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Boing Boing, the third blog in the world, has written about the Levi-Prodi law. The Government has created a world image of itself as incompetent. Levi, a Mister No-one, explained that there had been a consultation for months with all the protagonists of the sector to draw up the law, including the newsagents. Bloggers were excluded. The Internet operators were excluded. Who did Levi talk to? With Berlusconi, with De Benedetti? Certainly not with the Ministers of the Government.
He didn’t show the law to the head of the Ministry of Communications, the one that should have written it.
The Council of Ministers is a strange place. I would like to be able to film it. On 12 October on the presentation of the Levi-Prodi whoever was present was asleep and if they weren’t asleep, they were thinking of other things:
- ”I accept my part of the responsibility as I did not personally control the text word for word….it authorises extensive interpretations that could limit the activity of many websites and blogs. It would be much better to leave the current regulations….” Paolo Gentiloni, Minister of Communications
- “was not discussed in the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 12 October because it was presented as a normal routine measure.” Antonio Di Pietro, Minister of Infrastructure
- “I’ll say straight away that that day, after trying to improve the decree on welfare, I had to rush to the Quirinale to give prizes to young people committed to climate change and I couldn’t follow the regulation that is alarming the Internet people. Reading it again today, it seems really restrictive for those who manage a blog or a web page.” Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of the Environment.
To avoid further damage to our image, let Prodi publish the proposals that are going to the Council online beforehand, and read the comments before going ahead. That way the citizens would be informed, as would the Ministers.
Today the Culture Committee of the Lower House is examining the Levi-Prodi. I would like the discussion to be made public with the possibility to comment on it.
Levi has said: “For every law, the passage through Parliament is the occasion to improve the text and, when necessary, to clear up any ambiguous points.” It’s he that took dictation from Prodi to write the law. There are two options: he’s there or he’s doing it. It’s certain that he has tried. This time they’ve been caught red-handed. But how many times have they tried and been successful with no one knowing?

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descargas directas

Posted by: antonio | February 14, 2009 03:28 PM

Hello everyone!
The people in charged with Italy future are sadly erasing this one time great Country and inhabited by proud and resourceful people.
Right now, Italy is at the bottom of every chart and blacklisted even from the EU, that by the way founded.
While Italians and Companies in Italy pay the highest prize for Electricity, Enel is on a shopping spree in Romania, Russia and Spain (Endesa!) all of the listed purchases have been made with the money Italians pay to these Inefficient, Gouging, Corrupt (By the way Siemens was fined for illegal payout for a supply of Turbines to Enel, while for Enel’s Managers total silent!).
Same story for Fiat, in the last decade (While loosing money hand over fist!) and receiving subsidy from Governments, layoff subsidy, scrap your car Laws, and innumerous other.
Instead now that Fiat is making money, guess where they are investing, the 500 is made in Poland, joint venture in India (Tata motor!) for engines and low cost world car, venture in Russia, commercial vehicles in joint venture with PSA are made in France.
Same is applicable to Agip, Fincantieri, Finmeccanica, Alitalia, Agusta-Westland, Treni-Italia and all the big Industrial Italy.
Until Companies loose money, the tax payer has to subsidize them and hire as many voters the Government needs, although as soon as they make money they get sold or IPO’s in the Market for the big boys to make money.
This happen for Telecom Italy (See the results!)
This happen for Nuovo Pignone (Now GE!)
This happen for Alfa Romeo (Now Fiat!)
This happen for Ansaldo Energia (Bankrupt!)
This happen for Agusta Elicotteri (Now Agusta-Westland, Finmeccanica controlled!)
The list is endless, and the point is that your money subsidizes this company when they struggle and are managed by Incompetent Ignorant Recommended Politicians, although when sold for scrap and under cognizant Management they make money for for the rich and powerfull.
Italy has become the black sheep of Europe, the No Welcome signs for Investments are everywhere, schools are a shamble and young generation with some knowledge has to emigrate in search of opportunities.
So what is left in Italy are Political Parties are popping up from the woodwork (There is money in Politics as you well know!) and old people, while the rest in between are struggling to get to the end of the month.
The future looks bright, wear shades!
Can't see the side list of Issues so posted here

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 25, 2007 04:12 PM

I wonder why, all these laws that are designed to remove as many personal freedoms as possible, are not all over the medias like the football results, or the latest celebrities gossips, but are instead pushed through as quietly as possible, with all of our "defenders of the truth" in the medias, paying little or no attention to them.

They must be really too busy to cover everything I guess . . .

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 25, 2007 02:59 PM

Poor "Condom" Rice.

Guys you have to see this:


Posted by: Paolo Ferrara | October 25, 2007 11:44 AM

HAHAHA!... great comments ! I loved the one about "CUCKOLD MASTELLA"

Did you hear about the "Beppe GRILLO Meetup Group" around the globe? :

Posted by: fra coppola | October 25, 2007 10:30 AM

It looks like an induhvidual put on the official site of the Justice a joke about Di Pietro 2 days ago and today (s)he removed it:

but this person is quite ignorant on Internet, unknown to him/her we can see it again. How?

Go to Google and search for: attapirato

and you will find this:

Posted by: Franco Cappa | October 25, 2007 09:09 AM

"repentant" Francesco Campanella, Mafia man, ex right arm of the boss of Villabate Nino Mandalŕ, arises in Palermo in the July of 1972 and after a political lightning career, president of the municipal council of Villabate was elected, to the age of about 24 years and the charge up to the dissolution of the municipal council itself kept in 1999 because of mafiose infiltrations. In 2000 national secretary of young people of UDEUR was named. In 2001 he abused of his position and his knowledge among the municipal institutions of Villabate to falsify the identity card Bernardo Provenzano used to cause it to receive medical therapies abroad.

is still one of the Mafia penitents in prison, which testifies the contacts between Mafia and politics. A lot of to deserve the appellative of "white collar" of the Mafia. Clement Mastella and Toto Cuffaro were his wedding witnesses.

PS.Mastella is the minister of the Italian justice
pps. Toto Cuffaro is the Sicily area president

Posted by: Tex Willer | October 25, 2007 07:39 AM

For Arnold Attard

Actually, this particular article isn't half as bad as some ... :-(

I wrote to the site staff a number of times and even to Mr Grillo himself, pointing out that whoever is translating his articles does not appear to be a native speaker. I had one response, supposedly from Mr Grillo, and was basically told to "buzz off".

The English on this site is called "spaghetti English" where I come from and that is putting it politely (in some quarters it would be classified as "wog English").

Considering the important work Mr Grillo is doing and how much more support he could get from non-Italian speaking individuals of Italian origin interested in Italian affairs, it is really sad to see his excellent reputation belittled by such a lack of knowledge of the English language. He does sign off on his postings after all.

In case you're wondering, I am lucky enough to have no problem with either language so I actually do know what I am talking about.

Cheers to all from "down under" (and yes, we do speak English here),

Posted by: Adri Mian | October 25, 2007 06:02 AM


It seems evident how the Matrix creators have been inspired by the evil Ricardo Levi to choose the face of "Agent Smith"

Please, take a look here!

Posted by: Lorenzo Nocoke | October 25, 2007 02:07 AM

I really find it difficult to understand your english translations, in many instances they are totally meaningless.
I think I had better learn italian.

Posted by: Arnold Attard | October 25, 2007 01:03 AM

The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: Tonino Onegro | October 25, 2007 12:44 AM

Well, I think the problem with our Republic is somewhat the same old problem we used to have at the times of the much older Republic, meaning of course the Roman Republic, our dear mighty Res Publica which was starting to rule the known world but was not so Publica after all, two hundred families roughly having ALL in their hands.

Too far away, the Roman Republic? I do not think so. 100 hundreds years is only 4 generations, and deep patterns of behaviours are hard to die. I know this is not an active contribution and just a useless observation of a 60 years-old man of Rome. But pls look at almost ALL Latin countries around the globe, where more or less aristocratic elites tend to keep ALL for themselves again and again. And the French? They had to kill the nobility in one of the greatest slaughters in history (a slaughter which of course I am not now proposing as a solution, no, no, no, lol).

I might be influenced both by my history addiction and my new blogging experience on ancient Rome. I nonetheless believe in what great French historian Braudel wrote (and believed): great civilizations never die.

Yes, they never die, this unfortunately being so true not only for our virtues (of which few are left) but for our flaws as well (of which many still remain): this selfish tendency to keep ALL giving to the plebs panem et circenses, which were like mass-media today, though less manipulative maybe than modern circenses

And now, Gracchi are up again, as if confirming that deep counter-behaviours can survive as well.

These blogs of course bypassing the official media channels and mobilizing 100,000 people in one snap cannot but be considered a danger. A great danger indeed. I am old, and watching with a bitter smile ...

All the best


Posted by: manofroma | October 24, 2007 11:04 PM

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