgraced Italy, anything but empty words.
Forty years ago I went away from Sicily because I considered it was impossible for me to live my life in a place where the rule of law was only a set of words in the dictionary. Now I no longer believe that it is a life worthy of being called with this name and thus a life that is worthy of being lived in a country where illegality has become the law of the State.” Salvatore Borsellino

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Dear Mr Grillo and everyone who is interested in the Italian case,
I am an Italian researcher at the top Japanese University, The University of Tokyo. Japanese media haven't reported anything on the link 'De Magistris- Saladino- Mastella- Loiero- Prodi' and the details of what is going on in Italy in the last few months. I am now trying to approuch the Japanese stamp and making them publish one of my article in which I describe the case De Magistris and the case of Calabria to show how the crisis of Romano Prodi's government is just a sign of a corrupted political situation which is just emerging but that is old as our history. As a Calabrese I am following the news on the "Il Quotidiano della Calabria" and of course on other popular sources such as CNN, The Time and so on. I also followed the confessions of Caterina Marante and Pino Tursi Prato; I read what Travaglio has been writing for years and watched Annozero by Santoro.
I feel that only through the network I can support my country and give my modest help to that group of young people in Calabria who are working hard for changing the system. I really wished I was there in this moment.
So, and here come my message for you, please provide me more details/references on what is happening in Italy and I will convince the Japanese Stamp here in Tokyo to publish some stuff in order to bring this Italian case to the attention of the Japanese public opinion.
As a political scientist and sociologist I had the chance to interview Japanese people of any social class and one thing emerge so clear from their comments, they all see Italy as the country of harmony and happiness. I am convinced that the opposite is true! Italy as it is at meoment is a country without future. If Japanese stop to travel to Italy our economy will totally collapse. Showing to the Japanese public opinion what is the real Italy is risky but this is a risk which we must take for the good of our country.

I thank you in advance,
Best Regards,

You can contact me anytime.

Posted by: Rosario Laratta | February 12, 2008 01:29 AM

To Bloggers Europei:

They can support us but it's up to us to wash all this s**t from our bodies.
I'd rather suggest our European friends to keep a good eye on us, because I fear Italy is just a Prototype-laboratory for what could happen in their countries as well: keep awake and vigilate, Europeans!

Posted by: Luigi.P | October 24, 2007 02:32 PM

Simon Carey | October 22, 2007 10:03 PM


Please Simon,

suggest us how to push european citizens on taking care about the dreadfull italian politic situation. Italian politicians are wasting bilion of european MONEY and the european citizens sholud be very upset for this. We italian that use internet are really upset but the TV do not say anything so that the majority of the italian citizens do not know how bad is our situation.

I really would like to ask european bloggers to start in taking consideration about the big quantity of money italian politcians are wasting, also their money!!


Posted by: Bloggers Europei AIUTATECI | October 23, 2007 03:33 PM

Avocare = to take over, withdraw from, take away, confiscate

Posted by: Adrian Mian | October 23, 2007 12:26 AM

One can only hope that the ordinary man in the street will wake up to what is going on and not before it is too late. Italy and its people are being let down by its politicians. I am English and live and work in Italy it is a vibrant country with much to celebrate but why does it seem that the ordinary Italian is not bothered by what is going on or do they feel helpless and so remain silent in the face of what is going on? On every other subject they seem to descend into the Piazza to manifest against something without hesitation.

Posted by: Simon Carey | October 22, 2007 10:03 PM

Che amarezza...

Posted by: Simone Albanese | October 22, 2007 10:01 PM

.. non ci resta che piangere ..

Posted by: marco pisoni | October 22, 2007 09:53 PM

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