Bersanetor the Incinerator


Bersanetor is the Minister of the nuclear power stations in Slovakia bought from Enel, the guarantor of the economic groups of the incinerators and the regasifiers. The financing of the incinerators through the Cip6, the tax on the electricity bill has been abolished. The Cip6 was meant to be used for renewable sources, but instead it has been used for a decade for the tumour-producing incinerators thanks to the addition of the little word “similar” sources.
Bersani, hi there, the Cip6 for your friends the oil barons, has gone.
The man has been grabbed by panic. After the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons asked for there to be a block on the construction of new incinerators to protect the health of the citizens, he denounced them to the Ministers Turco and Mastella.
The doctors didn’t allow themselves to be intimidated.
Bersanetor used a mirror to practice making a grim face and after that said that:
”We are becoming a country in which everyone is doing someone else’s business and nobody is bothered about doing their own properly.”
Translation: the doctors are not taking care of the health of the citizens.
”I have read that the president of the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors wants to go on. The task of that body is in no way that of expressing an opinion that even today has been rejected by president Pizza.”
Translation: Let the Federation of Doctors not express opinions that are contrary to the interests of the lobbies.
”If the Federation believes that one of its members, during the process of authorisation of any plant, has not met the obligations of their professional code of conduct, then let them intervene. For the rest let them abstain from giving opinions that lead in fact to the disorientation and confusion of the general public.”
Translation: the incinerator is going ahead.

The doctors are going ahead. Will Bersanetor denounce them to Al Gore?
In fact listen to the astounding declaration of the incinerator’s briefcase-carrier:
”Great news that Al Gore is getting the Nobel. Let us hope that this will soon be followed by a strong commitment from the United States in the fight against climate change and thus in the policies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And that then it will be possible to consider credible a global commitment to the matter of climate, thus bringing a chance for the efficacy of the efforts already being made in Europe.

There are those who have a face like a bottom and those who have their bottom in their face.

PS: The globules have formed. I repeat: The globules have formed.

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Beppe, here in the UK, the British High court has cancelled Veolia Newhaven's proposed incinerator IPPC permit because it fraudently stated on Global warming CO2. Both Veolia and the UK Environmental Agency had to and did accept this illegality. Key court judgement.

Posted by: Rob Whittle | December 8, 2007 05:33 AM

...I was thinking, has something to do the Bertolaso original profession (a doctor) with him being removed from being the "commissario straordinario" of the rubbish emergency in Campania? I am trying to understand what was his position towards the incinerators.

Posted by: Salvatore Barba | October 16, 2007 12:38 AM

i think its very great. thanks for this article

Posted by: Susi CNC | October 15, 2007 05:39 PM

Sorry I used Italian. Here is the translation. I spoke to my mama today through the phone - she voted the "primarie" of the partito democratico. She did not understand what these elections were for, she said that were like "those of past year" (i.e., elections for choosing the candidate premiers). I explained her that it was not exactly the same, and she answered that she had really misunderstood them. She said that local politicians were suggesting people to go to vote saynt that Veltroni was the one to vote for. "suggesting" here requires an explanation for non-italian people. Local politicians in small towns usually "suggest" what to vote as a personal opinion, but people often go to vote (luckily not always what they suggest, thanks to the secret vote..), but people feel pressurized to GO to vote as the lists of voters are public. Anyway. She was also thinking that I may have liked Veltroni! What do I have to hear. Pressurized to go to vote, and choosing Veltroni because everybody was pushing his name. The worst thing is that she went to vote without understanding well. Veltroni said: today's vote is the answer to the (Grillo, I suppose!) antipolitics. I say: today's vote is the true Antipolitics! Shame to you! We're back to pravda times. Grillo, save us please! Post Scriptum: she voted in Campania. Doesn't she see the roads full with rubbish!? What was on her mind!? Why after Bertolaso was fired out from the rubbish business, tv don't show the rubbish anymore?

Posted by: Salvatore Barba | October 15, 2007 12:11 AM

ho sentito mia madre oggi al telefono - ha votato alle primarie del PD. Non aveva capito cosa fossero, ha detto che erano come "quelle dello scorso anno" (le primarie per Prodi, cioe'). Le ho spiegato che non era proprio la stessa cosa, e lei ha risposto che proprio non aveva capito. Ha detto che i candidati del paese (=i consiglieri comunali) hanno fatto andare le persone a votare dicendo che loro "portavano" Veltroni. Era anche convinta che Veltroni fosse simpatico anche a me. Pazienza, cosa tocca sentire. Pero' mi e' dispiaciuto molto che lei abbia votato senza capire bene. Quanti dei 3 milioni di voti oggi sono cosi'? e' questa la vera Antipolitica. E' questa la vera pravda. Grillo, salvaci tu! PS ha votato in Campania! ma non la vede l'immondizia dico io!?

Posted by: Salvatore Barba | October 14, 2007 11:56 PM

E riecco Lucas Malor, il rompizebedei! X-D

Segnalo che il sistema di visualizzazione dei commenti piu' votati non funziona. Tempo addietro scrissi che si sarebbero dovuti evitare di visualizzare anche i commenti negativi, ma non intendevo certo un commento con anche *un solo* voto negativo!

A mio parere i commenti visualizzati dovrebbero essere quelli con un punteggio al di sopra della media. Altrimenti basta che uno dia un voto negativo, e puf! il commento sparisce dalla schermata dei commenti migliori. Non vorrei essere maligno, ma pare che qualcuno se ne sia accorto, "censurando" cosi' molti commenti.

Lucas Malor scrutina ripeto, Lucas Malor scrutina! :-PPPP

Posted by: Lucas Malor | October 14, 2007 02:03 PM

Further translation to the declaration from Bersani:

" We are becoming a country were, unlike before,
politicians, and the financial and other interests behind them, can no longer do whatever they like, safe in the knowledge that they will always get away with it, no matter how much harm they cause to others. More and more people are waking up, and figuring out that what is really going on, is very different from what we tell them, through the medias which we own and control, and that is very, very bad for us . . . I mean, for the future of the country. What do you people think this is, a real democracy ???? "

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 14, 2007 11:51 AM

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