Artcle 7 of the Levi-Prodi


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The energetic old Levi isn’t giving up. He has in fact modified article 7 of the Levi-Prodi with an additional point instead of deleting the article. Here’s the extra bit:
”Excluded from the obligation to register with ROC are those who use the Internet or who operate on the Internet in forms and with products, like personal websites or websites for collective use that are not for an entrepreneurial work organisation.”
What is meant by entrepreneurial work organisation? Those who offer publicity on their site, like for example Google AdSense, do they fall in this category? Those who sell a product online, are they work entrepreneurs?
Levi delete this flipping article 7 and we’ll say no more about it. That’s enough of being taken for a ride.
The world is laughing at us. The Times, in an article called “A geriatric assault on Italy's bloggers” defines us as: “a nation of octogenarian lawmakers elected by 70-year-old pensioners”.
No to article 7, freedom for the Internet. Let’s not give up!!

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Thanks for making us all aware of this draft law. I've created an English-language Facebook cause, to gather support against this law's introduction.


Posted by: Andrew Ayres | October 26, 2007 04:50 PM

Scusa per il mio barbaro "itañol", ma voglio dirti: hai visto questo che ha suceso con il sito É chiuso per un "sequestro preventivo" da un Tribunale, prima de decidere si é colpevole della denunzia fatta per un sindaco!


Posted by: Marisancho, Inde | October 25, 2007 11:04 PM

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